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Hi, I'm Pyroc0ntrol, I'm a new fanfic writer here.

Name: PyroC0ntrol

Age: 0100

Location: Inside the belly of a fire-wielding kangeroo/dolphin mix animal somewhere in the transitional plane... everything's flying in here... wheeeee!

Hobbies: Check my name, if you don't get it... oh and randomness, randomness rocks XD

Gender: Male (het one)

Okay, getting over that, if anyone has a question regarding any stories I write, I'll try and post the answer here:

Naruto: Chaos Rising

Speaking of which, I will also add some details of OC's that either I created or was given inspiration from others. Credit will be given to those that created them.

1. Pheles - by Oxycoon

Level: ?? (Boss)

Race: Night Elf

Class: Feral/Restoration Druid (DPS/Healer)

Preferred Form: Frostsaber (Frostsaber Pride Watcher)

Sex: Female

Special Abilities: Passive Sage Mode, thus one of the very few actually capable of using chakra... if Naruto teaches her

Descripion: A female Night Elf druid that remained hidden for thousands of years, only surfacing during the invasion by the Burning Legion. As a child, her parents were killed during a raid by rogue Night Elves, and shortly after that she discovered her ability to sense the natural surroundings, though she did not know it was an effect due to her constant Sage Mode. Also, as a result, she has a near unlimited source of energy within her, capable of tapping into the vast reserves of Senjutsu chakra that permeated the air of Kalimdor, and capable of reaching heights of power that not even Naruto can match when she's close enough to the Well of Eternity and the World Tree, Nordrassil. Currently apprenticed to Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage in Naruto: Chaos Rising.

Allegiance: Alliance, Sentinels

Strength: When fighting near the Well of Eternity, only Naruto in Kyubi mode and fighting all out can take her down, or otherwise a similarly high leveled demon such as Archimonde or Kil'Jaedan. Not even Tichondrius can take her on at this stage.

Weakness: Relatively young and little experience in the ways of fighting; power severely diminished when out of range of the Well (not to be underestimated still)

Signature attack(s): Eternal Fury (A fully powered blast using the primal fury of Nordrassil and the Well of Eternity, taken with her passive Sage Mode, can only be used while in Cat Form); Enhanced aspects and senses

2. Lina Inverse/Sunrider - by DotA Allstars

Level: ?? (A little less than Jaina Proudmoore in WoW)

Race:High Elf

Class: Arcane/Fire Mage

Sex: Female

Special Abilities: High Affinity with Fire, weak affinity with lightning

Description: A Kirin Tor mage that left the Eastern Kingdoms with Jaina to search for a new place to live after the fall of Lordaeron. She was attacked by bandits and her parents died when she was barely three, and taken in by a human family, adopting the name Inverse in their honor. Able to use a variety of Area of Effect Spells, she also has a spell that does single target damage - very high single target damage. Skill Sets are roughly the same as that in DotA, but has other lightning and fire spells. One of the three girlfriends Naruto currently has in Naruto: Chaos Rising.

Allegiance: Kirin Tor, Alliance

Strengths: Critical spell Laguna Blade is instant and unavoidable, though less in power compared to a technique like Kirin. Can control the output to disable or cripple. Requires planning to take her down. Very high intelligence

Weakness: Low stamina and speed, easily taken down by a well-placed strike

Signature Attack(s): Dragon Slave, Light Strike Array, Laguna Blade, Critical Arcane Blast (CUSTOM)

3. Fenix Skywatcher - PyroC0ntrol/ArcticFirefox

Level: ?? (Roughly equal in power to Naruto)

Race: High Elf

Class: Marksmanship Hunter, 3.3.5a Blood Death Knight Hybrid (DPS/OT)

Pet(s): Formerly a cloaked saber cat and a red drake that he befriended, current status unknown

Sex: Male

Special Abilities: Uses mana instead of focus. High critical damage ratios. Slower attack speeds with bow and few area of effect skills but has a variety of shots that can cripple or disable. Feedback arrows able to cause damage proportional to how much mana Fenix puts into the arrows. Death and Decay can be used in conjunction with his arrows. Has his own army in the Scourge and is one of the High Generals led by Arthas Menethil.

Description: Born with a surprising level of talent, when choosing his profession, he decided to join the Farstriders and become a ranger. With a bow, Fenix is capable of striking a target dead with a single arrow with deadly precision. After the Second War, he left to protect Quel'Thalas, destroying outside threats before they can even get close to his beloved country, leaving Traxex Skywalker, his wife, and Sylvanas Windrunner to protect Quel'Thalas in the event he cannot return in time. Wields a blade similar in shape to the Spell-breakers, but made of much stronger materials and stored within a seal on his right palm, where all his weapons rest except for a pair of small blades hidden on him as well as the bow, which is shaped so that it could also be a shield should the need arise. Recalled by Sylvanas to look over Quel'Thalas, he was responsible for the delay in which Arthas took while sending a message to Silvermoon requesting evacuation, before his position was eventually overwhelmed and he was forced to retreat even as the Scourge overtook him in their zeal. Returning to Silvermoon City in time to watch the King being killed, he was forced out of guerilla warfare to protect the High Elves that were evacuating on ships, taking down hordes after hordes of the undead until being confronted by Arthas himself. Managing to escape after evacuating as many citizens as he could, he began a single-man campaign to delay and kill Arthas, without much success as he could not prevent Dalaran's fall. Finally sensing and seeing the potential that Fenix had, Arthas, with the help of Kel'Thuzad and several dozen other undead, incapacitated him and turned him into a death knight, though he struggles against the chains that the Lich King placed on his soul, trying to free himself and fight for his race once more. The whereabouts of his pets are currently unknown, but it is highly possible that they are still with him, chained also by the Lich King due to their bonds.

Allegiance: Formerly Farstriders, now Scourge

Strengths: Fighting at ultra-long ranges and medium ranges; variety of shots to disable, cripple, or kill; very high accuracy and critical hit ratios up to a kilometer in range. Naruto needs to engage full speed, Rinnegan, and Sage Mode to be able to defeat Fenix when both at full power, or otherwise use the Imari as a sniper weapon. High speeds

Weakness: Weak close range fighting abilities compared to his ranged abilities, though massively increased due to Death Knight capabilities but still weak overall; Little multi-combat abilities, restricted to multishot and storm of arrows, though storm of arrows allows him to multiply the arrows exponentially. Weak traps

Known Attacks: Arrow Storm (super amplified version of volley over a greater area; arrows explode on proximity or impact); Feedback shot (Mana combustion inside the enemy, hurting them; damage is proportional to the amount Fenix charges into the arrow); Death Arrow (Fires a bolt of undead energy infused with the arrow, taking away the lifeforce of the target and restoring Fenix, also capable of transforming the enemy shot into his own minions); all standard Hunter attacks; Arcane Torrent - Blood Elf Racial Ability

Signature Attack(s): Sniper Shot - Fenix braces himself and takes aim over a long distance (anywhere up to 1.5km away) and, following the wind and distance, fires a powerful arrow of unknown alloy that is guaranteed to critically hit if it hits the intended target. Can pierce through if target is lowly armored. Fenix can fire this 3 consecutive times before he exhausts all his energy - a fourth shot would likely kill him. Standard cooldown before firing again is typically 30 seconds to 1 minute, though he is capable of firing a shot every 15 seconds provided he could channel from an energy source not of his own i.e. Sunwell, Well of Eternity. 4 consecutive shots is still lethal however

Names: Champion of the Elves

4. Er'ryl - PyroC0ntrol/Oxycoon

Level: 83

Race: Winterspring Frostsaber

Class: Companion of Namikaze Naruto in Naruto: Chaos Rising

Sex: Male

Special Abilities: Able to use chakra as well as focus, much greater speed than most other Winterspring Frostsabers, able to sense the emotions of Naruto or the status of Naruto, wind and fire-natured chakra

Description: A Winterspring Frostsaber that Naruto rescued during the havoc created by Madara in the Yonbi crisis, the cub showed a surprising bond to Naruto from that moment, preferring to stay with him rather than returning to the wild. After the Battle of Mount Hyjal, he showed his advanced ability to communicate with Naruto, and after the trip to Konoha revealed his chakra-using capabilities. Currently, he is slightly larger than the average Frostsaber due to exposure to chakra, though he could also use it to make himself smaller, depicting a age-control ability though tending more towards size. Generally favors the size when Naruto found him, presumably for remembrance or simply it's fun to be cuddled by Jaina and/or Lina and/or Mei and/or Sylvanas and/or any other females that see him, though recently tends to large sizes due to requirements for training.

Signture Attack: Chakra-powered Sonic Roar; flame claws and wind claws (CUSTOM)

5. Horus Lightwing - Hakkyou no Yami

Level: ?? (Roughly equal in power to Naruto)

Race: Human

Class: Retribution/Holy Paladin (DPS/Healing)

Companions: Level 70 Angel Druid named Selena; Level 76 Red Dragon named Lexia

Sex: Male

Unique Traits: Capable of using Phoenix Fire in conjunction with his spear; Full power at Angel Wings, known as Lordaeron's War Angel; Only Paladin known to be able to have ability to use the arts of darkness in conjunction with the Light

Description: Born to a family of Paladins, his parents were killed during the Second War, and he was taken captive by a slaver camp. Tortured, humiliated, and abused, his heart froze, but his Paladin heritage persevered and allowed a small group of Uther's men to find him while taking down the Slaver Camp. Having an exceptionally high affinity for the usage of Light abilities even when untrained, Uther took him in as an apprentice seeking to have Horus succeed him when he dies on the battlefield, though the darkness in his heart, born from his cruel treatment, has always been the subject of discretion. Considered a prodigy of the Paladin arts, he was able to severely cripple Arthas during a spar when Arthas arrogantly challenged him, and despite a whole decade of training compared to the several months, Horus was able to defeat Arthas with relative ease, though he still respect Arthas if only for the fact that he is the prince and heir to the throne. When Arthas turned into a Death Knight, he began his crusade against the Scourge under the orders of Uther the Lightbringer, who ordered him to destroy Arthas before Lordaeron is completely obliterated. That is not the case, however, as Horus took a different path than the one Arthas took, and returned only to find the death of his mentor, the only one he had ever cared about, no matter how miniscule that was, after his rescue. Swearing revenge, he took off alone into the wilds, seeking the undead to destroy despite being offered the position as head of the remnants of the Knight of the Silver Hand, to the shock and despair of many other Paladins. During his hunt, he was able to befriend a Red Drake that evolved into a Red Dragon as well as a mortally wounded Phoenix that he revived using his extensive powers, though such a usage drew so heavily on the powers of Light that he evolved into a literal agent for the light, gaining Angel wings to signify his status. In Naruto: Chaos Rising, he is in Northrend, taking the fight directly to the Scourge homeland. He works best alone or with his companions and those he care deeply for. While in Northrend, he discovered that the Light could be used to bend the powers of darkness against the undead, and had experimented with it, gaining the powers that the undead themselves used.

Allegiance: Knight of the Silver Hand, Alliance of Lordaeron; currently none.

Strength: Angel Mode can only be defeated if Naruto is in Kyubi Mod, Nuka Mode, Sennin Mode, or Sasuke in New Cursed Seal level 2; Rather high speeds compared to normal Paladins

Weakness: Angel Mode cannot be sustained long or he will begin to lose life force; no ranged ability apart from Phoenix Fire Wave and medium ranged spells. Angel Mode's abilities not yet known

Known Attacks(s): Phoenix Fire Wave (Horus waves his spear to send a wave of Phoenix Fire spreading out, incinerating his enemies); Infinite Divine Shield (A much longer duration and more powerful divine shield due to his powers); Mass Ressurection; Dragon Fire (NEARLY ALL CUSTOM OR MODIFIED) Divine Storm; most standard paladin attacks and heals

Signature Attack(s): Angelic Beam (A beam of pure light shoots down on the enemy, destroying them utterly or healing them completely if they are allies of Horus)

Names: Lordaeron's War Angel

6. Hecate – Oxycoon

Level: ?? (Power equaling to Naruto)

Race: Human

Class: Demonology Warlock (DPS)

Companions: Enslaved demons of the Burning Legion

Sex: Female

Unique Traits: Ability to enslave the demons of the Burning Legion; Ability to lock away other Warlock's abilities. Given a flee-on-sight order by Kil'Jaedan and Archimonde if the soldiers of the Burning Legion encounters Hecate, and only Ticondrius, Archimonde, and Kil'Jaedan have ever been recorded to have escape an encounter with her. Specialize in demonic arts and destroying demons.

Description: Formerly a mage of the Kirin Tor, she showed a surprising talent at suppressing the Warlock spells used by the Orc, and when the Second War was over she was sent to the Outlands to not only find the group led by Alleria Windrunner but also to destroy any demons and Orcs. Found by the Burning Legion, they attempted to enslave her, forcing her to adapt her abilities to become a true Warlock. Showing an affinity in the arts, she was able to enslave the demons sent after her, and after a while was actually able to amass an army of her own Burning Legion soldiers, wreaking havoc on the forces of the Burning Legion in addition to turning their energies on themselves, causing Archimonde and Kil'Jaedan to order a flee-on-sight to any units that encounter her due to fear of enslavement, though she does not actively seek to enslave demons, preferring to destroy them.

Allegiance: Kirin Tor, Alliance of Lordaeron

Strength: Enslaving demons, extremely powerful DoT spells, specializing in using the demons' energies against themselves; able to match and defeat Naruto in kyubi mode but not in Sage Mode.

Weakness: Very low stamina, low speeds and relies primarily on her own demonic army to tank while she dishes out the damage. Easily visible because she has three Infernal around her at all times.

Known Attacks: Demonic Lock (Locks away a demon's power); Hecate's Curse (Curse powerful enough to render a warlock completely and utterly useless)

Signature Attack(s): Demon Enslavement; Demonic Banishment (Destroys the enemy warlocks powers permanently at the cost of 3/4 of her own mana) (ALL CUSTOM... I THINK)

7. Kingston Sunwrath - kinglugia

Level: ??

Race: High Elf/Blood Elf

Class:Arcane/Frost Mage (DPS)

Companions: 3x Guardian Knight Summons, summoned from rings

Sex: Male

Description: Born with a mana capacity capably of easily rivaling and surpassing Antonidas at his prime, and combined with the natural Arcane mastery of the High Elves made Kingston's future as a mage nearly certain. During the Second War, he singlehandedly took down hordes of fel-Orcs and entire bases, though the sheer numbers still got through and endangered Quel'Thalas; Had Kingston have another aid, such a breakthrough would not have happened, and he was given a flee-on-sight order by Ner'Zhul due to his powers to annihilate massive amounts of enemies. Though that was the case, he still respected Antonidas for his power even if it paled in comparison to his own, and when he was requested to take down another band of Orcs, out of anger at the desecration of his homeland set out to utterly destroy them. When he returned, however, he found the Violet Citadel in flames, and hordes of undead gathering at the city entrance. Fighting his way through, he was able to incapacitate a full 80% of the enemy, including the Lich Kel'Thuzad, he was unable to prevent Antonidas from being slain and was forced to retreat from Arthas' relentless assault. Returning with reinforcements, he tried to lead an elite strike force against the enemy, but once more Arthas held him back just long enough, suffering grievous wounds along the way, for Kel'Thuzad to summon Archimonde, who retaliated at Kingston with his spell the Finger of Death, causing massive damage and forcing him into a temporary coma, though he escaped before he fell. Escaping, he vowed to destroy Archimonde. Allying himself with Admiral Proudmoore, he trained briefly with the elites, though he was left in the Eastern Kingdoms when Admiral Proudmoore left with a fleet of his most powerful marines to find Theramore Isles. He was instructed to leave after a month of gathering supplies to retrieve Admiral Proudmoore, though where he is currently remains to be seen.

Strengths: Powerful blasts of Arcane Energies - raw Arcane Energies - and Frost Attacks powerful enough to slow more than normal; Long Ranged to the point of a Hunter's range; High mana capacity; Actually has melee capabilities but its subpar compared to actual melee combatants such as Horus and is still weaker than those of Fenix if only because he's also a Death Knight

Weakness: Relatively weak in close-ranged combat; little single-target spells - nearly the exact opposite of Fenix Skywalker

Known Attacks: Arcane Torrent; Multiple Arcane Blasts; Freezing Field - DotA; Psionic Storm

Signature Attacks:

Frostbite: Eternal Slumber: Kingston focuses his frost energies at the enemy, directing their own mana to freeze and turning them into ice. The result also freezes the blood and water within the enemy, killing them through suffocation and hypothermia, eventually shattering under Kingston's will;

Arcane Annihilation: Kingston reaches into the deep well of his heritage, intelligence, and power and unleashes a storm of pure Arcane energy, blasting out from under the ground in a circular area, utterly obliterating anything that's within the radius. The result was powerful enough to wipe out an entire fortress of Orcs in a single strike, but uses a whole 3/4 of his mana to operate - is powerful enough to even hurt Archimonde. Against enemies that COULD survive, the pure energy means that at the end, the enemy can no longer use mana if he had the ability to in the first place.

8. Zathol Nightstalker - by Zathol

Level: ??

Race: Night Elf

Class: Combat/Subtlety Rogue (DPS)

Companions: n/a

Sex: Male

Description: Once a young warrior fighting against the demonic armies of the Burning Legion, he realized the inefficiency of the ways and tried to communicate it to his superiors. Though Malfurion was willing to listen, the rest did not, and Zathol left, training by himself in the wilds. Noticing how snakes and cats strike - instantaneously and from the shadows, he attempted to imitate their ways of striking, failing time and time again until he achieved it, becoming the first of the Rogues to ever walk on Azeroth. Returning to the battlefront in secret, he struck out at the demonic leaders of the Burning Legion, severely crippling their forces and allowing several critical victories. Seeing the potential, the superiors changed their minds and tried to place him to teach a new generation of Rogues, but he declined, stating his usefulness was on the battlefield. Though he was not present in the final battle which destroyed the Well of Eternity, he was one of the major catalysts for the assault on the temple to go as smoothly, his presence on another battlefield forcing Ashzara to move her troops to engage his forces in battle.

Unlike most rogues, Zathol actively practices druidic arts as well, becoming proficient in self-heals and blending into nature, but never to a true druid's powers. However, a major drawback is that he must also connect to the Emerald Dream. When Cenarius was killed, the destabilization awoke him but left him paralyzed close to the Well of Eternity.

Allegiance: Sentinels

Strengths: High overall speed (striking speed, movement, reaction time); highly accurate and deadly strikes

Weakness: Large groups of enemies; relatively weak in long ranged combat exceeding fifty yards;

Known Attacks: Blade Flurry, Fan of Knives, Killing Spree, Sinister Strike, Crimson Tempest

Signature Attack: Stalking Strike: Zathol's long training as a Rogue and his accuracy allows him to strike upon an enemy whilst remained cloaked, as well as ensuring a instant kill provided the enemy is not aware of his presence actively; passive awareness cannot protect them in this case; capable of bypassing even hunter traps

9. Lorcian Tidebringer - By lorcian244

Level: ??

Race: Orc

Class: Fury/Protection Warrior (DPS/Tank)

Companions: n/a

Sex: Male

Description: Born in a small farming village, Lorcian Tidebringer has longed to join the Horde's army from hearing the tales of the old Warchief and heroes of the Horde. Although his aspiration and determination was second-to-none, he was rejected due to his inability to control the momentum of his sword, using it in unpredictable yet dangerous ways to those around him. Training to rectify that, he studied the arts of enchanting and engineering, two feats which he found enjoyable and easy when applying to his blade, and during this he was able to create and enchantment that caused the inability of his weapons to harm himself. When he returned from training he was able to barely pass the Horde's exams due to the lack of soldiers and was soon deployed on the battlefield, where he was able to wreak havoc with the enemy forces by utilizing his new sword style, and due to its unpredictability turned the tide of the force when the humans thought he was a ghost, being able to block mana and slice through himself, earning the moniker "Warsong's Ghost Master". His pleas for peace, however, in the following days after seeing bloodshed was ignored by the as-of-then bloodthirsty leader, and he left a traitor, until he was found by Thrall and rejoined the forces, though he insisted on remaining neutral in most affairs unless it specifically concerns the welfare of his people. Though he does not prefer to fight, he is able to fight for his people with a fierce determination if needed to.

Allegiance: Neutral-Horde

Strengths: Innate high strength that overpowers Horus; high raw speed; unpredictable fighting style; enhanced abilities with enchanting and engineering to an extent; "Tanky"

Weakness: Very low agility; Does not often use tactics, preferring to charge head in

Signature Attack: Blade Fury: Utilizing his unique enchanting to its maximum potential, Lorcian swings around with 8 blades mounted on his body, cutting a swath through the enemy lines as he spins around, catching everybody in the area off guard with the unpredictability of his strikes. Because of the rapid movements of the blade he is also able to deflect pure-mana based attacks such as the arcane energies;Critical rend (lorcian can rend his opponets so bad in one blow that he is almost garented to destroy usage of the limb or even cause bleeding so bad that if his opponet isnt healed in about 2 minutes(less if his opponet is moving around) his opponet can die): quick rend lorcian gives his oppente sevel minor gashes all over their body that can bleed out rapidly; Undying Faith: Lorcian can tap into excess rage that render him completely invulnerable for half a minute and increasing his attack power by several factors, but severely exhausts him to the point of uselessness after the boost in power - similar to bloodlust or heroism, except on self and is much more powerful.

Other OC's:

1. Brian Soldragon - kinglugia

Level: 75

Class: Holy Paladin (Heal)

Companions: n/a

Sex: Male

Unique Traits: Can use the power of the sun to directly enhance his prowess in the ability to cast light-related spells.

Description: Belonging to and leading a separate branch of the Paladins named Sol's Guardian, during the Scourge of Lordaeron they were responsible for holding back the western front while Arthas dealt with the northern front. Overwhelmed by Tichondrius' forces, Brian was forced to unleash his ultimate spell, wiping out all enemies for miles around and forcing Tichondrius to escape, being as vulnerable as he is to Light, but Brian fell into a coma from the overuse. During his coma, the Scourge regrouped, and with the Burning Legion behind them, launched a massive attack on their outpost, wiping out all but his personally trained Paladins carrying him away, wounded. With the loss of his men, he launched himself into a frenzy, establishing an outpost and destroying the undead left and right in the Plaguelands until he met Garithos, in addition to taking down the newly formed Scarlet Crusade. After Garithos' betrayals of the Blood Elves who still had the ability to use light, he lost hope in them and left, heading north to fight the Scourge by himself. Current whereabouts are unknown.

Allegiance: Sol's Guardian, formerly Knight of the Silver Hand, currently neutral, leaning to Argent Dawn (when it shows up in my story)

Names: Blazing Knight

2. Riccotrap - kinglugia

Race: Gnome

Class: Tinker/Arcane Mage

Level:68(long range specialist and supporter)

Bio: Riccotrap is one of the few tinkers employed by High Tinker Mecchatorque to aid him in his research for his various eccentric projects. When Gnomeregan fell to Thermaplugg and his troggs, the projects were deserted. Not wanting to let these projects to go to waste, Riccotrap decided to improvise them. Thus he found a way to combine magic with technology and became the most renown Tinker Magi on Azeroth.

Abilities: Arcane Mage talent and the ability to combine magic and technology, but none has managed to penetrate Gnomeregan's defenses

Moves: Summon: Arcanebot- Riccotrap summons an Arcanebot which has all forms of magic and enchantments placed upon it, making it immune to magic spells and the ability to deal all forms of damage such as Chaos, Nature, Magic, Holy, Shadow, etc. Weak at close combat. Al-Hazred Satellite Cannon- Riccotrap summons a satellite cannon which hovers in space and proceeds to fire a huge laser beam onto the ground, devastating enemies in its wake. Long Charge and Recharge time. Summon: Pyrobot- Riccotrap summons a huge flaming Robot that is covered in pseudo-Phoenix Fire. It has powerful melee capabilities and is immune to Physical attacks due to the protective aura of fire. Weak to Magic attacks and takes a lot of mana to summon.

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