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Apparently, people actually come here and read this stuff! XD

Name: A Really Big Idiot (Because that’s probably the best way to describe myself!)

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Why Did I Start Writing FanFiction?:

It was a whim of sorts, I didn’t think anyone would care but I thought I should at least try it once! It seemed like fun! (And perhaps it is my 20s-Life Crisis? LOL!)

Current Story:

Silver Night – A Vampire Knight FanFiction

Status: In-Progress


FYI: I'm not sure why this is confusing to some of my precious readers, because I thought I was pretty clear with my summaries and various notes throughout the story. But well, here we go - Silver Night is both a Yaoi/slash and a Het Fic. As in - it will have both homosexual and heterosexual pairings. I'm not one to write an only all-gay cast or an only all-het cast in my long stories. If this is disappointing to you, then you have my deepest apologizes - I had no intention of misleading you. I'm so sorry about the confusion.

Anyway, the main pairings in this story is: Kaname x Zero, Zero x Yuki, and Kaname x Zero x Yuki (It isn't a threesome, however, just a dark love triangle with Zero in the middle, folks). Clearly, Kaname x Yuki happened somewhere in the past of this story's universe (i.e. Juri's and Haruka's existence), but that pairing probably isn't going to be relived again. All chances of that happening died when Yuki found out what Kaname did. (Sorry Kaname x Yuki fans! It's just not very logical in this particular story for them to end up together again!) If she would have ripped out Kaname's throat in honor of her lost love, what exactly do you think she's going to do when she finally discovers he's actually alive again?

FYI 2: The character of Yuki - I'm pretty sure many fans of VK hate her. I'm neither here or there with her. She's a character type I recognize in a lot of Japanese anime. While I understand the dislike of her (especially to Western girls/women), she isn't going to be the 'obvious' villain in this fic. Not to say she's going to be the poor goody-two-shoes in this story (grins evilly because of future plot events), but time does change people. And my version of future Yuki is a bit different from anime/manga Yuki. Well, very, very, and very different.

I could have just killed her off or made her the main villain in this fic, but hasn't that been done before? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with doing that, but I really, really want to make my own niche in this fandom.

FYI 3: Silver Night is Zero Kiryu. And Zero Kiryu is Silver Night. Silver is Zero's shadow self that was crafted to protect Zero's broken mind/heart/soul after Kaname betrayed him on what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life. Think of Silver as Zero's alternate ego/personality. I won't reveal anymore details until further plot progression, but it's safe to say, Silver isn't exactly helping his cause, unknowingly to him anyway. XD


FYI 4: Toga Yagari's being alive in this fic - It has come to my attention that some of my precious readers may feel that it isn't right for Toga (and to an extend Kaito) to still be alive in my fic/world. However, let me explain my reasoning for this! XD From what I've been able to figure out and gleam from various VK sources, hunters have a bit of vampire genes in their bloodline that gives them the ability to fight vampires on a more equal footing. So, I thought that having a little longer lifespan that the average human would also go hand and hand with those special and distinct vampire genes that hunters have. Also, when we meet Cross, he's already 200 years old in the canon VK world, but that could also be due to being not only a hunter but also a combined twin vampire hunter. So, I can see Toga getting to 130 or 140 due to this, but he would have aged more like a regular human because he isn't a twin combined hunter like Cross is. So, in this fic, he's an elderly (and prickly) man with a need for a cane and various medications at this time in my fic! :D

FYI 5: PM-ing the Writer - Anyone can PM if they have a question they would like answered about this fic and writing in general! I may not be able to tell you too much (I will forever be mysterious in my true plots! XD) but I can help clarify a few things better for you if you need it! ;)


FYI 6: I’m almost embarrassed to say this, but Silver Night isn’t a truly romance/easy story. As in, it is not a “And True Love Conquers All” type of fic. I am on a different theme/path for this story, so if you were thinking/looking for that type of theme in this fic, then I’m so very sorry! The three main characters in this fic all love equally strong, but differently so. Therefore, it won’t be something that will be wrapped out ‘prettily’ and a ‘Happily Ever After.” even. Silver Night is a dark tale and more of a “What Type of Love Wins In the End” type fic then anything else.

FYI 7: Length of this fic – Fortunately (or unfortunately, depends on your view! XD), Silver Night is going to be an extremely (like extremely) long fic. As in, it may clock in at about 200 chapters (Hopefully less!) in it full glory! XD If you don’t like long such stories or wish not to continue with this tale, then I just want to say thank you so much! I am extremely grateful that you took the time to read and enjoy my fic while you did! :D

10-8-14 - 2nd Anniversary Authoress's Note (FTW)

Hello! Howdy!

Believe me guys, I hadn't expected this long a wait either! My goodness. Apparently, August hates me! O_O But then September teamed up with it to knock me out, but I had to fight back fast before October body-slammed me out. XD Still, goodness, graduate school is pure hell. Especially since I'm a biochemisty student. (I'm a scientist not a writer! XD) But at least you guys got the latest chapter of SN goodness? How was it? Ho ho! You all thought it would all calm down once Sosono left, eh? Oh no, no, no. (Insert evil authoress laugh) Hopefully it was worth the wait. I promise to update again in about a week or so from now. Promise! (And feel free to keep me to it this time! XP)

So, Year 1 – 92 Chapters.

Year 2 – 18 Chapters (That's a hell of a dry spell. O_O'')

Year 3 - ? Chapters till the end?


Anywho…the second year anniversary of this story has come upon me. Looking back, I can't believe I've gotten so far with it. This story all started as an unsure whim and to see it get so large is something I'm honestly speechless with. Many of you guys have been with me since the beginning, and I'm still amazed that you have stuck with the story despite all the crazy twists and turns! XD Others of you have joined the party along the way and all of you have given me so much support that I can barely hold back my happy tears! I love all of you guys and without you, this story wouldn't have gotten to where it is today.

But Year Three is the year I want this beloved story to finally come its end in. Yet, in order to complete all the plot lines without plot holes that means I have what, 50-90 chapters, still to write? -_-'' (WTH have I created?) Hopefully, most of you wil stick around for that ride! Ha ha!

Now, question-answer time! I can't answer all your questions, but I will answer some now! XD

Here we go!

FYI 8: Is Zero's complete punishment his death?

Nope! To be truthful, his 'punishment' is something…far worst…than that. Can't really go into too much detail because that's part of the horror in the coming chapters, but I can give you one clue. This punishment is more self-inflicted than anything else. But personality 'shifts' will happen in future arcs. That's part of the angst fun for all involved! XP

FYI 9: Will the Doll Bonds on Silver disappear once Zero 'permanently' takes his place?

Yes, maybe, and not in the slightest in the close future.! (Damn, I'm wicked.) The Doll bonds was forced unto Zero because he 'broke', and the 'Breaking' you've all read was just the beginning of the process. I couldn't really give it to you all in one dose because I'm sure it would have killed some, but make no mistake – unlike all my other villains in the fic, Masashi is my worst. And his ghost ain't dead yet, ya'll! Even I'm amazed at how 'eff up I create that character. But in simple terms, nope. Just because Zero will return, doesn't mean that the Doll bonds go away.

FY 10: Will Yuki be okay in the war?

Depends on what you mean by 'okay'? Don't think for a second Yuki or even Kaname can't go down when I start their final showdown! I've been mapping it out in my head (while I look at proteins XD) and even I'm not so sure who is going to come out on top. I've made Yuki's game plan very different from Kaname's, and if she wasn't going against Kaname it could work, but she's fighting against Kaname so…. XD Plus, both she and Kaname have the exact same weakness! (Hint, hint.) So, don't worry. Whether you like Yuki or hate her, I'll make sure you won't forget her in this fic. XD

More Notes to be Added Later!

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