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First things first, the pen-name, I want to tell you a bit about it, (this is going to sound a bit scatter brained, but thats me)
any way I chose anaxandra after I read a book about ancient greek mithology, Goddes of yesterday, I mean the name gives you a feeling of ancient magic and scrolls huh? I told you this would sound odd...
Well then Hi I guess,
What to say about my-self?
My name is chen, but the ch is pronunced like j in spanish, or x in greek.
I'm 17.
I go to a democratic school (the best school in the world!)
Hobbies: painting, acting, reading, dancing, horsback riding.

Fave subjects: Art, history, dancing, damocratic studies.

Hated subjects:Math, biologey, chemistry, phisics...well you get the idea.

Pets: Two horses-Huego and Saar. I also have a dog, Jumper,a gray german sheperd dog, big dogs are the only way to go. Not to forget two very anoying brothers (ah just kidding I love em')

Sibling Situation: I'm the oldest, I have a brother whose 14 and another whose 9. For years I was the only girl until finally I got a baby sister who is 4.

Fave book: Definatlly "Mists of Avalon", yes its rediculeslly long but after the first two hundred pages it is perfect!!!

Fave movie: The classic "the princess bride" and "the yellow submarine". another recent addition to my faviorts is "big lobousky"- that movie is SO funny!

Well I can't think of anything else right now so bye...

Oh, I almost forgot,
My fav ships:
the best ship in my opinion is definatlly D/G!
a lot of people say that they are like romeo and juliet. well not only that but they are like another literary couple: Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth Bentte from "pride and prejeduce".

now I like H/Hr a lot, but recently I've been introduced to a great ship that is Harry and Blaise (girl).

I also like the ocasional D/Hr. the problem with that ship is that to many people do the head boy/girl thing, and its getting tired really. so I basiclly read only post hogwarts stories of those two.

I prefer post hogwarts stories in general.

oh, and if anyone wants to contact me via e-mail for some reason, feel free.

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