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*hello there =] the name is Mary;

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Put your ipod on shuffle and see what you get!! :)

Opening Credits: Stronger- Kanye West

Birth: Feeling Sorry- paramore

First day at school: Say Something- Drake

Falling in Love: Dance in the dark- Lady Gaga

Fight Song: Man in the mirror- michael jackson

Breaking Up: Miss Nothing- The Pretty Reckless

Prom: We are broken(live)-paramore

Life: Pray- Justin Bieber

Mental Breakdown: I Won't Give up- Jason Mraz (fits really well)

Driving: Say Aah- Lindsy Pavao

Flashback: I don't want to miss a thing- aerosmith (wow that fits creepily well too)

Wedding: As long as you love me- justin bieber (woah again)

Birth Of Child: Dancing with a liar- renfue


Final Battle: Love is wicked- brick and lace

Death Scene: paparazzi- lady gaga

Funeral: Baby- Justin Bieber

End Credits: Listen- Beyonce


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Total:18 ;)

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