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Hey TwiFiends!

Welcome to Fic Pushin’! We’ll be pimping fics we read, dishing why we like them, and rec’ing the best Twilight fanfic has to offer! The four of us are natural fic pimps and decided to share our crazy discussions with you.

We’ll be talking about twific readers and what makes them tick. Our goal is to be reader centric and interactive. Let us know what you are reading. What topics do you want us to discuss? Make sure to vote in our polls that we'll post before each show.

Friday's Fic Fit: Every Friday, we’ll ease your cravings for a hit/fic by passing on something that’s been rec’d to us. This means that if there’s a fic you wanna see, you’ll need to submit it! Stories that fit the theme of our upcoming podcast are most appreciated.

Hump Your Readers Wednesday: Every Wednesday we will let authors spotlight the reviews that made them feel all fuzzy inside! Readers should be celebrated and really good reviews deserve to be shared.

You can find all the fics we've rec'd in our C2.

Meet The Pimps:

Althea - I don't write but I read the hell out of Twilight Fan Fiction. I'm a big believer that the readers of this community play a vital role. I make it my job to spread the word about stellar fics. I am a fic pimper. A story pusher. If I read something amazing, I compulsively need to tell everyone about it so they can enjoy the awesomeness, too. Really, I'm only looking out for their best interest ;) I started my blog, Althea Jams and Blogs, because I wanted to find creative ways to spotlight the stories I love. If you stop by, say hi! You can also follow me on Twitter. I've been pushing fic since July 2009...

Flanny – I’m BellaFlan in the fandom, author of Becoming Bella Swan and other such fuckery. Stay-at-work mother to a little boy, I spend my days publishing magazines that you'll never read and my nights pushin’ fic. I’m your resident crack whore. I get off on the funny. Oh, and you should probably know that I’m Team JakeWard. Why should I have to choose between sparkle and wolf peen? You can find me on, Twilighted and Twitter. I’ve been pushing fic since September 2009...

Jess – A.k.a. jkane180 on, Twilighted, and Twitter. I stay at home with my 3 year old. I love to read when she’s playing by herself, and I write at night after she’s in bed – frequently while drinking… It enhances my creative process! The only thing that will turn me away from a fanfic is turning Jacob into a bad guy/abuser. He’s not perfect – no one is! – but abusive Jake is too OOC for me. I’ve been pushing fic since December 2008…

Kari - I go by TwiCharmed in the twific world. I am a SAHM of two young girls and I read fanfiction during every spare minute. My favorite types of fics are Edward/Bella AU vamp fics, but I really like to try anything. Also, I am currently writing a Jasper/Bella fic 'The Writing on The Wall' You can find me over at, Twitter, Twilighted or my personal Blog. I've been pushing fic since Nov 2009...

Fic Pushin' is a podcast discussing Twilight Fanfiction Stories. All characters from the Twilight Saga belong to Stephenie Meyer and no copyright infringement is intended. Also, it should be noted that we do not condone or support real pimps or actual drug use.

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