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Author has written 18 stories for Code Lyoko, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Avatar: Last Airbender, Codename: Kids Next Door, Teen Titans, Star Wars, Pokémon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Final Fantasy VII.

I should probably do this now, even though it's been years already. The bottom line is this: as I'm sure you've all inferred by now, this account has been abandoned. All stories that were published here should also be considered abandoned. Thanks to all who did read my stories.

Hi everyone! I'll just keep my name to myself, but here's the bottom line:

Wow, I haven't updated this in a long time. I used to give an overview of my continuous stories, but now I think I have too many; if you want to know the summaries, then just read them. I have a rather short attention span, so I've been neglecting some of my other stories, at least until I finish They Walk Alone and Seven Infractions, since those are my current focus.

Anyway, I frequently become obsessed with certain things. My obsession right now is (still) Final Fantasy, my favorite game series ever. I just love the complex storylines and badass characters! It's amazing, all of it. I guess I should finally update my OC info, since I have nothing about my more recent additions.

If you are here because you've read Code Lyoko: Evolution, then read this. I began writing that story a little more than a year ago. It DOES NOT pertain to the new series that Moonscoop is making. It will not tell you anything. However, you're welcome to read it anyway, if you want.

Favorite quote time! I've always wanted to do this kind of section.

"Yeah, I think I broke your door." -Lelouch, Code MENT

"Bite me, Banana Man!"- Suzaku, Code MENT

"We will do him- do him HARD, do him so hard that he will feel it in the morning, when he wakes up!"- Dartz, Marik's Evil Council 3, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

"His DICK! I gotta dick, you gotta dick, we all got dicks. Hell, I could whip out my dick right now and show you."- Dartz, Marik's Evil Council 4, YGOTAS

"Hey, Light..."

"What, Snow?"

"...Go screw yourself."

"I'm sorry; I didn't quite catch that. Did you wanna say it a little louder?"

"Not really, because you kinda scare me..."

"Because I've got this gunblade right here, and it's a LOT bigger than any blade you've got."- Troy Baker and Ali Hillis, Snow vs Lightning

"I am amused by itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini."- Akane (Takahata101), Kampfer: the Abridged Series

"Screw the rules, I have money!"- Seto Kaiba, YGOTAS

"Marik, I... I hate you. I hate you with all my heart."

"Oh, Bakura! I had no idea you felt that way! I-if it makes you feel any better, I hate you too."

"In fact, we should make sweet hatred to one another. All night long."

"Yes!... wait a minute, are you coming onto me? I already told you, I'm not gay!"

"Coulda fooled me."- Yami Bakura and Marik, YGOTAS

"Where can I buy a phone?"- Vincent Valentine, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

"We live to make the impossible possible! That is our Focus!"- Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII

"You think you die, and that's that? You think you die, and everything'll be sugar and rainbows?!"- Sazh, Final Fantasy XIII

"I guess we'll have to get money the old fashioned American way."

"We're not in America."

"By stealing it from old people!"- Lelouch and Kallen, Code MENT

"Let's do the fork in the garbage disposal!"- The Yes Dance

"Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men!"- Gilgamesh, Final Fantasy V

"Nora Estheim. She was my mother. And she died because of you!"- Hope, Final Fantasy XIII

"No man can kill me."

"I am no man."- Nazgul and Eowyn, Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King

"Calypso! I come before you as but a servant!... You blew me hat off, you bitch!"- Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Bloopers

"My Lord."

"Go fuck yourself!"- Stormtrooper and Palpatine, Robot Chicken Star Wars III

"That pussy's got my head's protection!... Wow, that did not come out right."- Lelouch, Code MENT

"Great, I'm supposed to be chasing pussy, but instead I'm stuck in a bush!... What is wrong with me today?!"- Lelouch, Code MENT

"God damnit Nappa!"- Vegeta, DBZ Abridged



"What you're sayin' is..."


"That I..."


"Should blow shit up!"

"Yes. Wait no!"


"Do it."

"Doin' it!"- Lelouch, Death the Kid, C.C., and Alucard, Code MENT

"I use Senbonzakura to cut my hair."- Byakuya Kuchiki, Bleach

"All women in the military have to wear... tiny miniskirts!"- Roy Mustang, Fullmetal Alchemist

"I can't believe Costco doesn't sell lawn chairs..." Tohdoh, Code MENT


"You shall not pass!"- Gandalf, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

"Not to worry, we are still flying half a ship."- Obi-wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

"Vegeta, look! It's a Pokemon! I'm gonna catch it... dammit, it used self destruct! I hate it when they do that."- Nappa, DBZ Abridged

Yeah, I'm gonna shut up now. If I think of more, I'll put them there.

Here's some info about my own characters.

Story: Code Lyoko: Evolution.

1) Teralyn Vohn. Red haired, brown eyed, tall girl who cares deeply for her friends. She tends to get worried about others often, although this doesn't stop her from putting herself in danger. Acts strangely around Tom. Lyoko weapons: lightwhip. Power: Time Stop

2) Adam Polanka. Blond hair, gray eyes, a bit of a trouble-maker. Is extremely loyal to his friends, and cares deeply for Mira. Athletic, knows how to fight well. Lyoko weapons: energy slash when making a karate move. Power: Reversal.

3) Tom Saratra. Brown hair, blue eyes. Quiet, generally has good grades. Turns red whenever Teralyn is close to him. Is often inspired to help other people, hence his alias as Masquerade. Lyoko weapon: twin daggers. Power: True Eye.

4) Mira Anderson. Black curly hair, emerald eyes. Excellent with computers, loves to hack into anything. Will not hesitate to do stupid things in order to protect her friends. Cares deeply for Adam, maybe even more so than her other friends. Also cares for her little brother, Otho, and will defend him fiercely. Never gives up, and is determined to beat Stella. Lyoko weapon: black curved sword. Power: Flash Dodge. Has recently discovered a new and almost frightening power.

5) Stella Zireau. White hair, yellow eyes. Artificially created by XANA in order to combat the first Lyoko warriors, she gained her own will and destroyed the lab where she was made. Has the intelligence of a highly advanced computer, can manipulate molecular structures. Does not need sleep or food. Hates XANA and anything to do with him, hates Mira for getting in her way. Will do anything to destroy her enemies, the second Lyoko warriors. Lyoko weapon: Curved, white sword. Power: Unknown as of yet.

6) Faustina Nelland. Wavy, dirty blond hair that fall just below her shoulders. Ice-blue eyes. Not much is known as of yet, worked with the original Lyoko gang. Close friend of Aelita. If angry, XANA's symbol flashes in her eyes, though this does not mean that she's controlled by him. Observant, puts on a normal face to disguise her inner turmoil. Lyoko weapon: unknown. Power: unknown. Will be featured in her own story sometime in the future.

Kindred Spirits

1) Jess Tyro. Very dark brown hair, turquoise eyes. From another world, but was forced to come to Yugi's. Quickly bonds with Yugi and his friends, cares deeply for all of them. An exceptional duelist, though with some doubts on her skill. Favorite card is Hyozanryu, is constantly trying to help others. Can get a little bit fiery at times, and dislikes anyone insulting her friends. Has the millenium symbol on her forehead, for an unknown reason.

2) Clea. She is a spirit who has been living in Jess's body since she came to this world. Like Yami, she has no clue who she is or was. She maintains a calm persona, and has a firm belief in those close to her. Yami does not trust her, at all.

War of Chin the Conqueror

1) Jae Dinn. A red haired, hazel eyed firebender, living in Laisan, a Fire Nation port city. Her firebending skills are rather weak, although she's great with a dagger. An old woman took care of her before she decided to run away. She is the gang leader of the Dragons, enemies of the Hawks. Wanted by Fire Nation soldiers for many crimes. She is seventeen years old.

2) Syan. Waterbender, a dark haired sixteen year old with a calm, careful personality. He is one of Master Ono's top students, determined to do things the right way. His best friend is Isa, an idealistic fifteen year old who feels as though she isn't allowed much freedom. Syan recognizes the realities of fighting and hurting others.

There will be other characters soon! By the way, Koko is not an OC; she is a real, canon character from the show. She never made an appearance, but it was confirmed that the leader of Kyoshi Island after Kyoshi herself was her daughter, Koko.

Operation: REBEL

1) Numbuh 24.5 (Marcela Overlook). She has long, light brown hair and green eyes, as well as being average height with pale skin. She is the Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door on the planet Adlenir. She dislikes any mention of her predecessor, and is very protective of the kids in her organization. She is always willing to fight for what is right, and greatly values her friends. Her attire is usually a light blue tank top, black capri pants, and sneakers. She usually has a barret on one side of her hair. Her weapon of choice is a S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R.

Ice Age

1) Cyrilla: A teenage girl with white hair and blue eyes, and has control over ice. She was formerly a part of the group called the Elementals, and is now a part of the Teen Titans after her group was attacked by unknown assailants, leaving her as the only one with her memories intact.

Wax and Wane

1) Irene Mustang: The daughter of Roy and Riza Mustang. She has spiky black hair and chocolate brown eyes, and she always wears her father's trench coat. She is a Flame Alchemist, but she has some trouble with her aim. She dislikes relying on other people for help, and is very proud. Irene doesn't have any trouble killing people, something that worries her friends.

2) Elijah Elric: Younger son of Edward and Winry Elric. His temper is constantly on the high side, and he's nearly identical to his father. He doesn't specialize in any kind of alchemy, but he became a state alchemist along with Irene.

3) Denna Elric: She has long, curly blond hair and bright blue eyes. Denna is the eldest Elric child, at seventeen years old, and is very amiable. She has a mysterious ailment that causes her to get some of the worst coughing fits. Her specialty is bioalchemy, which she refuses to use for the military.

4) Rolo Mustang: Irene's twin brother. He has blond hair and black eyes, and he specializes in water alchemy. He doesn't seem to have a particular goal in mind, and he is content to follow his sister wherever she may go. He can see the future of those he touches, causing him to have a fear of being touched. Only Irene, Denna, and Elijah are aware of this.

They Walk Alone

1) Lenora Raines: Cid Raines' younger sister. She has long black hair, sharp gray eyes, and is very tall. Lenora is overall bad-tempered and tends to swear a lot, but she is a very skilled mechanic. Her arm is partially paralyzed, and as a result she has a mechanical device to help her move it. She has a drinking problem, and an obsession with coffee. Her support is her old friend, Spencer Cartwright, and she tries to help Lightning despite pretending not to care.

2) Spencer Cartwright: A midget due to a defect in his genes, Spencer is very helpful of his friend Lenora. He often serves as a control for her when she becomes to angry. He has brown, curly hair. Spencer is more cautious and less likely to get in fights, but he will defend Lenora.

I pretty much enjoy reading any fanfiction, but my favorites are: Code Lyoko, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Star Wars, Avatar the Last Airbender, Inheritance Cycle, and much more.

As for romances, I support:

Code Lyoko: UlrichxYumi, OddxSissi, JeremiexAelita. In Evolution, I support: MiraxAdam, TeralynxTom, and more to come! I know it may seem like Teralyn and Adam's personalities are more compatible (same with Tom and Mira's), but who said opposites don't attract? One more pairing: FaustinaxWilliam. I may explain it; I may not. It's my own pairing.

Pokemon: DawnxPaul, MayxDrew, AshxMisty, LyraxSilver, JimmyxMarina, IrisxShooti

Yu-Gi-Oh: KisaraxSeto, IsisxMahad, KisaraxThiefKingBakura (I will have my own romances in Kindred Spirits, but I can't spoil them yet!) GX: JadenxYubel, SyrusxDarkMagicianGirl, ZanexAlexis (It was kinda obvious in season one), BlairxJesse 5D's: YuseixAkiza, CarlyxJack, MistyxKalin, BrunoxSherry

Avatar the Last Airbender: TophxSokka, KataraxZuko, KataraxAang, ZukoxMai, SokkaxSuki, TophxAang

Inheritance: KatrinaxRoran, EragonxArya

Star Wars: BenxVestara, LukexMara, HanxLeia, JainaxJag, TahirixAnakin Solo, JacenxTenel Ka, GalenxJuno

Codename: Kids Next Door: 1x362, 3x4, 2x5, 60x86

Fullmetal Alchemist: EdxWinry, RoyxRiza, AlxMei, LingxLanfan, HavocxRebecca, MariaxDenny

Final Fantasy VII: CloudxTifa, YuffiexVincent, ZackxAerith, Sephirothxjustaboutanybody, MarlenexDenzel, ElenaxRufus,

Final Fantasy XIII: CidxLightning, HopexVanille, FangxRygdea(weird, I know, but they were definitely flirting), SnowxSerah, YaagxJihl(again, I know it seems odd)

Code Geass: C.C.xSuzaku, KallenxLelouch, MillyxRivalz, RoloxNunally, TohdohxChiba, GuilfordxCornelia

Bleach: IchigoxRukia, OrihimexUryu, ToshiroxKarin, KenpachixSui-Feng, YoruichixKisuke, ByakuyaxHisana, ByakuyaxadultYachiru, KyorakuxNanao

Pairings that I can't stand: I'm tolerant to most pairings, whether they're het, yaoi, or yuri, but there are some that I shudder to see. IchigoxOrihime, CloudxAerith, VincentxLucrecia, ZackxTifa (come on, people! Cloud belongs with Tifa, and Zack belongs with Aerith!), Marysues paired with anybody, AshxanyonebutMisty, DawnxLucas, LukexCallista, LukexLeia (they are TWINS!), HavocxRiza, IrisxCilan (it's cute, but I just don't see it), YumixWilliam (just no), OddxAelita

I have a secret hope that the purple guy in XIII-2 is actually Cid Raines with a new look, but even if he isn't, I get the feeling that I'll like whoever it is paired with Lightning. Also, I have no problems with any other pairings; it's just that I think LightxHope is more of a sibling relationship, and I think that Fang and Lightning are more of best friends; I don't think they're in love. I like Noel! He's freakin' awesome. And Serah seems badass...

That's about it.

To any and all my readers, both criticism and praise are welcome. I always look to improve my writing. Thanks!

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