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I, Ckorkows, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I read, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else. I have joined the review revolution.

Hello friends,

I love fanfiction. It is one of the things that kept me sane when I hit my lowest point with PTSD and remains one of those guilty pleasures that I dabble in every now and again. With a husband, four dogs, and a full time job I cannot make promises on how often I will be writing, or what stories I will be completing, but I do have some great news for ya'll:

The story, 'Bad Timing', is now complete and there is a new episode up for 'Walker, Texas Ranger Season 9'.

I hope you enjoy my updates. I'm not going to lie - having been out of writing for so long it feels as though my flow isn't as smooth as it used to be. I'm hoping that as I work on some new stories/updates that it will even out a bit. In the mean time please bear with me.

As always reviews are much appreciated and reciprocated as time allows. I wish you all the best with your lives and writing and hats off, once again, to the ever wonderful world of fanfiction!

May God bless you all,


Notice: I am currently in the process of rearranging the episodes in 'Walker, Texas Ranger Season 9'. The crossover with NCIS will be moving and may be shortened to just 2 episodes.


Wha'ts in a Name? - A Syd/Gage drabble based on my personal experience waiting to be walked down the aisle.

Infallible - A WTR fanfiction that is Gage Centric. The rating on this is M.

The Thank You Note - A WTR fanfiction. A little S/G action post A/W Wedding.

Why Rangers Don't Wear White - A silly little one shot with a pool scene in it. Some minor S/G action.


Walker Texas Ranger Season 9 - I am currently working on the fourth episode, 'Devotion'. Check out the Episode Guide at the bottom of my bio to find out what I have planned for this digital season.

Jingle Bombs - A WTR Holiday special that I hope to have out in December.

The Rangers Special Assignment - This is a mini-book from my Rangers series. I think it will wind up being five to six chapters in length and I am currently working on chapter three.


The Rangers Book 2: Judas -There’s a rat in the Ranger organization and all fingers point to an old friend of Company B. When this man disappears and all evidence seems to point to his guilt, can the newly reunited partners and their senior officers clear his name in time to save him?

I am so excited for this, guys. I know many people were wanting me to go into how Sydney and Gage joined Walker's team when I wrote Book 1 of this series, but this has been in the works since the beginning and happens right around the time of Tall Cotton. In Book 2 you will see some of my original characters from Sydney and Gage's El Leon days as well as the rest of the WTR gang from the last two seasons.

Right now I am working on mapping this puppy out because I want to use this fiction as my NANOWRIMO attempt this year. National Novel Writing Month is every November - sixty thousand words in thirty days. I hope to start writing on November first but I don't know if I will publish it that soon or if I will edit it and publish a little slower. Either way I hope I have some WTR fans out there who are excited about it.

Walker, Texas Ranger Season 9 Episode Guide

The episodes that are complete are denoted by bold, italicized, and an underlined titles.

WTR 9-1 RARE EDITION - Walker and Alex take Angela to visit her grandfather in Southern Texas, leaving the other Rangers to deal with a string of robberies involving high-priced, rare-edition books that have been on tour through Texas libraries. Can the Rangers stop the burglars before the biggest heist - a $200k copy of the Bible - is committed? And who is that hobo in the corner?

WTR 9-2 ZOOT SUIT RIOT – Trivette reveals a new side of himself when he and Erika enter a large Lindy-Hop (swing) competition. While the advanced competition is under 'swing', a large riot breaks out amongst the fans. Can the Rangers pacify the situation before one of their own is hurt?

WTR 9-3 RENAISSANCE RANGERS – A murdered man leads the Rangers to investigate a local Renaissance festival where they discover that the apothecary may be selling more than old time herbs and remedies.

WTR 9-4 - DEVOTION – When a local crime-boss decides to roll over on the competition, the Rangers offer him full protection. Unfortunately, nobody tells his junky girlfriend that things are going to be okay. What ensues when this woman shows a level of devotion the Rangers have only seen in one man? Can they stop her before she hurts anyone…or ruins the case?

WTR 9-5 - GOAL! – Sydney heads out of town with the HOPE center's soccer team the weekend before she's set to testify against a local businessman. Believing that her testimony is the key to his demise, the businessman sends out a few associates to guarantee she won't show up to the trial. Can Walker and his team rescue Syd and the kids in time for the big game?

WTR 9-6 - OFFICIAL RANSOM – Alex Cahill finally gets her dream job – DA of Tarrant County, but her first day in office she finds herself being held up for the release of several criminals. Can the Rangers bust Alex out of her new office before the kidnappers get what they want?

WTR 9-7 - UNITED JUSTICE PART 1 - CROSSOVER WITH NCIS – The Texas Rangers get involved with the Director of NCIS when they stumble upon a case involving a marine. When one of the Rangers impresses the Director she'll get an offer that she can't refuse. What happens when another retired marine shows up dead and leads the Rangers to a joint investigation of one Zedediah Schmit, leader of an unusual Hate Organization? Part 1 - A certain Ranger receives a job offer at the end of a particularly trying case and has to decide whether life in Dallas, with a certain partner, is more important than such a big career move.

WTR 9-8 - UNITED JUSTICE PART 2 - CROSSOVER WITH NCIS - The Texas Rangers get involved with the Director of NCIS when they stumble upon a case involving a marine. When one of the Rangers impresses the Director she'll get an offer that she can't refuse. What happens when another retired marine shows up dead and leads the Rangers to a joint investigation of one Zedediah Schmit, leader of an unusual Hate Organization? Part 2 - Gibbs didn't want a new team member, and now he's got one. When several retired marines turn up slaughtered, Gibbs will have to rely on a complete stranger to solve this case. And what will the ex-marine do when the case leads him back to his new team-member's roots?

WTR 9-9 - UNITED JUSTICE PART 3 - CROSSOVER WITH NCIS - The Texas Rangers get involved with the Director of NCIS when they stumble upon a case involving a marine. When one of the Rangers impresses the Director she'll get an offer that she can't refuse. What happens when another retired marine shows up dead and leads the Rangers to a joint investigation of one Zedediah Schmit, leader of an unusual Hate Organization? Part 3 - The Rangers travel to D.C to work with NCIS on a joint case involving a special type of hate group. When this newly broken team runs into an old friend, emotions threaten to overrun reason as the two teams struggle to get to their enemy in time to stop him from blowing up a VA hospital.

WTR 9-10 - UNITED JUSTICE PART 4 - CROSSOVER WITH NCIS FINALE - The Texas Rangers get involved with the Director of NCIS when they stumble upon a case involving a marine. When one of the Rangers impresses the Director she'll get an offer that she can't refuse. What happens when another retired marine shows up dead and leads the Rangers to a joint investigation of one Zedediah Schmit, leader of an unusual Hate Organization? Part 4 - Both teams follow Zedediah Schmit to Dallas, as the two teams close in on their suspect, one team member struggles to find balance between her old life and her new one.

WTR 9-11 - SPECIAL HALLOWEEN EPISODE - EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS - Mictecacihuatl, Lady of the Dead, is leaving her mark over the three day celebration of the dead. The Rangers begin to stumble upon Dia De Los Muertos altars that are set up near and around their homes at midnight on October 30th. Altars complete with bones that relate to a certain closed case. Can the Rangers decipher her messages before she shares her fate with one of their own?

WTR 9-12 – PARTY CRASHERS – Alex plans a simple ladies night out for Erika's bachelorette party and the girls head out to a local nightclub for some dancing. When a group of male strippers crash the party the girls become the bait for Trivette and the boys. Who is pulling the strings on this little puppet show?

WTR 9-13 – A PICTURE'S WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS – Walker and Sydney go undercover as an agent and model duo to solve a case involving badly beaten models and a new website called "Broken Beauties" which features sadistic pictures. When a photo shoot with their primary suspect leaves the Rangers empty-handed, they believe the case has run cold…until Sydney receives a mysterious phone call in the dead of night offering her the modeling job of a lifetime. Will Walker get her urgent voicemail in time?

WTR 9-14 – TIL DEATH DO US PART – Someone's hijacked the Trivette's limousine as they take off on their honeymoon. Can Walker and the Rangers find their friends before the newlyweds realize their vows all too soon?

WTR 9-15 – FEVER - With Trivette and Erika off on their honeymoon, and the HOPE center staff busy with preparations for their Adopt-A-Family Christmas project, Alex needs someone to babysit Angela. Walker volunteers his staff for the job and leaves the Junior Rangers with a very sick, very grumpy baby. When the kid's fever spikes the two Rangers rush her to an Urgent Care Hospital, getting themselves, and the Walkers' baby, into a sticky situation when a local gang decides to lay claim to the small hospital. (Sydney coughs at the end…hinting at next episode's epidemic)

WTR 9-16 - SHOCK - Sydney's been feeling a little under the weather of late but she isn't letting that stop her from participating in the Adopt-A-Family project with the HOPE center. However, when she is discovered unconscious in the HOPE center basement, she is rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a disease that puts the entire city of Dallas on bio-terrorism alert. Walker and the Rangers must find out if Sydney was the only one infected, or if Dallas has been on the wrong end of an anthrax attack!

WTR 9-17 – LAREDO – With Sydney fighting for her life in the hospital, the Rangers must continue to work without her. A meth lab explodes during a DPD bust, and the Rangers are called in to help take down the men responsible for the explosion.

WTR 9- 18 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EPISODEPRAYERS – A little girl shows up at Ranger headquarters, claiming that some bad men had her mommy and were going to kill her. The Rangers work to find and save the missing mother while one of their own lies dying in the hospital.

WTR 9-19 SPECIAL NEW YEARS EPISODE - COUNTDOWN - The clock is ticking. Actually, a lot of clocks are ticking. Timers, grandfather clocks, coo-koo clocks, watches, wall mounted clocks, and one big bronze clock that seems to be moving backwards. Somebody has filled Ranger Headquarters with a warning, but what could these clocks be counting down to?

WTR 9-20 – PET PEEVES - The Rangers take down a group of young men for a bank robbery and discover something unexpected in the backyard – a fight ring, and dozens of Staffordshire terriers in cages and on chains. Walker and his team take a stance against such travesties, working to take down the other local rings and to promote awareness among the community.

WTR 9-21 – BUCKING BRONCO - The Rodeo's back in town and bringing with it the usual amount of trouble. The Rangers help out local law enforcement to protect citizens from their own rowdiness and get involved in a very different sort of case when one of the broncos dies. Autopsy reveals that the horse was being used as a mule for LDS. It's up to the Rangers to find out who is responsible for this horse's death, and how many other animals are packed with this illegal substance?

WTR 9-22 - PANDEMONIUM - When a convicted serial killer escapes prison and leaves behind a blood-smeared warning – I'm Back! – the Rangers are ordered by the governor to hunt down this killer and stop him before chaos erupts, but with an entire city full of people, where do they start?

WTR 9-23 - DUALITY – A new weapons dealer is in town and Walker needs a couple of dirty cops he can trust to get the evidence he needs to take him down. So he sends his two Junior Rangers themselves.


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