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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, Fate/stay night, KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World, Malcolm in the Middle, Harry Potter, Avatar: Last Airbender, and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D.

I'm not gonna burn your house down.

I detest yaoi (though I have nothing against people who are into that), ESPECIALLY m-preg (I AM against people who are into that! What is with you people?!!?).


I can be a bit of a maverick from time to time, hating stuff that is popular and liking stuff that isn't. It's not always the case, and contrary to what some trolls I've met say, I don't pick one side just to oppose others--my feelings on these things are genuine. So here are some examples (I'll add more as time goes on):

WARNING! Some of the stuff below may piss you off. If it does, you're entitled to feel mad, but I stand by my beliefs, and if you've got a problem with that, cry me a river.

Stuff I Like:

    1. Batman & Robin - Not a good movie by any means, but I find it enjoyably bad. More than I can say for BvS.
    2. Mystery Men - Not as hated or controversial as others, but I feel it's a legitimately good, underrated movie. Minus the Spleen. Could've done without the fart jokes.
    3. Evil Dead 2013 - I'm gonna be honest. I like this film more than the original. Evil Dead 2 is my favorite, but this one is a close second (Yes, I like it more than Army of Darkness). Granted, there may be some bias here: I saw this film before I saw the original, so my expectations may have been incorrectly arranged.
    4. The Purge trilogy - Not groundbreaking or thought-provoking, but good popcorn fun, especially the sequels.
    5. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (film) - I've never read the comics and I never will. On it's own, while I don't think it's great, I think the cast does a good job with they have. I wouldn't mind seeing these actors playing these characters in their own original stories (Peta Wilson playing Mina Harker in a Dracula movie, Stuart Townsend in The Picture of Dorian Gray, etc.)
    6. The Alamo (2004) - A more historically accurate adaptation of that famous battle, which, IMO, was why it flopped at the box office and was torn to bits by critics (Ebert, thankfully, gave it the praise it deserved). One particularly ignorant asshole bashed the film for saying that Texas was "stolen from Mexico by a gang of thieves and outlaws" - which, incidentally, is pretty much what actually happened. A good cast that makes the characters feel human, some good bits of research into the history of that event and its aftermath, memorable music and good dialogue - what more could you want?
    7. Space Jam - A guilty pleasure. Deserves all the flak it gets, but I enjoy watching it even though I shouldn't.
    8. AVP - I like both films (yes, I LIKE Requiem). Like Space Jam, both movies deserve the flak they get, but I find them both fun and entertaining. The first one has an awesome fight scene, the second has so much gore it's downright comical.
    9. When a Stranger Calls (2006) - I cannot for the life of me understand why critics shit on this film. I saw both films back to back, and I think the remake knocks the original out of the ballpark. The killer gets no name or backstory, making him more intimidating, the scenes are chock-full of tension, the acting is good, and the climax is both scary and awesome at the same time.
    10. Tom and Jerry: The Movie - A bad movie through and through, but some of the stuff that is universally hated about it doesn't bother me--the titular characters talking, for example. They talked a few times in the shorts, Tom more than Jerry, and the voices the movie gave them are how I'd expect them to sound like if they could talk. The songs are inappropriate and weird, but not wholly terrible on their own. And we do get some bits of slapstick here and there, such as the fight in the kitchen, and they're not bad. Even Tom and Jerry trying to befriend each other doesn't bother me, and it goes more or less the way I'd expect: Jerry being open to it and Tom refusing out of pride. Plus, they've teamed up numerous times before, and some shorts even ended on a high note for both of them (such as whenever they fought those evil kitten triplets, or that Christmas episode). So, on the whole, while I completely understand everybody's contempt for it, I feel some of the stuff gets shat on more than it deserves to be.
    11. Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy - This is a rather strange case of like/dislike. This show has A LOT of funny jokes, but on several occasions, it also has moments that really piss me off and can ruin the overall episode. Even the worst episodes have a few good jokes, but I can count the ones that are high-quality from start to finish on two hands at most.

Stuff I Don't Like:

    1. Coen Brothers - I don't like their movies. It's not that I find anything inherently WRONG with them. It's just that nothing really "clicked" with me. Fargo was particularly jarring because of Marge's stupidity, namely the scene where she questions the prostitutes and doesn't consider dumbing it down even further when their answers to her questions are completely unhelpful. Granted, I don't think it would have helped her catch the crooks any faster, but since these movies are so meticulously crafted, it wouldn't have hurt to throw in a question like "Hair Color?" or "Did either of them have facial hair?"
    2. Avatar: The Last Airbender - A Star Wars ripoff, and an unimaginative and shameless one at that. Everything is completely by-the-numbers from start to finish. Nickelodeon didn't even try to do something with it. Disgusting. Legend of Korra did go a different route, but the arc villains were improperly arranged and the characters were just obnoxious, especially that walking fart joke kid. Fuck him.
    3. The New Star Wars canon - This new universe is already pretty controversial, but it disgusts me immensely. I'm not going to pretend that the original EU was flawless, but this new canon siphons off the "Legends" continuity like a leech. They claim to want creative freedom, but this "new" universe hasn't produced ANYTHING creative!! It just steals from the EU and tries to give characters new names in a desperate hope that no one will notice! This includes the "new" movies - I don't like The Force Awakens or Rogue One. The Last Jedi was AWFUL.
    4. Family Guy & American Dad - The comedy is too rude, crude, and oftentimes downright random. Plus both shamelessly rip off The Simpsons. Sure, that show could have that stuff too, but (when done right) it was subtle, cleverly woven into the plot, or both. These two shows just insert that stuff for cheap laughs. Pathetic.
    5. South Park - I hate it for pretty much the same reason I hate Family Guy and American Dad. Just a terrible combination of excessive swearing, violence, and bodily "humor".
    6. Rumiko Takahashi - I hate this woman's works for pretty much the same reason as Thugs Bunny, with Ranma 1/2 being the worst of the lot. Now, before you roll your eyes, let me make something clear: I am aware of the difference between canon and fanon. Akane doesn't have a mallet, Ranma isn't "honorable", Nabiki doesn't pay the bills with the money she fleeces, Shampoo's tribe are not misandrists, etc. However, there's plenty of stuff in canon to make me hate this series. First off, virtually none of the characters are likable, but every time they suffer I don't feel smug or anything because the people causing them to suffer are even worse! Ranma is a gutless doormat who lets people walk all over him even though it is well within his power to snap each and every one of them like a twig; Akane is a short-tempered, self-righteous, spoiled Creator's Pet; Nabiki is a borderline sociopath whose Karma Houdini status is supposed to be funny, and is labeled as some sort of master schemer when she really isn't; Genma and Soun are complete and utter shit; the other suitors are as self-entitled and obnoxious as Akane; Ryoga is a self-pitying, hypocritical pervert whose bad sense of direction was never funny; Happosai and Principal Kuno are just plain annoying. Every single character in the series is utterly despicable, yet the ones who get the most crap thrown at them are the ones who come the closest to being sympathetic. (deep breath) As for the rest of her stuff, it's crap. Inu Yasha has all the same problems as Ranma 1/2, with Kagome being a petty, annoying bitch; Urusei Yatsura has the decency to make its protagonist an irredeemable asshole whose misery does bring me some level of joy, but once again, the few characters who actually have some semblance of sanity and/or are deserving of sympathy suffer the most (maybe that's the point, but for God's sake, throw them a bone every once in a while!), and there's some downright disturbing bits that are so horrifying that they simply ARE NOT FUNNY, yet Takahashi expects us to laugh at it; Maison Ikkoku was pretty average, but by then, Takahashi had already struck out. I hear her newest series has finally gotten rid of all the problems her previous works were filled with, and is even trying to deconstruct some of them, but again, she already struck out. I don't think she deserves another chance.
    7. Naruto - Initially loved the series, but then it became polluted by hypocrisy, broken aesops, characters who refuse to just get a clue, general stupidity on all sides, and too much focus on the antagonist. It became so disgusting that it caused me to explore the first series again and realize just how terrible that was, as well.
    8. Bleach - Nice artwork, but sadly hampered by the following problems: uninteresting and/or cliched characters, overly long fights that focus more on the characters stupidly explaining how their powers work, the overall stupidity of the characters, the Gotei 13's incompetence and refusal to learn from their mistakes, and so on. In short, it's all style, no substance. (BTW, I'm aware of the irony of slamming a franchise while using one of its images as my profile pic. I may change it later if I work up the effort.)
    9. One Piece - The characters are WAY too obnoxious and annoying, the story arcs repetitive and predictable, and the way Ace died was just plain STUPID.
    10. Fairy Tail - Like Bleach, it's all flash and no bang.
    11. Full Metal Panic - One word: Kaname. This bitch is so emotionally unstable and unnecessarily violent she could give Naru Narusegawa and Louise de la Valliere a run for their money. I can understand being annoyed by Sousuke's wrong genre savviness, but by God, her responses are just too brutal to be justified (much less funny), and she'll just as often beat him up for no good reason simply because "tsun-tsun". And what makes it worse is that he could easily make her stop, but he just sits there and takes it like a bitch when he has no reason to. Disgusting.


1. I despise anonymous reviews. The ones that aren't just troll-ish are somewhat worse because, in those cases, I'd like to converse with the reviewer, but their anonymity prevents that.

2. I am an atheist. I was raised a Christian, and I entertain the rest of my family's religious customs out of respect for THEM. I'll even admit there are some Christian songs I like, but I haven't gone to church in years and have no plans to in the near future.(07/24/21: As of late, I've developed a bit more faith, and have come to see myself as an agnotist.)

3. The concept of "bringing civilization" disgusts me. I'm a history buff, and every example of this "White Man's Burden" is nothing but a thin excuse to extort, pillage, rape, oppress, etc.

4. I am very blunt, and I do NOT regret it.

5. I don't think domestic abuse is funny. That's the long and short of it.

6. I do not subscribe to Belligerent Sexual Tension. I think that's grounds for a break-up or, if the couple is married, a divorce. That's how it went with my parents: despite trying to function as a couple, they argued about so many things that it led, inevitably, to a divorce. They became more friendly afterwards since the pressure of marriage was off, but they are a primary example of why that sort of behavior doesn't lead to a good relationship. A "romance" built entirely on petty squabbling, violence, and general immaturity is doomed to failure. I'm not saying that functioning couples never argue, but if they spend every other moment shouting at each other over the smallest things, then they have no reason to stay together.

7. So many stories left unfinished. That in and of itself isn't my main problem: it's when a story is left to gather dust without any explanation. If the author has decided to call it quits and abandon the story, the least he/she could do is admit it.

8. I can like a fanfic about a series/movie/manga/whatever I don't like if I think the fanfic does it better. That, to me, is one of the main points of fanfiction.

9. I tend to get passionate about stuff I like/hate on this site, and this passion can (and does) make me act in ways that I later come to regret. As an adult, I should know better.

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