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Author has written 9 stories for Skip Beat!, and Love So Life/ラブ ソー ライフ.

NEW! - Languages, Other sites and about Great Escape at the bottom... _

THANKS YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT, reading, reviewing, alerting and fav-ing (lol)... I really appreciate it... hope you'll continue... hehe \/ peace

XXX Here's my design of Kyoko's wedding dress in my story The Great Escape... It's a fusion of western and Japanese. The tube top dress is pure western. The obi is the pure Japanese part and the lacy robe is the fusion of the two: Japanese robe and the western lace sleeves and train... well, I hope you like it... _

Name: don't ask

Location: la la land!!! (I wish)

Hobbies: Reading, singing, writing, thinking, daydreaming, lazing, joking, loving, hating, eating, drinking(water), peeing?, pooping? ing-ing... lol

About Me: I'm a night person. I don't like or more like I really hate waking and getting up early in the morning. I usually write my stories at night or I begin at late afternoon. I basically think of ideas in the middle of the night or I should say very early in the morning for my stories like say 1 to 3 AM when I'm laying on my bed trying to sleep. I would get great ideas during that time and I will write it later in the afternoon that day.

Languages: The first language I learned is Bisaya, it's a filipino dialect. The second languages I learned at the same time in school are Tagalog (Philippines's national language) and English. I had Spanish for one year in High school and I tried continue learning it after that, but I lack determination, or maybe motivation because I'm just so lazy. I also tried to learn Japanese but I had the same no motivation problem.

My other sites:

If you want to bug me for not updating a new chapter in a while or want to know why I'm not updating, here's my Facebook

youtube channel my Anime songs English fancovers... Skip Beat! Renaissance English fandub, Dream Star and Prisoner...

http:// www. youtube. com/user/zionx0602

My Homepage - Pictures of Anime Expo 2011 to those who wants to see it... _ and my Skip Beat! AMV... It starts a little slow but I hope you enjoy it!!! _

Otakuzone... though it's not about Skip Beat... add me there... username: zionx


The reason I started writing fanfics was to kill time and to sharpen this dull and rusty mind of mine... LOL... But I was inspired and influenced by all the fanfic stories that I read here... I had nothing to do and a lot of ideas just came into my mind begging to be wrote and published here in this website...

Reincarnation... I planned the basic plot and its, you know stuff like names and places, of the story for about more than a week or so... I don't know, I forgot already... Well, to be honest when I published the prologue and first chapter, I actually had no idea how to end this story... I titled it "Reincarnation" was because it was as like Lory thought in the story that the word is more romantic than the word "clones", which was one of the words I thought for the story... I just wanted to make the readers think that Kyoko reincarnated... I'm kind of like disorganized person, so I really don't like planning a long head of time what would happen... But then I remembered one of the books I had read... It's one of my fav, entitled "Reincarnation". The titles were so coincidental but it totally fits, so from then on, I found a beautiful idea for an ending... The only thing I had to do was enjoy the journey chapter to chapter... I don't plan what happens in the story, I just reach down into my own feelings and ideas just pop out of my mind... I don't even know what's gonna happen next chapter... But it's totally fun that way for you and for me...

Baby Ren was just an impulse... I had the idea in mind for maybe about a week before I actually wrote it... I forgot where I actually got the idea of the story or what triggered it... Maybe it just popped out of my mind, like most ideas I had and actually wrote in my stories... There were ideas I already started writing, but in paper and pen only, before Baby Ren, but I don't know why I published this story after I wrote the first chapter... Oh yeah, I finally remembered why... LOL It was because I thought that this story was just short... I wrote this story as an intermission and a sort of break from writing and always thinking of what's going to happen in Reincarnation... I thought it was going to be just thre to six chapters tops... but now, I already published seven and is still on going... And I don't want to end it there either so yeah...

So now I just realized that writing two stories at the same time is a very difficult thing to do... It's not about the 'thinking of ideas of what's gonna happen next' but it's more of like the feel... Switching emotions... Oh now I know I'll never be an actress, cause I can't even align my feelings from one story to another in a second... For example... I finished writing the next chapter of reincarnation, then I would start to think and align my feelings to the plot and characters of my other story, Baby Ren... But I couldn't or can't do it immediately or right away... I still have lingering feelings and ideas of the Reincarnation story, and it's very hard to focus on something else that your not actually feeling... cause I won't be able to write good stories that way... the story would just be plain BORRINNNGGG!!!! if I don't feel it...

Okay so that's all... I bet you're all bored and sleepy by now... so go do some fun things and get your mind and body working... move move move people!!! double time!!! RUUNNNNN!!!! there's a ghost behind you... a very huge tiger's ghost... ROFLOL

XXX kyokoxRen XXX Forever! XXX

Hello guys, it's me again...

Well, I have a lot of ideas for a new fanfic again but I have to finish one of my long series first before I dig myself into another one... _ and I don't know why but I can't seem to write short stories... it's always long... I have few ideas and I'm going to give you hints, just hints, not the entire story because that wouldn't be fun... xD

I have one fantasy themed story. It's romance and as always Ren and Kyoko, and I think it's a bit of adventure, sort of. The hint is the quest of love.

And the other one was AU, alternate universe, I just twisted it the skip beat world a little bit. But Kyoko was still betrayed by Shou, in another way. She still wanted to get revenge on him, in another way too. But it is still Kyoko and Ren, so it's still skip beat. The hint or maybe the title is If We Were a Movie. Yes, it is inspired by the song of Hannah Montana.

And the latest one I got was inspired by what I saw on TV. I was so bored flipping to all channels and then I came to the japanese channel and there I got my inspiration. But I won't say what though, someone might steal it... LOL I'm kidding... I already finished the first chapter and I'm so excited to publish it. But sadly, I still have two on going fanfics right now and I don't want to have to write three chapters a week to update in three different fanfics, so I'm very sorry. You'll just have to wait and see... I hope you all will like it though...

The Great Escape - I published this instead of my other planned ideas for SB fanfics because it has been literally CONSUMING my mind. It's all I think about and its just begging to be write and publish. I think I got inspired by Hang Over 2 so much and all that romance books my aunt gave me as a present... lol so that's the result...

I already finished the first chapter of that one idea above the one that was inspired by what I saw on TV but I didn't want to update three stories at a time, so I held it off. And I couldn't really continue writing chapter 2 of it coz I want to see how you guys will react to it... Well, I'll just continue what I'm doing already and eventually, I will get there... _

Well, that's all I can add... I'll update if I have something more to share about myself... bye _

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