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Author has written 15 stories for Series Of Unfortunate Events, StarTrek: The Next Generation, House, M.D., Mentalist, Sherlock, and Jurassic Park.

Sometimes we must remember the past if we are to move forward into the future- someone somewhere sometime

It would seem my pen must touch the canvas again, and I must apologize for all the loyal fans who have waited patiently for an update on many of my stories, let me start out by detailing what I have finished, and then get into the more gritty details of what is to come.

Another Series of Unfortunate Events: I wrote Books 1-5 with the full intention of continuing until I reached Book 13, but sadly my computer crashed midway thru book 8 and I lost all progress discouraging me and thus prompting me to delay the end of the series, as of now this series is in limbo and I will post an update on that story The Ransacked Rendezvous to explain the long, over due delay.

House Season Zero: an experiment that went quite well, however I couldn't come up with any ideas after episode two so it was ended.

The Mentalist: Details stories that fill the gap in Season 5 and 6, however after the show took a discouraging turn and then ended I felt Red John wasn't given justice and have since put this story on delay, there is a chance the series may return...

Star Trek: one story is finished and the other is as well, I will be uploading the second story soon,

Sherlock: The Fearful Valley, will be uploaded soon.

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In honor of Michael Crichton. After a toxic spill threatens life on Isla Nublar, the fate of the cloned dinosaurs may rest in a Supreme Courts hearing to determine if InGen should be allowed to continue researching them in a enclosed preserve deep in the Adirondacks. Read/Review please.
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Do you like games Patrick? Well so do I, and this time I'll even give you a sporting chance by making the first move. Your Director has been kidnapped, but as much as you wish I was the culprit you know it isn't so. We have a mutual enemy now, one that will require all your friends' skills to catch. The rules are simple, either you find her first or I do. Tick... Tock...- RJ
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Computer hacker extraordinaire Jonathan Douglas is murdered in his private penthouse atop Birlstone Tower, with no way on or off that couldn't possibly have been recorded. But the case proves even more confounding when the entire crime scene disappears, leading Sherlock and John on a chase that involves both a secret society and a dead man. Read and review please!
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