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ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS: I am looking for an artist that would maybe help me with a cover-page for my story? Please Pm me if your interested, thanks!

My personality: happy, optimist.

Hobbies: Golf, computer games! (I need a better life).

Likes: Metal gear solid 4, husky pups, free running, and most importantly my family

Dislikes: MATHS!!!!, people who think there better then everyone else.

Current OCs



appearance:black long coat, gray cargo trousers, black boots and white long sleeve shirt, brown spikey hair, brown eyes

species: human/ dragon

most used fighting style: CQC

other weapons: M9 pistol, gauntlets, throwing knives, combat knife, grandfather's sword.

personality: protective of his brother, alert, determined, slik.

mate: None

bio: At a young age Scott was trained in several hand to hand combat arts including CQC, and trained by a master swordsman. He has a troubled past which includes a mass murder, the death of his family and the destruction of half of his city. Known to have slight mind controlling abilities. Has previously been controlled be the dark master. He tries to make himself look and sound intimidating but he has a heart of gold. He also know the truth about his family's death, but he lied and told his brother that they died in a fire. He is also willing to give up everything if it means it would bring peace, even himself.


age: 10

appearance: gray long coat, white trainers, gray gloves, gray trousers white short sleeve shirt, bown hair, blue eyes

species: human/dragon

most used fighting style: sword

other weapons: telepathy, combat knife

personality: happy, takes care of his older brother emotionally, alert, optimist.

mate: Jade

bio: When Luke was born most of the city he lived in was in ruins. Five years later a gang of thugs broke into the house he, Scott and his family lived in, their parents died but he and Scott managed to escape and go into hiding. He is the only one can calm his brother in times of anger, stress or sadness. Knows nothing of his past only that his family died in a 'fire' told by his brother.


age: 10

appearance: light green scales, dark green underbelly, leaf like tail blade

species: dragon

element: earth

other: telepathy

personality: shy, caring, one with nature, friendly, outgoing

mate: Luke

bio: her parents were killed when she was only 4. She was rescued by a group of dragons with physic abilities, so this is why she has this ability. Now since she met Luke she has grown fond of him already. She would stand up for her friends when she needs to but most of the time she just wants everyone to get on.


age: 16

appearance: black scales, blue underbelly, tail like Cynder's, horns like Cynder's

species: dragon

element: shadow

personality: outgoing, truthfull, determinded.

mate: None

bio: Summer is Cynder's older sister. She was only 1 year old when the temple was attacked and Cyril took her to a safe place. Ever since she has been wondering aimlessly around the dragon realms, trying to find the dragon temple. When she was being chased by the black dragon she had no idea that she was heading in the right direction, then Scott helped her the rest of the way, she also has Scott in a tangle, something that very few people can do.

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