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You know that tall, blond Viking guy that makes everyone's heart go aflutter? Or the Southern gentleman with the bad sideburns and the pasty white skin? And that little telepathic waitress y'all are so fond of (or not so fond of, depending what book you're reading)?

Forget them. Throw them out window; run over 'em with a car; hit them in the head with a shovel; we don't care. Just get rid of them, because they are all persona non grata as far as this challenge goes.

Did you know that our creative SVM authors have posted a total of 1,656 stories in the SVM category on And guess what? 1,320 have Eric in them; 73 have Bill; and a whopping 1,329 list Sookie as a main character. But what about Long Shadow, JB, Ginger, or Luna? They all have one thing in one's written about them! The possibilities are endless, and let's face it, who hasn't thought about Sigebert and/or Wybert getting it on with Selah Pumphrey? You know you have. Now, if only someone would write about it!

So, much like Vanilla Ice, we saw a problem and yo! we solved it, and thus the When Two Wrongs Make a Right Challenge was born!

This challenge isn't for the faint of heart, and by definition, isn't going to be easy. But a challenge like this isn't too much for any Viking lover to overcome. So, throw out your giant belt buckles, get rid of your favorite Merlotte's t-shirt and shave those sideburns, cause it's time to expand the universe.

The Challenge

Write a story about two lesser-exposed characters in the SVM universe. Seems pretty simple, right? Well, here's where it gets tricky. You can't pick just any two characters, they'll be assigned to you.

Thanks to Rascalthemutant/Vivayn over at the Alexander Skarsgard Library, we have this nifty little generator that will give you your assigned pairing, and then you're off to the races!

The Guidelines

1. Eric, Sookie or Bill cannot be main characters. You can, however, use them in supporting roles.

2. Find your assigned pairing here: . The generator is designed to give you one male and one female characther. However, if you are so inclined to write fem/slash, you can run the generator twice to get your pairing.

3. Story can either be a one-shot, or a multiple chapter story. Either way, you need to have the pairing randomly assigned to you by our generator as the central characters to the story.

4. And, since we all love a good love story (or at least a good lust story), you've got to take those two characters and shoot Cupid's arrow in their direction. While there are no love-declarations necessary, you've got to at least get them together for some love/lust action.

5. You need to incorporate 2-3 known characteristics of each character. It can be something as simple as Luna liking bats, or having Wybert take his date bowling (heads are optional).

6. The story plot is your choice and can can be vampire or all-human.

7. There's no maximum word count, though we'd like to see a minimum of 1,000 words (because seriously how are you going to get Godfrey and Maria-Starr to fall in love/lust in less than 1,000 words?)

8. Please include the following information at the top of your story:

When Two Wrongs Make a Right Challenge

Story Title:



When you are done, feel free to post the story under your own username. Wear that sucker like a badge of honor. We only ask that you send a PM to the profile notifying us of the story's publishing, so that we can include it in our challenge community.

Likewise, there are a few authors that have already expanded the universe and have written stories that do not have Eric and Sookie, or Bill and Sookie as their central pairing, though they may have been used individually. While they are not part of the challenge, we do want to help increase exposure to non E/S, B/S stories. If you, or someone you know, has written such a story, please let us know and we will include it in the community.

Unlike the rules of Fight Club, you can talk about this, and we absolutely encourage you to do so. The more people that participate, the more love that is shown to the characters that may not otherwise see the light of day. They're like starving kids in Africa, they just need your support!

And since this is only a challenge, there are no winners, or prizes, other than the great stories that we hope to generate.

About the Hosts

-- Miss Construed - Not a stranger to writing an "other pairing", her fic The Heat is in the Tools contains no Eric and pairs Sookie with Alcide. This challenge is her brain child along with Thyra, who for several days had been talking about adding a bit of spice to the fics. She looks forward to the amazing stories that will be added to the SVM ficdom.

-- Thyra10 - Recently popped her "No Sookie/Eric" cherry on 5/11/2010, by creating a story that pairs Sigebert and Wybert. aptly titled Sigebert and Wybert. Like a kid on Christmas, saying that she's excited to read the new fics is an understatement.

-- Sapfirerose - A self professed SVM Fanfic Addict and creator of the My SVM Addiction Blog, is an other pairing fan. As a matter of fact, the first fic she read was not an Eric/Sookie pairing. She loved the idea of creating a pairing challenge so she jumped on the bandwagon to help Miss Construed and Thyra10 create the challenge.

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