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Thanks for paying me a visit!

Basically, I'm a fan of Naruto and Detective Conan but, since I'm only writing for Naruto at the moment, I'll just say that Hinata's my favorite character. I also really like romance stories (probably due to the lack if it in my real life) and so, in my stories, I tend to pair Hinata with other male characters in the anime except... Naruto! (not until I think I can come up with a good story!)

I suppose I started writing fanfictions to try out my English in written form. Since I'm not a native speaker, I found that writing stories in English can be a real challenge. Then again, I'm also an adult and I think I've come to a state where challenges are seen as a good thing and one can only improve with them.

Pairings I'd like to do:-

1) Shika/Hina (Isn't it obvious that the lazy genius is my favourite guy?)

2) Ita/Hina (Handsome, dark and elusive vs beautiful, shy and kind? Perfect!)

3) Gaa/Hina (Ah... the red/crimson/scarlet/burgundy/cherry hair. Who doesn't want to write about that?)

4) Sasu/Hina (Intimidating is the word here. What with the death stare, all-too-familiar smirks and the dark, messy hair? I like it!)

My stories:-

Anticipations and Fears - This was my very first fiction. I do have to admit that I had a lot to learn and to start with, I was pretty unaware of the proper usages of capital letters and ellipsis. (Many thanks to DarkSacredJewelXoX for pointing it out through my other story). I have corrected most of the mistakes by now (16/08/2010). Anyway, I actually found that I got a little better in writing after every chapter and actually smiled at myself when I posted the last. So, if you're reading this and are wondering what the story's about, give it a try! See if you like it!

Anticipations, Fears & Life After - This was a re-post of my first story with a different ending. If you've read the above story, read this for a different feeling. Then, if you don't mind, leave me a comment on which ending you preferred. I would really appreciate that. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Shikamarulover4ever for the constant support by reviewing every chapter of both the stories.

Where Are The Stars - I suppose I've only just realized that writing a Naruto fanfiction in alternate universe (AU) is harder than it seems. Anyway, this would probably go beyond 10 chapters (although the thought itself frightens me sometimes) and I'm actually going to rely on the feedbacks and suggestions to help me work this out. If you're reading this and have actually found mistakes in my story, grammatical or others, do let me know. I'll try not to disappoint further. If you think that the story sucks, give me some proposals to improve it. I also appreciate constructive criticisms. Thanks!

The Winding Dunes of Sand - Well, anyone would agree that anything to do with sand would only conjour up one image - Gaara! (in the Naruto world, at least). Yes, I've started working on my Gaara/Hina story. Nevertheless, unlike Where Are The Stars (which I've sort of roughly drawn out the plot for by now), I still have yet to work out a plan for this. Thence, update for this story will be a little slower. Rest-assure though, that I will never stall on my stories. I just want to have a try at writing about this couple, especially Gaara (can't help falling in love with him too). For readers who are also fans of Gaara/Hina, I do hope you will check this story out. Post me some reviews and give me some suggestions (I'll need lots of help here, really). Thanks!

If You Ever Know - I'm actually writing this story to redeem myself for making Sasuke so bad in Where Are The Stars. Thence, there will be some subtle similarities between the two stories in some parts. Truth is, I don't really like Sasuke in the anime/manga. But I like him in fanfiction (thanks to all those wonderful Sasu/Hina stories). Nevertheless, as I slowly form the plot to the story, I realised that this young Uchiha actually has a really sad childhood. So, I'm going to be paying more attention to his feelings this time. I hope I don't fail in my attempts. Off course, reviews would be the most encouraging tool here. Do post me some comments if you think the story is good enough. Thanks!

Work In Progress - My first one-shot! I've always thought that one-shots are really difficult to write because the writer will need to make the readers understand the plot of the story in only one chapter. But I've always wanted to do one-shots and hopefully, this story makes sense. Won't you leave me a review?

The Ring That Binds - I know I said I wouldn't write a Naru/Hina but I suppose I was just so upset with how the story is developing in the manga that I thought I have to do something (for myself, at least). I have to admit that when Hinata confessed to Naruto in the manga, I was so happy until... nothing happened! He didn't even approach her in anyway! Urg! Later, during the 4th war, when Naruto took Hinata's hand, I was like 'Yes, yes, yes!' A few chapters later, he sort of admitted to his father that Sakura is his girlfriend. I went like 'What!!?' So, I thought I'd write this. It's supposed to be a one-shot but I wanted to make it more realistic so it'll probably be a two/three chapter story. Please leave me a review if you like this. Thanks!

At this point however, I’d like to reach out to a few of the reviewers:-

jess – I wouldn’t say whether I agree or disagree with you that Hinata needs to find someone else who will be able to return her love because that will totally give away the story. Anyway, I suppose I didn’t put romance as a genre to this story because I suck in romance. I did a Sasu/Hina one-shot romance and most of the reviews I received for it were cute and sweet. Even though I can appreciate readers actually reviewing the story, it made me feel like a little girl.

Lista – I didn’t want to do a Naru/Hina before because at one time, I was quite sure Kishimoto would put the two together in the end. Nevertheless, with the recent development in the manga, I somehow thought I have to write something because one way or another, I still hope the two will end up together (and Kishi seemed to have other ideas). I do agree with you that in this story, Naruto was as upset as Hinata. She however, was ‘springing’ it on him (at the office?) because she knew that in other circumstances, she would have easily given in.

Mylady – You were right; Hinata was actually giving Naruto ample time to sort out his feelings here. However, she was still partly at fault from the very beginning, agreeing to marry him even though she knew that he had always loved Sakura. In any case, this is still, a Naru/Hina.

Arsenal89 - I would agree that a marriage is not without trouble and no marriage is perfect and I do have to apologize for the impractical drama I’ve drawn out here. This was supposedly a Naru/Hina story so, to those ‘real’ Naru/Hina shippers who thought otherwise, I apologize for all the shortcomings.

Guest NaruHina – Again, this was supposed to be a Naru/Hina story. I guess I simply have to apologize to those who think that I should get this story out of the Naru/Hina section because the two main characters in this are still Naruto and Hinata so… sorry?

Jimbo – I’ve never really received any review that was so long, it had to be truncated in my inbox because of length. Frankly, I am more than appreciative for your support and I did gather that you really did enjoy this story. Your enlightenment to the story actually made me feel real good and to be able to pinpoint the different parts of the story and the feelings both Naruto and Hinata held actually helped to further improve my confidence (which had received quite a number of beatings for chapter 2. Lol!). Anyway, I understand that you were trying to show your support here and I am really grateful for the backup. But I also want you to know that I am quite a stubborn person and therefore, will take criticisms in stride *winks. In fact, I’ve never been more determined to continue with what I have in mind (I only hope that no angry readers would send any virus to my computer because of this story – glad I have a backup. Lol!).

On the overall, I guess many of you have forgotten one thing – this story is an adult version of Naru/Hina (not the m-rated part, mind you). But I’d like to think that Naruto is a much stronger person here and off course it’s not going to be like Shipuden 1 all over again…


Writing fanfiction has been a wonderful experience. I have to admit that it has helped me grasp some basics to story-writing and the pointers given were very much appreciated. All in all, it has also rooted me back to using proper English (I'm still struggling here) and has definitely opened up my mind as to how much words can actually make or spoil a story. Believe me, I have never worked this hard on this part before. Nevertheless, I suppose we can only get better the more we write. Do it with an open mind, accept criticisms as a way to improve further and I'm sure most of us will emerge stronger at the end of the day...

Just Laugh It Out:-

I heard this over the radio and had a really good laugh. Do read it and see if you get what it means...

Once, there was a man and a woman.

The man looked at the woman and said, "Woman, I love you. Marry me."

The woman turned to the man and answered, "No."

And the man lived happily ever after.

- End -

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