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Hi, I'm Sysero. Yes, that's my name. No, Cain is not my last name but it sounds pretty damn cool.

Rant Section:

Halo: Glasslands is total and utter crap. Karen Traviss has completely ruined Halo canon. The only way you would like that book is if you were a die-hard Halo fan. I am a Halo fan. I am not THAT far gone. Glasslands is a complete and utter perversion. Read the Wikipedia summary.



Codex Entry: United Nations Space Command Recent History

The United Nations Space Command or the UNSC is the ruling government of all Humans. Following the glassing of Harvest and the declaration of war by the Covenant, Martial Law was declared throughout the colonies of the UNSC in order to better fight the threat. After the end of the Human-Covenant War, Martial Law was not lifted in order to better expedite the rebuilding process. After a centuries of stagnant trade brought on by an iron hand on the economy, the monetary infrastructure of the UNSC was severely damaged. A significant overhaul was required and ended with the formation of the Interstellar Trade Unit or the ITU as the new form of currency. The ITU existed in a fixed rate so it did not fluctuate based on the value of certain materials.

Relationships with other alien races varied significantly. The majority of humanity had developed Xenophobia after the events of the Human-Covenant War. Leaders from the Humans, the Sangheili, the Unggoy and Lekgolo agreed to maintain their distance until Humanity could rebuild. The Jiralhanae, the San'Shyum, the Kig'Yar, and the Yanme'e remained hostile to humanity despite their reduced military capability.

When the Sangheili homeworld of Sangheilios was attacked by Covenant Loyalist forces, the Sangheili were unable to muster their remaining fleets to respond. The UNSC instead sent the entirety of its rebuilt combat fleet to assist the defending forces. The astonishing power of the upgraded ships routed the remaining Covenant forces. With the help of the Sangheili fleets, the UNSC pushed the Covenant back beyond an area known as the Armistice Line. Letting it be known that any attempt to cross the line would be met with heavy resistance, the UNSC set up a very complex defense network consisting of over two-hundred Slipspace Monitoring Stations and an entire fleet covering the systems near the edges. The bond brought on by fighting side by side against the Loyalist incursion brought on an alliance between the Humans and the Separatist Races.

In the year 2700, the UNSC completely reclaimed all of its former planets. Terraforming has managed to restore a majority of the planets to their original forms. The alliance with the Separatists has strengthened and technology and culture has been shared between both factions. Many ships feature crews of mixed species.

Skirmishes between Loyalist forces and UNSC and Separatist fleets became more and more common in the twenty-eighth century culminating in the Loyalist Occupation of Stygia, a metropolis planet near the edge of UNSC Space. Since then however, there has been little to no contact between the Loyalists and the the rest of the galaxy.

The political structure has become rather varied throughout the UNSC's worlds. Although the Lord Admiral of the UNSC's Navy is considered the "ruler" they will only direct policies that affect the entirety of the UNSC. Although it is within their power to control each and every detail of a citizen's life, they will not due to the need to keep the people on their side. The restructuring of the economy resulted in the appeasement of the Outer Colonies and the defeat of any remaining Insurrectionist movements.

The political structure varies from planet to planet. Some planets possess fascist governments while others possess democratic bodies. A select few even possess monarchies while some have meritocracies. Each can be a nation into itself but all must abide by the Interstellar Code of Law drafted by the UNSC and provide men and women for the Military. All planetary governments are required to provide rights to the people otherwise they will be replaced with a more satisfactory method of rule, one chosen by the people.

Codex Entry: Covenant Separatists

The Covenant Separatists are the races that split away from the main body of the Covenant during the Covenant Civil War. They consist of the Sangheili, the Unggoy, the Lekgolo, and the Huragok. (Although this last race does not much care about the inner workings of the Separatists, being more concerned with the workings of technology.) The previous class structure was abolished due to the urging of the humans and replaced with a society based on merit.

The Sangheili enjoy a cultural Renaissance. While still maintaining their martial society, they have adopted a much more fluid society with succeeding generations of Sangheili bearing allegiance to no House. Unggoy enjoy an increase in overall value due to their numbers and prodigious martial and technical skill.

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