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Author has written 6 stories for Twilight, and Supernatural.

Hi my names Amanda though I have been given the nickname darkness by a friend of mine due to my dark and somewhat gothic demeanor!

I love any stories that are harry potter or twilight. Supernatural too. I'm not picky with pairings though I generally go for Slash couples!

Sunlit sky was my first story so check it out.

Darkest hour is the sequel.

Darkest night written with iclethea

Helped to write Everlasting night by iclethea

Other stories

Forever yours: Rosalie/Edward: a tale of love strong enough to pass the confines of death.

Fallen Angel: Victoria's story what turned a beautiful women into a psychotic killer.

Stories to come soon:

Want: It was terribly wrong nothing could justify it but I just couldn't stop myself from craving him. Jas/Ed with a twist

Obsessions: He had always craved that lean body always wanted to taste those sweet lips but the problem was Draco Malfoy had no interest in him what so ever. The plan Cause Draco's son to fall in love with him to get closer to Draco what could go wrong? h/s maybe h/d

One night quickly becomes more: He stumbled in not sure what to expect but certainly not Rosalie' naked body glistening beneath the fluorescent lighting. Their eyes met and he realized then that he wanted her.Rose/Ed

This means war: She loved him then again so did he. A battle between two life long friends over one gorgeous blonde let the games begin. Bells/Ed/Jas

My Immortal: Eddie overhears something not quiet to his liking furious and broken hearted he attempts to move on. Little to his knowledge there has always been someone there waiting for him hidden behind an icy mask. Ed/Bell to begin with quickly changes to Edward/Rose

The rise of Malfoy: Who ever said being a Slytherin didn't have its perks. Caught in between a war Draco has no choice but to chose a side however the power within him quickly morphs into something unexpected and terrifying. Whoever said Malfoys were weak lied. Dark Draco possibly Drarry.

Things about me:

I'm open minded to the point of no return nothing shocks or surprises me.

I admire anyone who takes the leap to write M rated stories particularly slash.

I generally prefer human stories in twilight as opposed to vamp.

If I write a fan fic based on Renessmee she grows at a normal rate!

I love reviews! Makes me feel that people actually like my writing!

Im writing my own book so stories will always be updated irregularly over long periods of time.

I'll read any stories ppl ask me too no matter the pairing.

I love twists and unpredictable endings!

If anyone wants to contact me to talk my email is amandabuck1992@yahoo.ie

I'll also take on board any criticism or helpful suggestions!

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