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Hello! Do you like slash fiction of the Supernatural variety? Do you love Dean Winchester in a totally non-platonic way? Do you think Castiel is the world's most adorable angel? Do you know to the very core of your being that if he and Dean ever kissed on screen, it would cause an explosion of sexiness so intense that viewers across the nation of both genders would spontaneously orgasm? Well then, you've come to the right place! WOOOO!

Sorry, I get a little enthusiastic sometimes. I'll try to remain calm. As you may have guessed, I write Dean/Cas. I am aware that both Dean Winchester and Castiel would highly disapprove of this and I don't care.

If you watch "Bones" and ship Booth and Brennan (and I mean, c'mon, who doesn't? COMMUNISTS, that's who) or would like to read the first couple of mediocre non-slash SPN fics I wrote (Oh God have I improved since then), I have another account, calliopeiamuse08. Why do I have two accounts? Let me put it this way: There are only four people in the world who know I write fanfiction. They are sworn to secrecy. If and when I reveal my secret hobby to another living soul, I might like them to think I write strictly heterosexual, fairly tame stories that bend the show's canon so slightly that my fics are almost in danger of coming true. This will make me seem more balanced than a girl who writes WILD AND CRAZY MAN-ON-MAN-ANGEL ACTION OHHH YEEAAAH GET SOME, BIOTCH CUZ THE SHOW'S CREATORS MOST CERTAINLY NEVER INTENDED THIS RIGHT HERE! So, I have my first account, where my het lives. And I have this account, where my slash gets drunk and yells at people but, in the end, just wants to snuggle.

Oh, you wanted to know about me? Well. If you insist.

I'm a girl. It should be fairly obvious at this point. I was a student at Washington State University, majoring in sociology and minoring in Spanish, and now I'm a law student at the University of Washington. I'm kind of a TV junkie, and clearly I'm unhealthily obsessed with Supernatural. Other shows I watch: Castle, Community, Modern Family, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Go On, Parks & Rec. I used to watch Bones, but I gave up on that. I used to watch 30 Rock, but it ended (cue endless tears of sadness). I'll watch anything involved Joss Whedon and I've watched far too many Adult Swim shows. I've written a novel that I doubt will ever be published but it was fun to write it anyways. I'm thinking about writing a sequel for the hell of it. I used to be a performing member of an improv comedy troupe. I like cats and being a cat lady is my backup plan for when I fail to trick a man into marrying me.

Finally: am I the only person who sees a serious need to make a portmanteau out of the words "man" and "angel"? It's written mangel, obviously, but we need to have some kind of consortium on how to pronounce it (Mayne-jul? Man-jul?) and then disseminate it to the public.

[EDIT] Hey! Guess what! I now have a livejournal account, and I'm gonna systematically put everything over there, so... please go check it out if you're in the LJ community! Thanks! It's at thecouchcarrot (dot) livejournal (dot) com.

[FURTHER EDIT] And noooow I'm on AO3 (Archive of Our Own)! Same username. It's pretty lonely over there, guys, so feel free to stop by.

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