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Author has written 4 stories for Newsies, and Twilight.

I started writing FanFiction 6 years ago, in high school.

Yes, I wrote about Newsies, but hey, every high school girl has to drool over something, I just decided to drool over 19th century singing and dancing newspaper sellers. That, and Christian Bale was in it. :)

So please forgive the random ramblings of me, my creative writing muscles have not been stretched in a LONG time.

Duality -- IN PROGRESS. (After taking 5 years away from writing FanFiction, I'm trying my hand at it again in a new genre.)For as long as there have been the hunters there has been the hunted. But what about those who hunt the hunters?The Cullens have decided that it’s time to get back into the high school charade, this time, Bella, Jake and Nessie are along for the ride. Things go awry when they meet a classmate who is also harboring a secret, but one no one is braced for. It's all about duality. The ying and the yang.

Just a Change of Scene
--FINISHED Slick Rylan hails from Brooklyn, New York originally, but dissapeared one night. Now, 8 years later she's back in New York and there are a few who are slightly surprised to see her, but glad none the less. Until someone comes looking for her, and calls her blood, it is only then when it is learned that Slick didn't leave Chicago, where's she's spent the last 6 years, in the best of terms. An' by the end, she must confess, and it hits the Newsies hard.
A New Beginning?
--IN PROGRESS Slick Rylan takes off from Manhatten and Brooklyn, only to end up in Queens, and when she befriends 9 new girls, she realizes she may have acutally found where she belongs, as long as the boys from Manhatten don' find her. But life ain't always that easy, especially when a brother, old friend, new boyfriend and visitors from Chicago are thrown in the mix. And when more secrets about her past start seeping out...she puts the lives of all she loves in mortal danger...Perhaps it wasn't A New Beginning after all.
I Think I'm Hallucinating
--IN PROGRESS Pretty self-expanitory. I came up with the idea for this story while struggling to write A New Beginning? one night. It's a little more realisitic then some of your norm. NON-MARY SUEISH...Can't stand stories like that. Anyway, written for fun so don't know how long it will last. No real plot involved as of yet

ORIGINAL (now on under pen name Broken Resistance)

With Sass an' Smarts--IN PROGRESS Rylan Salvatore is an 800 year old vampire with her own problems, hunters, curious mad scientits, and vampires out for her blood, but it ain't anythin' she can't handle. An' jus' for kicks she decides to enroll in a High School, only to meet up with one of her kind, an old "friend". But things get complicated with his brother enters the picture. And things go haywhire as hunters, vampires, and your typical "Valley Girls" must combine forces to figure out what's plaguing the small town of Valley Springs...God Help us All

I'm currently a college student studying animal science. I went to Valley High Schol and was heavily involved in the technical aspect of theater, where I earned the nickname, Slick, that's kinda stuck.

Save all jokes about being a "Valley Girl", b/c I've heard them.

I live in a state that is commonly refered to as "One of those in the middle." I will spare telling you which one b/c I don't want you to dig out a map and figure where I'm talking about. Most of the stories on these pages ( are works in progress, save a few. I would appreciate any critiqing and reviews you might have.

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Duality reviews
COMPLETELY RE-DONE FROM THE BEGINNING! For as long as there have been the hunters there has been the hunted. But what about those who hunt the hunters? & what happens when the Cullens enter back into high school and meet someone who is also faking human
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