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About me:


Origin of Leonoriel: Leonoriel was a nickname a friend suggested for me. It was unusual, and didn't allow people to guess who was behind the mask. Despite Having outgrown Leonoriel, and no longer feeling the need to hide behind his mask, I am Leonoriel, and I am attached to this name.

Description: I'm an unusual girl. I like mature things, misteries and above all, yaoi. I'm also a college student, finishing my master's degree in psichology.

Desperatly waiting for the next update of one of my Projects? Questions about something of my lore? Or just bored and wanting to bask in the beauty of Purple Obsession's Red Oversized Sweater of Doom, go visit my tumblr.


My fanfiction:

My fanfiction will be of Mature nature always, with sexual content. It will focus straight and homosexual couples.

I will do fanfictions about: Vocaloids (for now).

Vocaloid Couples:


Al X Luka

Gakupo x Rin (but not in the pedophile way, they look so cute together *-, I can't help but see Gakupo as a Big Brother role for Rin (that big brother for whom she has crush XD, still))


Q & A:

Everyone, feel free to ask anything in the reviews or pm me. I read EVERYTHING YOU SEND ME. Just Pm me.

Q&A will also be sent there and I will post the questions I like the most and their answers in updates like this one. Any hate mail will be ignored, SPAM will be erased and e-mails such as “Please read my story at link etc” too. If you are a writer and want me to read any of your stories, send me an email saying the NAME OF THE STORY and I will search it up on whatever site it is. I will not follow links or answer to links.

Lastly, I read in:

Portuguese, English and Spanish.

More notes:

I have enabled anonymous reviewers to comment my stories, so feel free.

To anonymous reviewers and any other:

- If you have any doubt about the story read above.

- Due to a hate review that I received from an anonymous user:

I will delete instantly any reviews that I may get that says: “This story sux cause gakupo belongs to X vocaloid!” This is a Kaito x Gakupo story, if you can’t stand the pairing, don’t read it.I will also delete if I get another review that says “You’re crazy! Writing a story about rape and etecera.”. This story has a warning for non-con, rape a gore. Don’t like it, just skip the parts with the warning.You are free to say that you don’t like the story, but I want a valid answer and critique other than this pairing sux. If I know why you don’t like, I can improve the story in order for it to be better for every reader.

- xxxXXXVIOLENCEAHEADREADATOWNRISKXXXxx, warning for end of scene xxxXXXxxx.

Wake Up Note to the dangers of Stalking:

Stalking and abusive relationships is a very dangerous reality that many suffer from but many don’t do anything about. Most of the time, regular people who are victims of stalking ignore the stalkers, BUT BELIEVE ME, IGNORING OR DENYING THE PRESENCE OF A STALKER CAN ONLY WORSEN THE SITUATIONS. The best thing to do sometimes is to confront (usually with company (bf, gf, dad, mom, that crazy uncle with the axe)) the stalker or call for help.

Even our celebrities are victimized by sometimes dangerous stalkers. Everyone can be a victim of stalking, and the stronger the infatuation, the more dangerous the stalker can be. Celebrities, pseudocelebrities, teachers, doctors, the boy or girl next door, even your four year toddler can one day wake and realize there is a crazy dude rummaging through your trash (in the best case scenario). Most of the time stalking is dismissed by people, because it usually isn’t that dangerous, but, if the stalker is enabled to continue, believe me, it can get to the extent of what is happening to Gakupo or even worst.

Stalking also causes psychological set backs to the victim. Increased paranoia, suspicion towards all and everyone, feelings of helplessness and overall fear, you grow fear of even going to school/work/home alone If the problem continues, you’ll eventually become that girl or boy who every night asks his mom to check under their bed to make sure there isn’t a crazy dude with a duck tape, a camera and a knife under it, who start to get up in the middle of the night and make sure ALL DOORS are locked. And you actually start dreaming nonstop of being caught and raped by someone who’s after you.

Be aware of the problem. In fiction it is harmless, in real life, it’s a nightmare.

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Purple obsession reviews
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