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Manga;; Collective group, FURONart project!!

Pox;; Don't worry, she rarely makes snes.

Manga;; I do sometimes, Poxy-Kun! Anywhoo, I've been playnig DAH! since I was 8--

Crypto;; Eight??

Manga;; Yes, Crypto. Since I was eight. Would you let me finish??

Crypto;; Sorry, Manga-Chan. u.u

Manga;; Anywhoo, I've been playing DAH! since I was 8, and writing fanfics for it since I was around eleven.

Crypto;; SHEESH.

Manga;; Would you SHUT UP??

Crypto;; You sound like Pox-Kun today.

Manga;; *sigh* For those of you who are wondering, the Collective group, FURONart project!! is something I want to start with my friends, where we make DAH!/IZ fanfics together, and publish them online, here. Sadly, none of my friends enjoy writing fanfics with me/get lazy when I feel like it or I get lazy when they feel like it, so it's more of a singer person effort.

Pox;; Nu-UH!!! We help!

Manga;; You interrupt me with stupid and irritating comments, Pox. Shut up.

Pox;; ;~; That's no way to talk to your Emperor!

Manga;; *grabs leek* *hiss!*

Pox;; EEP! 8,X

Manga: *sigh* Sorry about Furons, they're wierd sometimes...

{{Writing info!}}

Manga;; First off, I'd like to say that I hate having to stick to the personalities given to characters in their fandoms. I LOVE to change things around--

Pox;; She made me a co--


Pox;; Eeee, sorry, Manga-Sensei!!! ;~;

Crypto;; Sensai?

Manga;; Stop sucking up to me, Furon!!! >8o *kicks Pox*

Pox;; *cry*

Manga;; I rarely stick to one plot for a long periods of time,a nd I like to switch from plot to plot, and update my chapters as I feel like it. If I didn't do that, ATC! and a bunch of other fics would all be done by now. Buuuut, when I'm in the mood for a different type of writing, I write like that, and if it doesn't fit a fic I'm doing, I make a new one! So, in case you're wondering, that's why I'mslow uploading. I'll probably have some random-hardcore rates of uploading, though, because sometimes I finish a fic, forget about it, and go to look for others and find it along with others, and yeah...I know at this point in time, I only have one, but I plan to have more, due to my fangirlistic loyalty/support for the things I love! I enjoy writing for the underloved stuff, which will explain my large amount of DAH! stuff soon to come. Please bear in mind as you read my fics that I despise normalcy, which will explain the huge amount of scary metal heads, crazy ravers, and so on.

Annihilate the Conformity! reviews
Bored of his life as a Furon soldier, Crypto decides to head out to a Rave. However, nothing is as it seems when he's dragged into the war against Furonic and Human conformity.
Destroy All Humans! - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 4 - Words: 4,992 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 7/17/2010 - Published: 5/15/2010