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Hi! My name is Sayonara Akumu, fake name like everyone. Yeah... don't know what else to say. Other than that I am a new author, who likes yaoi and other normal pairings. Not a big fan of yuri. I try my best to write. I like to sleep. =w= People who flame other people's stories are just idiots who don't know how to write a story of their own. Pathetic, really. But, I don't care. If they flame, they flame. Don't give a damn. Please enjoy my stories. And as a side note, my stories are very OOC, just FYI.

All my stories mostly involve Ichigo Kurosaki. And he is always the uke. Also, my stories are for those 18 and above.

Greatest authors: I find BonneNuit and fuzzibunniez the greatest authors. BonneNuit is a genius! ^^ I like fuzzibunniez's femIchigo's stories, they're amazing.


Name: You are not getting it.

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Sign: Virgo/Monkey

Birthday: September fifth

I get very bored easily, and happen to sleep most of the time. I've been told I'm lazy, which I am.


I happen to like yaoi pairings, which are...





Well, those are the only one I like. And Kenpachi/Ichigo are at the very top! My most favorite pairing ever! They are the greatest. My OTP! =w=

I also like the normal pairings, mostly Kenpachi/OCs.


Is This Job Worth It?: (Ichigo/Kenpachi/Nnoitra/Grimmjow/Stark Harem) Basically this story is about Ichigo getting a job at a famous clothing company, only to get the attention of four men who are the boss of him. And how does he do that you ask? Simple. He has to dress as a woman and hide his gender to keep his job and pay the month's rent. Shinji, his best friend, is there to help him along the way, giving advice. But how can he advise a man who has to dress as a woman and catches several perverted men's attention? Well, the little Strawberry needs to help himself while he works and has to hide when his boss almost catches him as a man. So... is the job worth it? Enjoy. =3

Mating Season: (Ichigo/Kenpachi) This one-shot is about Ichigo giving a scent that's hard for hollows to ignore. Too great for even the Espada to ignore, and runs off to the Soul Society, which is where he thinks it's safe. Only, he's giving off a scent that's also hard for shinigami to ignore. So, after getting chased, he randomly chooses a mate, which happens to be Kenpachi, who protects him for a while by saying they're together. Except, after talking with his crazy hollow, Ichigo learns he needs to sleep with Kenpachi for others to leave him alone. Mating season is not that great for Ichigo.

Mating Season: Alternate Version: (Ichigo/Grimmjow) This one-shot is almost similar to the first one, except it has Ichigo end up with Grimmjow instead of Kenpachi.

Another Mating Season: (Ichigo/Nnoitra) This one-shot was requested by BonneNuit, which has Ichigo ending up with Nnoitra instead.

The Tutor: (Ichigo/Stark) This one-shot is about Ichigo's father getting him a tutor, who Ichigo is attracted to, and can barely control himself when around the man. OOCness.

First Impressions: (Ichigo/Kenpachi) Ichigo went to a night club, forced by Rukia, but when he goes outside the club to cool off, he accidentally hears someone about blowing someone's brains out. What does that mean? Does that mean what he thinks it means?! But since they saw him standing just several meters away, they stuff him into a trunk and question him whether or not he's going to cooperate. But since he agrees, the tallest man he has ever seen tells him he has to work for him now. Ichigo reluctantly agrees, but that won't make him quit his job at the strip joint. The man he works for is Kenpachi Zaraki, a rich guy that works with twelve other people, the yakuza, and is interested in Ichigo. And so is another guy, but he's on the enemy side. Ichigo should have said he didn't hear anything.

Sweet Tooth: (Ichigo/Grimmjow) Ichigo works for his boss Kisuke who owns a pastry shop, working with several of his friends. Renji, Kira, Shuuhei, Rukia, all his friends care for him. His sisters Karin and Yuzu love him, including his crazy father, Isshin. He stays at an apartment his friend manages and can pay the rent each month with his friend, Shinji, the landlord, who plays video games with him. But now, after a great life, a sexy blue haired man is trying to pursue him? But... Ichigo's not gay! Grimmjow always likes a challenge, so, this time, he goes after a straight man who always blushes when he makes a comment or even touches him lightly. What are you going to do, Ichigo? Surrender, or continue to fight?

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Lights, Cameras, Action! reviews
Ichigo is a famous director and actor and is making a new movie! Fortunately, the famous actor Grimmjow Jeagerjaques has requested to be in the movie and is now interested in our little Strawberry. Don't like, don't read. Eventual sex.
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Ichigo works for Kisuke in a pastry shop. He has friends that care deeply for him. His family loves him. Now a blue haired man is pursuing him? But he's not gay! Yaoi. Don't like, don't read.
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Ichigo has some money problems, so his Dad finds him a job. Only... this job is for a woman. Yaoi. IchiKen, IchiNnoi, IchiGrimm, IchiStark. If you don't like, don't read.
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When Ichigo had met Kenpachi... he wasn't expecting to be shoved into his trunk and questioned if he was going to cooperate! Cooperate with what! Ichigo didn't hear anything, he swears! KenIchi Yaoi Don't like, don't read.
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It's mating season for hollows, and it's not great for Ichigo. Especially when he gives off a scent that's too hard for hollow AND shinigami to ignore. So, Ichigo chooses a random person to be his mate, which happens to be Kenpachi. Isn't that great? Yaoi
Bleach - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,518 - Reviews: 46 - Favs: 391 - Follows: 59 - Published: 5/20/2010 - Ichigo K., K. Zaraki - Complete