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Author has written 16 stories for Harvest Moon, Naruto, and Fire Emblem.

Hey, all! Thanks for actually checking out my profile. Is there anything super important on this page? I dunno, that's up for you to decide.

My stories might seem to be repetitive, so I will need plenty of advice when I write. The best way to help me write better and not shame the fandoms I write for is to REVIEW! If you don't feel inclined to, that's okay. Just reading anything is good enough. Seriously.

I couldn't finish the first Harvest Moon DS games (DS/DSC) 'cause they froze on me D:! But on IoH I married Denny and I married Denny again on SI, though when I heard that there was going to be a prince, I wanted to marry Will, but I was impatient... haha... Now in ToTT I am married to Kana! In ANB, I married Sanjay and Amir.

Feel free to PM me or whatever! My avatar was drawn by my friend.

Haha, I'm not the most original author around - other people's stories inspire me to write something similar. Feel free to do the same - especially if you can write better. Please. These fanfics are meant to spur better writers to write. Plus, I can't write action scenes for shit. I try to, but they turn out like a nasty, poorly made dish. I apologize if you're someone who likes action and then you read what I try to pass off as action and puke. Granted, I don't write action for the love of it, I write it as a plot device...that's a bad excuse. So yeah, if you have tips for that, I'd be all over it.

My OTPs and other favorite pairings: Without a doubt, Kakaanko for Naruto, Narusasu, Kibahina, Naruhina, for Harvest Moon, DennyxChelsea, Velsea, SheaxChelsea, Willsea, JuliaxElliot, LilyxWill, KanaxLillian, CamxLillian, Shenny, Chrobin, AversaxM!Robin, FlaviaxRobin (M/F it doesn't matter to me), Khan Sandwich (both khans with femRobin in the middle), SeveraxKjelle (it's canon :p), SatsukixRyuko, and probably plenty of other pairings that I forgot to mention (yaoi, yuri, het, I'm not picky.)... Oh! I like Hungary and Austria and Hungary and Prussia! And then the usual Germany and Italy and other stuff like that. Hetalia is so cute!

Personality: LAZY. That one word about sums me up, but I like to read (so maybe my writing won't suck TOO much), I play some video games, mostly on the DS, though. I read romantic fanfiction, if you couldn't guess. If it's about love, I'm there. You know, as long as it's between consenting people - at least of consenting age - and all around sex positive.

Likes: Food, Naruto, Legend of Korra (Korra is way cooler than Aang, in my opinion), Hetalia, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Harvest Moon, Kill la Kill, Rosario Vampire, Inuyasha, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, Teen Titans, numerous movies, and reading.

Dislikes: MATH, spicy food, MATH, waking up early, did I mention that I absolutely LOATHE math?

Here's some of my thoughts on certain characters you might find in my fics. This will probably give you some insight to how I will write them. If you don't see these characters the same way, that's cool - this would act like a "heads up" for you if my head canon doesn't match up with yours.

Anko: I don't think she should be portrayed as a wanton "slut (which is a pretty misogynistic word)" (and there isn't anything wrong with being promiscuous IF it is by one's OWN choice. What others do in bed is nobody else's business) like many FF authors do. They portray her as if she can't control her baser instincts. Just because someone wears provocative clothing doesn't mean they are overly promiscuous - people should wear whatever the hell makes them comfortable. I think she IS brash most of the time, and she probably dislikes younger children for being incompetent (though that part can't be helped). She reminds me of a physical trainer...or a boot camp official.

Robin (M): Let's start off by me saying that I feel that male Robin and female Robin do not share the same personality. They're like fraternal twins in my mind...except they don't exist at the same time. So, male Robin to me will pull fairer physical traits. Basically, I picture him as the default on the game. I feel that he is more passive than female Robin and would not wear the pants in a relationship (especially with Aversa). To me, he's like the shy boy who needs encouragement to ask someone out. I think he'd be very polite, but he's got that TOO selfless quality that can put his relationships in jeopardy.

Robin (F): I see her having darker features because Validar is her father, and like the fraternal twins analogy up there, it's very possible she took after her father. With female Robin, I see her with the third body choice (the tall one) and with the long, half-up hairdo with the side-swept bangs. Like her male counterpart, she is somewhat reserved, especially when it comes to publicly showing romantic affection. However, in a relationship, I envision her and her partner sharing the figurative "pants". I noticed that female Robin has a sense of propriety, as seen in her S support with Chrom; she didn't want to compromise the Shepherds' mission for selfish reasons. In addition, it seems that all of the children treat her as a therapist of some sort.

Stories in progress:

*Note!* Right now, I'm really busy, so please excuse long periods of no updating. Another update: WOW I'm SO BUSY WITH COLLEGE!!! I'm SO sorry if I don't update for a while! Not that anyone cares LMAOOO

Prologue to the Prologue - Chapter 16 has been posted!

Waiting for You - It's probably going to be a while before I update again. Chapter 3 marks the end of the main bit. If you've got the patience, a prelude about how Robin and Aversa met in the children's original timeline is coming next.

Thoughts on my own fics (an evolution of my writing)

So if you want a quick "guide" to my fics to know which ones are crap and which ones MIGHT be decent enough to read:

Nervous - this was my first one, and it was a random, spur of the moment thing. Also, I wrote it years ago, so the writing is not that great.

Sasodei Fluff! - a little bit of shonenai, written for a buddy. It really isn't amazing, so I won't be offended if no one reads it.

A Kakaanko oneshot - okay, this one came out differently than I had planned it. It ended up being more angsty, and I'm not the best person to write deep stuff.

Another ChelseaxVaughn Story - well, this one started off on a whim, and before I knew it, it grew. I hope you all see a shift in the writing near the last bit of it. The plot isn't great, though, sorry! It's okay if you really like simple, straightforward stories. The language is really simple and it's one of those lighter stories that helps cheer you up after reading heavy tragic ones.

Over Chocolate - another random one. Not that good, but if you're in the mood for some of the few KxA fics, then this would be one.

Why Don't I Hate You? - I should have been more descriptive with this one, but it's not the worst one out there.

I'm Here for You - so the plot is not exactly original, but it's got my own little twist. I kind of like it. A little.

Simple Pleasures - 'kay, my first AU. I was actually pleased with how it turned out.

Impress Me - so I'm not good with titles. Anyway, I think it's a good RxA story.

Prologue to the Prologue - Hey, a story I'm not totally unsatisfied with so far (except the first chapter starts off with a painfully obvious cliche *vomit*)! I think seeing the journey from Lucina's eyes is a good premise for a fic.

Reciprocation - again, it's about on par with its predecessor. I like their interactions, and maybe I should have added some more "interesting" bits.

Very Well - Whew! This one was the longest single chapter I've ever written thus far! It was difficult to write, too. I think that just because Aversa is in it, one should not automatically put smut in it (*cough* I can't write good porn *cough*). I like the power of implication, and Aversa's POV is the perfect one to use said power. But seriously, just because Aversa is a "femme fatale" character should not make her some sort of object.

Waiting for You - I don't have a cohesive opinion on this one yet...

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