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Disclaimer the material that is used is property of the author and company of it's origin nothing is gained or lost from using said material.

What Is Fair Use?

In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. In other words, fair use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. If your use qualifies as a fair use, then it would not be considered an illegal infringement.

So what is a “transformative” use? If this definition seems ambiguous or vague, be aware that millions of dollars in legal fees have been spent attempting to define what qualifies as a fair use. There are no hard-and-fast rules, only general rules and varied court decisions, because the judges and lawmakers who created the fair use exception did not want to limit its definition. Like free speech, they wanted it to have an expansive meaning that could be open to interpretation.

Most fair use analysis falls into two categories: (1) commentary and criticism, or (2) parody.

Commentary and Criticism

If you are commenting upon or critiquing a copyrighted work — for instance, writing a book review — fair use principles allow you to reproduce some of the work to achieve your purposes. Some examples of commentary and criticism include:

  • quoting a few lines from a Bob Dylan song in a music review
  • summarizing and quoting from a medical article on prostate cancer in a news report
  • copying a few paragraphs from a news article for use by a teacher or student in a lesson, or
  • copying a portion of a Sports Illustrated magazine article for use in a related court case.
  • The underlying rationale of this rule is that the public reaps benefits from your review, which is enhanced by including some of the copyrighted material. Additional examples of commentary or criticism are provided in the examples of fair use cases.


    A parody is a work that ridicules another, usually well-known work, by imitating it in a comic way. Judges understand that, by its nature, parody demands some taking from the original work being parodied. Unlike other forms of fair use, a fairly extensive use of the original work is permitted in a parody in order to “conjure up” the original.

    - See more at:

    Parody- Too obvious is too easy to get a laugh.

    U.S. Copyright Office Fair Use Index

    Writing in the second person requires use of the pronouns you, your, and yours. This point of view is used to address the audience in technical writing, advertising, songs and speeches. It is different from the first person, which uses pronouns including I and me, and different from the third person, which uses pronouns such as he and she.

    Second Person Writing for Directions

    Here are examples of writing in second person in do-it yourself or how-to writing:

    To make lemonade, you add the juice of lemons to water and sugar.

    You need to prepare a wall before applying primer.

    When getting rid of a drain clog, first turn off the water.

    To calculate the area of a room, multiply the width by the length.

    You should use masking tape to hold a window pane in place before applying glazing compounds.

    To add oil to your car engine, unscrew the cap, place a funnel inside, and slowly add the oil.

    The first person, on the other hand, would read "To make lemonade, I add the juice of lemons to water and sugar." The third person would say "To make lemonade, he or she adds..."

    Second Person Writing in Advertising

    Advertising slogans are many times written in second person. Here are some examples:

    AMX - It’s Your World. Take Control”

    Apple - Think different

    AT & T - Reach out and touch someone


    Writing in first person means writing from the author’s point of view or perspective. This point of view is used for autobiographical writing as well as narrative. The first person is an alternative to second person, which uses "you," as in the sentence "You are the smartest person in the room." The first person is also an alternative to third person, which uses "he," "she," or "it," as in the sentence "He is the most handsome person in the room."

    First Person Writing Examples

    From Literature

    “It was times like these when I thought my father, who hated guns and had never been to any wars, was the bravest man who ever lived.” - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

    “I cannot but conclude that the Bulk of your Natives, to be the most pernicious Race of little odious Vermin that Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the Surface of the Earth.” - Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

    “I could not unlove him now, merely because I found that he had ceased to notice me.” - Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

    “And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” - The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

    “I'm nobody! Who are you?


    Third Person Writing in Literature

    "He is just what a young man ought to be," said she, "sensible, good humoured, lively; and I never saw such happy manners! -- so much ease, with such perfect good breeding!" Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice

    “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” - George Orwell, 1984

    “The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

    But I have promises to keep,” - Robert Frost in Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

    “It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents, except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets” - Edward George Bulwer-Lytton in Paul Clifford

    “The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea


    Things People Mistakenly Think Are Automatically Hilarious

    There's no shortcuts to being funny, unless you are a cat. I guess we're all naturally lazy, and we like to believe there's a simple formula or catchphrase we can count on for a laugh without putting in any effort or taking any risks. "That's what she said," I'm looking at you.

    Now, people can do a lot of the stuff below and be very funny, but that's because they're not doing just these things. They're adding something, like a point, or a performance, or an observation, or a fart.

    Again, I am not saying these things are never funny. I am saying these are things that some people think are an "easy" button they can push to automatically be funny. It is like trying to bake chocolate chip cookies with only the chocolate chips. Chocolate chips are great and pretty important in a chocolate chip cookie, but if you try to make cookies using only chocolate chips, as opposed to adding eggs, butter, flour, sugar or anything like that, you will get a pan full of burnt melted chocolate.

    And that looks very similar to another substance I would use to describe these one-ingredient jokes.

    (Hint: It's poop.)

    #4. Randomness

    Every one of these misconceptions comes from hearing actual jokes and taking away the wrong lesson. In this case, the humor in a lot of jokes comes from an unexpected twist or an incongruity or a mismatch. Like the most depraved sequence of sex acts imaginable being titled "The Aristocrats."

    Having brought up "The Aristocrats," which sort of sucks, I should note that a lot of the "good joke" examples I list might not be funny to you, or even me, but the reason I put them in the "good joke" category is that you can at least see a reason why it is supposed to be funny instead of having no idea how it could be a joke. Like if aliens kidnapped you and threatened to kill you unless you explained why the joke was supposed to be funny, you would be able to come up with something for them, even if you disagree with it. As opposed to going "Oh God please don't kill me I swear I don't know."

    Which is what would happen if you had to explain "RAWR moo zombie dinosaur mustache Lady Gaga I'm craaaazzzy! I like turtles!" I probably should put "randomness" in quotes, because it's hardly ever truly random. Most of the words consist of quotes from memes ("tiger blood," Chuck Norris, "over 9,000," "ceiling cat"), current names in pop culture (Justin Bieber,0 Ke$ha, a Kardashian), and this weird little list of words that almost everyone seems to pull from when trying to be random ("monkey" or "chicken").

    I don't know why primates are the most popular go-to animal for instant humor. I mean, they seem quite dignified to me.

    Anyway, the aliens would ask you why they are supposed to laugh at this, and even with your own life at stake, you would be able to come up with nothing and get shot.

    The reason a lot of people think randomness is funny by itself is that they've encountered jokes or funny scenes where something random happens, like a naked Asian man bursting out of a trunk and running away in The Hangover, or King Arthur running into a bunch of knights who say "Ni" and demand shrubberies in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    Demand shrubberies and get them.

    What they're missing is that there's more to those jokes than just "randomness." There is a lot of physical comedy in the Hangover bit, starting from when Ken Jeong, or his stunt double, jumps crotch-first into Bradley Cooper's face (or his stunt double's face), and just escalating from there. Someone didn't just write "naked Asian" and dust his hands off and go to lunch. Someone wrote a ridiculous set of lines that Zach Galifianakis' desperate character uses to plead for his life, and the four actors added their comic performances and reactions.

    And, let's not forget, tiny penis.

    And the Monty Python bit wasn't just "random," either. Like most of the movie, this scene was getting its humor from the fact that the King Arthur legend is traditionally serious business, with Graham Chapman playing King Arthur as a straight man on a holy quest who is constantly exasperated by the silly adventures that get in his way. The Knights of Ni aren't just appearing out of nowhere and saying "Ni" to nobody, they're saying "Ni" (and later "Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptangya Ziiinnggggggg Ni") and demanding shrubberies when a legendary king is trying to pursue a quest to find the holiest artifact of Christendom. They're silly words and silly demands, all right, but it wouldn't be very funny and memorable if it wasn't frustrating the shit out of poor King Arthur.

    #3. Negativity and Violence

    A lot of very funny stuff out there is criticism or complaining, and there's reasons for that, reasons that are talked about to death. There's nothing wrong with lots of funny things being negative, but the problem is that tons of people only take home the lesson that being negative must, by itself, be funny. They don't notice that the comedian complaining about his marriage is a very good storyteller, or making some interesting observations, or tapping into universal experiences that ring true with his audience.

    They just notice that he is complaining about his wife, and assume that all they have to do is complain about their wife (or the comedian's wife if they are really literal) and presto, instant laughs. They go, "My wife asked me to mow the lawn this weekend. What a dumb bitch!" Then there is an awkward silence and they wonder why nobody is laughing.

    Least of all the wife.

    Or maybe someone reads a funny blog review about how awful The Words was, and the conversational tone fools them into thinking that this reviewer just sat down and typed down the first thoughts they had after watching this turd, and it just came out naturally funny. So they sit down and basically type-blurt out some stream-of-consciousness rant about Battleship that is nothing more than a bunch of synonyms for "bad," and where a good scathing review might offer funny analysis or insights into why it was uniquely bad, they have none, and just fill in the blanks with self-centered talk about their own reactions (they vomited, they left the theater, they went into the projection room and pooped on the reel and everyone in the theater applauded).

    When a person's got nothing to say other than to rephrase "It was bad" about 20 times, and they're out of self-aggrandizing stories about their reaction to it, the last resort filler is violence. If you tried to be funny during junior high and high school, you're probably familiar with this. I'm ashamed to say I am.

    Back then, it was pretty much to take something well known and just add violence, and it was automatically funny and showed what a "twisted mind" you had, and this was your idea of biting satire or something. Like, you would do a parody of A Christmas Carol where instead of learning a lesson about Christmas, Scrooge blows up. Or you would draw a picture of Ariel from The Little Mermaid getting stabbed.

    I mean, that's what the margins of notebooks are for, right?

    And for teenagers, the concept that something you normally think of as innocent and wholesome being not innocent and wholesome is very mind-blowing, because three years ago or whatever, you thought a mermaid was something you could be when you grew up. As an adult, though, you kind of go, "And ...?" because you want some kind of point, like the violent thing happens to an annoying celebrity everyone wants to shut up, or the violence is ironic (Wile E. Coyote blown up by his own bomb), or just has some kind of context.

    But you can't take a complaint as pedestrian as the difficulty of opening plastic CD wrappers and automatically make it a joke by saying you hope the inventor of the wrapper "gets ass-raped in prison." Maybe if you wished that one day he has a heart attack and the defibrillator is wrapped in the same kind of package he designed, and nobody can open it, maybe you could do something with that. It's pretty mean, still, but I guess at least there's a point!

    #2. Forced Quirky Language

    Certain funny people have a way with language that really adds to how funny they are, and slow, unobservant fans often get confused and think that these language quirks are what makes them funny.

    For example, Seanbaby's writing is usually sprinkled with metaphors and analogies no one else would have come up with, like:

    He was a nerd in every direction. He moved like space squids hollowed out a sex offender and were drunk driving him. (link)


    She claims to be a supermodel and an actress, but she looks like someone tried to recreate their grandmother out of Turtle Wax and she's in fewer movies than Bigfoot. (link)


    If the Special Olympics had a comedy writing event, this would be the only entry that didn't win a hug. John M. Byrne is so tragic that breast cancer walks to end him. (link)

    "Wait a minute," you might be saying. "Are you trying to fill your column with quotes from Seanbaby, hoping it will make it automatically funny?" Well, I would if I thought I could get away with it. Damn tight-assed editors.

    I would do a LOT of things if I thought I could get away with it.

    Anyway, the point is that there are a lot of people out there who do not know how hard it is to come up with an insulting analogy that is actually funny. They just figure that if they compare something to poop, disease or sexual deviancy, then bam! Joke magic! "Watching the Raiders-Dolphins game was like watching a polio patient rape a piece of poop!" No! You are not doing it right.

    Movie or book reviews have a special subcategory of wannabe-funny language, like when people give every character a wacky nickname. Like if they're making fun of Twilight, they might call Edward "Darkness McEmo" and Jacob "Abs McGee." You could get off to a worse start, but it's always incredibly depressing when you realize that this is the extent of the humor the person has brought to their review and that it's basically a straightforward plot summary with the names replaced and nothing else. Again, the funny names are the sprinkles on the cupcake. People like it when you give them cupcakes with sprinkles. People do not really enjoy having handfuls of raw sprinkles thrown at them sans cupcake.

    ]People have been blinded that way.

    Along the same lines, there's a really popular trend to replace character names with actor names, like "The Narnians think all their problems will be solved when Liam Neeson returns." Or you replace a character's name with another character the actor has played, like "In A Walk in the Clouds, Neo returns from World War II to find a series of plot twists that conveniently let him dump his wife for a more attractive woman while still being the good guy."

    Once again, people saw this used in a funny way somewhere and took home the wrong lesson. Usually when it's done right, it's done to make a point, like the fact that the actor fails so badly at disappearing into the role that you never see the character because the actor is so obviously himself. Like I don't even remember Arnold Schwarzenegger's character names in half the movies he was in because you just look at him and see Arnold Schwarzenegger. If the writer spent any time or effort writing a personality for the character, they'll probably never make that mistake again, because on screen the character is just "Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger if he happened to be a spy/doctor/scientist."

    So when you say, "Here's the scene in Junior where Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to give birth," it's not some forced formula joke, it's an accurate way of describing how the scene comes across to most viewers -- Arnold Schwarzenegger giving birth.

    His character was named Dr. Alex Hesse. Anyone who remembers that probably worked on the film.

    #1. Asking if People Are Familiar With Something

    Many good stand-up routines start out with "Anyone ever notice [something you may have noticed]?" but a surprisingly large number of people seem to think they also stop there. "Ever notice that women enjoy shopping?" they say, or write. Or "Hey, who remembers Charles in Charge?" And then they sit back and wait for the laughs to roll in.

    In a perfect world, an impeccably timed tumbleweed would roll by, but first of all, this usually happens indoors, and secondly, and most sadly, people will quite often laugh at these things, so that these people are encouraged and will not stop.

    There just aren't enough tumbleweeds in the world for the work that needs to be done.

    After you get the audience on board with their mutual recognition of women's fondness for shopping, you are then supposed to make some kind of additional observation, maybe hyperbolically compare it to a drug addiction, maybe tell a funny story about a specific shopping adventure you had with a woman, or one you had yourself, if you are a woman. After you remind everyone that Charles in Charge was a sitcom that once existed, maybe your actual joke would be speculation about why the writers refused to reveal Charles' last name. (Nazi war criminal?)

    Reincarnation of Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne?

    A lot of people accuse Seth MacFarlane cartoons of doing exactly this, just mentioning some pop culture nostalgia item and waiting for a laugh, but I don't know if that's totally fair. Like when a Family Guy character referenced The Facts of Life, they cut to a scene from The Facts of Life where it was revealed that Jo had both male and female genitalia, which, needless to say, did not actually happen on the original show. Is this a good joke? I don't know, you decide. But whatever the result, they put in a little more effort than merely cutting to a Facts of Life title screen and going, "Eh? Eh?"

    Anyway, as mentioned before, audiences are often complicit in these awful charades, going "I do remember Pogs! What a hilarious joke!" or "It's true, Asians often get better grades! This man is a comedy genius!" I think it is just a natural human tendency to want to belong. If you do not know what the Safety Dance is, but it is clear that the author/speaker and other members of the audience do, you feel sad, like you are not part of the club. If you do happen to know what it is, you are so happy you laugh almost in relief. It's not so much a laugh of "That sure was funny!" as "Yeah! I'm with it! I know things!"

    If you do that, stop it. Print out this Remembering Badge and pin it to your shirt.

    See, now you and everyone around you know that you have been recognized by the International Council of Remembering for being good at remembering. You no longer need to be desperate for validation from some cheap-laugh comedian. When he asks if you remember Growing Pains, you can calmly say to yourself, "Yes, of course I remember it, because I am an expert rememberer. Continue," and stare silently at him until he makes an actual joke.

    There's a funny thing about fiction that if you add more reality to it the reality seems fake. Than the fiction seems a lot closer to what's real.

    if you write people sreaming at eachother all the time. it wall come across as fake to the brain regarless of what is used to justfy what is claimed to be more real.

    Race and gender in comics

    Lee thinks Spider-Man should stay true to his original vision.

    He talked with Newsarama about his thoughts on the future of Spider-Man:

    “I wouldn’t mind, if Peter Parker had originally been black, a Latino, an Indian or anything else, that he stay that way,” he said. “But we originally made him white. I don’t see any reason to change that.”

    “It has nothing to do with being anti-gay, or anti-black, or anti-Latino, or anything like that.” he said. “I say create new characters the way you want to.”

    In addition to race, Lee also spoke about the potential for gay superheroes:

    “I don’t see any reason to change the sexual proclivities of a character once they’ve already been established.”

    yaoi and/or yuri if they are a same sex couple they are not interested in the opposite sex. Obsession with this makes no sense at all.

    The National Violence Against Women survey found that 21.5 percent of men and 35.4 percent of women living with a same-sex partner experienced intimate-partner physical violence in their lifetimes, compared with 7.1 percent and 20.4 percent for men and women, respectively, with a history of only opposite-sex cohabitation. Transgender respondents had an incidence of 34.6 percent over a lifetime according to a Massachusetts survey.

    The CDC’s 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, released again in 2013 with new analysis, reports in its first-ever study focusing on victimization by sexual orientation that the lifetime prevalence of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner was 43.8 percent for lesbians, 61.1 percent for bisexual women, and 35 percent for heterosexual women, while it was 26 percent for gay men, 37.3 percent for bisexual men, and 29 percent for heterosexual men (this study did not include gender identity or expression).

    There are morre issuses with same sex volience than willing to admit.

    There is a list of fifty two there's no need to change a gender unless a character has gender issues written into their personality already.

    But what about sporting cast

    If you focus on side characters giving them a four thousand page backstory the plot will get lost. Using support has feelings as well for logic Yes but it's to fill in gaps a whatever characters are focused or the plot will never end.

    That's Funny — but Why? Alan Alda on the Science of Humor by Eric Roston


    Read more:

    Read more: Gender and Crime - Differences Between Male And Female Offending Patterns

    Why Are so Many Women Raping Boys?

    Husbands Who Yell at Their Wives Face up to 14 Years in Prison Under New Law because men don't give up anything.

    Radical Feminism, Misandry & the Rise of MGTOW

    - Don’t spec a show you don’t respect.

    – Don’t make your spec about a guest character. Focus on the main character.

    – Get sample scripts of produced episodes. Study them.

    – Follow the show’s structure exactly.

    – Find a story for your spec that plays on the show’s main theme.

    – Don’t write an episode that resolves the show’s mystery or consummates its romance.

    – Place the story turns at the act breaks, and give us a reason to come back after the commercials.

    – In a comedy, spend time polishing the jokes, especially the last one of each scene.

    – Spelling, formatting, clarity of stage directions – they really matter.

    – Use strong brass brads.

    In general:

    Flash Fiction, 1 - 500 words
    Short Shorts, 501 - 2,000 words
    Short Story, 2001 - 20,000 words
    Novella, 20,001 - 50,000 words
    Novel, 50,000 - 150,000 words (For first-time novelist, best to be
    60,000 -90,0000.)
    Big novel - over 100,000 words (a significant investment by the
    Epic Novel - 150K (Think "Lord of the Rings", "Gone With The
    Wind", etc.)

    Marlboro raced through the forest. [Past]
    Marlboro races through the forest. [Present]
    Read more scripts. Screenplays are written in the simple present tense. You might find some writers who, on occasion, use a more passive voice. However, the majority will still be written in the simple present tense with very active verb choices. Screenwriting is about the conservation of words, the white on the page, and so the more evocative and specific a word choice can be, especially as regards verbs, the more punch you’re going to get per word.
    The active voice keeps the reader firmly planted in the present reality of the screenplay. The more passive voice detaches us. Just as an “s” sound is crisper than an “ing” sound, which is more calming. When you write, “Eleanor sings,” I have a very clear picture in my mind of a woman singing now.
    Sings vs. singing
    Screams vs. screaming
    Runs vs. running
    Kicks vs. kicking
    And, if we want to get into semantics, the simple present active voice puts the emphasis on the completion of the action, whereas the present progressive form puts the emphasis on the process of the action, which diminishes the punch of the verb. “Kicks” implies a leg whipping out and thus something has been kicked, so the mind naturally drifts to what has been kicked and what comes after. Whereas “is kicking” places more of an emphasis on the process of the action itself as opposed to the implication of what follows.
    Another way of looking at this is that the verb “to be” indicates state of being. “Is singing” puts emphasis on the state of being that is currently singing. The action itself comes as a secondary state to the awareness of being. Within screenwriting, the emphasis should always be on the action in the present moment, and to a lesser degree (or not at all depending upon the genre) the state of being.

    Perfect Tenses

    The three perfect tenses in English are the three verb tenses which show action already completed. (The word perfect literally means "made complete" or "completely done.")
    They are formed by the appropriate tense of the verb to have plus the past participle of the verb.
    Present Perfect: I have seen it.

    (Present tense of to have plus participle. Action is completed with respect to the present.)
    The following is ‘not’ Absolute Present Tense.
    David is ‘driving’ down the street.
    This is Absolute Present Tense
    David ‘drives’ down the street.

    Past Perfect: I had seen it.
    (Past tense of to have plus participle. Action is completed with respect to the past.)
    Future Perfect: I will have seen it.
    (Future tense of to have plus participle. Action is completed with respect to the future.)
    Some authorities consider the passive voice of certain verbs that are always intransitive to be the perfect tense also.
    Example: They are gone.
    Example: He is risen.

    Purple prose: What it is and how to avoid it.


    Do you ever begin your sentences with, "This is just my opinion," "Sorry," "I’m still working on this," "Well," "I mean," or any number of other negative or useless prefaces. Most people do as a matter of habit or nervousness, but caveats and fillers can damage the confident tone you’re trying to strike. Instead, say what you mean and nothing else. For example, "We should take this pitch in a different direction," is much more persuasive than, "Well, I think we should take this pitch in a different direction, but I’m still trying to find out the best route to take."

    Mission Creep

    The Hare Psychopathy Checklist – Revised

    1. GLIB and SUPERFICIAL CHARM — The tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick, and verbally facile. Psychopathic charm is not in the least shy, self-conscious, or afraid to say anything. A psychopath never gets tongue-tied. They have freed themselves from the social conventions about taking turns in talking, for example.
    2. GRANDIOSE SELF-WORTH — A grossly inflated view of one’s abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart. Psychopaths are arrogant people who believe they are superior human beings.
    3. NEED FOR STIMULATION or PRONENESS TO BOREDOM — An excessive need for novel, thrilling, and exciting stimulation; taking chances and doing things that are risky. Psychopaths often have low self-discipline in carrying tasks through to completion because they get bored easily. They fail to work at the same job for any length of time, for example, or to finish tasks that they consider dull or routine.
    4. PATHOLOGICAL LYING — Can be moderate or high; in moderate form, they will be shrewd, crafty, cunning, sly, and clever; in extreme form, they will be deceptive, deceitful, underhanded, unscrupulous, manipulative, and dishonest.
    5. CONNING AND MANIPULATIVENESS — The use of deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for personal gain; distinguished from Item #4 in the degree to which exploitation and callous ruthlessness is present, as reflected in a lack of concern for the feelings and suffering of one’s victims.
    6. LACK OF REMORSE OR GUILT — A lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain, and suffering of victims; a tendency to be unconcerned, dispassionate, cold-hearted, and non-empathic. This item is usually demonstrated by a disdain for one’s victims.
    7. SHALLOW AFFECT — Emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness in spite of signs of open gregariousness.
    8. CALLOUSNESS and LACK OF EMPATHY — A lack of feelings toward people in general; cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless.
    9. PARASITIC LIFESTYLE — An intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others as reflected in a lack of motivation, low self-discipline, and inability to begin or complete responsibilities.
    10. POOR BEHAVIORAL CONTROLS — Expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper; acting hastily.
    11. PROMISCUOUS SEXUAL BEHAVIOR — A variety of brief, superficial relations, numerous affairs, and an indiscriminate selection of sexual partners; the maintenance of several relationships at the same time; a history of attempts to sexually coerce others into sexual activity or taking great pride at discussing sexual exploits or conquests.
    12. EARLY BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS — A variety of behaviors prior to age 13, including lying, theft, cheating, vandalism, bullying, sexual activity, fire-setting, glue-sniffing, alcohol use, and running away from home.
    13. LACK OF REALISTIC, LONG-TERM GOALS — An inability or persistent failure to develop and execute long-term plans and goals; a nomadic existence, aimless, lacking direction in life.
    14. IMPULSIVITY — The occurrence of behaviors that are unpremeditated and lack reflection or planning; inability to resist temptation, frustrations, and urges; a lack of deliberation without considering the consequences; foolhardy, rash, unpredictable, erratic, and reckless.
    15. IRRESPONSIBILITY — Repeated failure to fulfill or honor obligations and commitments; such as not paying bills, defaulting on loans, performing sloppy work, being absent or late to work, failing to honor contractual agreements.
    16. FAILURE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR OWN ACTIONS — A failure to accept responsibility for one’s actions reflected in low conscientiousness, an absence of dutifulness, antagonistic manipulation, denial of responsibility, and an effort to manipulate others through this denial.
    17. MANY SHORT-TERM MARITAL RELATIONSHIPS — A lack of commitment to a long-term relationship reflected in inconsistent, undependable, and unreliable commitments in life, including marital.
    18. JUVENILE DELINQUENCY — Behavior problems between the ages of 13-18; mostly behaviors that are crimes or clearly involve aspects of antagonism, exploitation, aggression, manipulation, or a callous, ruthless tough-mindedness.
    19. REVOCATION OF CONDITION RELEASE — A revocation of probation or other conditional releases due to technical violations, such as carelessness, low deliberation, or failing to appear.
    20. CRIMINAL VERSATILITY — A diversity of types of criminal offenses, regardless if the person has been arrested or convicted for them; taking great pride at getting away with crimes.The word psychopath can be replaced with the word sociopath throughout this page. The meaning is very similar, if not the same.

    ban·ish (bnsh)

    tr.v. ban·ished, ban·ish·ing, ban·ish·es

    1. To force to leave a country or place by official decree; exile.

    2. To drive away; expel: We banished all our doubts and fears.

    banish·ment n.

    Synonyms: banish, exile, expatriate, deport, transport, extradite

    These verbs mean to send away from a country or state. Banish applies to forced departure from a country by official decree: The spy was found guilty of treason and banished from the country.

    Exile specifies voluntary or involuntary departure from one's own country because of adverse circumstances: The royal family was exiled after the uprising.

    Expatriate pertains to departure that is sometimes forced but often voluntary and may imply change of citizenship: She was expatriated because of her political beliefs.

    Deport denotes the official act of expelling an alien: The foreigner was deported for entering the country illegally.

    Transport pertains to sending a criminal abroad, usually to a penal colony: Offenders were transported to Devil's Island.

    Extradite applies to the delivery of an accused or convicted person to the state or country having jurisdiction over him or her: The court will extradite the terrorists.

    banish [ˈbænɪʃ]

    vb (tr)

    1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) to expel from a place, esp by an official decree as a punishment

    2. to drive away to banish gloom


    re·al·ism [ree-uh-liz-uhm] Show IPA



    interest in or concern for the actual or real, as distinguished from the abstract, speculative, etc.


    the tendency to view or represent things as they really are.


    Fine Arts .


    treatment of forms, colors, space, etc., in such a manner as to emphasize their correspondence to actuality or to ordinary visual experience. Compare idealism ( def. 4 ) , naturalism ( def. 2 ) .


    ( usually initial capital letter ) a style of painting and sculpture developed about the mid-19th century in which figures and scenes are depicted as they are experienced or might be experienced in everyday life.


    Literature .


    a manner of treating subject matter that presents a careful description of everyday life, usually of the lower and middle classes.


    a theory of writing in which the ordinary, familiar, or mundane aspects of life are represented in a straightforward or matter-of-fact manner that is presumed to reflect life as it actually is. Compare naturalism ( def. 1b ) .


    Philosophy .


    the doctrine that universals have a real objective existence. Compare conceptualism, nominalism.


    the doctrine that objects of sense perception have an existence independent of the act of perception. Compare idealism ( def. 5a ) .





    1. making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights; overbearingly assuming; insolently proud: an arrogant public official.

    characterized by or proceeding from arrogance: arrogant claims.

    self-confidence, authority, sureness(freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities) "his assurance in his superiority did not make him popular"; "after that failure he lost his confidence"; "she spoke with authority"

    self-con·fi·dence (slfknf-dns)


    "Without self-confidence we are as babes in the cradle" (Virginia Woolf).


    [self-kon-fi-duhns, self-] Show IPA


    1. realistic confidence in one's own judgment, ability, power,etc.

    2. excessive or inflated confidence in one's own judgment,ability, etc.

    E class is the weakest class of all. DeMales in fiction

    Stop Taking male behavior from fiction an using it as actual male Behavior put it to actual male Behavior. males prefer comitment Males will not comit to whimsy Males do not think rape is acceptable in any calture. It's against the law to treat anyone unfairelyFeamales are rearely actually discrimitated against be cause of that fact So a fictional female saying saying things like You don't bleive females can have power in nonseense.

    to fight for the sake of fighting and rape border of Psychopathy mons of this strength aren't strong or smart but they are very violent. However, their strength is just above that of the average human.
    Demons of this rank shown in the series are generally very small or relatively human-sized, but with demonic features. Class E demons can be simple animals that are found in the demon world or younger demons that have little to no real experience yet. As such they are animalistic and focus little on strategy and more on strength due to a large hubris which can easily turn to fear when confronted with a greater force, often they are so weak that they literally dissolve when in the presence of a higher class demon. This pompous nature can be attributed to humans with spiritual awareness who view themselves better then everyone else, almost all the shown psychics share this idiosyncratic. The battle strategy of this level is either brute strength or cunning strategy to force the enemy not to attack, the latter becomes more notable with the introduction of psychics and demonic parasites. These demons also have almost no control over their baser instincts and can become little more then ravenous beasts or vicious animals.
    The second to lowest class. Like E class demons, they usually aren't very smart (with a few exceptions) or exceptionally powerful; but their strength and endurance is super-human compared to an average person. However, compared to most demons they are very weak. According to Koenma, Hiei was a high D class when he first fought Yusuke.
    The second weakest class of demons, they are very common in the beginning of the series and become less important as more powerful classes are introduced. Most spiritually aware humans are at least D-class aside from those who have gained enough spiritual training.
    From what has been seen from the series, D-class are almost always monstrous, standing several feet above human size, although some higher ranked ones of this class are much smaller and more humanoid. The generic personality of this class is overconfidence, sadism (laughing at other's emotional pain rather than physical pain of the higher classes of demons) , idiocy, dishonor and high view of themselves. However, when faced with defeat, they become desperate, even fearful for their lives. The powers of this class are more physical based, so that they can dominate with overwhelming strength, thinking little of strategy. This isn't always the case as both Kurama and Hiei, two former A-class demons, are forced into this rank after losing power due to certain events, and eventually, they regain not only their former rank, but move up to S-class. Thus the system is not set, and demons can move up ranks as they gain power and experience. D class have more control over their instincts than E class and show more prudence in daily life as most D class demons will try to blend in with human society. However they also tend to be even more arrogant than E class because they are amongst the strongest on earth (though still very weak in the demon world). Powerwise D class are superhuman but the level of destruction they can cause is usually no more than simple property damage. (destroying a car, breaking a tree, smashing a wall, etc.) A single D class demon is strong enough to kill a platoon of well trained and well armed soldiers.

    C Class
    This is about average strength for most demons. They're stronger than the E and D classes, but their power pales in comparison to B class demons and above. These demons are very common and are relatively abundant in both Human and Demon World though more abundant in the demon world as Spirit world keeps a close watch on any demons that are C class or higher.
    From what is seen from the series, C-class is the first class to consist of extremely human-like demons, not resulting from a loss of power or transformation, whose only unusual features are different colored hair (or skin) and the occasional non-human feature such as pointed ears or horns. Personality-wise, there is wide variety, there are some that are arrogant and sadistic, but smart enough to not overestimate their strength; or eccentric ones like Chu and Jin who are carefree and optimistic. In short, C-class is the equivalent of normal humans, each with their own personality and views on life, but still have an interest in battle and retain instincts to guide them, while they rely more complex strategy to defeat enemies, rather then the threats of E-class and physical power of D-class. Aside from power, what further sets C class apart from D and E class is the fact that C class demons have a level of mastery over their demon energy. They can use energy based attacks and manifest specialized abilities that the D and E class demons are incapable of. Most C-class in the series have either risen to A-class and above, or have died due to their overconfidence. Those who reach Upper C Class and are close to becoming B Class are capable of mass destruction, this was shown when Yusuke when restrained to Upper C Class by his spirit cuffs, but he managed to destroy a portion of the dark tournament and leveled a portion of the forest he when blasted Younger Touguro with a powerful Spirit Gun. A single C class demon can destroy a small town or kill a small army of soldiers without serious trouble.
    E,D and C classes are near worthless unless they have high intellect

    B Class
    This class is where the strength level skyrockets and is the beginning of the upper class demon strength, where the difference between two classes is absolutely enormous. B classes are far more powerful than C classes, but they still can't compete with the higher classes. This is in most cases the strongest class of demon that can be found in human world, as any higher class can't pass through the Keikai barrier net between the human and demon worlds. The only time a higher class demon will be found in the Human world is if the Barrier is down, a lower class demon raises their strength while in human world, or a higher class of demon wears an organic device that downgrades their power, as Hokushin did when he first met Yusuke.
    B-class are much more intelligent then the C-classes, and could be classified as intellectually superior to humans, only to be less intelligent than wise A-classes that have experience on their side, and the omnipotent S-classes, as such they have planning capabilities and can team up with other demons, setting their egos aside to a better cause. This is probably due to the immense control and dicipline it takes to contain and properly use their powers. Along with this greater power come greater perception and enhanced senses. At B class, demons (and humans) gain greater extra-sensory awareness with some instances bordering on claravoyance. However, they are still instinctive and have a primitive lust for sadism and battle as seen with Younger Toguro, Karasu and Bui who have the ability to calm it to the point that they appear composed, or because of their intelligence, become extremely overconfident and prone to rage when they are bested as seen with Elder Toguro, Shishiwakamaru and Suzuka. The demons of this class have been shown to be almost identical to a human except with a few non-human features, like oddly colored hair, a few horns and large size. One B-class, Itsuki is so intelligent, that he has developed human like emotions like a sense of humor, a twisted desire of something pure becoming depraved, and love, it is implied that he might have been in the midpoint of becoming an A-class. Humans who reached this level also keep their emotions in check, and are capable of complex strategies. B class demons are capable of wiping out small countries and only the most powerful of weapons could be used to destroy them.

    A Class
    The second to highest class, beings possessing A class strength level are almost exclusive to demon world while the Keikai barrier is up; the only exceptions are if a human attains this strength, a demon achieves this level in human world, or the barrier is removed. Prior to the Keikai barrier's removal A class demons could not move between the worlds without aid. While exceptionally powerful and rare in the human world, they are relatively common in the demon world. However, compared to the power of an S class demon they are very weak; so weak in fact that they are used as mere foot soldiers of the Three Kings.
    From the demons of this class seen in the series, A class are the traditional depiction of demons, with some being humanoid with various inhuman features such as horns, fins, eyes, etc; to very humanoid beings. From what is observed from the series, A class do not react to instinct, but instead, will use their brains and "senses" to figure in order to judge how strong an opponent is and observe before taking action. As shown, when the first true A class demons that are shown in the series, are shown watching C class (probably more likely D class) gather in mass at the open Keikai barrier to enter the human world, commenting on the simplicity of their lesser brethren, while sensing the overwhelming powers of Sensui, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama in his Yoko form, leave before they become involved in the conflict. Further evidence of their intelligence is in the buildings they have created. In Mukuro's realm, it is a spider-like structure with hellish rooms, healing chambers and altars to ancient gods. Raizen's realm is a huge tower with a separate building in which the king resides, and Yomi's realm is an advanced, futuristic realm with cloning technology, visual aids that display stats, tearooms, a throne room, corridors and large buildings. They also displayed a system of government prior to the Tournament to decide the next King of the Makai. Raizen's was a large training center for the monks that served him and for a resting courters for himself, Mukuro's was a mafia-like militarized state that had healing chambers to restore fallen warriors, and Yomi's was similar to a monarchy, where the nobles would discuss with him, the future state of affairs, while keeping his good graces. Likely due to his ability to hear everything in the kingdom, his territory was relatively peaceful, although there were some political assassinations for certain positions. In conclusion, the A class were comparable to civilized human beings in their culture and ways of thinking. In terms of society, A class demons would compose the upper middle class and are still considered exceptional in even in the demon world. In terms of power, a single A class demon could cause immeasurable destruction in the human world and nothing short of a nuclear weapon could destroy one of them.
    This is where raw power starts to matter they can destroy countries.

    S Class

    Beings in the S class are the highest class (the pinnacle of power in the YuYu Hakusho universe). They are so strong that even a "low" S class's strength could completely devastate Earth. In Demon World, there are only about 20 known. However, in the manga, Mukuro clearly labels Shigure as the weakest of her 77 elite, implying that they are all S class. A middle S class was noted to start to get close and that would achieve upper S in less than 2 years. A single S class is strong enough to defeat a horde of five-hundred upper A classes by themselves with relatively little effort. Sensui's full power was said to be at this level, as was Yusuke's when he came back to life as a demon. Kurama and Hiei also reach S Class during the Three Kings saga.

    Being the strongest class and following the class system, they are completely humanoid with some nonhuman features like pointy ears, or horns, or none at all, appearing to be completely human. The general personality of the S-class is to be very reserved, not often letting their emotions decide things, but rather experience. This detaches them from humanity, making them similar to ascended beings, as seen with Yomi, Mukuro and Raizen, three S-classes that have managed to rule the Makai for centuries. As the finale drew nearer, S-classes that have human-like emotions like laid-back natures, grief and respect for their enemy who were all friends of Raizen, showing a complete contrast to the lowest classes that lived in fear, had no respect for one another, let alone their opponents and extreme arrogance. The S-class has displayed some of the most friendly and patient characters in the series, and likely implying a future that demons would one day become similar to this nature. In fact, the most carefree demon of all, Enki becomes the current ruler of all the Makai. Only two humans have reached this level, both Spirit Detectives with special properties, Sensui with his Sacred Energy, and Yusuke with his dual ancestry. Each S-class demon has immense power, earning the fears of the Spirit World, of being capable of destroying the planet, both in immense strength and powerful energy based abilities such as barriers, blasts, and dimension distortions. Unlike the other classes, S class cannot be attained by simple training. It has been showed or implied during the series that in order to achieve S class a Demon must undergow a profound change. This change can be caused by emotion, a special condition unique to the individual, specialized training, or a procedure performed upon them. In essence, a Demon must undergo a fundimental change to achieve S class. In the case of humans, S class power can only be achieved by attaining and mastering sacred energy as it has been stated that spirit energy has limits to it's growth. (In the instance of Yusuke, it was his demonic transformation that allowed him to attain S Class. With Kuwabara, it's the fact that he gained specialized power due to his exposure to the Demon Gate)

    Yusuke Urameshi sacred energy 1,000,000.00 is no whee near prime Raizen 20,000,000.00 sacred energy has greater impact yes.






    near death



    Enki, Kokou, Kujou, Natsume, Souketsu Shuu, Saizou, Tetsuzan and Den-Hou

    1,000,000 plus




    start-Genkai's Tournament

    Yusuke Urameshi


    grew -Post-Hokushin training


    sacred energy


    topped off

    Toya,Chu,Jin,Shishiwakamaru and Suzuki







    1,902- 8,902









    rage based


    787,000 -1,000,000







    Universe 18 is cannon 16 is cannon dragonball that alters some. 9 all use -Kaio-Ken no Saiyan, Kaio-Ken is North's style it is known to Goku used by him yes but North can teach it to who ever he wants

    Great Ape- x10

    Super Saiyan- x50

    Full Powered Super Saiyan- 2x Super Saiyan

    Ascended Super Saiyan- x75

    Ultra Super Saiyan- x125

    Super Saiyan 2- x100 or x200

    Super Saiyan 3- x400 or x800

    Legendary Super Saiyan- x100 (x2 per minute)

    Frost Demon

    Fifth Form- x3


    Super Heran- x1.5

    Neko Majinn

    Super Neko Majin- x50


    Dance Fusion: (A B) x 1000. Conditions must be ideal (i.e. identical or near identical powers) for full boost.

    Universe 1

    1. South Kaioshin: 35,000,000,000

    2. West Kaioshin: 5,000,000,000

    3. North Kaioshin: 4,000,000,000

    4. Grand Kaioshin: 3,000,000,000

    5. East Kaioshin: 2,000,000,000

    Universe 2

    1. Akira Toriyama, his creations:

    --Not his creations- 5

    2. Neko Majin Z- 100,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 5,000,000,000

    3. Arale. 1,000,000

    4. Belzebuub: 8,000

    5. Sun Wukong: 6,000

    6. Mary Sue: 5,000

    Universe 3

    1. Tapion- 500

    --Using Hirudegarn's Power- ???

    2. Dr. Raichi- ???

    3. King Piccolo- ???

    4. Bardock- 12,500,000

    --Super Saiyan- 625,000,000

    Universe 4

    1. Zen Buu: 60,000,000,000,000

    Universe 5

    1. XXI- ???

    Universe 6

    1. Mai (Charged): 7,000,000,000

    2. Bojack- 3,600,000,000

    --Super Bojack- 5,400,000,000

    3. Zangya- 2,700,000,000

    4. Bujin- 2,400,000,000

    5. Kat- 10,000

    6. Syd- 500

    Universe 7

    1. Gast Carloch

    -- supressed vs Second Cell Jr. - 25,000,000,000

    -- Full power - ???

    Universe 8

    1. King Cold-

    --Second Form- 60,000,000

    --Third Form- 240,000,000

    --Fourth Form (true form)- 600,000,000

    2. Cooler-

    --100% Power- 80,000,000

    --Fifth Form- 200,000,000

    3. Freeza-

    --100% Power- 120,000,000

    4. Salza: 170,000

    5. Recoome: 64,000

    6. Jeice: 63,000

    7. Burter: 62,000

    8. Cui: 18,000

    9. Appule: 2,500

    Universe 9

    1. Yamcha: 800,000,000

    2. Tien- 12,000,000

    --Kaio-Ken x10- 120,000,000

    --Kaio-Ken x20- 240,000,000

    3. Krillin- 10,000,000

    --Kaio-Ken x10- 100,000,000

    --Kaio-Ken x20- 200,000,000

    4. Videl- 7,000,000

    --Kaio-Ken x10- 70,000,000

    --Kaio-Ken x20- 140,000,000

    Trunks- 5,000,000

    --Kaio-Ken x10- 50,000,000

    Universe 10

    1. King Vegeta- 18,000

    --Ozaru- 180,000

    2. Bardock- 10,000

    --Ozaru- 100,000

    3. Nail- 60,000

    Universe 11

    1. Fat Buu: 32,000,000,000

    2. Dabura: 3,750,000,000

    Universe 12

    1. Trunks- 100,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 5,000,000,000

    --Ultra Super Saiyan- 12,500,000,000

    2. Android 16- 750,000,000

    Universe 13

    1. Vegeta- 90,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 4,500,000,000

    -- Super Saiyan 2- 9,000,000,000

    2. Kakarotto- 60,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 3,000,000,000

    3. Nappa: 7,500,000

    -- Ozararu- 75,000,000

    4. Raditz: 7,500,000

    -- Ozarau- 75,000,000

    Universe 14

    1. Android 18 (energy dwindled over the years)- 270,000,000

    2. Android 17 (energy dwindled over the years)- 240,000,000

    Universe 16

    1. Vegetto- 250,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 12,500,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 2- 25,000,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 3- 100,000,000,000,000

    2. Gotenks- 3,600,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 180,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 2- 320,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 3- 1,600,000,000,000

    3. Bra- 4,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 200,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 2- 400,000,000,000

    4. Gohan- 240,000,000,000

    5. Pan- 80,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 4,000,000,000

    6. Piccolo- 2,700,000,000

    7. Trunks- 45,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 2,250,000,000

    8. Goten- 40,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 2,000,000,000

    Universe 17

    1. Super Perfect Cell-

    --Suppressed vs Dabura- 4,000,000,000

    --Suppressed vs Bojack- 10,000,000,000

    2. Second Cell Junior- 7,500,000,000

    3. First Cell Junior- 2,500,000,000

    Universe 18

    1/16 Saiyan-15/16 Human Vegeta Jr and Goku Jr

    Super Saiyan Vegeta Jr. fights Super Saiyan Goku Jr

    1. Gotenks- 3,600,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 180,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 2- 320,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 3- 1,600,000,000,000

    2. Gohan- 240,000,000,000

    3. Goku- 150,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 7,500,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 2- 15,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 3- 60,000,000,000

    4. Vegeta- 150,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 7,500,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 2- 15,000,000,000

    --Super Saiyan 3- 60,000,000,000

    5. Uub- 3,750,000,000

    --Kaioken x5- 18,750,000,000

    --Kaioken x10- 37,500,000,000

    --Kaioken x20 - 75,000,000,000

    6. Piccolo- 2,700,000,000

    7. Trunks- 45,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 2,250,000,000

    8. Goten- 40,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 2,000,000,000

    9. Pan- 32,000,000

    --Super Saiyan- 1,600,000,000

    Universe 19

    Universe 20

    1. Legendary Super Saiyan Broly-

    --Initial- 2,500,000,000,000

    --Beginning of battle- 5,000,000,000,000

    --Middle of battle- 11,250,000,000,000

    --End of battle- 40,000,000,000,000

    Majin Buu Scouter 1,000,000,000 Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha Punch Power

    Scouter 1,150,000,000 Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha

    Kid Buu Kuroda-40

    Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Super Saiyan 2,500,000,000

    Super Gogeta

    Frieza Frieza: "...is over 1 million!" Second form Over 1,000,000 Vol. 25, #296 Episode 78 Episode 64

    Scouter Second form 30,000 Gekishin Freeza Kibano-85

    Frieza Scouter Second form 1,000,000 Super Saiya Densetsu

    Frieza Scouter Second form 530,000 Goku Gekitoden

    Frieza Stated in character description Fighting Frieza Over 1,000,000 Daizenshuu 7

    Piccolo Scouter Third form 40,000 Gekishin Freeza


    Frieza Scouter Third form 1,550,000 Super Saiya Densetsu

    Frieza Scouter Third form 1,100,000 Goku Gekitoden

    Frieza Stated in section "The Evolution of Goku's Power Level" Fighting Frieza 3,000,000 Daizenshuu 7

    Goku Scouter Final form 50,000 Gekishin Freeza

    Frieza Scouter Final form 1,700,000 Super Saiya Densetsu

    Frieza Scouter Final form 2,500,000 Goku Gekitoden

    Frieza Stated in section "The Evolution of Goku's Power Level" 50% Power 60,000,000 Daizenshuu 7

    Frieza 3,000,000 (Daizenshuu 7) x 10 = 30,000,000 Kaio-ken x10 30,000,000

    Goku 3,000,000 (Daizenshuu 7) x 20 = 60,000,000 Kaio-ken x20 60,000,000

    Goku Stated in section "The Evolution of Goku's Power Level" Super Saiyan 150,000,000 Daizenshuu 7

    Goku Scouter 100% Power 3,000,000 Super Saiya Densetsu

    Frieza Scouter 100% Power 5,000,000 Goku Gekitoden

    Frieza Stated in section "The Evolution of Goku's Power Level" 100% Power 120,000,000 Daizenshuu 7 & Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha


    100% Power 12,000,000 Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

    this was put here for reference it largely to show that power it self does not usually matter.

    The analysis below can be used to fit most protagonist and antagonist characters with adjustments to the scenario. The primary function of this analysis is to divulge how and why characters are written the way they are. With minimal questioning from a reader as to why it's done in the way that it is.

    Barrie's Pan is an over extended male bravado has a nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude, and is fearlessly cocky when it comes to putting himself in danger. Disney's selfish until retelling with Hook but that's something else all together Barrie’s peter didn’t come from what is now considered standard for far the forever young kid Barrie’s while it has those themes is somber and muted background not as cheerful as what it transmuted into Sakura and Hinata are odd inversions of Wendy Tinker Bell and Tiger Lily. Captain Hook is Orochimaru, Obito, Madara Orochimaru though is somewhat like Peter. Sasuke in a way is Mr. Smee in that when Naruto finds something out through a perceived mistake, but Sasuke says I'm not you. But did Sasuke somehow have that information gained from Naruto's 'mistake' Sasuke's in action in these situations say no. Barrie's Pan and Walt’s Pan have similarities but Walt has own comments on culture in his 1953. Less sexism is in things like the Dragon Ball series but it’s still there.


    On the favorites list most stories have no reviews stories are mostly to read reviews to gauges peoples reaction to whatever story is tagged

    There are countless reviews that such and such a person is a fan boy of person A and reviewer B states the whoever ever is a fanboy of person B This is possibly followed by some ridicules irrational insult the both reviewers go to a different story and leave what is basically the same review of that story they don’t realize by what they stated they sound . Just like the ‘fanboy’ they left the comment about it’s actually quite funny that they do not notice this. But if several comments like this are seen the story will be read once.

    Favorite’s list stories are mostly listed to read reviews to gauge people’s psychology, There examples of this range near the thousands often reviews will not be left comments on in consistencies may be pointed out but no review will be left unless some sort of pattern is noted.

    Naruto is exuberant, brash, inattentive, and heedless to formality or social standings. However, whenever someone dear to him is in trouble or the situation calls for it, Naruto can be very serious, and will instantly try to come to their aid. He is also somewhat perverted.

    Naruto learns through his body, as he is relatively naive, simple, and being slow to understand a principle or situation, which often requires an oversimplified analogy in order to grasp what is being explained to him Overall, Naruto responds best to competition and has a great self-confidence, loudly proclaiming that he will master whatever technique he is learning within a fraction of the usual time. Naruto is boisterous and relatively thick.

    Deception and Strategy

    Although Naruto's intelligence is greatly downplayed for most of the series, his skills in deception and strategy are actually extremely high. According to Kakashi, this is all thanks to his cunning and imagination as a former prankster, which allows him to fool perceptive and dangerous jōnin-level shinobi like Zabuza Momochi in Part I and even defeat S-rank ninja such as Kakuzu and Pain in Part II. He also possesses the ability to formulate complex plans in the midst of battle. Naruto's strategies typically involve shadow clones; either directing his opponent's attentions towards one of his clones to disguise his own movements, transforming them into various shapes such as shuriken, to allow for surprise attacks, or making himself seem predictable by creating a pattern, just to surprise them by breaking it (examples being when Naruto fooled Neji and Kakuzu into thinking the shadow clone furthest away from danger was the real him, or variations using the Shadow Shuriken Technique).

    His deceptive skills were first best displayed in Team 7's first battle against Zabuza; he came up with the strategy to disguise himself as a Fūma Shuriken in order to free Kakashi from Zabuza's Water Prison Technique. During the preliminaries of the Chūnin Exams, Naruto was even able to get around Kiba's sensitive nose by fooling him visually. These skills were shown to have increased exponentially by the time of his battle with Pain, allowing him to prevail through an elaborate and highly unpredictable array of back-up plans, such as transforming his clones to mimic the environment. He also used the Shadow Shuriken Technique and the Transformation Technique to turn himself into a Rasenshuriken to temporarily neutralise the Preta Path while his real Rasenshuriken went to attack the Deva Path, while a clone attacked the Naraka Path from above with a Sage Technique: Spiralling Serial Spheres. When Naruto caught his second wind against Kurama to bypass its hatred completely, he systematically used the Sage Art: Many Ultra-Big Ball Spiralling Serial Spheres, Wind Release: Rasenshuriken and his mother's chakra chains to push Kurama's chakra out of its body from a safe distance to absorb it into his own body. During his fight with the reincarnated Third Raikage, knowing the speed of the Raikage is great, he tricks the Raikage into dodging the first Rasenshuriken, his true intentions being to use Kurama's chakra arm to redirect it and throw it at him from behind. Even after the second attempt fails, Naruto still has the where-with-all to attack the Kage with a third at point blank range before he can even get decent footing to dodge. After speaking with Gyūki about his battle with the Third Raikage he deduced that the latter injured himself with his own Nukite and used this to his advantage by slamming a Rasengan to the side of his arm forcing the Raikage to impale himself with his own technique. When he learned the location of the chakra receivers on Tobi's Six Paths of Pain, he immediately formed a plan to drop them. Testing it out on Rōshi, he nearly destroyed the chakra receiver if not for Han's interference He then forms a two-fold plan to release Son Gokū from Tobi's control, attacking from the outside in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, pulling the receiver, while using Sage Mode from the inside to try to push it out]

    Naruto can also be quite innovative, using his clones to master advanced techniques. Examples of this include a two-man Rasengan, three-man Rasenshuriken, using clones to perform senjutsu and using chakra arms to perform the Tailed Beast Rasengan.

    Nowhere in there does it say he has an I. Q. of five. He is however reckless and ill informed. Sasuke acts in all most the same manner. But not to such a degree as Naruto. It seems every time Naruto displays any sort of intelligence someone in always there to call him an idiot that would get annoying.


    Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total

    First 2 1.5 1 1 2 2 4 1 14.5

    Second 3 2 1 1.5 3 3 4 1 18.5

    Third 4 3.5 2 3 3.5 3.5 5 1.5 26

    Rin Nohara

    Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total

    Second 3.5 1.5 2.5 4 1 2 2.5 4 21


    Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total

    Third 5 3.5 5 5 3.5 4.5 3.5 5 35

    By numbers alone anything from 23 to 35 is Jōnin

    Kankurō considered Part II: a Jōnin
    Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
    First 3.5 1.5 1.5 2 2.5 2 2.5 3.5 19
    Second 4 2.5 2 3.5 3 2 3.5 4 24.5
    Third 4 3 2 3.5 3.5 2.5 4 4 26.5
    26 Naruto 31.5 Sasuke by the numbers if Kankurō is Jōnin then so are Naruto and Sasuke with out rank. but that is by numbers only.

    Naruto and Kankurō skills are higher and lower in some areas but they are virtualy identical in total stats so to say Naruto is unskilled is to say that Kankurō is too we only se him use a limited skill set.

    Personality Naruto Kurama compared to Yū Yū Hakusho Kurama and Kitsune myth.

    kitsune refers to them in this context. Stories depict them as intelligent beings and as possessing magical abilities that increase with their age and wisdom. Foremost among these is the ability to assume human form. While some folktales speak of kitsune employing this ability to trick others—as foxes in folklore often do other stories portray them as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives.

    Kitsune are commonly portrayed as lovers, usually in stories involving a young human male and a kitsune who takes the form of a human woman.

    Naruto's Kurama Kishimoto was mainly inspired to create Kurama based on the character with the same name from the manga series Yū Yū Hakusho. Kurama cynical and shrewd, with a distinct sense of honour and pride. expressed intense hatred and distrust for humans.

    Yū Yū Hakusho Yoko Kurama Shuichi Minamino Kurama is the most calculating, cunning and analytical member of the main characters and perhaps in the whole series. He is able to carefully look past his feelings and see the real situation at hand, A calm, collective and friendly personality that belied his sinister, wrathful and hateful feelings towards those who had wronged or hurt him in the past. Kurama is very similar to Kenshin, of the Rurouni Kenshin series, in both appearance and personality. Kurama even receives a cross-shaped wound, on the left side of his face from Roto during the Dark Tournament, much like Kenshin's trademark scar. Both Kurama and Kenshin have uttered the phrase "Suicide is not the answer" at one point.

    He bared a profound feeling of respect and platonic love towards his friends and family, and would never sacrifice their lives in order to achieve his own, personal goals. Naruto is very much like him in this particular trait.

    Naruto side by side,

    Tsunade was cynical of anyone with dreams, especially those who want to become Hokage believing that it was a futile dream.

    Ōnoki is a very proud, headstrong, and boastful individual. Because of his age, he is also somewhat frail, with constant complaints about hip and back pains.

    A is very caring and protective towards his younger not brother but assigned partner despite Killer B's status as a jinchūriki, and wept at the idea of his younger brother being captured by Akatsuki. However, when Killer B's ploy to use the affair to have a vacation was discovered, A was furious and swore to punish his little brother for it. He claims, that as the Raikage, he has made peace with the idea of having to kill his brother if the situation ever called for it He is also headstrong and somewhat easily aggravated, has very little patience,stern and decisive. But A's amswer for every thing he cannot solve is kill it or hide it away he does noting to offer simpathy as he does not see reason.

    Jiraiya His reason for refusing the position was, among other things, that he felt unworthy to take the role, since he had failed to save either of the previous Hokage from dying, as well as him having to conduct more "research" been known to show off.

    Jiraiya and Naruto became friendly on their trip that's when Naruto's respect for Jiraiya grew and they developed a father son bond. Aside from Naruto's natural willingness to make friends with anyone or try.

    Are these traits really that different from Naruto that they aren't seen by writers that bash Naruto himself.

    By, those descriptions Naruto is more like Ōnoki and A and somewhat like Jiraiya but a lot closer to the two shadows of the other nations in terms of core persona.

    Subplot characters are used to define protagonist by comparison subplot characters to demonstrate different a plausible different choice for the protagonist.


    Your Customers Don't Care About Your Product

    At least, they don't yet. Being the latest and greatest may make you feel good, but until you connect to your customers' needs and desires, they won't care at all. "Build it and they will come" only works in movies - you need to connect with the daily lives of your customers if you ever hope to have an impact.

    To become successful as a business owner, focus on building customer personas and understanding the true daily lives of your potential customers. Focus your branding and promotion on them, not you, and you'll find that, eventually, you have all the attention you need.


    This type of manga translates as "fan-work" (literally "same-person-writing") Doujinshi is unofficial manga that is made and produced by fans of an original series, or a self-published manga.


    Gekiga means "dramatic pictures". This type of manga is more experimental or literary.


    This manga is sexually hardcore manga. Hentai is Japanese for "perverted" or "perversion". (adult content)


    Josei is manga aimed at adult women. (adult content). It is derived from the English "Lady Comic"


    Seinen (literally "adult") is the exact same thing as Josei except for males. (adult content)

    Shōujo (少女)

    Shōujo (literally "young girl"), Not Shōjo(処女), shojo means virgin、 is manga aimed at young females up to the age 18. These series tend to focus on romance and relationships from a young female's point of view.


    This is almost the same as shojo except it is mostly action, sports or romance for males up to age 18. It translates literally as "boy".

    There is a lot of male hate in all manga some genres not so much but Shōnen there’s misaandry in principal because of Tsundere is common now common in all manga genre.


    This kind of manga is for little children that are just learning to read. Kodomo translates literally as "child".

    Shōujo-ai / Yuri

    This manga is based on female/female romantic relationships. Shōuo-ai translates literally as "Girl-love", though it should be noted that in Japan itself, this term has a different meaning, referring to pedophilia. Yuri translates literally as "Lily". In Japan, the term GL (Girl Love) is sometimes used.

    Shōnen-ai / Yaoi

    This manga is the same as Shōjo-ai / Yuri except it's boy/boy relationships. Shōnen-ai translates as "Boy-love" (same disclaimer as for shōjo-ai). Yaoi is an acronym of yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi (no climax, no punch-line, no meaning). BL (Boy Love) is sometimes used in Japan for this type e.g Matt Friend and Dan Vought.


    For this novel the two types of hero chosen.


    A certain class of Hero is an exception to the rule that the Hero is usually the character who undergoes the most change. These are catalyst Heroes, central figures who may act heroically, but who do not change much themselves because their main function is to bring about transformation in others. Like a true catalyst in chemistry, they bring about a change in a system without being changed themselves. A good example is Eddie Murphy's character Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop. His personality is already fully formed and distinctive at the story's beginning. He doesn't have much of a character arc because he has nowhere to go. He doesn't learn or change much in the course of the story, but he does bring about change in his Beverly Hills cop buddies, Taggart and Rosewood. By comparison they have relatively strong character arcs, from being uptight and by-the-book to being hip and streetwise, thanks to Axel's influence. In fact, although Axel is the central figure, the villains main opponent, and the character with the best lines and the most screen time, it could be argued that he is not the true Hero, but the Mentor of the piece, while young Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) is the actual Hero because he learns the most. Catalyst Heroes are especially useful in continuing stories such as episodic TV shows and sequels. Like The Lone Ranger or Superman, these Heroes undergo few internal changes, but primarily act to help others or guide them in their growth. Of course it's a good idea once in a while to give even these characters some moments of growth and change to help keep them fresh and believable.


    In contrast to the group-oriented Hero is the loner Western Hero such as Shane, Clint Eastwood's Man with No Name, John Wayne's Ethan in The Searchers, or The Lone Ranger. With this Hero type, the stories begin with the Heroes estranged from society. Their natural habitat is the wilderness, their natural state is solitude. Their journey is one of re-entry into the group (Act One); adventure within the group, on the group's normal turf (Act Two); and return to isolation in the wilderness (Act Three). For them the Special World of Act Two is the tribe or village, which they visit briefly but in which they are always uncomfortable. The wonderful shot of John Wayne at the end of The Searchers sums up the energy of this Hero type. Wayne is framed in a cabin doorway as an outsider forever cut off from the joys and comforts of the family. This kind of Hero need not be limited to Westerns. It can be used effectively in dramas or action movies where a loner detective is tempted back into adventure, where a hermit or retired person is called back into society, or where an emotionally isolated person is challenged to re-enter the world of relationships. As with group-oriented Heroes, the loner Heroes have the final choice of returning to their initial state (solitude), or remaining in the Special World of Act Two. Some Heroes begin as loners and end as group-oriented Heroes who elect to stay with the group.

    MENTOR (Wise Old Man or Woman)


    In some Westerns or film noir stories the hero is an experienced, hardened character nwho has no need for a Mentor or guide. He has internalized the archetype and it now lives within him as an inner code of behavior. The Mentor may be the unspoken code of the gunfighter, or the secret notions of honor harbored by Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe. A code of ethics may be a disembodied manifestation of the Mentor archetype guiding the hero's actions. It's not uncommon for a hero to make reference to a Mentor who meant something to him earlier in life, even if there's no actual Mentor character in the story. A hero may remember, "My mother/ father/ grandfather/drill sergeant used to say...," and then call to mind the bit of wisdom that will become critical in solving the problem of the story. The energy of the Mentor archetype also may be invested in a prop such as a book or other artifact that guides the hero in the quest.


    In certain stories the power of the Mentor archetype can be used to mislead the

    audience. In thrillers the mask of a Mentor is sometimes a decoy used to lure the hero into danger. Or in an anti-heroic gangster picture such as The Public Enemy or Goodfellas, where every conventional heroic value is inverted, an anti-Mentor appears To guide the anti-hero on the road to crime and destruction.

    Another inversion of this archetype's energy is a special kind of Threshold

    Guardian An example is found in

    Romancing the Stone, where Joan Wilder's witchy, sharp-tongued agent is to all appearances a Mentor, guiding her career and giving her advice about men. But when Joan is about to cross the threshold to adventure, the agent tries to stop her, warning her of the dangers and casting doubt in her mind. Rather than motivating her like a true

    Mentor, the agent becomes an obstacle in the hero's path. This is psychologically true to life, for often we must overcome or outgrow the energy of our best teachers nin order to move to the next stage of development.


    1. Threshold Guardians are usually not the main villains or antagonists in

    stories. Often they will be lieutenants of the villain, lesser thugs or mercenaries hired to guard access to the chiefs headquarters. They may also be neutral figures who are simply part of the landscape of the Special World. In rare cases they may be secret helpers placed in the hero's path to test her willingness and skill.

    There is often a symbiotic relationship between a villain and a Threshold Guardian. In nature, a powerful animal such as a bear will sometimes tolerate a smaller animal such as a fox nesting at the entrance of its lair. The fox, with its strong smell and sharp teeth, tends to keep other animals from wandering into the cave while the bear is sleeping.

    The fox also serves as an early warning system for the bear by making a racket if something tries to enter the cave. In similar fashion, villains of stories often rely on underlings such as doorkeepers, bouncers, bodyguards, sentries, gunslingers, or mercenaries to protect and warn them when a hero approaches the Threshold of the villain's stronghold.

    2. One of the most effective ways of dealing with a Threshold Guardian is to get into the skin" of the opponent, like a hunter entering into the mind of a stalked animal. The Plains Indians wore buffalo skins to sneak within bow-shot of the bison herd. The hero may get past a Threshold Guardian by entering into its spirit or taking on its appearance. A good example is in Act Two of The Wizard of Oz, when the Tin Woodsman, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow come to the Wicked Witch's cased to rescue the kidnapped Dorothy. The situation looks bleak. Dorothy's inside a strong cased defended by a regiment of fierce-looking soldiers who march up and down singing "Oh-Ee-Oh." There's no possible way for the three friends to defeat such a large force.

    In stories, Threshold Guardians take on a fantastic array of forms. They may be border guards, sentinels, night watchmen, lookouts, bodyguards, banditos, editors, doormen, bouncers, entrance examiners, or anyone whose function is to temporarily block the way of the hero and test her powers. The energy of the Threshold Guardian may not be embodied as a character, but may be found as a prop, architectural feature, animal, or force of nature that blocks and tests the hero. Learning how to deal with Threshold Guardians is one of the major tests of the Hero's Journey.

    There are some other mentor types aside from these two.



    The Herald may be a positive, negative, or neutral figure. In some stories the Herald is the villain or his emissary, perhaps issuing a direct challenge to the hero, or trying to dupe the hero into getting involved. In the thriller Arabesque, the Herald is the private secretary of the villain who tries to lure the hero, a college professor of modest means, into danger with a tempting offer of work. In some cases, a villainous Herald may announce the challenge not to the hero but to the audience. In Star Wars the first appearance of Darth Vader, as he captures Princess Leia, proclaims to the audience that something is out of balance before the hero, Luke Skywalker, has even appeared.

    In other stories the Herald is an agent of the forces of good, calling the hero to a positive adventure. The Herald s mask may be worn temporarily by a character who mainly embodies some other archetype. A Mentor frequently acts as a Herald who issues a challenge to the hero. The Herald may be a hero's loved one or Ally, or someone neutral to the hero, such as a Trickster or Threshold Guardian.



    As with the other archetypes, Shapeshifting is a function or a mask that may be worn by any character in a story. A hero may wear the mask in a romantic situation.

    Richard Gere, in An Officer and a Gentleman, puts on airs and tells a hat-full of lies to impress Debra Winger. He temporarily acts as a Shapeshifter although he is the hero of the piece.

    Sometimes a hero must become a Shapeshifter to escape a trap or get past a Threshold Guardian. In Sister Act, Whoopi Goldberg s character, a Las Vegas lounge singer, disguises herself as a Catholic nun to keep from being killed as a witness to a mob murder.

    Villains or their allies may wear the Shapeshifter mask to seduce or confuse a hero. The wicked queen in Snow White assumes the form of an old crone to trick the hero into eating a poisoned apple.

    Shapeshifting is also a natural attribute of other archetypes such as Mentors and Tricksters. Merlin, Mentor of the King Arthur stories, frequently changes shape to aid Arthur s cause. The goddess Athena in The Odyssey assumes the appearance of many different humans to help Odysseus and his son.


    Shadows need not be totally evil or wicked. In fact, it's better if they are human ized by a touch of goodness, or by some admirable quality. The Disney animated ncartoons are memorable for their villains, such as Captain Hook in Peter Pan, the demon in Fantasia, the beautiful but wicked queen from Snow White, the glamorous fairy Maleficent in The Sleeping Beauty, and Cruelle D'Eville in One Hundred and One Dalmatians. They are even more deliciously sinister because of their dashing, powerful, beautiful, or elegant qualities.



    Ancient folktales tell of Allies even among the dead. The name for the band "The Grateful Dead" had its origins in a folktale term for the dead who give aid to living people in gratitude for doing something to set their souls at rest, such as paying a debt to give them decent burial. The Helpful Ghost is the title of a romance novel by Sheila Rosalind Allen in which a ghost sorts out romantic matters in an old house.


    Another folktale Ally motif is the "helpful servant," a stock character in tales of romance who helps the hero achieve his or her goal by carrying love letters and messages or providing disguises, hideaways, escape routes, and alibis. D'Artagnan's long-suffering valet Planchet is one of the helpful servants in The Three Musketeers and Dudley Moore's butler, played by stately John Gielgud, performs the role in Arthur.

    Batman's butler Alfred serves many roles and it should be noted that the Ally function can easily overlap with that of the Mentor, as Allies occasionally step up to the higher function of guiding the hero in spiritual or emotional matters.


    It's known to be funny someone may laugh ,but that doesn't mean a joke couldn't have been told better. Dopey does not mean funny. Funny does not mean foolish. Just be because a joke may be funny does not mean it will get a laugh..

    Tricksters are often catalyst characters, who affect the lives of others but are unchanged themselves. Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop displays Trickster energy as he stirs up the existing system without changing much himself.

    The heroes of comedy, from Charlie Chaplin to the Marx Brothers to the cast of "In Living Color," are Tricksters who subvert the status quo and make us laugh at ourselves. Heroes of other genres must often put on the Trickster mask in order to outwit a Shadow or get around a Threshold Guardian.

    Side characters may seem interesting by deductive reasoning, They usually fall into the categories above. They are given backstory to tie in to main plot bonce the role is over they as apposed to deductive reason. If the information given is used a bout a secondary characters there is not much more that can be derived..

    If every secondary character is given a detailed backstory worth exaggerated four thousand pages of content to flesh out a minor character. The core plot line would become muddled.

    The plot has to focus on a small detailed group in order for a story to end.

    Even though it is fan fiction is fair use under copyright law If characters and plots resemble cannon A faficton Author could be liable even if the justification and pending law suit. Is likely to be tossed immediately

    4 Reasons Readers Can Respect An Otherwise Awful Character

    How to Successfully Kill a Character: The Checklist

    Toneri Ōtsutsuki was almost created for the sole justification of Hinata and Naruto's romantic progression. Witch makes their relationship seem to build too fast they had what twenty four hours to save the planet. It uses Naruto's social denseness for reasoning. Which is explored in depth here. But it forgets that someone can be ignored by the subconscious. intent..

    3 Personality Types

    • Type A person.

    • Type B person.

    • Type C person.

    • The sanguine.

    • The choleric.

    • The melancholic.

    • The phlegmatic.

    Four temperaments is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types, sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable), choleric (ambitious and leader-like), melancholic (analytical and quiet), and phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful). Most formulations include the possibility of mixtures of the types.

    The Greek physician Hippocrates (460–370 BC) incorporated the four temperaments into his medical theories as part of the ancient medical concept of humorism, that four bodily fluids affect human personality traits and behaviors. Later discoveries in biochemistry have led modern medicine science to reject the theory of the four temperaments, although some personality type systems of varying scientific acceptance continue to use four or more categories of a similar nature.


    1 History and development

    2 The four temperament types

    o 2.1 Sanguine

    o 2.2 Choleric

    o 2.3 Melancholic

    o 2.4 Phlegmatic

    3 Decline in popularity

    4 Contemporary writings

    5 Cultural references

    6 See also

    7 References

    8 Further reading

    9 External links

    History and development

    Temperament theory has its roots in the ancient four humors theory. It may have origins in ancient Egypt[1] or Mesopotamia[2] but it was the Greek physician Hippocrates (460–370 BC) who developed it into a medical theory. He believed certain human moods, emotions and behaviors were caused by an excess or lack of body fluids (called "humors"): blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm. Next, Galen (AD 131–200) developed the first typology of temperament in his dissertation De temperamentis, and searched for physiological reasons for different behaviors in humans. He classified them as hot/cold and dry/wet taken from the Four Elements.[3] There could also be "balance" between the qualities, yielding a total of nine temperaments. The word "temperament" itself comes from Latin "temperare", "to mix". In the ideal personality, the complementary characteristics or warm-cool and dry-moist were exquisitely balanced. In four less ideal types, one of the four qualities was dominant over all the others. In the remaining four types, one pair of qualities dominated the complementary pair; for example, warm and moist dominated cool and dry. These latter four were the temperamental categories Galen named "sanguine", "choleric", "melancholic" and "phlegmatic" after the bodily humors, respectively. Each was the result of an excess of one of the humors that produced, in turn, the imbalance in paired qualities.[4[5[6]

    Choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic temperaments: 17c., part of the Grande Commande.

    In his Canon of Medicine (a standard medical text at many medieval universities), Persian polymath Avicenna (980–1037 AD) extended the theory of temperaments to encompass "emotional aspects, mental capacity, moral attitudes, self-awareness, movements and dreams."[7]

    Nicholas Culpeper (1616–1654), described the humours as acting as governing principles in bodily health, with astrological correspondences[8] and explained their influence upon physiognomy and personality.[9] Culpeper proposed that, while some people had a single temperament, others had an admixture of two, a primary and secondary temperament.[10] Immanuel Kant (1724–1804), Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925), Alfred Adler (1879–1937), Erich Adickes (1866–1925), Eduard Spranger (1914), Ernst Kretschmer (1920), and Erich Fromm (1947) all theorized on the four temperaments (with different names) and greatly shaped our modern theories of temperament. Hans Eysenck (1916–1997) was one of the first psychologists to analyze personality differences using a psycho-statistical method (factor analysis), and his research led him to believe that temperament is biologically based. The factors he proposed in his book Dimensions of Personality were Neuroticism (N) which was the tendency to experience negative emotions, and the second was Extraversion (E) which was the tendency to enjoy positive events, especially social ones. By pairing the two dimensions, Eysenck noted how the results were similar to the four ancient temperaments.

    Other researchers developed similar systems, many of which did not use the ancient temperament names, and several paired extroversion with a different factor, which would determine relationship/task-orientation. Examples are DiSC assessment, social styles, and a theory that adds a fifth temperament. One of the most popular today is the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, whose four temperaments were based largely on the Greek gods Apollo, Dionysus, Epimetheus and Prometheus, and were mapped to the 16 types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). They were renamed as Artisan (SP), Guardian (SJ), Idealist (NF), and Rational (NT). Rather than using extroversion and introversion (E/I) and task/people focus, like other theories, KTS mapped the temperaments to "Sensing" and "Intuition" (S/N, renamed "concrete" and "abstract") with a new pair category, "cooperative" and "pragmatic" . When "Role-Informative" and "Role-Directive" (corresponding to orientation to people or to task), and finally E/I are factored in, you attain the 16 types. Finally, the Interaction Styles of Linda V. Berens combines Directing and Informing with E/I to form another group of "styles" which greatly resemble the ancient temperaments, and these are mapped together with the Keirsey Temperaments onto the 16 types.

    Modern medical science has rejected the theories of the four temperaments, though their use persists as a metaphor within certain psychological fields.[11]

    Relation of various four temperament theories












    Socially useful




    The four temperament types

    Each of the four types of humors corresponded in ancient times to a different personality type. These were associated with a domination of various biological functions. Lievegoed suggested that the temperaments come to clearest manifestation in childhood, between approximately 6 and 14 years of age, after which they become subordinate (though still influential) factors in personality.[13]


    The sanguine temperament is traditionally associated with air. People with this temperament tend to be lively, sociable, carefree, talkative, and pleasure-seeking. They may be warm-hearted and optimistic. They can make new friends easily, be imaginative and artistic, and often have many ideas.[14[15] They can be flighty and changeable; thus sanguine personalities may struggle with following tasks all the way through and be chronically late or forgetful.[16]

    Pedagogically, they can be best reached through awakening their love for a subject and admiration of people.[16]


    The choleric temperament is traditionally associated with fire. People with this temperament tend to be egocentric and extroverted. They may be excitable, impulsive, and restless, with reserves of aggression, energy, and/or passion, and try to instill that in others. [14[15]

    They tend to be task-oriented people and are focused on getting a job done efficiently; their motto is usually "do it now." They can be ambitious, strong-willed and like to be in charge. They can show leadership, are good at planning, and are often practical and solution-oriented.[14] They appreciate receiving respect and esteem for their work.[16:20

    Pedagogically, they can be best reached through mutual respect and appropriate challenges that recognize their capacities.[16]


    Main article: Melancholia

    The melancholic temperament is traditionally associated with the element of earth. People with this temperament may appear serious, introverted, cautious or even suspicious. They can become preoccupied with the tragedy and cruelty in the world and are susceptible to depression and moodiness. They may be focused and conscientious. They often prefer to do things themselves, both to meet their own standards and because they are not inherently sociable.[15[14]

    Pedagogically, they can be best met by awakening their sympathy for others and the suffering of the world.[16]


    Phlegmatic by Lespagnandelle, part of the Grande Commande, Palace of Versailles.

    The phlegmatic temperament is traditionally associated with water. People with this temperament may be inward and private, thoughtful, reasonable, calm, patient, caring, and tolerant. They tend to have a rich inner life, seek a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, and be content with themselves. They tend to be steadfast, consistent in their habits, and thus steady and faithful friends.[14[15]

    Pedagogically, their interest is often awakened by experiencing others' interest in a subject.[16]

    People of this temperament may appear somewhat ponderous or clumsy. Their speech tends to be slow or appear hesitant.[14]

    Decline in popularity

    When the concept of the temperaments was on the wane, many critics dropped the phlegmatic, or defined it purely negatively, such as the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, as the absence of temperament. In the Five Temperaments theory, the classical Phlegmatic temperament is in fact deemed to be a neutral temperament, whereas the "relationship-oriented introvert" position traditionally held by the Phlegmatic is declared to be a new "fifth temperament." Gary Smalley has renamed these classifications into a more modern and relatable format based on commonly known animals. These he lists as the "otters" (sanguines), "lions" (cholerics), "golden retrievers" (phlegmatics), and "be

    Personality Explained

    Choleric Strengths

    D or Dominant in the DISC Profile Tool

    The Extrovert The Doer The Optimist

    The Choleric's Emotions

    Born leader

    Dynamic and active

    Compulsive need for change

    Must correct wrongs

    Strong-willed and decisive


    Not easily discouraged

    Independent and self sufficient

    Exudes confidence

    Can run anything

    The Choleric As A Parent

    Exerts sound leadership

    Establishes Goals

    Motivates family to action

    Knows the right answer

    Organizes household

    The Choleric At Work

    Goal oriented

    Sees the whole picture

    Organizes well

    Seeks practical solutions

    Moves quickly to action

    Delegates work

    Insists on production

    Makes the goal

    Stimulates activity

    Thrives on opposition

    The Choleric As a Friend

    Has little need for friends

    Will work for group activity

    Will lead and organize

    Is usually right

    Excels in emergencies

    Weaknesses of a Choleric

    The Extrovert The Doer The Optimist

    The Choleric's Emotions




    Can't Relax

    Too impetuous

    Enjoys controversy and arguments

    Won't give up when loosing

    Comes on too strong


    Is not complimentary

    Dislikes tears and emotions

    Is unsympathetic

    The Choleric As A Parent

    Tends to over dominate

    Too busy for family

    Gives answers too quickly

    Impatient with poor performance

    Won't let children relax

    May send them into depression

    The Choleric At Work

    Little tolerance for mistakes

    Doesn't analyze details

    Bored by trivia

    May make rash decisions

    May be rude or tactless

    Manipulates people

    Demanding of others

    End justifies the means

    Work may become his god

    Demands loyalty in the ranks

    The Choleric As a Friend

    Tends to use people

    Dominates others

    Knows everything

    Decides for others

    Can do everything better

    Is to independent

    Possessive of friends and mate

    Can't say, "I'm Sorry"

    May be right, but unpopular

    Strengths of a Sanguine

    I or Intuitive - in the DISC Profile

    The Extrovert The Talker The Optimist

    The Sanguine's Emotions

    Appealing personality

    Talkative, Storyteller

    Life of the Party

    Good sense of humor

    Memory for color

    Physically holds on to listener

    Emotional and demonstrative

    Enthusiastic and expressive

    Cheerful and bubbling over


    Good on stage

    Wide-eyed and innocent

    Lives in the present

    Changeable disposition

    Sincere at heart

    Always a child

    The Sanguine As A Parent

    Makes Home Fun

    Is liked by children's friends

    Turns disaster into humor

    Is the circus master

    The Sanguine At Work

    Volunteers for Jobs

    thinks up new activities

    Looks great on the Surface

    Creative and colorful

    Has energy and enthusiasm

    Starts in a flashy way

    Inspires others to join

    charms others to work

    The Sanguine As a Friend

    Makes friends easily

    Loves People

    Thrives on compliments

    Seems exciting

    envied by others

    Doesn't hold grudges

    apologizes quickly

    Prevents dull moments

    Likes spontaneous activities

    Weaknesses of a Sanguine

    The Extrovert The Talker The Optimist

    The Sanguine's Emotions

    Compulsive talker

    Exaggerates and elaborates

    Dwells on trivia

    Can't remember names

    Scares others off

    Too happy for some

    Has restless energy


    Blusters and complains

    Naive, gets taken in

    Has loud voice and laugh

    Controlled by circumstances

    Gets angry easily

    Seems phony to some

    Never Grows Up

    The Sanguine As A Parent

    Keeps home in a frenzy

    Forgets children's appointments


    Doesn't listen to the whole story

    The Sanguine At Work

    Would rather talk

    forgets obligations

    Doesn't follow through

    Confidence fades fast


    Priorities out of order

    Decides by feelings

    Easily distracted

    Wastes time talking

    The Sanguine As a Friend

    Hates to be alone

    Needs to be center stage

    Wants to be popular

    Looks for credit

    dominates conversations

    Interrupts and doesn't listen

    answers for others

    Fickle and forgetful

    Makes excuses

    Repeats stories

    Strengths of a Melancholy

    C or Conscientious - in the DISC Profile

    The Introvert The Thinker The Pessimist

    The Melancholy's Emotions

    Deep and thoughtfully


    Serious and purposeful

    Genius prone

    Talented and creative

    Artistic or musical

    Philosophical and poetic

    appreciative of beauty

    Sensitive to others




    The Melancholy As A Parent

    Sets high standards

    Wants everything done right

    Keeps home in good order

    Picks up after children

    Sacrifices own will for others

    Encourages scholarship and talent

    The Melancholy At Work

    Schedule oriented

    Perfectionist, high standards

    Detail conscious

    Persistent and thorough

    Orderly and organized

    Neat and tidy


    Sees the problems

    Finds creative solutions

    Needs to finish what he starts

    Likes charts, graphs, figures, lists

    The Melancholy As a Friend

    Makes friends cautiously

    Content to stay in background

    Avoids causing attention

    Faithful and devoted

    Will listen to complaints

    Can solve other's problems

    Deep concern for other people

    Moved to tears with compassion

    Seeks ideal mate

    Weakness of a Melancholy

    The Introvert The Thinker The Pessimist

    The Melancholy's Emotions

    Remembers the negatives

    Moody and depressed

    Enjoys being hurt

    Has false humility

    Off in another world

    Low self-image

    Has selective hearing


    Too introspective

    Guilt feelings

    Persecution complex

    Tends to hypochondria

    The Melancholy As A Parent

    Puts goals beyond reach

    May discourage children

    May be too meticulous

    Becomes martyr

    Sulks over disagreements

    Puts guilt upon children

    The Melancholy At Work

    Not people oriented

    Depressed over imperfections

    Chooses difficult work

    Hesitant to start projects

    Spends to much time planning

    Prefers analysis to work


    Hard to please

    Standards often to high

    Deep need for approval

    The Melancholy As a Friend

    Lives through others

    Insecure socially

    Withdrawn and remote

    critical of others

    Holds back affections

    Dislikes those in opposition

    Suspicious of people

    Antagonistic and vengeful


    Full of contradictions

    Skeptical of compliments

    Strengths of a Phlegmatic

    The Introvert The Watcher The Pessimist

    Steady - S in DISC Profile

    The Phlegmatic's Emotions

    Low-key personality

    Easygoing and relaxed

    Calm, cool and collected

    Patient well balanced

    Consistent life

    Quiet but witty

    Sympathetic and kind

    Keeps emotions hidden

    Happily reconciled to life

    All-purpose person

    The Phlegmatic As A Parent

    Makes a good parent

    Takes time for the children

    Is not in a hurry

    Can take the good with the bad

    Doesn't get upset easily

    The Phlegmatic At Work

    Competent and steady

    Peaceful and agreeable

    Has administrative ability

    Mediates problems

    Avoids conflicts

    Good under pressure

    Finds the easy way

    The Phlegmatic As a Friend

    Easy to get along with

    Pleasant and enjoyable


    Good listener

    Dry sense of humor

    Enjoys watching people

    Has many friends

    Has compassion and concern

    Weaknesses of a Phlegmatic

    The Introvert The Watcher The Pessimist

    The Phlegmatic's Emotions


    Fearful and worried


    Avoids responsibility

    Quiet will of iron


    To shy and reticent

    Too compromising


    The Phlegmatic As A Parent

    Lax on discipline

    Doesn't organize home

    Takes life to easy

    The Phlegmatic At Work

    Not goal oriented

    Lacks self motivation

    Hard to get moving

    Resents being pushed

    Lazy and careless

    Discourages others

    Would rather watch

    The Phlegmatic As a Friend

    Dampens enthusiasm

    Stays uninvolved

    Is not exciting

    Indifferent to plans

    Judges others

    Sarcastic and teasing

    Resists change

    The Complex Relationship Between -id and -or

    January 28, 2010 at 5:00 pm (Alchemy, Ancient Greece, Egypt, Etymology, Health and Medicine, Linguistics, Modern World, seismology, The Ancient World, The Four Humours, Water) (ancient medicine, choleric, conjugation, four humors, four humours, humor, irrational geographic, latin roots, liquor, melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, temblor, temblorous, valor, vapor)

    The English language, notorious for its pervasive irregularities and apparent inconsistencies, includes a trend that, when applied to certain word forms, leads to some curious results. The trend to which I refer is the relationship of adjectives ending in –id to corresponding nouns ending in –or. This trend is seen exclusively amongst words with Latin roots. Here is a table containing some examples of such adjectives:

    List 1: Adjectives and corresponding nouns that follow the -id --> -or pattern

    It should be noted that stupor is not the exact noun form of stupid, which is actually stupidity. And, while stupidity and stupor convey different nuances, there is enough overlap in their definitions to make the noun-verb connection apparent. There are, however, just as many adjectives ending in –id with corresponding nouns that do not follow this trend. These nouns tend to end in the more common –idity and –ness. Here are some examples:

    List 2: Adjectives and corresponding nouns that do not follow the -id --> -or pattern

    This second list acts as a reminder of just how irregular English conjugation is. A much more interesting list, however, includes adjectives ending in –id which, if run through the -id ? -or conjugation mechanism, produce curious results. The following list includes the grammatically correct noun forms of these adjectives, as well as a list of nouns ending in -or which could possibly share some etymological relationship to the corresponding adjectives:

    List 3: Adjectives with corresponding nouns that do not follow the -id --> -or pattern, but for which there exist other nouns, whether related to the initial adjectives or not, that do fall into the pattern

    This is the list of most interest because, unlike the others, it does not merely consist of examples and counterexamples of the -id –> -or pattern. It presents us with an opportunity to explore the relationships between certain adjectives and the nouns that, coincidentally or not, are spelled and pronounced so as to fit the pattern established by the first list. Could the italicized nouns give us a glimpse into arcane uses of these adjectives? It requires no stretch of the imagination to see how the meaning of valid could be related to that of valor, the actions of a person possessing the Greek quality of valor being considered valid by the societal norms of the time. Similarly, it is easy to see how a relationship between liquid and liquor could exist somewhere in the recesses of word origins. But what of vapid ? vapor and humid ? humor?

    While the word vapid is most commonly used as a synonym for insipid or lifeless, the Oxford English Dictionary reveals that, in the 17th century, vapid was used to mean, “Of a damp or steamy character; dank, vaporous.” Here, it seems, lies the –id ? -or connection between vapid and vapor, an outdated relationship betrayed by the modern word forms in which it no doubt resulted. To unearth the connection between humid and humor also requires the pondering of a definition that has fallen out of use. The Oxford English Dictionary lists, among its definitions of humid, several relevant usages that haven’t been common for centuries. While the primary definition is, “Slightly wet as with steam, suspended vapor, or most; moist, damp.”, several historical uses of the word include, “In medieval physiology, said of elements, humours…Said of a chemical process in which liquid is used…Of diseases: Marked by a moist discharge.” This conception of humor (a reference to the Four Humours or Temperaments, medical notions that hearken back to ancient Egypt and Greece), here referring to wetness, gave rise to our modern notion of the word, currently used to mean, “Mood natural to one’s temperament…” and, “The faculty of perceiving what is ludicrous or amusing, or of expressing it in speech, writing, or other composition.” To uncover the relationship requires a look at classical medicine and its assumptions regarding the functioning of the human body.

    A chart outlining the relationship of the four humours (blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm) with the physical body and its personality traits

    According to this conception of human health, one whose composition is characterized by moistness walks the line between sanguine and phlegmatic. Those with sanguine temperaments were ascribed the traits of extroversion and sociability, while phlegmatics were considered kind and relaxed. It does not require a far leap to bridge the gap between the ancient notion of physiological humidity and our contemporary use of the word humorous to suggest a jovial and comedic personality. The following image shows how moisture was associated with a sanguine-phlegmatic temperament:

    Having deciphered the aforementioned relationships through a bit of etymological archaeology, it seems necessary to address one final list of words. Here is a list of common nouns ending in –or with corresponding adjectives that seem to follow no discernable pattern:

    List 4: Nouns ending in -or with corresponding adjectives that do not follow the -id --> -or pattern

    While this last list does not present any immediately obvious clues regarding outdated word usage, it leads to another interesting line of inquiry. Why is there no adjective form of temblor in the English language, whether modern or arcane? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the world temblor, synonymous with earthquake, is an Americanism not seen in print earlier than 1876. Since the word is so young and is not commonly used, perhaps it simply never had the chance to sprout related adjectives. Perchance this could lead to the temblorous conclusion that English word forms only emerge if they are necessary, and do not merely arise out of grammatical convention.

    • Aggressive. The aggressive woman, aggressive personality types, like to take

    command of situations. On the positive side, they're goal-directed and

    adventurous and these types are often very ambitious.

    • The sensitive.he sensitive type, sensitive personality types tend to be reserved, modest

    people who have a keen awareness of other people's feelings. On the

    positive side, they're creative. They are loving. They are modest.

    Sensitive types are conscientious and tend to be loyal and trustworthy and

    they can be artistically inclined and good writers. On the negative side,

    they have a tendency to withdraw and that can sometimes lead to avoiding

    social events and missing opportunities in their work and in their personal

    life. In the dating scene, sensitive types tend to have good listening skills

    on a date. They're attentive and caring and they tend to develop close

    relationships. However their calm, reserved demeanor can sometimes be

    misinterpreted as cold which can make for ?rst dates that are very dif?cult

    or starting up contact with them or connection with them being very

    dif?cult. That's the sensitive type.

    • The dramatic.There is the dramatic type. The dramatic personalities are emotional and

    extroverted usually enjoying attention and socializing. On the positive

    side, they're expressive, lively and they're dramatic and they often excel in

    entertaining, being the entertainers and in the media and they're very often

    the life of the party, which you might think of from actors and actresses.


    On the negative side, they have emotional ups and downs that can cause

    problems in various areas of life, their life and yours. In the dating scene,

    the dramatic type sometimes neglect others when they're too focused on

    turning the spotlight on themselves, which can lead to frustration for their

    partners. However, dramatic types tend to be fun and engaging dates who

    excel at conversation.

    Again, ?nd yourself in these categories and then ?gure out what it is that

    sounds most appealing for you in a woman.

    • The laid back. The laid-back type, these are leisurely and care free. Leisurely types are

    easily-going and agreeable, equally happy with or without company. On

    the positive side, they're calm. They're deliberate. They're ?exible.

    Leisurely types thrive in a ?exible environment without strict rules or

    assigned roles. On the negative, if they reject social norms too much

    leisurely types can ?nd themselves isolated from others. In the dating

    scene, the laid back type is not abiding by traditional dating rules.

    City girl. This is the urban girl, very hip and likes to go out to bars

    and clubs.

    • Granola. She's a little bit more down to earth, a little more of an

    earthy girl.

    • Yoga girl, a little bit more spiritual.

    • Alpha woman. She's the one that's very nurturing but very, very

    sexual in a lot of ways.

    • Ms. Intimacy, she's really into deep, deep connection.

    • The housewife, the woman who just wants to nurture and have kids.

    • The librarian, the bookwormy.

    • The princess diva type of a woman. This is more speaking to



    • The sensual woman, very sexual and physical.

    • The party girl, always looking for the next good time.

    • The drama queen, who wants to make a big deal out of everything. I

    often experience drama queen and party girl uni?ed together in the

    same person. But you'll never know, it can be separate.

    • The sporty girl. She's very physically active and very into sports and

    • The mother nurturer.

    A number of reviews have ad hominem fallacy attacks on either characters they don't like other authors themselves it doesn't matter the section of the site.another example .this site alone is filled with them.

    Well in to even the middle of part two they still did not trust Naruto that much.

    Masashi Kishimoto doesn't know how to write female along with other mangaka this is seen a lot. Kishimoto knows how to write a female his own way. The minute someone writes a character with a Vagina,

    ‘Strong’ female:

    He made me feel so dirty—how dare he deny me sex? I was a horny woman who really wanted to have sex and this douche just refuses to fuck me? Wow. Just. Wow. Who does he think he is? How do you think that makes me feel? That’s right, violated. He’s not a real man.

    You can’t possibly understand how hard it was. Here I was, wanting to have sex, and the guy I wanted to have sex with was denying me what I wanted. It was so bizarre, I’d never experienced anything like it. I couldn’t believe it, I had shown such courage by taking sexual initiative only to be turned down? DISEMPOWERING!! Denying me sex was his way of trying to regain patriarchal power over me, he was no doubt intimidated by a strong woman like myself, saying no was a desperate attempt to try to show that he was the boss. That’s as much a Patriarchal power move as rape—in fact, it is rape. Denying a woman sexual fulfillment is rape. He didn’t force me to have sex with him, but he forced me not to have sex with him when I really wanted to—this is obviously just as bad.


    Taken from- When He Says “No”: Denying A Woman Sex Is Rape by Anne Gus

    The death of flirting and real seduction in place of fake arrogance and cheap insults that go nowhere on to strong female character list

    females create males by constant rejection. Before this happens males will let females get away and do amything to make a females life eaiser. No male is taught to hate females if it happens it happens over a long time.

    Greatest Female Movie Characters

    The Bride (Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Kill Bill: Vol. 2) pushes the boundaries of just or insane

    Carrie White (Carrie)

    Browbeaten by her religious mother and shunned by classmates, Sissy Spacek turns her gift -- telekinesis -- against her tormenters. unstable frome the start maternal abuse did not help any.

    18 Annie Wilkes (Misery)

    Kathy Bates plays a writer's nightmare, willing to make the novelist who killed off her favorite character, Misery Chastain, wish he were dead. clearly a physcopathh by the strict sense.

    19 Erin Brockovich (Erin Brockovich)

    Julia Roberts's single mom spearheads a successful lawsuit against a group of corporate polluters. 77 897

    20 Blanche DuBois (A Streetcar Named Desire)

    Vivien Leigh's southern belle flees scandal at home only to have her brother-in-law destroy her veneer of gentility.

    yeah because all men think about is sex right this works

    Read more: Gender and Crime - Differences Between Male And Female Offending Patterns

    One general characteristic does not make someone one strong V from Vigina to skin tone as bace bone does not make one strong.

    the ten feminist commandments

    1. Thou shalt have lots of sex with lots of different men.

    2. Thou shalt be allowed to have an abortion at any time for any reason.

    3. Thou shalt ignore thy biological clock and, if necessary,

    create new methods of conception.

    4. Thou shalt pursue demanding careers and pay other women to raise thy children.

    5. Thou shalt not feel guilty about pursuing demanding careers and paying other women to raise thy children.

    6. Thou shalt be allowed to divorce at any time and keep custody of the children.

    7. Thou shalt be inseminated if thou doesn’t get

    married but still wants children.

    8. Thou shalt belittle men until their manhood is gone.

    9. Thou shalt not take thine husband’s name.

    10. Thou shalt demean all full-time homemakers and Conservative women.

    Flipside Of Feminism.

    Is this really a strong female...

    This is why a 'Sakura' is not needed

    Embrace the Road to Hell

    As Hemingway once so elegantly put it, “the first draft of anything is shit.”

    And that’s only when one produces something so elaborate as to be called a “draft”.

    Most of the time, writing remains stillborn, in a kind of literary purgatory. Outlines, random notes, sketches, hackneyed bits and pieces – they have a way of quickly prematurely bursting into life, only to suddenly stop breathing and just hang there.

    Philip Roth was slightly more inclusive when he said “the road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.”

    Both Hemingway and Roth touch on the elemental truth of all writing: it’s not good.

    At least not at first.

    Kerouac’s celestial typewriter notwithstanding, good writing doesn’t just naturally “babble flow”. And when it does, it’s usually shit.

    Get over this quickly, and take the next step in the journey. The one where you get to murder children.


    1. Members of team seven are not likely to directly interact to say they just dislike one another.

    2. Naruto will not fear tailed beasts.

    3. Naruto will not interact with Tsunade ,Orochimaru and Jiraiya.

    4. Sakura and Naruto will not interact.

    5. The interactions or lack thereof will be addressed with anyone will be addressed with in the first five chapters along with what it affects and changes.

    6. People that do not like one another will not interact with one another; if they do nothing will be spoken likely ever.

    7. Phrases like: For fear of the Kyuubi taking over their child's soul ,its the fox, is it free is this the power of the fox etc will not happen.

    8. Being with the inheritor of a clan or teammate it is ill advised he teammate stipulation is more along the lines of ninja regulations and what have you. While it's not a direct rule it should be.

    9. A cannon event or two will be the same then the story will mostly be it's own unless a certain event needs to be similar for the spine of a story.

    10. No, matter the age of someone speech should always be written in normal spoken languages.

    11. Where ever Naruto goes the Tailed beasts will tag along in some fashion or a least be represented in some way.

    12. Minato was conceptualized way before Uzumaki were if they were ever ideas at the same time given the history of the Uzumaki Naruto's hair would have had a higher chance to be red. But be cause Minato's formed first Naruto was given his his general look.

    13. Person from series A's abilities should be adjusted to fit within series B's scope otherwise the person from series A has little value in series B the same goes for a person the goes from B to A.

    14. Sasuke and Naruto will only cross paths once if at all they are not likely to influence one another at because in cannon and most fiction they influence each other almost too much. Sasuke is not a foil for Naruto he takes a larger focus.

    15. If tailed beasts do speak it will be calm and rational. Not brat this ,brat that or stupid or brat every other color of the rainbow.

    16. Since there are practically millions of comments like this almost everywhere a person turns,
    Naruto's only Ninjutsu is Kage Bunshin no jutsu he hasn't the control to use the academy Bunshin he will not use shadows for much in any story or he would not get them . But if that is the case it's very likely that he will not want or have anything to do with ninja. In the case that he is his hand to hand will be very high or he will have a different way to defense.

    17. Totals for Akatsuki 32,32.5,35.5,34.5 32.5 most of their taijutsu is 4-4.5, Obito's taijutsu 2 his total is 18 Orochimaru and Naruto are 3.5 Orochimaru's total is 35 Naruto's is 26 Shikamaru's is 24 hand to hand 2,Sasuke's total is 18.5-31.5.

    18. Because Naruto has shadow clone it saved an army twice and three dozen or more people several dozen times. Not to mention at least ten people from all around the elemental nations know it but would die if the made more then five. Then there’s at least eight people that know it within the village so go head and get rid of them too.

    19. Authors tend to write Naruto with an absolute hate or love for this reason Naruto will be written with a certain level of indifference.

    20. Improper use of the word Arrogant is used in almost every story it's either used almost completely wrong,has improper placement or is used in great excess to describe something that is self-confidence.

    21. There are no set cannon parings in anything unless a relationship is started before in the planing process.
    Example Goku was not written to be with Chi-Chi it evolved into that. Vegetto and Bulma were not necessarily written for each other unless there meant for plot convergences no one is meant to be with a character or unless it physiologically organic.

    22. If Naruto is striped of all it's sometimes ill timed humor it for as funny as it tries to be is very serious as a series.

    23. Everyone thinks the scroll indecent is a key plot point it's actually not because without it Naruto's outlook would not change that much he just would not have the support of an instructor that didn't like him from the start of the series.

    24. Sakura wouldn't even be a blip on Tsunade's radar without Naruto. If Tsunade's second apprenticeship as a slim chance of going to Tenten. But that's not likely because then Tsunade would have never set foot one in the village ordered or not.

    25. All stories will be some what close to the term 'The Jersey Trilogy' but then, may not look it at first glance.

    26. A tree, a woman and and a fruit after she ate the fruit she gave birth to a monk the tree wanted it's power back it became the first bijuu it got angry tried to drain the world of energy. The woman ate the fruit to put an end to war the tailed beasts are roughly nine parts of a living intelligent divine plant. This can only be read by Uchiha because of their eye.

    27. In efforts to write a person ‘in character’ a person will end up with some so far out of character it's not even close to funny. Just keep within the scope of a personality.

    28. Forced team seven reunion no matter what type of story is written will not happen.

    29. Sex to reinforce good behavior You need to train him. Huh? Oprah said that when two people meet,they are forced to point out each other's differences and flaws that just means you have time to mold him the way you want him to be. People will leave some if they actually do these things.

    30. No permanent gender shifts without a responsible logical explanation or something that falls within the realm of plausibility.

    31. People forget that to be a ninja is in affect to believe in a religious Sect and in any riligon there is always a ' Saviour of this World' first was Hagoromo, Nagato then Minato Namikaze LAST Naruto Uzumaki this title was NOT by his choosing.

    32. Blind characters in Naruto don't make any sense in a series where anyone could have their eyes replaced. Byakugan, Rinnegan, and Sharingan are all implanted in someone that normally wouldn't have them. Sharingan Kakashi Hatake with Danzō Shimura has upwards of ten plus one in his actual socket. Byakugan is implanted in Ao a Village Hidden by Mist ninja.

    33. Madara and Hashirama spar at a very high level an no they are not the exception to the rule given there are Chūnin at twelve and Jōnin at six so non-whatever flags in summaries are kind of pointless.

    What this does is in connon where characters have sucess it's known by the audince that that should suceed the weakess or loss will seem false. Don't like Don't read is softball deflecetion of personal resoponably

    34. At no point in any story will females beat males for the sake of humor then act then meak two chapters lateed er then have to be saved by practically every single other person in the series.

    35. No memory erasure does not advance plot it in fact regresses it entirely. It has no point at all.

    36. Narurko does not exist in any capacity it only got a fiction category based on popularity. it's only Naruto's temporary female transformation.

    37. The reasons people use to hold back someone's abilities are barely justified.

    38. Because someone is drunk they didn't mean what they said so they should automaticly be forgiven. No , this is when someone says what theey mean. the most. This actually in writing a lot.

    39. Having an antagonist win just to say yay the protagonist lost is; not revolutionary no need to act like it is.. A major death or absences must affect plot or person.

    40. The the them how it is or no one wants to read your story produce your movie and so on. There is no need to state the obvious. A writer already knows this. If their ego hasn't been told no at all there are a number of blogs and books that tell a writer this. If they have a normal ego this won't matter. Most books on writing tell the reader they will fail. So this unfunded.

    41. Chakra cannot be taught to anyone that canonnot use it. Because of chakra fruit. No where had cannon stated that Hagoromo Ōtsutsuk was human that was just a theroy given when the he Sage of the Six Paths was not given a name. Think of things like. Purity, from X-Files. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki,Hagoromo and Hamura. Through deductive reason make more sense than religious. Alien Hagoromo makes the concept more grouned.

    42. Revenge plots in any medium Novel, Fanfiction or otherwise are flimsy at best. If reprisal happens the relief and positive response after just lasts for a short period. The turmoil around the event should conclude in space unless there exist labels for a primary or secondary mental disorder.

    43. Turning a straight character gay is seen as a revelation. But to turn a gay straight is somehow blasphemy...But...Why ...

    44. Kurama cannot write So giving him the ability to give sage advice is odd. Because anything Kurama did was for his own benfit and only for his benfit. Don't use :

    “Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.” ― Robert E. Howard For justafacation it does not work any more.

    45. .”Rock lee can’t use any jutsu.”

    – He can, but he’s just really bad at it.

    -Taken from 10 Things Naruto Fans Got Totally Wrong

    By Sohel Moldharia

    46. Hunter x Hunter is better then anything it's not you do know that artists in the same group type take from one another...Cryptomnesia...

    Note these are just patterens everyone seem to use.

    47. Naruto is Harry Potter

    Percy Jackson is Harry Potter more than Naruto.

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released in June 1997-

    Naruto is based on a one-shot manga released in August 1997.

    80's and 90's manga took from Blade Runner. Go after Ridley Scott

    Ghost in the Shell took elements as well.

    Akira, Astro Boy and Gigantor.

    Were The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    as to was Godzilla a reflection of this.

    explosions of this nature are also in Dragon Ball Z ,Trigun,

    Struck by the Black Rain and Naruto. Go after the military.

    Harry Potter isn't much of anything

    as much as bits and pieces taken

    from everything else.

    By then numbers,

    Ino was top student not Sakura ,Sasuke or Hinata Sakura can repeat a text book word for word other then this they are middle of the road students.


    At the the start of the series it there's bits of evidence that Naruto could barely read if you look close enough is could be seen as a method of control. No one wanted Naruto to be a ninja anyway. Naruto may not have wanted to be a ninja when he was a child but by what he was told and saw he had no choice. He did not have any "freedom". Iruka was ordered to be his instructor and than to be his friend was ignored until the scroll incident. all the other instructors told him to 'do the right thing'. Most of the time was ignored or yelled at. The third never interacted with him unless necessary he was 'programmed' to think he was his friend to act as a leash he was put on team Kakashi to be subdued if he got out of control; Jiraiya taught him very little only to be given enough power when necessary he had freedom only in a controlled environment. that's the warden being nice to you he's too docile because He doesn't know any different his personality is based on look at me I did good what will you give me now master.

    Every time Jiraya asked him to go with him, he always declined his offer because he knew that Jiraya was pervert. He knew that Jiraya will also waste his time, and slow his training down... Naruto didn't think too highly of Jiraiya

    He hasn't received the proper attention so he latches on to what ever he gets. Iruka is his tamer. No one honestly trust him, you can see that by who is there guarding him they much rather kill him as for love he has no clue as to what that is he now is begun to see what lies are but is still to gullible. as for precious people that's the first idea he ran into that struck a chord, but also played into the manipulation. as did the 'friendship' with Saskue. The pain arc Iruka kept his distance out of what seemed like guilt and undersecretary the Hinata confession was out of admiration Sakura's was to ease her own guilt. his obsession with Sasuke is because his personality is very skewed. His 'stupidity' is not all his fault he lacks balanced personality wise the times when he is alone he's been very reflective and quiet, the most detailed and intensive training he got was from the toads. Tsunade may care for him but only as much as needed that's it. Their first interaction went some thing like this the woman insults him, push him into an unfair bet then considers essentially killing him It's like what Anko said to Naruto "Tough guys like you usually leave their blood all over this forest after fling a weapon at him and licking his cheek. That was done to just Naruto and no one else.

    When his real reaction should be "I'm sick of all the lies in my life up yours..I don't care." It's going to be listen and your opinion doesn't matter if you deify us we'll kill you. He'll retreat back and do to training like a whipped puppy. He wants to be a kage but that's not what he needs a real family not some ghosts he way he reacts to things now is a direct result of everyone lying right to his face his entire life and people are mad at how he reacts now why? When someone hides so many things from you how are you exacted to work on your flaws with no one really there to guide you does anyone else find it troubling the the only one that was ever honest was Motoi or some other 'enemy nin'. If it wasn't for Orochimaru and Akatsuki not one person would have helped Naruto. Bijuu are not "deus ex machina” . As they did next to nothing on the first part of the series and very little in the second. That wold require a level of omnipotence that they don't have.

    Epilogue chapters Sakura Hinata- Naruto ends up with Hinata again this is something she wanted they had two kids. This almost completely dismisses Naruto's individual feelings. But since he considers the entire Elemental Notations his family it makes it Alright. But , again We have Sasuke 's feelings of dislike for Sakura are completely forgotten this is passed off of a similar scene when h first defected to justify Sakura's feels, Sakura gets what she wants and they have a child. This completely dismissal of Sasuke 's individual feelings as with Naruto.

    Naruto and Sasuke clear things up and explain why they are close to each other. The couples are as set are set for the sake of plot not actual interaction.


    Naruto is used to negative attention from everyone. Sakura the villagers Iruka who all use some sort of physical force to get his attention Sakura almost punches every time he gets some sort of physical affection from someone hugs from other females he get punched on the head for bring perverted when it's just a simple hug.. They show him some positive affection although very little he latches on to that thinking it's am honest friendship when it's not but he never had any real friends so that's what he thinks the are every on calls him stupid even Sarutobi at a few points..and how it saves them at some points like when he was in the forest looking for a corpse to get some 'friends' he found a weapon with a map on it he sets off traps in the forest while they are chasing him Iruka reports this and the hokage says something like it looks like his stupidity save us again. Kakashi is not bad just a bit laxs unless serious if Sarutobi told Naruto about his status he would have known what the glares were for. We've seen assassination attempts on Bee and Garra just because we didn't see them happen with Naruto doesn't mean they didn't happen.. Months,weeks, days and years etc. Pass between events in a series. Not every event can be accounted for in between one event to another. Practically none of the rookies gave him the time of day before the chunin exams and got their kicks out of making fun of him. This evident in what Kurenai thought when he fought Kiba.

    Team seven apprenticeship switch

    Tsunade, Orochimaru, Jiraiya

    if all three members of team seven met Jiraiya the way Naruto did Sakura and Sasuke would likely dismiss him in their own way and be reminded of Naruto. If Orochimaru was Naruto's instructor he wouldn't be a copy of Sasuke the traits in Naruto's personality that are like Orochimaru would surface. Sasuke wouldn’t likely tolerate Tsunade very long Naruto would get beat up to learn something. Orochimaru as Sakura's teacher she may just die or become more unstable the she was inner Sakura is an extreme instability. No matter the way it's looked at.


    Doesn't know what it really is the first time he heard some say it was under dress and he's never herd it before he didn't even react that same person said she wanted to over take him then the second was under false pretenses it took him 300 chapters to I hate lairs and told her The was third was from his mom that's the only one that seemed real.. his reaction to his father seemed to be a conditioned one not an authentic one that and he didn't say much...He's useless nothing but a shadow. Naruto isn't used to positive attention he takes any he can get. If Naruto wasn't so stunted and more receptive to forming bonds He would be able to see that the bonds he has aren't really what they are. From the way he treats Sakura the concept of affection on not lost just misinterpreted. If someone with a balanced temperament with. Naruto's personality would see Hinata as an associate. Hinata's admiration is based solely on Naruto's confidence. All she sees is a source of confidence not a ccomplete person with actual emotions. It's like stupid is all that is seen, stupid is all that is written. The filler and movie girls love him more then any canon girl.


    Ookni didn't seem to care he was the first to actually try to help him.


    No one really teaches him much and people glare at him almost look through him seeing him as the fox or a copy of his mother or farther, or brother or lover never as himself.. His idiocy is emphasized while his calm reflective and fragile nature are downplayed and shown few and far between. If Naruto's stupid then Rock Lee and Kiba Inuzuka aren't that far behind as all three share simalarites. But, no one will call them stupid that's all left for Naruto. everyone in the series has some sort of mental issue but most pick at Naruto How would someone else's personality develop if put in the same situation try to get attention so someone shows you how do something and it doesn't happen. For Naruto it was to stop trying and start the pranks to get the negative attention he was used to...It's stated repeatedly that he has his mothers personality so if he's so hated for that by extension his mother is as well. Goku and Yusuke Urameshi share traits with him. Ramen is Naruto's favorite food...does he eat it a lot..yes..Is he going to die with out it? No. Ever since meeting his mother he only mentioned being Hokage to her and hasn't really made mention of it since. Naruto's social standards are completely different then some who had support of family that is a major flaw in his development. That why he acts the way he does. He knows this. His sexy jutsu which he used a possible total of four times is only for emergencies; he used it to escape Ebisu. He taught it to Konohamaru for the very same reason Fool Sarutobi, Screw with Iruka and get Jiraiya to train him. But he is very male. He's been controlled all his life. He would not voluntary submit to anyone. Yet writers have him bowing to a kage or shaking and stuttering in front of Bijuu that have virtually no power over him.Naruto has Hashirama's personality traits but was treated more like Madara. But Sasuke took Madara's course of action.

    Sasuke is only alive because Naruto wouldn't kill him he could have at the hospital and the valley the fact that he doesn’t kill unnecessarily it what prevented him from doing it. That retrieval mission was not his idea at all. If Naruto would kill it would be a different story all together. If Orochimaru was captured he would have been executed so why in every fiction does Sasuke get a reprieve and Naruto get banished or executed. In darker fiction Naruto is some how less intelligent then he actually is and No one else can do wrong or is as stupid as him. When there are other examples of characters with just as many flaws if mot more. As for him being loud that's a trait from his mother. As for his wanting to show off and be big and pranks. Again from his mother and himself but also the village as well. Kiba a friend who calls there friend dead last and claims them to be easy in a one one one combat match. Sure a…friend...Sasuke and Naruto never shook hands when they first fought and are seriously annoyed by one another but sure they are friends because of some diluted rivalry.

    Every time Naruto says "Don't underestimate me! I don't quit and I don't run! You can act tough all you want! You're not gonna scare me off! No way! I don't care if I DO get stuck as a genin for the rest of my life! I'll still be Hokage someday!" or And my future dream is to be the greatest Hokage! Then the whole village will stop disrespecting me and start treating me like I'm somebody. Somebody important!" or I am Naruto Uzumaki, ninja of Konoha. My dream is to become Hokage! One to surpass all the previous Hokage. To become a bigger badass than my father! To become stronger shinobi than my mother!" It's like Gaara saying "I shall kill you. I will not cease to exist. or Tobi with I'm no one… I don't want to be anyone. All I care about is completing the Eye of the Moon Plan."

    Naruto only cares about proving he does exist not necessarily being a kage. As much as people want to say he's normal. He certainly speaks like someone who isn't. He may speak in a cheerful manner but by saying he'll be better the all Hokages he doesn't want to be in anyone's shadow his father's the least. What if his overall treatment made him not want to be a ninja what then...Someone like Naruto can not be hit or yelled at and then expect good results when it comes to learning someone he will listen if someone just talks to him.

    When Naruto grins it's with his eyes closed in the team photo he's looking at Sauske and has an odd mad look at him hid photo id is a joke every other shot of him he has a neutral expression and yet countless people say he grins too much.

    this you will not see:

    Naruto-Sakura she's manipulative just like the rest of them.. She is not Tsundere she is a hero that is not a hero ..Tsunade is closer to that archetype then Sakura . Multiple personality Disorder 'Inner Sakura'. Sakura and Kushina they may be slightly similar but they are nothing alike it's an unfair compression Sakura may be book smart. But she's still disconnected. Naruto saw that she was popular and figured by association he would be as well. Naruto wanted to fight and beat Sasuke for attention on 'That day' because he lacks it. When Sasuke had him pined it was like he was looking through him so he ran later they became 'friends' and Sakura and Sasuke became part of the few that gave him constant attention what he lacks. Sakura wanted to go to oto with Sasuke her choice will most of the time be him over Naruto. Naruto pays very little attention to Hinata The only thing to makes sense about his attraction to Sakura is her pink hair which is closet to red in the village. Naruto's choice will be Sakura over Hinata only because he is the way he is. But Sakura lied about loving him. Naruto has a better understanding of relationships now.

    He even called Sakura an ugly whore at one point. As far as Hinata's confession goes. That could have been Shikamaru that said I love you it would have got the same reaction. Because he simply never heard those words from anyone in regards' to him. It was always idiot and dead last other things of that nature. The people that cared for him before he was a ninja were only three. One because they didn't want the boy to go insane and be unstable and the other two because he gave them money. Whether well intended or not it was for their personal gain. They just wanted to make sure he didn't go insane.

    Sakura uses Sasuke and Naruto as a measure of her own self worth. Her love for Sasuke is superficial . Does she care for both of them maybe but all the caring has something to do with guilt.

    An intresting thing about pink and sexual actions.


    Persons who like pink show a reluctance to mature in sexual matters. Women tend to tease; to

    promise more than they intend to deliver. In some cases, they flaunt their femininity but because

    they secretly hate men. A great percentage of prostitutes boast entire lingerie wardrobes in pink.

    Men who like pink are the type who will make three dates for the same evening and not keep them,

    preferring to pick up a dish in some bar instead. Pink indicates a tendency to squander money.

    Whether it’s the main element of the story, or a subplot that adds drama, depth, and higher stakes to your primary plot, romance is a wonderful aspect of a great tale . . . when it’s done right.

    But when it’s done wrong, it can frustrate your audience and detract from the quality of the story as a whole.

    Here are five mistakes writers often make when writing romance and how to avoid them:

    Mistake #1: Dragging out the “will they or won’t they?” phase too long

    Some people love the chase.They enjoy the suitor’s passionate pursuit, the tension of wondering whether the characters will get together or not, and the lovers’ journey from ambivalent attraction to deciding that they couldn’t live without each other.

    And you’ve probably heard horror stories about couples who suddenly became boring once they were official, causing the audience to lose interest not only in the couple but in the story as a whole.

    This can lead some writers to drag out the courtship phase for so long that it becomes implausible, frustrates the audience, and prioritizes the status quo over satisfying and realistic character development.

    There are no hard-and-fast rules for determining how long is too long, because every set of characters has their own unique personalities, inner challenges, and outer circumstances to overcome before they’re ready to get together.

    Still, here are a few signs that it’s probably time to stop stalling and let the relationship take its natural course:

    The characters are obviously right for each other. They get along beautifully, have great chemistry, and would rather lose a limb than be without each other. Each of them knows that they’re deeply in love with the other, and they have been for a while now.

    Both partners want their relationship to progress, and there’s no plausible reason for them to keep hesitating.

    You’ve been finding reasons for delaying their relationship’s progress for so long that it’s starting to feel stagnant and repetitive.

    The couple’s interactions are interesting to watch, so the individual characters won’t become more boring simply because they became a couple.

    You’re hesitating to progress their relationship not for an in-story reason but because you aren’t sure what would happen next, or because you’re afraid that the characters will become boring.

    This isn’t to say that you should force the couple to get together if you think the timing is wrong or if you think they shouldn’t be together.

    But if there’s no in-character reason for a great match not to get together, the audience is screaming “just kiss already!” and the only reason you’re keeping them separate is to maintain the thrill of the chase, then maybe it’s time for you to learn a new skill and try keeping the characters interesting once they’re officially together.

    Mistake #2: Killing the girlfriend when you run out of ideas

    How many times have you seen writers spend a whole book, movie, or graphic novel building a beautiful romance between two characters . . . only to run out of ideas once they’re together and just throw the whole thing in the trash by unceremoniously murdering the hero’s love interest?

    This method has been horribly overused, and it tends to function as a sloppy reversion to the status quo. It’s lazy, generic, and predictable, and it disrespects both the previous development of your plot and characters along with the audience you’ve encouraged to get attached to those characters.

    Killing a character who’s in a relationship can improve the story, if it adds something new and valuable to the plot.

    But if you’re killing a beloved character in a predictable, pointless, and unsatisfying way, and ending a relationship your audience adores just because you aren’t sure what to do with it next, you may want to rethink your strategy.

    This is especially true if you’re defaulting to a generic revenge plot and restoring the status quo out of uncertainty and fear rather than making the effort to come up with something new for the characters to do together.

    Mistake #3: Turning the relationship into a war zone for the sake of contrived conflict

    Sure, couples fight. Your two lovebirds may have bickered during the courtship phase, and it’s hard to spend one’s entire life with another person without having disagreements now and then.

    But some writers, at a loss for how to keep the characters interesting when they’re happy together, overcompensate by turning a once-good relationship into a battlefield.

    Playful banter becomes yelling fights, gentle advice becomes incessant nagging, and a relationship your readers used to love becomes an ugly, unrecognizable mutation of its once-great self.

    Having a certain amount of conflict in your story is good and necessary, and it’s only natural that being in such a safe, intimate environment will encourage both partners’ inner demons to rise to the surface in order to be healed.

    But while you’re portraying these new conflicts, make sure that you don’t lose sight of what made the relationship good in the first place, or turn it into a new and worse relationship that leaves your audience pining for the old one.

    Also don’t twist the characters’ personalities just to wring some out-of-character bickering out of them, or throw problems in for the sake of drama without ensuring that they flow naturally from the lovers’ circumstances and established traits.

    Mistake #4: Making one corner of a love triangle implausibly bad

    Not all love triangles are supposed to be balanced, and not every romantic quandary will have two equally good choices.

    But sometimes, writers take it too far.

    In some cases, they take an established and beloved character and make them less likeable, out of the blue and without explanation, in order to make their rival look better.

    In others, they make the choice so uneven that the audience wonders how the person who’s choosing could possibly be torn between the obvious soulmate and the disaster waiting to happen.

    When you’re writing love triangles, it’s important that all of the characters’ decisions come naturally from their personalities and beliefs.

    If a suitor turns into a jerk, make sure there’s a plausible explanation for the change in his personality and behavior.

    And if a character is torn between two choices, either make both choices reasonably good or provide a reason the clearly worse option is an option in her mind.

    For example, a heroine choosing between a good man and a troublemaker might feel the need to “fix” the troublemaker or might consider him out of misplaced pity or a misguided sense of responsibility for him.

    Mistake #5: Portraying abusive behavior as romantic

    Many readers like the idea of someone coming into their life, finding all their flaws endearing, wanting to take care of them and single-handedly meeting all their needs for validation and love.

    Unfortunately, these desires are easy to twist and exaggerate into something dangerously unhealthy.

    If your character finds her interest’s flaws appealing, be careful not to have her emphasize those flaws to the point where they’re actually degrading her lover in the process of supposedly “complimenting” him.

    If you do choose to emphasize the flaws over the love interest’s good points, I recommend exploring why your character prefers his weaknesses over his strengths. For example, if a character has low self-esteem, she might perceive a shy, clumsy lover as being less likely to reject or leave her.

    If one character wants to take care of another, make sure it doesn’t slip into the territory of controlling, diminishing, or violating the other’s autonomy.

    It’s one thing to have an experienced character offer advice and protection to someone who’s weaker or less highly trained. It’s another to have that competent character treat his counterpart as if she’s helpless, inept, and unable to make her own decisions.

    And while many people are tempted to think that their partner’s love is all they need, isolation is a common tactic of abusers, and relying entirely on one person for all social needs is not healthy for either partner.

    It’s OK to have an abusive relationship in your book if it’s portrayed as a threat to drive the plot or as serious flaws that the characters need to overcome.

    But when it’s romanticized, it not only suggests a certain amount of blindness on the author’s part, it also risks having a bad influence on your younger and more impressionable readers.

    Are you guilty of making any of these 5 mistakes when writing romance?

    Do you write romance or include romantic subplots in your books? What mistakes have you seen romance authors make, and how could they have done better?

    Naruto-Hinata Hinata's personality is almost wholly consumed by Naruto's. Naurto's first thoughts of Hinata were something like this weird, weak, meak and shy. She is the picture of submission it would take Naruto time and energy he doesn't have to fix. If she actually did care she could watch his chakra network with her eyes and tell him that his chakra is dense and offer help and friendship that he latches on to so easily. Not only that but Hinata does not fit every situation a writer would put Naruto in. Someone will say they love any thing the constantly follow and watch . She relies to much on him for confidence boost. aside from that she would want a fantasy. both Sakura and Hinata would need personality overhauls. Hinata became Kurenai's ward so all the interaction with her clan has no real basis as it is seen very little and mostly negative. even though she 'loves him. she would mostly cave in to pressure and stop the relationship. Also Hinata seems to represent Naruto's inner insecurities and they are very much the same just opposite in personality Both of his 'love interests' are detrimental to him. it would be better if he ended up with neither. Kushina and Hinata have similar backgrounds but she is not stable, neither does she have the personalty to stand Naruto's life. Naruto , Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura's relationship is one of a canine and and it's unwitting master. Naruto/Hinata what drives this pairing seems to be the shy girl gets the popular guy. Only Naruto's not that popular and because she's with him her suddenly for no definable reason begins to gain confidence that goes through the roof. If Naruto is taken out of the village for training as in some stories she some how falls in love with which is awkward because the whole reason she 'loves' him is she sees his attitude now if he is taken by someone inside or outside the village and trained that clearly would not happen. Hinata has a clan and respect if she had the confidence to see it. Naruto has for all intent and purposes none of those but three or four people here and there that are unknown to him. She cold have picked a much better time for that he asked that no one interfere. She said herself she was being selfish. Hinata was not killed during that arc near fatally wounded but not killed. Otherwise Sakura couldn't and wouldn't have attempted to heal her.Hinata would have little to nothing to do with a Smart Naruto given the way her personality is physiologically structured.

    Neji died protecting Hinata something part one Neji would have never done because he started to love and see Hinata as more then a burden. Not so Naruto and Hinata could end up together. It's like when Hinata jumped in front during the invasion arc. Naruto had told everyone to stay out of the way. If they do end up together it will be out of guilt not love. Relationships like that do not last long.

    Add to that any children if they ever showed any kind of interest in each other and they just happen to have children they would be of the of the Hyūga and not Uzumaki and treated as property. Also what if taking into consideration his treatment and he didn't want to have a single child subjugated to the experience he did. After the war and every thing is settled he will be forgotten again.

    Epilogue chapters Sakura Hinata- Naruto ends up with Hinata again this is something she wanted they had two kids. This almost completely dismisses Naruto's individual feelings. But since he considers the entire Elemental Notations his family it makes it Alright. But , again We have Sasuke 's feelings of dislike for Sakura are completely forgotten this is passed off of a similar scene when h first defected to justify Sakura's feels, Sakura gets what she wants and they have a child. This completely dismissal of Sasuke 's individual feelings as with Naruto.

    Sarada -Karin Uzumaki is her mother Sasuke had an affair with her before he married her where it happened before the marriage that's why she was forced to marry Sasuke Sakura is Sarada's actual mother but she looks more like Karin.

    Naruto and Sasuke clear things up and explain why they are close to each other. The couples are as set are set for the sake of plot not actual interaction.

    Komo incident is used to get her to love or hate him they were four her had nothing at all to do with that at all but it's used a lot in stories but it seems out of place. Knowing it was the bullies though. But still they barley interact. Naruto grew up with Hinata and has never shown her any romantic interest.

    Hanabi, Since she is a girl however, it is also possible she was never meant to have a cursed seal in the first place, as Japanese tradition usually only allows men to start a branch family Hinata was never actually in any danger of ever have to have been put in the branch family it was always Hanabi As the younger sibling, there is a possibility she will be placed in the Branch Family and receive a cursed seal.

    She seems to be a quiet, polite and respectful girl, although she seems to open up to people a bit easier than her sister. Unlike how Hinata once was, Hanabi is more confident in her abilities. Don't know why everyone makes her so cold and unperson-able.

    Naruto U. & Kurama/Kyuubi - It's unlikely to have a relationship wthat a 20 story animal regardless of weather or not it has a human form and is made of pure energy.

    Naruto U. & Kushina U Incest isn't the issue. No matter how many times it is done it's done is such an awkward manner. Naruto is almost always compared to his father with things like father's eyes hair etc. No one wants to be compared to someone they were in a prior relationship with ever in any form.

    crossovers with cannon parings.If Naruto hit Sakura for any thing it would be considered abuse and not be right. Sakura does it as a show of female empowerment.

    If it is anyone from the series they will be from outside the village

    or someone from a crossover.

    Most fan fictions this is a reoccurring phrase:

    "I'm sorry. Minato , Kushina , I have failed the two of you." Sarutobi Hiruzen. when he really seems indifferent.

    as well as

    The fourth hokage is my father he shouts , jumps around or passes out. When what he actually did was punch him in the stomach really hard. But he was still very calm.

    When what he could be thinking.

    Ha take the the father's not here so the son pays.

    Naruto, Kushina , Mito and The Fox

    Did either of them ask to be containers for the fox not really they were chosen because of genetics. the generational gap between them seems to be about five. Nagato seems to be about three Tsunade and her brother are two Karin is closer to Naruto as far a generational gaps. they're all cousins.

    Was the fox ever really mean to Naruto not really. In subtle way they look out for one another. After a third time it was sealed again the fox barely speaks to Naruto so it has no need to be mean to it was only very annoyed with not the omni being it's made out to be.

    Naruto had be on the brink of madness to find out who his parents were and there were two theirs before him that held the Bijuu or that Tsunade was his cousin. Sarutobi broke 100 or more year old The fox is a secret of the Uzumaki clan. by telling everyone of Naruto's status. So where did everyone come out with this chunin or 16 stipulation.. When absolutely no one he knew was going to tell him.

    Vash the Stampede, Kenshin Himura and Son Goku all; say very similar things the fact that it comes from Naruto Uzumaki add the fact the he's a kid this puts people in an odd state of mind.


    Kurama is purely self interested is thinks less of the others The other Bijuu while mistrusting are rather caring and personable and have a good deal of respect. Kurama is the only one that's cynical.

    Naruto should wear things more ninja like but none of theses descriptions fit the mold. No where in the series does Naruto say orange is his favorite color. Color is stealth over no baring anywhere in the series

    Kurenai - red mesh armour blouse with only the right sleeve visible. Over this is very broad material which resembles bandages with a pattern on it similar to those of rose thorns. Her hands and upper thighs are also wrapped in bandages.

    Shino - dark sunglasses and a sea-green jacket with a high, upturned collar.

    Lee - a green jumpsuit, orange leg warmers with bandages on his hands.

    Neji - Hyūga robes: a white shirt with loose sleeves, closed on the right shoulder, with a fastener running down the right part of the chest, matching pants, with a dark navy grey apron tied around his waist and black shinobi sandals

    Bee - B wears oval shaped sunglasses and a white coloured forehead protector. He also has his village's standard one-strap-over-one-shoulder flak jacket, and a long, red rope belt tied around his waist, the standard Kumo hand and shin guards, shinobi sandals, and a white scarf around his neck

    Kisame is an almost eight foot tall humanoid fish with gills and rubber like blue skin what about that is even close to ninja like.

    Tayuya is a dark shade of pink it gets lighter in cursed seal state it is not dark or toned enough to be red ever.

    and so on,

    Only some of that is ninja like.

    Fire Release: Heavenly Prison is the closest thing to a chakra blocking seal even then it prevents from molding the energy and absorbs it. In no way does it 'block' anything. Sealing is one of the lesser defined things in the series. So authors take extreme advantage of this. sealing is powerful yes. If some thing is added it should be defined with a clear history. If the element is to be fully integrated. Where something is derived from so it's something traceable.


    Minato choose that sealing method to seal the fox in Naruto it's a dual layered seal not a singular seal array.. Kushina taught him every thing she could. So he choose suicide. the fox did not kill him. His death was indirect result but it was still his choice. So Kakshi saying to Naruto you killed my mentor is stupid.. while their contempt for him is understandable it is misdirected. Biwako choose to be there and was killed before the fox was ripped out of Kushina. Haruno like Namikaze is only a surname and of little to no importance since no one will acknowledge him as Minato's son publicly. As for the enemies if that were really the case Sasuke wouldn't able to be carry the Uchiha name if you go with that line of reasoning. But only carrying the Uzumaki name entitles him to foreign diplomat status. Let's not forget they can't logistically kill him because there are no more Uzumaki to stuff the fox in. if it were a normal nin they'd be dead by now. Naruto was going to become the third container regardless of weather his family died or not. So the fact that they did is irreverent. So the fox is not a gift from his father it is the responsibility of the Uzumaki clan. Both parents made a grave error in appointing Jiraiya guardian of anything. , Hiraishin no Jutsu wouldn't even exist without having someone like Kushina there to help neither would the Resangan for that matter if he wasn't able to observe a bijuu regularly. he may have had his own battle sense but with out the other two he wouldn't have gained near the reputation he had. he's easy to overcome with enough observation just like anyone else. Minato played to Kushina's sympathy about her destroyed village when she offered to take the fox with her leaving no room for argument. Thus Naruto and the fox are victims of circumstances. Like all other containers. Now E is angry because of Minato's choice. now he wants to kill Naruto because it's the better option well it's not.it was like Sarutobi not telling Naruto sooner then twelve. The seed was already planted for him to be a tool rather then a person. Mito and Kushina had some 'privacy and protection' Naruto was going to become the third container regardless of his parents dying. There is no Shinigami in Naruto that's just an avatar for a technique. This is reason enough to fear and kill them Shiki fujin is an uzumaki technique.

    TEAM 7

    Tactically and statistically they are sound but even then they are weak together. Psychologically they clash too much to work well..

    Sakura can represent how the villagers treat Naruto and toss him aside when not useful.

    Tsundere cause Emotional Abuse What is Emotional Abuse of Men?

    Emotional abuse of men is the same as emotional abuse of women: it is acts, including verbal assault, that make a person feel less self-worth or dignity. Emotional abuse of men makes them feel like less of a person.

    Male victims of emotional abuse may experience partners that:

  • Yell and scream
  • Threaten them and try to induce fear
  • Insult and demean them; tell them they are not worth the trouble
  • Socially isolate them
  • Lie or withhold information
  • Treat them like a child or servant
  • Control all the finances
  • Sasuke PTSD he did not see his brother kill his family he showed it to him ,mentally unstable and used by any and everyone he meets. Sasuke is not that much of a genius if he can be manipulated so easily.

    Naruto Whisker marks do not identify him as a Bijuu holder their a generally no markers on any containers but subtle hints the whisker are genetic imprints of the Bijuu's former host and thus the Bijuu's minor effect on his body.

    He does not have ADD or ADHD for that matter not all hyper kids have those disorders . In Naruto's case he'll to anything not to be associated with the fox. Battered wife syndrome, loyal to a fault driven when given a reason good even if not sometimes misguided. Sasuke and Naruto could have the same personality but hes able to smile for some reason even if at times strained. Putting up a good front. Sasuke ,Nagato , Kubto, and Orochimaru or Danzo could take the place of one another easily. All people are ever going to do is compare him to his 'father' which he would see as annoying eventually if he were to develop a more even persona. His confidence had no backing until recently. If he had this sooner he would have seen that he was being completely and utterly used. He uses terms like ero-sinin,ba-chan and jiji as terms of endearment but they could also be seen as subconscious mistrust that he could not be willing to admit or willing just not vocal. If Naruto was to leave it would be of his own accord. Iruka didn't pay Naruto much mind until Sarutobi stepped in. Naruto may call Sarutobi old man. But, he does something similar to that with just about everyone. So it's not that special. Neither of the three of them interact all too often.

    Societal adversity - Desire to avoid the discomfort, dangers, and responsibilities arising from being among people. This can happen if other people are sometimes or oftentimes rude, hostile, critical or judgmental, crude or otherwise unpleasant. The person would just prefer to be alone to avoid the hassles and hardships of dealing with people.


    True social isolation over years and decades tends to be a chronic condition affecting all aspects of a person's existence. These people have no one to turn to in personal emergencies, no one to confide in during a crisis, and no one to measure their own behavior against or learn etiquette from — referred to sometimes as social control, but possibly best described as simply being able to see how other people behave and adapt oneself to that behavior

    Lack of consistent human contact can also cause conflict with the (peripheral) friends the socially-isolated person might occasionally talk to, or might cause interaction problems with family members. It may also give rise to uncomfortable thoughts and behaviors within the person.

    The day to day effects of this type of deep-rooted social isolation are objectively serious situations and are not simply 'obstacles' that can be overcome from human effort. This is because the effects can mean:

    Evidence has been growing that when our need for social relationships is not met, we fall apart mentally and even physically. There are effects on the brain and on the body. Some effects work subtly, through the exposure of multiple body systems to excess amounts of stress hormones. Yet the effects are distinct enough to be measured over time, so that unmet social needs take a serious toll on health, eroding our arteries, creating high blood pressure, and even undermining learning and memory.

    In children, it leads to all kinds of problems. Failure to be socially connected to peers is the real reason behind most school dropouts. It sets in motion a course on which children spin their way to outcast status and develop delinquency and other forms of antisocial behavior.

    In adults, loneliness is a major precipitant of depression and alcoholism. And it increasingly appears to be the cause of a range of medical problems, some of which take decades to show up.

    A lack of close friends and a dearth of broader social contact generally bring the emotional discomfort or distress known as loneliness. It begins with an awareness of a deficiency of relationships. This cognitive awareness plays through our brain with an emotional soundtrack. It makes us sad. We might feel an emptiness. We may be filled with a longing for contact. We feel isolated, distanced from others, deprived. These feelings tear away at our emotional well-being.

    Even well in to the middle of part two no one trusted part two. Jiraiyatakes his money tells Naruto he did it so that he can avoid the vices of drinking and gambling and prostotution turns around and does just what he told Naruto not to do.

    To study rejection inside an fMRI scanner, the researchers used a technique called Cyberball, which Williams designed following his own experience of being suddenly excluded by two Frisbee players at the park. In Cyberball, the subject plays an online game of catch with two other players. Eventually the two other players begin throwing the ball only to each other, excluding the subject. Compared with volunteers who continue to be included, those who are rejected show increased activity in the dorsal anterior cingulate and the anterior insula — two of the regions that show increased activity in response to physical pain, Eisenberger says. As far as your brain is concerned, a broken heart is not so different from a broken arm.

    Naruto is the only child to his parents so he unknowingly puts a lot of pressure on himself.

    Sasuke has a mentality of something like:

    It’s lonely at the top -- or at least, at the beginning! A 2007 survey of corporate leaders found that 43% of CEOs were firstborns, 33% were middle children, and 23% were youngest children.

    Younger siblings

    A younger brother is more likely to put on the pads -- or go ski jumping, sky diving, motorcycle racing, or play lacrosse -- than his older brother.

    But Nauto also has the mentality of Younger siblings being that he is one of the youngest born in his generation.

    Patterns of note in stories,

    1. That you have to give respect to get respect.

    2. That someone one should never hit women because it's wrong the assumption is that he thinks this way because he lets Sskura hit him. There are numerous occasions where he is simply tries to see what wrong and still gets hit by her. Almost directly after the Pain arc she gut punches him and not one person lifts a finger to stop it.

    3. For those that say Naruto never responded to Hinata he did in a personal thought as stated where here he thought she was shy and weird.

    No incarnation of Naruto said anything even close to this.

    Battered person syndrome is a more pointed term this may not apply in the literal sense

    This could apply to Karin, Naruto and Sakura in a way. For Naruto it's Sakura and on some level everyone in the series. For Sakura,Karin and Ino it's Sasuke.

    When Battered Person Syndrome (BPS) manifests as PTSD, it consists of the following symptoms: (a) re-experiencing the battering as if it were recurring even when it is not, (b) attempts to avoid the psychological impact of battering by avoiding activities, people, and emotions, (c) hyper-arousal or hyper-vigilance, (d) disrupted interpersonal relationships, (e) body image distortion or other somatic concerns, and (f) sexuality and intimacy issues.[6]

    Additionally, repeated cycles of violence and reconciliation can result in the following beliefs and attitudes[7]

    The abused thinks that the violence was his or her fault.

    The abused has an inability to place the responsibility for the violence elsewhere.

    The abused fears for their life and/or the lives of their children (if present).

    The abused has an irrational belief that the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient.

    Take the basics of Battered Person Syndrome and apply them to Tsundere ,Yandere,Dandere and Kūdere.

    The pursuer of the Tsundere based on actual psychology would either turn submissive to treatment. Still cope with the treatment but find ways to avoid Tsundere or outright kill Tsundere. If a Tsundere supposedly represents normal relationship development which it does not. Tsundere are poeople everyone naturally avoids without realizing it.

    The pursuer of a Kūdere and Dandere will eventually stop if efforts will not work no matter how long said person is willing to wait for Kūdere or Dandere to react.

    Yandere would go into a psychotic depression or have some sort of psychotic break.

    Patients suffering from psychosis have impaired reality testing; that is, they are unable to distinguish personal subjective experience from the reality of the external world. They experience hallucinations and/or delusions that they believe are real, and may behave and communicate in an inappropriate and incoherent fashion.

    Psychosis may be caused by the interaction of biological and psychosocial factors depending on the disorder in which it presents; psychosis can also be caused by purely social factors, with no biological component.

    Yandere will kill the person they love because that person would not return their feelings But if that person didn't know the Yandere's feelings because the Yandere was far too shy. if in situations like this people don't know you love them unless the person tells them. But the person the Yandere will likely react with indifference of shocked but still not return the Yandere's feelings at all because they have no interest or intent to be with them. Thus this may initialize a psychotic break.

    Kūdere (クーデレ?)A character type, mostly of a female character, who is normally cold and unassuming but later reveals a softer and kinder side.

    Dandere (ダンデレ?)A character who is usually emotionless, that eventually changes to display their sweet, romantic, and loving soft side

    Tsundere (ツンデレ?, pronounced [tsɯndeɽe]) is a Japanese character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing his or her warm side over time. The word is derived from the terms tsun tsun (ツンツン?), meaning to turn away in disgust, and dere dere (デレデレ?) meaning to become 'lovey dovey'.

    The Tsundere archetype with subtraction of the lovey dovey' element can be equated to the word has also come to mean to render a male less of a man, or to make a male feel less of a man by humiliation. This metaphorical usage of the word is much more common than the application of its literal meaning. It can also mean the reduction or removal of force behind a statute or legislation and Feminist theory.

    The Tsundere is like the first pie gag Beginning in 1913 with That Ragtime Band and A Noise from the Deep, filmmaker Mack Sennett became known for using one or two thrown pies in many of his comedy shorts. Sennett had a personal rule about who received the pies: "A mother never gets hit with a custard pie ... Mothers-in-law, yes. But mothers? Never. Which is against tort laws..

    Tsundere represents

    She doesn’t recognize your ego. She only recognizes the connection between you and her. Let me say it again, she’s not recognizing your ego, she recognizes whatʼs Connected between you and her. She may say she cares but she doesn’t really and there’s really no hope of recovering it and She starts criticizing you in private then in public. That could just be in private first, and then it becomes in public later on. She starts to try to control you. She becomes downright disrespectful. She cuts off conversations, like she’ll just chop it off where shegainst wants to. She puts you down in front of other people.

    So you want to complain about prophecies and characters based on them.

    Protagonist based on prophecies do not like or get angry when being told they are predestined events.

    That's why secondary orbit characters are obsessed with prophecies and not the set of a group of the protagonists. it's always secondary set.

    Secondary characters are meant for two purposes to solidify a point. Their actions coincide that point. The second purpose is to show characters that went down a similar path the results of that choice. So the protagonist to make the proper choice.

  • Remember that the time period and place will shape your characters. You're not writing about contemporary Americans in old-fashioned costumes. People in different time periods have different attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge.-- -- How to Write Historical Fiction

  • Sexual Partner Divorce Risk,



    Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials. A proper passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay.


    Admit it, some kid at school told you girls love this. Well, there's a difference between being erotic and blowing as if you're trying to extinguish the candles on your 50th birthday cake. That hurts.

    This can be annoying regardless of gender.


    You often forget you have a porcupine strapped to your chin which your rake repeatedly across your partner's face and thighs. When she turns her head from side to side, it's not passion, its avoidance.


    Most men act like a housewife testing a melon for ripeness when they get their hand on a pair. Stroke, caress, and smooth them.


    Why do men fasten onto a woman's nipples, and then clamp down like they’re trying to deflate her body via her breasts? Nipples are highly sensitive. They can't stand up to chewing. Lick and suck them gently. Flicking your tongue across them is good. Pretending they're a doggie toy isn't.


    Stop doing that thing where you twiddle the nipples between fingers and thumb like You’re trying to find a radio station in a hilly area. Focus on the whole breasts, not just the exclamation points.


    A woman is not a highway with just three turnoffs: Breastville East and West, and the Midtown Tunnel. There are vast areas of her body which you've ignored far too often as you go bombing straight into downtown Vagina. So start paying them some attention.


    Poor manual dexterity in the underskirt region can result in tangled

    fingers and underpants. If you're going to be that aggressive, just ask her to take the damn things off.


    Condom disposal is the man's responsibility. You wore it, you store it.


    Direct pressure is very unpleasant, so gently rotate your fingers along side of the clitoris.


    Women, unlike men, don't pick up where they left off. If you stop, they Plummet back to square one very fast. If you can tell she's not there, keep going at all costs, numb jaw or not.


    Women hate looking stupid, but stupid she will look when naked at the waist with a sweater stuck over her head, unwrap her like an elegant present, not a kid's toy.


    Stroking her gently through her panties can be very sexy. Pulling the Material up between her thighs and yanking it back and forth is not.


    Although most men can find the clitoris without maps, they still believe that the vagina is where it's all at. No sooner is your hand down there then you're trying to stuff stolen banknotes up a chimney. This is okay in principle, but if you're not careful, it can hurt so don't get carried away. It's best to pay more attention to her clitoris and the exterior over vagina at first, then gently slip a finger inside her and see if she likes it.


    You're attempting to give her a sensual, relaxing massage to get her in the mood. Hands and fingertips are okay; elbows and knees are not.


    Don't force the issue by stripping before she's at least made some move toward getting your stuff off, even if it's just undoing a couple of buttons.


    A man in socks and underpants is at his worst. Lose the socks first.


    When you get to the penis-in-vagina situation, the worst thing you can do is pump away like an industrial power tool - she'll soon feel like an assembly-line worker made obsolete by your technology. Build up slowly, with clean, straight, regular thrusts.


    If you bash your great triangular hip bones into her thigh or stomach,the pain is equal to two weeks of horseback riding concentrated into a few seconds.


    Every man's fear, With reason, if you shoot before you see the whites of her eyes, make sure you have a backup plan to ensure her pleasure too.


    It may appear to you that humping for an hour without climaxing is the mark of a sex god, but to her it's more likely the mark of a numb vagina. At least buy some intriguing wall hangings, so she has something to hold her interest while you're playing Marathon Man.

    21 and 20 directly contradict each other.


    You really ought to be able to tell. Most women make noise. But if you really don't know, don't ask.

    Most guys know whether a woman comes even if they do ask.


    Doesn’t act like a giant cat at a saucer of milk. Get your whole mouth down there, and concentrate on gently rotating or flicking your tongue on her clitoris.


    Men persist in doing this until she's eyeball-to-penis, hoping that itwill lead very swiftly to mouth-to-penis. All women hate this. It’s about three steps from being dragged to a cave by their hair. If you want her to use her mouth, use yours; try talking seductively to her.

    You’d be surprised how many guys just plain do not like oral sex at all.


    Sperm tastes like sea water mixed with egg white. Not everybody likes it. When she’s performing oral sex, warn her before you come so she can do what’s necessary.


    Don't thrust. She'll do all the moving during fellatio. You just liethere.and don't grab her head.

    You be surprised how many guys will tell someone they don’t like oral sex.


    In X-rated movies, women seem to love it when men ejaculate over them.In real life, it just means more laundry to do.


    Asking her to be on top is fine. Lying there grunting while she does All the hard work is not. Caress her gently, so that she doesn't feel quite so much like the captain of a schooner. And let her have a rest.

    Female on top positions can lead to penis fracture. Her on top is not a great idea

    , Reverse Cowgirl Responsible For Most Cases Of Penile Fracture In The West: A Global Guide,Scientists Find Girl-On-Top To Be Most Dangerous Sex Position For Men and The 4 Most Dangerous Sex Positions


    This is how men earn a reputation n for not being able to follow directions. If you want to put it there, ask her first. And don't think that being drunk is an excuse.

    There are guys that don’t like anal sex at all.


    When a man says, "Can I take a photo of you?" she'll hear the words "_to show my buddies." At least let her have custody of them.


    Imagination is anything from drawing patterns on her back to pouring honey on her and licking it off. Fruit, vegetables, ice and feathers are all handy props; hot candle wax and permanent dye are a no no.


    There is no less erotic noise. It's as sexy as a belching contest.


    If she wants to do advanced yoga in bed, fine, but unless she's a Romanian gymnast, don't get too ambitious. Ask yourself if you want a sexual partner with snapped hamstrings.

    31 and 33 directly contradict each other.


    Read this carefully: Anal stimulation feels good for men because they have a prostate. Women don't.

    Most men know this. Anal stimulation feels good for men because they have a prostate No it does not.


    It is highly erotic to exert some gentle suction on the sides of the neck, if you do it carefully. No woman wants to have to wear turtlenecks and jaunty scarves for weeks on end.


    Don't shout encouragement like a coach with a megaphone. It's not a big turn-on.


    It makes you sound like a lonely magazine editor calling a 1-900 line. If she likes nasty talk, she'll let you know.

    For some dirty talk does nothing anyway.


    You have to finish the job. Keep on trying until you get it right, and she might even do the same for you.


    Men generally weigh more than women, so if you lay on her a bit too heavily, she will turn blue.


    Never thank a woman for having sex with you. Your bedroom is not a soup kitchen.

    That's a lot of rules for sex isn't it almost gives reason to avoid it all togather.

    If you don’t it may be considered rape the next day so.

    Fox News has compiled a list of top 10 cruel things that women do to men and how they play with the guy's emotions or ego.

    10. They don't pick up the phone: While men feel good as they manage to take the girls' phone number, the girls often give them a fake number or don't pick up the call.

    9. Use men for free drinks: Some women go out never planning to spend any of their own money on drinks at the bar or club. Instead, they count on their feminine wiles to convince guys to shell out for their libations. While some of them might begin to get to know him, the cruel and heartless ones will take that drink, flirt a little and move on.

    8. Use men as placeholders: If she is a decent person, she'll just get it over with and dump the boy, but if she's cruel, she'll hold on to him for a while until somebody new comes along. These girls don't like to be alone and without a relationship, so instead of putting you out of your misery and ending it, she'll string you along until she meets someone to replace you.

    7. Emotionally manipulate men: Men don't like to see women cry and some cruel women take advantage of the fact and use it to get what they want. A few tears would make men do anything to get it to stop.

    6. Use physical violence: While men hitting girls are often termed nasty, some cruel women feel it's perfectly acceptable to hit their boyfriends, as he would never hit her back. This type of woman feels like she can inflict any kind physical pain on him without fear of repercussion.

    5. Criticize their men in public: Cruel women criticize and humiliate their men in public places. They often poke fun at her man or even soundly debase him.

    4. They don't disclose their relationship status: It's certainly not the worst thing a woman could do to a man, but it is annoying when she's already in a relationship and lets you assume that she's available so that she can enjoy the man's flirtation and flattery.

    3. They withhold sex: This is a time-tested, and frequently used, cruel thing for women to do to men. For most men, sex is as important as breathing, so withholding it in order to get something she wants or simply to punish her man for his transgressions is a pretty awful thing to do, even if it is effective.

    2. They test their men: You're all ready to go for a night out with your friends, when your girlfriend calls and asks you to change your plans to be with her instead. She doesn't have any particular reason; she just wants to see you. She knows that you had plans to meet up with the guys, but if you really loved her, you'd come over to her place instead. If her request comes with an "if you really loved me," then it's a test. If you choose anything other than immediately rushing to her side, you're going to fail. This kind of testing in a relationship is indeed cruel and petty.

    1. They flirt to inspire jealousy: Maybe she's feeling underappreciated, maybe you've just had a big fight or maybe she just enjoys the tortured look on your face. For whatever reason, girls who flirt obviously with other guys in front of their boyfriends are immature and manipulative.

    Women are clever and creative creatures, and often outsmart their male partners in various situations in order to get what they want.

    As my Slavic mother always told me when triumphantly scheming behind my father's back; female cunning surpasses male understanding any day.

    Men rule the world, but as long women remain in control of the male mind, I will always believe the true master of the universe is secretly female.

    I have been hesitant to write this article, as I somehow feel like a traitor to my own gender by giving up this ancient, top-secret intelligence women have used since the dawn of mankind to manipulate the opposite sex. Then again, the knowledge of these tactics doesn't necessarily mean men will suddenly become invulnerable to them.

    By catering to men's deepest caveman-like instincts like physical force, pride, hunger, the will to hunt, the desire to provide and sexual urge, the possibilities can seem endless as to what women can make their men do for them.

    The cleavage -tactic

    Tool: A Wonder-bra

    I have always wondered if the male obsession for breasts just comes from being well fed as babies. Has anyone ever conducted research pertaining to whether or not homosexual men were just bottle-fed?

    Nonetheless, to the women who learned to use this body part to their advantage, I say: Great insight! Whether a woman is naturally gifted or needs some help, cleavage is always appreciated amongst men of all kinds.

    It's nearly impossible for a man not to drool just by thinking about a pair of breasts, to the point that they've banned cleavages from the workplace because it leaves them too distracted to actually do their jobs.

    In other words, if a woman wants to distract her man from an uncomfortable issue, she just has to unbutton once (twice for very serious issues) and she should be in the clear in a matter of minutes. Think Kate Moss, though, rather than Ice-T's wife, Coco.

    Damsel in distress-tactic

    Tool: A pair of big, blue eyes

    Every man dreams of being a knight and stepping in to defend a young maiden from danger. By taking advantage of this universal fantasy, a woman can make a man handle some problems she'd rather avoid.

    Having an inherent drive to protect and help at any given time, a special instinct will click in a man's brain whenever he sees a desirable woman in distress.

    Men like to help as this gives them a sense of being “needed”. So regardless if the problem is a flat tire, a light bulb that needs to be changed or protection from scumbags on a night out, there is always a guy with chivalrous aspirations to assist a helpless woman.

    Men even take pride in teaching business and how to advance in a career, so a girl can basically enjoy a hot builder/mechanist/bodyguard/career coach free of charge, and all she needs to do is give him a pair of admiring eyes and a warm hug, stating that “she wouldn't know what to do without him” in return.

    Yes, I might be retarding equality between the genders by still applying the “Damsel in distress-tactic”, but I honestly think it's for the best if we just let men be men in situations of this nature.

    The Hot Meal-tactic

    Tool: a steak, a stove and a sexy apron

    “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach”. As old as this statement is, it still rings true to this day. Once you provide a man with some good food, he will now associate you with the feeling of being fed and taken care of by his mother as a young boy.

    A smart woman knows that a fed man is a happy man and vice versa, so a woman shouldn't even dream of discussing any pressing topics or shopping suggestions before dinner is over and her man is comfortably leaning back in his chair with a content smile.

    By serving him a great steak, remembering the right sauce and adding a bottle of wine, a man will soon be sweet as a teddy bear. That's when she can move in the troops.

    Playing hard to get- tactic

    Tool: Good PR

    Contrary to male belief, playing hard to get is actually not too easy for a girl, especially if she's truly interested and afraid that the male suitor might end his chase after one wrong move.

    But a woman who gives it up too easily (for a man she likes) knows that the price she'll have to pay afterwards might be even bigger: no longer being the foremost topic of interest of her desired man.

    Prudery is outdated, and I personally believe you can control a man with sex, rather than not giving it up at all. But even men agree that if the hunt is too easy, they'll grow bored faster than a gold digger spends money.

    It's a slippery slope to deal with, but there's a solution: if a woman gives “the impression” that she is hard to get and only dates A-guys, then she can sleep with the man of her choice when she personally feels like it.

    By marketing herself like a superior product and building mystery around herself at the same time, she can create a vision that a guy who dates her is punching well beyond his weight class.

    In his mind he'll think that he just caught the perfect prey, and she doesn't have to slam the door in her date's face when, deep down inside, she just wanted to be carried into the bedroom.

    The Drama- tactic

    Tool: Pandora's Box

    Boredom continues to plague hopeful couples every day. It's boredom that forces them to break up, cheat, and even marry. Boredom is an intellectual cancer and is sure to develop once the honeymoon-phase is over if the correct measurements are not taken.

    By adding a little drama and spice, women can make their relations passionate again. Women pick fights, go on random PMS trips, and question and nag in order to restrain relationships from becoming routine and dull. This is necessary for keeping things fiery, mysterious and exciting.

    A guy once said to me, “You're so irrational, and it's so sexy,” so I'm positive that men (perhaps unknowingly) see the necessity of these emotional roller coasters and schizophrenic attacks just as much as we do. As long as they're not too frequent and are followed by makeup sex, that is.

    all; these are clear cause for divorce or to leavev whhatever person you are with.

    The delusion that men seek the perfect woman.

    Men and women alike do not seek the perfect version of anyone.

    They only seek a modicum of psychological stability. The ideal woman is subjective at best.

    Women cheat by ratio to 2 to 1 and 1/2. The majority of divorce is initiated by women.

    Divorce laws in most countries favor women. Most polyamorous relationships favor women.

    If a man under any provocation, no matter how galling—insolence or violence—strikes a woman, he is sent to hard labour, divorced, and his property confiscated, or his earnings hypothecated—and all this through the prompt instrumentality of the police-court. A woman may assault, stab, set fire to her husband, and he has no remedy, except to summon her to the police court,where, if she be fined, he is compelled to pay the fine, and as likely as not is laughed at. If her crime be revoltingly atrocious, she is perhaps sent to prison—for one-twentieth part of the time awarded to a male offender for a like offence. On her being released, her husband, unless he be a rich man, is bound to take her back, and, rich or poor, support her. The prompt and inexpensive police-court divorce is not for him (Bax, 1907: 20).

    For a man to get a divorce at this time, an expensive and embarrassing time in court would be the result. For a woman, it was almost instantaneous, and all alimony was demanded without the husband’s consent. This was called a “summary separation” and open only to females. The man’s earnings were attached with as much ferocity as today, but the woman’s was never touched as a matter of custom. That this was the law in Victorian Britain makes a mockery of official history. Female control existed long before feminism. Hence, it has another source. In the 1970s, the feminist movement was financed by all the major foundations and elite philanthropists to justify what already existed, not to demand new law.

    The culprit he sees is the recent changes in Victorian law, the simply named “Act of 1895” was a radical reform of family law. The text here makes an explicit distinction in crimes committed by men and those by women, with the latter always treated with greater leniency and at a greater standard of proof. These laws, taken together, show many examples of favoritism to women. He cites only three early in the book:

    1. Summary Court for Separation. Open to women alone, except in the case of drunkenness (cf. Licensing Act, 1902).

    2. Action for Slander. Open to women alone.

    3. Duty of Husband to maintain his wife—notwithstanding her adultery.—This last a triumph of feminine privileges enacted in 1895!

    It is impossible in any distribution of the main out lines of sex-privilege to avoid occasionally overlapping. One arrangement of the topics will be convenient. Let us consider women’s privileges under the head of Matrimonial Law, and the Civil Law generally, and, further, of the Criminal Law.

    These privileges arise indirectly from the action of the legislature, but mainly from that of the Courts, and consist of : first, the deliberate introduction of new rules of law and procedure, and, secondly, the retention of some old-world privileges of women, logical enough when women were dependent, but under modern conditions engines of tyranny against men

    (Bax, 1907: 5).

    In this era, the “Doctrine of Coercion” was used to justify this. It is the idea that, due to the weakness of women, any criminal act committed by one is ipso facto seen as the action of her husband or father. Thus, in the name of women’s empowerment, women were said to bear no responsibility for her actions. Worse was the actual practice of divorce litigation. The common law was clear that any female claim of physical abuse was taken as fact, while the man was forced to prove that he did not do it. Only the most extreme cases of attempted murder will ever be attributed to the wife. Bax mocks this movement over the ideas implied in the Coercion Doctrine;

    The hollowness of the sham of the modern dogma of equality between the sexes is shown by the fact that the assumption of inferiority is called into requisition without any hesitation when there is anything to be gained by it for the cause of female privilege. The dogma of equality is reserved for pleading for the franchise, for the opening up of the professions, and similar occasions. According to the current theory, while women are fully equal to men in capacity for government, administration, etc., and hence, while justice demands that these spheres should be accessible to them, they are so inferior to men in the capacity to control their actions and to distinguish right from wrong, that it is not to be thought of that they, poor weak women, should be treated with the same impartiality or severity by the law as is dealt out to men. Women nowadays “want it,” not “both ways” merely, but all ways

    (Bax, 1913).

    In court or through witnesses, any harsh words spoken in an argument were seen as de facto proof of all other claims of violence. Males and their witnesses were regularly prosecuted for perjury, while women were almost never taken to task (Bax, 1907: 13-14).

    The custom of the courts, as Bax shows through court documents at the time, were not always part of the law as such. Women in family court were immune (generally speaking) for prosecution for adultery, libel or slander, crimes of violence, and abandonment. These, in other words, were rarely taken into consideration by courts, and even the most flagrant deserter or adulteress could quickly file for a “summary separation” and take a solid half to three quarters of her husband’s earnings (Bax, 1907: 25-30).

    Beyond family court, however, the male dominated courts were advocates for female supremacy in other areas of law. Going through both the popular press and available case documents, he comes to the following conclusions:

    In cases of drunkenness this offence against the safety of the community is visited on the woman with a trifling fine. The matter is looked on rather as a joke than an offence.

    In cases of libel and slander, a criminal prosecution against a woman is practically unknown. A nominal penalty, such as a promise not to repeat the offence, is the usual ending to such a prosecution.

    Crimes of assault and violence generally are almost as privileged in the case of an ordinary woman as of a wife against a husband.

    Murder is similarly reduced to man slaughter, no matter who the woman may be, provided the victim is a man.

    Waylaying, injuring business, or procuring dismissal, is similarly a pastime to be indulged in by any vindictive woman with absolute impunity.

    Perjury is similarly a perquisite of the female litigant—whether perjury of the defensive or offensive type.

    Turning wife’s evidence after seduction of husband is, of course, open to all women without punishment.

    Conspiracy to procure the husband’s seduction, as has already been stated, goes unpunished if committed on the wife’s side

    ( The Victorian Origins of Feminism

    by Dr. Matthew Johnson 10, Dec. 2015

    I believe in women. I desire . . . to do those things that would advance women in moral and spiritual, as well as educational work.

    Emmeline B. Wells

    "I actually think that some of the great fminists were women in polygamy. My great-great grandmothers among them. If there was a woman who excelled in teaching, you know she had her own life. If there was another woman who excelled in cooking or farming, she had her life. And everyone had kind of their own focus. There was a tremendous sense of sisterhood. And in many ways the men were immaterial."

    Terry Tempest Williams --

    Saying man is only sexually driven is completely false men value achievement over sex.

    Sex is a byproduct of achievement.

    Reasons for Divorce

    women are most prone to discontent in marriage. 20% of married women but only 13% of married men.

    Sixty-six (66) percent of those divorcees who wanted the divorce as much as or more than their spouse listed more than one reason for the divorce, while one in four offered 5 or more reasons. The most-cited reasons for wanting a divorce were:

    Infidelity by either party: 37% (28% spouse’s infidelity)

    Spouse unresponsive to your needs: 32%

    Grew tired of making a poor match work: 30%

    Spouse’s immaturity: 30%

    Emotional Abuse: 29%

    Financial Priorities/Spending Patterns: 24%

    Alcohol and Drug Abuse: 23%

    Source list more sites wold be here but they say almost identecal things.




    Yandere (ヤンデレ?)A Japanese term for a person who is initially very kind, loving, caring, and gentle to someone (or at least innocent) they really, truly like and care about a lot before their purely intense romantic love, admiration, and devotion becomes mentally destructive in nature, often through overprotectiveness, violence or brutality. The term is derived from the words yanderu (病んでる?) meaning a mental or emotional illness, and deredere (でれでれ?) meaning to show genuinely strong romantic affection. Yandere characters are mentally unstable, and sometimes are incredibly deranged and are not mentally sane, often using extreme violence and/or brutality as an outlet for their emotions. The usage of the character type has led to criticism over the amount of violence in works such as School Days, a classic story of a romantic love triangle gone dangerously wrong. Although the character type has been used in anime and manga since Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam in 1985, conscious use of the term only began to be around the turn of the millennium. A classic (and rather extreme) example of yandere is Yuno Gasai, from the manga/anime Future Diary, who is prone to kill anyone who may interfere with her obsessive passion for the series protagonist Yukiteru Amano (or just even be near him without any romantic contact). Yandere are usually, but not always, female characters, and are usually depicted as villains, making them anti-heroines at best but often the only evil teammate when on the good guys' team. For example Rolo Lamperouge from the Code Geass series can be considered a yandere for his ruthless devotion to the series protagonist Lelouch (who himself rises in arms against his father and his empire to create a better world for his little sister), as his affection grows to the point he will attempt to kill even those who are close to Lelouch in order to not be replaced. More good (and otherwise Anti-heroic) examples would be Belarus from Axis Powers Hetalia, or Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka in the song "Scissorloid". Western/non-anime or manga characters that are similar in concept to a Yandere such as Annie Wilkes in Misery fall under the Abhorrent Admirer trope. Sometimes, they can just be played in a comedic, usually exaggerated, context

    Who ever coined the term talk no jutsu needs to stop and think it's not Naruto's version of peace it's Jiraiya,Minato,Kakshi,Sarutobi and Nagato's primarily. Obito's warped preemption of it. None of which is directly Naruto's own personal views. His views are effected by too may others to see what is his and what is theirs.


    With the seal complete he has better overall chakra control that why he doesn't need the clone to form a single Resangan the Irmi however is still too heavy. So the Resangan verities by themselves sort of make sense. he could be absorbing the life force of the Zetsus as a counter balance to said clone problem but only some of that is reasonable.


    That's what most use to say Naruto didn't have that bad of a life.

    If that was true Danzo's Root wouldn't exist, Any real kage wouldn't allow some one who plots to kill him be an adviser. if this was was the case Naruto wouldn't live off of one food and eat more healthy. If that law was truthfully effective Naruto would have had a better time at the academy and most likely passed sooner and had better training in the academy. Instead he was given mediocre training, If a kages word if law then Danzo wouldn't have been allowed to be on council, Team Kakshi and Iruka wouldn't have listened to the other instructors and do the right thing and then be basically told to befriend him and Naruto would not believe the only way to get respect is to be a kage. By not telling Naruto the truth Sarutobi did more harm then good which resulted in Naruto's cannon personality When Naruto found out for he himself found out about the fox did he talk no. His teammates most likely guessed but Naruto can and does keep quiet when necessary. Both Sasuke and Naruto have very ligament reasons to out right hate the leaf village not to mention Naruto's complete and utter social isolation. The difference with Naruto is his honor. But it's honor that is cultivated on lie after lie. There is little to go on with Naruto's personality between the day he was born and twelve as that is he is introduced to when the time between that is used To form his fundamental development. If any thing these are a few this that prove a kages word is nothing but meaningless. By passing that law Sarutobi also limited Naruto's ability to have a successful relationship with in the village.


    Kakashi saw his father kill himself then became a 'by the book ninja' then saw his friend get killed and became very distant. Kakashi killed Rin Nohara himself so no Naruto killed Rin just being born. is more concerned that Naruto would not turn out like him.

    Neji his father offered himself in place of his brother but his bother tries to saved his brother thus resigning him him fate ideology.

    Gaara was on the brink of insanity because he couldn't find love all he found was fear and went insane but is now a kage. He's only that rank to be controlled better the village advisers admit that much. Gaara is Naruto's direct foil storyline wise it's not Sasuke..

    Bee his 'friend' tried to kill him he devolved something akin to Naruto and Kushina's verbal tic by way of rapping.

    Tsunade is extremely vain with an addictive nature with skills of an an expectational medic. But, only because all those she considers family are dead.

    Orochimaru obsessed with perfection and knowledge all because of one misplaced and misunderstood phrase by Sarutobi.

    Itachi pushed it his limits and beyond and it full of regret and remorse for following orders.

    Itachi before this:
    Did not trust his team

    Did not trust :

    His teammates to be killed

    He burned a root member alive by the bugs

    He is not a pacifct

    He did not trust his instrutor.

    Itachi tells Sasuke to hate him with every thing he is then he turns around and wants Sasuke to kill him and be a hero. Which when he kills his brother he hates even more. Realizing he screws up he gives Naruto a Kotoamatsukami of which Danzo has the other. To try get to Sasuke to manipulate him. Because of his own mistake but he doesn’t let Naruto know horust w to activate it. Yet Itachi is praised for his Genius sure...

    Hagoromo son's Indra past Madara current Sasuke past Hashirama Senju current Narut Asura's. the clarity makes more senses but without it it hold no weight.

    Technical Pacifist

    He witnessed the horrors of the Third Great Shinobi War when he was about four to five years old, and it traumatized him to the point that he hated war with a passion, and loved peace, no matter fragile it was. Since then he has been a technical pacifist, preferring to use his unbelievable genjutsu powers to incapacitate his opponents rather than take lethal action.

    Naruto from the first chapter for more than six hundred chapters to the present, he has never, ever, ever actually killed someone. It's not that he won't kill if he has to, although he doesn't like it, events have just conspired to ensure that he has never actually caused someone to die by his own hands. Even Kakuzu, the first victim of his devastating Rasenshuriken technique, somehow managed to survive what should have been a killing blow just so he could be finised off by Kakashi instead.

    Obito wants revenge for Rins death so he lost his name because he thoought it to be weak. He became Tobi.

    Obito over heard Kakashi's conversation at Rin's grave so he stole the fox.

    Sasuke orphaned and obsessed with killing his brother driven because of a lie and not focused on finding the real reason. confirmed by Madara Sasuke has no direct genetic relation.

    Orochimaru's Juinjutsu is based on Natural enegry his own enegry, Jūgo's enzymes and the presons will to use Orochimaru has no direct control over anyone with the seals.

    Naruto Driven by a lie and orphaned he was never told the truth of those who have family ties to him are unaware of it i. e. Nagato or deny it in Tsunade or to little to late in that of his named guardian Jiraiya. Sarutobi and Danzo only care about military might they just go about it differently. Minato and Kushina they were sealed inside him or their, chakra but can they really claim him as family maybe in blood by nothing else. Bee is the closest thing he has to family.

    'E' is in some ways similar to Naruto this is demonstrated when the thinks his brother is dead. But, at the same time is irrational and calm because of experience and age . He doesn’t refer to Naruto as Naruto at first but the container of the fox he wanted to kill him because he found out what was going on which makes some sense but the reasoning is very weak. Tsunade disagrees because finding and training a new container would be something along the lines of too difficult displaying she may trust Naruto but not fully.

    Mei is a flirt but very skilled.

    No Naruto U. Mei, or Naruto U. Samui don't ask. If he was interested in women like this he'd have no interest in Sakura romantic or otherwise.


    In fanfiction bijuu tend to be given a lot more power and control over their container when in cannon their role is very small as they can do very little but talk to their container unless drawing on heavy emotions unless said container has complete control of aforementioned bijuu and or have a partnership. It then could be said resembles that of Naruto's relationship with Hinata Naruto may care somewhat for her but not enough to make a difference she draws her confidence from him there for resembling a host and leach situation with a much bigger problem if corporation is not achievable and container pulls on charka which happen subconsciously anyway you get an abusive relationship akin to Naruto and Sakura. But the container is actually protecting the Bijuu. So while the the pride of not wanting to be contained and controlled or forgotten and locked away is understood it will not result in what is needed to achieve anything. If the bijuu had soul control over it's container there's no point in the bijuu having a container at all. No matter what bijuu it is or who the container is. If Bijuu were all powerful not one of them could be contained no matter how much effort is put fourth. But since they can , they are not invulnerable or infallible.


    Everyone else had clans to train them, Naruto had no one. So his personality flaws could have been curbed with some one who ACTUALLY CARED ABOUT HIM. His arrogance that everyone claims he has been developed out of what little skill he had. His self-righteousness is from from tasks given to him be everyone around so he feels the need no take every thing on himself. Now with all that weight he has help here and there now by he should have had this as a child. the flaws devolved and change over time but could have been a lot less if he wasn't ignored. being that he was ignored people where less and less likely to help him. as a result it became harder for him to learn in a sense. so as a result he has trust issues. Sasuke was traumatized but before that had family and some training he was breaking be betrayal and cracked but he still had support. Naruto very little. If Naruto was to go ask for a book and so forth he might get help and might not or ignored entirely.


    If Naruto got training because he was a container it's no where to be found. No one actually trusts him they all trust his father and mother not him. Sarutobi didn't all Jinchūriki know they are and not shocked to find out. Then there's the fact that every one knows his family making the 'IWA threat on his life' null. Minato's enemies are his and his alone. Not Naruto's the idea that the son pays for the fathers dishonor is an old warriors adage in fact that that is what he is doing because Minato was not able to complete his task. Naruto meeting 'E' for the first time and Tsunade's comments after that shows they only trust Minato.. Kakshi pulling Sakura aside and telling her not to tell him about the curse seal there are several other examples of someone not trusting Naruto so why trust them. Chunin Exams up to retrieval arcs are all examples of manipulation from everyone in the village. If Naruto is killed for not getting Sasuke back the whole team that went on the mission. Then the then the whole team that was sent to get him must be killed it's only fair. Tsunade sent inexperienced people on that mission. Banishment for Naruto would make no sense because everyone is responsible for what happened there. Killing or banishing Naruto. Would not get the Akatsuki out of village affairs because their leader has two goals kill the elders and to dominate the world. Killing Naruto would destroy the village thus completing one of the two goals if not then it would cripple them with little to no effort. Killing Naruto because he knows something he knows next to nothing of importance. He knows nothing of his parents or anything of substantial value. Because he's the container of a bijuu that would go nowhere. Also banishing Naruto for anything makes him ineligible to become leader of that village so recovering him just for that would be impossible. Marking him a missing-nin after said action is taken is illogical because he is dropped from the military ranks. So to would saying he has mental instability because most of these ninja do and none of them are or were fit to lead anything to begin with. If Naruto did bring Sasuke he'd be killed for going to a high ranking traitor. They both were on equal terms during that battle one was aiming to kill the other was aiming to restrain. Minato never told Sarutobi anything in regards to Naruto at all. There's not really a sense of betrayal after the scroll incident Naruto just is a ninja. Another example of compete and total mistrust in Naruto is the events in Blood Prison.

    Naruto doesn't survive Valley of the End.

    Neither would Sasuke he would either be brought back and killed or they both die. Naruto redirected his blow at the last few seconds The rate of rotation was just too high to be avoided on it's own. He survives by moving quickly he'd still lose an arm or bleeds out on the way to Orochimaru or dies right there. Sasuke spared him on a whim. Okay similar could be said for Naruto because he was conflicted. Otherwise Sasuke'a organs would have been on the other side of that water fall. Orochimaru must find a new way to get what he wants.

    Naruto failed the exam three times no matter if he got the headband or not he would not be a ninja. There is no way to seal someone's chakra off entirely unless said person plans on dying and them methods that have been shown to do so have serious flaws and are not long-lasting or have methods of getting around them. Following cannon of a series and following the general logic of something unless explained other wise somewhere within a story are two separate things.


    All three clans are related in more ways them one.

    Uchiha are parlayed as thieves slavers and master manipulators. Madara/tobi wanted revenge against the clan that denied him and the place that wronged him. He took advantage of Danzo's greed and Orochimaru's need for perfection and power. Uchiha were treated with caution. But it was Madara's bid for revenge against his clan that rejected him and the village elders that basically spurned him. He has a twisted notion of peace but at a very high cost. Itachi, Sasuke ,Orochimaru ,Nagato ,Kabuto and Naruto are all products of this.Without Mangekyō it's highly speculative that Madara could control any bijuu. The way he is now happened after his 'death'.

    Madara, only after he read Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki's tablet in the Naka Shrine did he become full of regret and remorse this is only read through the Mangekyō Sharingan. Madara admitted he planed the sealing of the turtle into ri\\Rin to get Obito to follow his whims to get the results he wanted.

    Uzumaki Uzi no Kuni is sent to the bottom of the ocean , their techniques and history are gone the only way to get information on the clan is secondhand. What's left of that knowledge split between the nations. Who benefits from this clans destruction the most Senju because they're blood related and 'allies' so they receive most of the knowledge left behind. Uchiha indirectly benefit because it's one left threat for power.

    Senju Are martyrs - Hashirama is the only one with wood release. But other Senju's have almost perfect control of the elements they are aligned with and medical justu or gen. He is the only one with wood release. Unless you count genetic clones or implanted cells. Zetzu,Tenzo,Danzo.


    This is said Numerous people in several different ways. If you apply this rule to anyone in the Elemental Nations you won't get an example that that doesn't break the rule on some level. Real ninjas use their own body as a weapon they train to use weapons the reflect the meaning of what it is to be stealth. They don't talk about their life they just do a job get paid and go home.

    An Elemental nations Ninja can control an energy that can take months if not years to even see. Yet it's viability to them is second nature. This energy is then so effectively harnessed. Then it utilized on such a level that it can be used to control elements and later be pulled out of nature. Techniques have to be announced and prepared with hand sings before the skill can effectively be used. They have genetic mutations that can make someone immortal, see though things cast illusions on eye contact, create barriers of pure energy, summon animals, Seal 'Demons' in pots, urns and people as well as bring back the dead. In the middle of fights they tell their enemy their own what seems to be long winded background. If an Elemental Nations ninja is an example of real ninja then certain rules that govern the concept of a real ninja can be broken.

    Technically no one in the entire series is a serious ninja. They're all loud brash, cocky and over confident in their own way. In short there is not one serious ninja. If a serious ninja was put in the Naruto series most if not all in Naruto would be dead and the is cause they would not have the time to shout the name of the skill or do hand signs a knife to their throat , hands bound or eyes covered and their all useless.


    Neji and Sasuke's intelligence shows through in their skills. Sasuke gets consumed by his ambition Kakashi is much like Itachi full of regret but he moves forward while Kakashi is stuck he then appears aloof moving much slower. Shikamaru's intellect and tactics may have gotten him a promotion but he didn't want it. Hiruzen special attention over Orochimaru created the team the way it is now. much like Sasuke's and Kakashi creating the current dynamics. Kabuto and Sasuke got lost in themselves. Kabuto and Naruto will follow anyone willing to show them a path if it gives them purpose . Itachi is skilled intelligent but far too sure of himself. Jiraiya is a fool with moderate intelligence that becomes extraordinary skilled over time. Tsunade is driven be regret and loss to better herself but has her own faults. Hiruzen is skilled because of he was thought by Tobirama, Danzō Shimura when he was younger berates himself for being weak much like Naruto after the retrieval mission. His ambition becomes twisted out of jealousy and bitterness. He almost had a hand in the creation of every enemy in the series. Homura and Koharu do not trust Naruto at all. Their inelegance comes with age. Sakura is book smart her temper gets the best of her Naruto comes of as lazy at fist because we don’t really see much of his academy days and when its shown it's not exactly positive. Iruka is shown tossing and turning at night the initial reactions to Naruto shows that he sees Naruto as a pest and a bother and not the brother most portray him to be. As Noted by his hesitation to go near him after Nagato's invasion and their conversation post gaining a level of control over his bijuu. But, Naruto is very kinetic and his skills set is lacking once someone. Shows him he's willing to work at it but he gets bored. Naruto, Orochimaru and Danzō are more alike then either will ever openly admit. Minato is a genius who killed himself for his ideas something Naruto would do which makes him a fool in turn. Minato would do it to uphold his ideas. Naruto would do it just to prove his worth.. Guided with that same principle. Geniuses and fools are one in the same.


    Sure that's what they are. But look at what happened Garra goes crazy. Bee almost gets killed when he was relatively normal same as Yugito. Isobu was completely controlled by Tobi without Yagura able to do much of anything. Rōshi and Han were in seclusion. Fuu was no where to be found. Utakata was a missing nin who seemed to be a lot less trusting because of his master. Kurama doesn't trust anyone even Naruto at first with the appearance of having more freedom within Naruto then in Kushina and Mito. If Kurama could not control Kushina or Mito directly How would it control Naruto. He is the only who experienced anything negative from holding Kurama because of this it's hard for him to form relationships properly. Which can explain his reactions which someone when clearly that is not his friend that is Sasuke but that's hard for Naruto to see. Naruto is already loyal beyond reproach because so few give him what he needs. As well as his lack of information. If he had these things he would not be. He doesn't appear to be a weapon but he is. This proves killing any one of the containers is more trouble then it's worth. Did Hashirama know this when he was passing them out...a possibility but no. Logically however that's what they became. Rin Nohara was made the container of the turtle by mist by force in efforts to rid the leaf village. before Yagura she chose her method of death.

    If Tobi didn't attack when he did Kushina would have given birth without interruption that begs the question of who told him. Other then that if there were more then the prospect of Kurama escaping at least one of Tsunade's parents would never have been born.


    Sarutobi , may not have condoned harm to Naruto openly. But he had that crystal ball he must have seen how lonely the boy was. Yet everyone says some thing about how much of a brat or idiot he is. The isolation itself is abuse. Also there are higher levels of the village the are committing acts of first rate treason. What is stopping them from taking their aggression out on a kid. The personality that Naruto has is shaped and molded to what it is over the years and given a slight boost by the genetics of his parents as well as parts of themselves within him. He most likely saw Sarutobi one day and wondered what he did to get that respect. He went into a speech about 'The will of fire.' Naruto wanting the most respect set his sights on Kage. Not thinking maybe there are other ways to get respect. Sarutobi could have held some contempt for Naruto. While he didn't discourage social interaction with Naruto. But he didn't encourage it either. Naruto seems to feel in emotional extremes of sad and happy which means not many cared about his social growth intern hindering his other abilities to cope with stress and so on. Mizuki gave Naruto the code for the vault but where did he steal that or get it from there are five distinct possibilities Sarutobi, Danzo, The Elders most likely Orochimaru or just got lucky If Sarutobi Had that crystal Ball and could track Naruto did he really know him as well as he thought he might have. The fact that he calls the Hokage jiji gave the illusion of this. If he had this power then it could be said that he might not have been may have been even the slightest bit spiteful towards Naruto. Jiraiya toss him into a gorge that almost kills him. That's extreme no mater if it's for training or not Jiraiya is a fool in that he is the one that opened the seal without knowing what he was doing or how to control something he never held. Which he got critically injured as a result. Naruto has limited social skills even by orphan standards. So give him power without the right training he'll come across as arrogant or just reckless when he uses it. thus labeled a jester. By basic juxtaposition Bee, Nii, Kushina and Mito were much better off then Garra and Naruto. So the whole all containers are supposed to be hated issue isn't valid.


    Naruto, is an extremely unbalanced character mentally, physically and socially dense when it comes to common sense things his stupidity seems almost directly related to the comedy of the series. He has better observation skill then seen when he's put in a non battle situations but he still has intelligence. Some write to his stupidity almost using that as a defining trait claiming that's more in character but in take into account his full personality, If that is done he is is written out of character if the scope of his personality is taken into consideration..Making him able to think clearer is considered out of character. But so is making him strictly stupid. So the argument of weather he or any other character that is similar to him or the cast of any other movie,story,show or novel is moot.

    Goku prone for mischief as a child due to his innocence possession ,cheerful, energetic personality firce loyalty and morality. Goku can also be very blunt, and not afraid to express his opinion in a discussion,

    Gohan's a pure and gentle heart he was a stll whiny kid as well.

    Yusuke Urameshi , short tempered, impulsive, and likes to intimidate those who are afraid of him. Underneath his bold, cocky attitude, he has a joking, and kind nature.

    InuYasha The fear or anger at his lack of belonging caused darkness to be in his heart. However, through the involvement of Kagome and friends, he was comforted and able to develop a strong and gentle disposition. He ceased to have concerns for the lives of others. However, after meeting Kagome and other humans, he came to understand the truth about being a demon and began to search for true strength of spirit. His intention to become a demon went from finding his place in the world to wanting to protect his companions but he began to harbor doubts over it,

    The primary porpoise for this is to show that a trait in one person is liked while if this is displayed in another person it's almost utterly despised in another. While the first person someone liked is held in such high regard. It's almost forgotten because they are incredibly strong. That is remarkably Inconsistent of people who like the first person for the same exact reason they hate the second.

    Naruto ending up with Hinata is such a political quagmire and it's only something she wants Naruto's attraction to Sakura has never been explained in detail. Unless Tsunade/ Jiraiya she out right rejected him but still cared a great deal. Obito/Rin as reflections. The entire dynamics of all generations of Team Seven are flawed.

    With the above in mind take into consideration his standing relationship or lack there of with. Sakura and Hinata they both nearly died four or five times throughout the series. With Naruto some how saving them. Hinata can still barely speak to him if he gets with in ten feet. That whole 'I love you' seemed to be a once in a life time event. In the midst of war her thought would drift more towards Sasuke. While, it's clear that Naruto still cares for Sakura it's unclear as to how deep it goes now. Story wise Hinata's chances are better but nil. Naruto may have confidence but he allows peoples options to effect him too much. It's hard for him at times to listen to reason. If he ends up with someone they need to be firm but flexible and understanding. Not skull cracking or mush, if anyone at all. The general paring for Naruto or Sasuke is no one they both started with no one and they'll end up that way. None of the characters in the series are romantically driven none of them really have time for it.

    Darker stories stories as regards to Naruto the claim that this adds a more realistic nature to a story is true. But some of of those stories go off the deep end it was stated a few times in the series that killing Naruto would be very bad and some kill him would kill the fox. By that logic when fighting a bijuu if some one strong enough (e.g. Third Raikage and Ay or E.) said bijuu can sustain injury hence given enough power kill it. Also surrounded to the fact that they may be 'immortal' but can still die. Killing, Naruto would do nothing but ensure destruction. Yet that's where most darker stories start an the village almost never gets destroyed right when he dies. It would seem you must face a bijuu to kill it then not kill it's container and it goes away. But killing Naruto will solve every problem and hate and anger will stop. Realism has some sort of balance. An author's version of what they consider 'Realism' is all their own. Which makes it interesting at least.

    Realism has natural balance to it when people complain about realism is not what they mean. Their personal realism of 'Dark and Grity' is boondoggle Jingoism,


    1. Naruto destroys everything.

    2. Invert Naruto's personality turning him into a complete coward. Have him be everyone's punching bag for stress. Which he already is to a degree in the story. Give him an I. Q. of ten. Which if it's actually taken into account that he is somewhat smarter then he acts. Berate him so much that he wants to commit suicide. Which miraculously kills the Energy Beast in his gut and nothing happens to the village when he dies with out repercussions. Push the blame on Naruto for practically everything that's gone wrong in the past forty years to make everyone feel better.

    Another aspect of dark Naruto stories with dark stories in general.

    The lack ancillary characters personal responsibility. Minor characters will point out. Naruto's being naive. While they defy his parents almost every character has respect for his parents. Yet, Gets angry at Naruto for the smallest mistake or misstep. Natural hostility feelings go away over time they do not stick around. Minor characters refuse to acknowledge their own falts.

    “Just as nothing is more foolish than misplaced wisdom, so too, nothing is more imprudent than perverse prudence. And surely it is perverse not to adapt yourself to the prevailing circumstances, to refuse 'to do as the Romans do,' to ignore the party-goer's maxium 'take a drink or take your leave,' to insist that the play should not be a play. True prudence, on the other hand, recognizes human limitations and does not strive to leap beyond them; it is willing to run with the herd, to overlook faults tolerantly or to share them in a friendly spirit. But, they say, that is exactly what we mean by folly. (I will hardly deny it -- as long as they will reciprocate by admitting that this is exactly what is means to perform the play of life.)”
    Erasmus, Praise of Folly

    Realism vs. Subjective realism

    Realism Tom walks down the street for butter and milk comes home.Then puts them in the refrigerator.

    Subjective realism what emotionally seems real.

    Damian Stone in Navy gets shot as he walks down the street for milk and butter. Knows the police would not come. He arrives home from a taxi. Damian puts the milk in the refrigerator. Then calls an ambulance.

    To make it 'more real ' let's be

    A) melodramatically cynical

    B) Misanthropic

    C) call everything positive naive.

    D) myopia


    There now we have everything real now we should feel better right...

    Anti-hero Naruto ends up Sasuke, Menma Uzumaki was a anti hero Naruto for Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie...

    Dark Naruto was a fictional plot device by authors way before it was used in the actual story line. So at all cost should be avoided.


    : containing very small pieces of sand or stone : containing grit

    : having or showing a lot of courage and determination

    : harsh and unpleasant

    what most think grit is though;


    adjective mis·an·throp·ic \ˌmi-sən-ˈthrä-pik\

    Popularity: Top 40% of words

    Definition of misanthropic


    : of, relating to, or characteristic of a misanthrope


    : marked by a hatred or contempt for humankind






    a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.

    they veiw this as somehow more real but it's just as false.


    Naruto is more advanced then say the time frame of InuYasha and Kuroshitsuji technology wise but the technology of Naruto is random but still more advanced.

    They have radios , movie theaters that could be put in be put in nineteenth to twentieth century trains and ships from the seventeenth centuries, eight bit computers and some advanced armor used for battle and early deigns for methods of flight. Tv's and VCR's from the eighties. Also, genetic manipulation the the eludes to beyond the current century. Somehow, reminiscent of the feudal era. Which could set the Elemental Nations on it's own planet,Post apocalyptic earth or a semi-advanced hidden part of the modern world yet there are stories where Naruto ,wakes up in the nineties and it's more advanced when all that really changed was the application of technology and transportation. Then there's the dimensional jump of which are few places within Naruto to do that effectively. If not then a situation is more then likely created by the writer.


    Most think of Naruto think along the lines of

    Naruto isn't supposed to be smart, Naruto isn't supposed to be able to do things on his own, he is supposed to ask for help, to work towards his goals, Naruto is supposed to be Naruto. Nobody wanted him to change. Nobody wanted a Naruto who wasn't a loud hyperactive knucklehead who couldn't do anything by himself. With a Naruto who needed help, everyone else felt better about themselves. When you know that there is someone at the bottom, then you know that you're not that somebody.

    No one wants a Naruto that says Hinata She scares the crap out of him.

    Naruto, didn't want to be a container he had no choice in the matter, There a number of choices that led up to that night but saying the fox gives him ALL of the abilities he has is somewhat of a stretch. He supposedly didn't know about for twelve years. He's being setup to do some thing the other two mostly forced the bijuu into submission. While Naruto did the same thing at first he wants them all to cooperate willingly Not making Naruto the container for he wouldn't need the skill set he has, splitting the fox in more ways then one is a flimsy concept but feasible given there's a concrete way to do it. Changing Naruto genetically then sealing off his abilities. By logic if you change his genetics through any means the seals and mind altering abilities would no longer work right because he no longer hold similar genes or biochemistry. Giving him skills to quickly with him seeing to advance to soon, Training him with a new skill set will get the same result. That leaves it open to when and how he'll use them too soon and it appears to be exaggerated not soon enough and it will look flat. If Naruto is weaken in some other way something must be given to compensate. Another thing of note the seems to happen is that Naruto at fifteen dies if uses the cloak too much. For something he's been holding for twelve years he dies if he uses it when he's older..If that were the case most containers wouldn't live much past thirty..Which they have. Now is it harmful to him without the right control yes. Which brings up..did the village have a proper place to train container evidence points to no. That's why Island Turtle was introduced. It's established in the manga that tailed beasts are weaker when they don't have a jinchuriiki host.


    14,095 of 289,353 Naruto U. & Hinata H .Fan girl is something all the girls in or around that age group are.

    7,809 of 289,353 Naruto U. & Sakura H.

    37,573 of 289,353 Naruto U. & Sasuke U Not all are romantically driven.

    596 of 289,353 Naruko U

    81 Naruto U. & Naruko U.

    90,372 of 289,353 with mention of someone else

    The Numbers bare out that Naruto in fiction does not have as many Sasuke and others with 289,353 plus Where Naruto is not thought about so saying he is a focus would be almost wrong. Feeling that Naruto has more covrage is fine but feeling do not corespond on story count. So feel however you want.

    30,245 of 90,372 without those

    28,664 without 1,581 Naruto U. & Kurama/Kyuubi

    28,435 with out 229 Naruto U. & Kushina U

    Naruto U. & Karui should be the pairing at the end of the series simply because it would through people for a loop.


    Now take 150 stores at least 20 out of those will have a similar premise to base itself off of regardless of weather or not an author read a similar to that. In the event that occurs then the way the story is executed takes precedence. Large portions of the actual series does not focus on Naruto. Fiction a lot less 28,435 of the 289,353 plus is an example of this. So fanfiction focuses on Naruto check the numbers again.


    Three types of learning

    The three types of leaning are behaviorist, cognitive and constructivist they all have their own place in the instructional dynamic. Given these individual theories each of can be used for an individual or group. But you can not necessarily tell what works better with each person in any of the provided theories so you attempt to tailor what may word as a template by takings surveys on the ways people learn. Yes people unknowingly may lie in them or they may knowingly lie. There are ways to counter act this by putting fault questions or subconscious “trip wires” to make sure that people are paying attention. The results may not be completely accurate but you can if done properly get a baseline for how some learn.

    One an assignment was given to us where we had to the test bonderies of something.. There were several options. The one that will be used here is number four of the six choices that were offered. The experiment was to go into stores and or some slinging sometime and offer them a price higher or lower than record the and see what their response was going into a pharmacy ant offering less then was asking price for some candy. This was also done at a candy store, a hat store and Victoria secret in which each responses was a variation on this cannot be done or would you like more. Which is an a conditioning.

    Behaviorism can be one of the strongest was to teach someone something because in ads and instructional design. It fall prey to someone habitual nature. Where the theories falters is to take into account the individuals predetermine disposition where another learning theory may become invaluable.

    Naruto's learning and behavior patterns seen to fall under cognitive and behaviorist theories he has a habitual nature demonstrated his like of Ramen is a trait from his mother but also very inexpensive, Also providing him with a sense of comfort so it became a habit. Which translates over to his learning style. Having to do things over again. Given how he's treated and the fact that you have show him what to do Naruto would fail the first time. The second someone even if they were paying attention to Naruto the first would have picked up on this. But instead Naruto kept losing interest so he'd slack off even more then the first time. But he found in playing a fool he found that it gets attention but not the kind he needed Behaviorism at it's finest. While teaching Naruto from a book or lecture would get results but not as much as showing him and taking an interest.

    Sasuke is driven by something different we know what his goal is from start to end he knows his path. Has a better grasp on things as far as learning goes so he does better at every thing. If Kages have absolute power Sarutobi Would have known and given the authentication for Danzo Homura and Koharu..To order Uchiha Itachi to kill his clan to prevent a coup d'etait of If he wasn't this proves that Kages do not rule absolute and their rank means nothing.

    If Naruto would have found out about Uzi no Kuni and his clan sooner would the same person Hinata admires and is obsessed with. No, Naruto would mostly be a lot less trusting of everyone. . But he's not because he's told this information when the core of his personality is firm. So it strengthens his resolve. Why isn't sealing split between the two clans and given to to a third distant relative, To provide some sort of balance if there wasn't they would all be in a CONSTANT state of war.

    Everyone needed target and they got that in Naruto to push their negative emotion on and they got him. So Sarutobi passing laws to protect Naruto put a target on him and he never knew and got frustrated . Which is where his anger more them likely comes from. Sasuke's is from pure rage and lashes out at everything. Naruto has every right to do the same but doesn’t he gets angry yes but not with the same motivation. The inclusion of ' Dark Naruto' into the plot had it's reasons. They were Naruto's unconfirmed emotions given form Bee would have gone through the same training. So if Naruto could have left the water fall 'Dark Naruto' would have left. Fan fiction stretches this beyond it's limits as 'Dark Naruto' has no physical form passed those falls and yet is still given one.

    Sasuke and Naruto have a general affront for authority. Sasuke it's the way he interacts with people. Naruto is the same in that regard it's in his actions and the way he addresses people he dislikes being called brat so he calls them pervert or old. So writing either one where they turn to a bijuu and in essence say I don't need or want your help and then write where they basically cower in front of anyone with political authority will come off odd.

    The same goes for a scenario where he can't use chakra so the elders decide that he's of no use and a romantic interest resides in the very place that wanted to kill him logical progression for Naruto would be for Naruto to seek love interest out side said place.

    Naruto like Sasuke has nothing tying him to the village but a promise to become Hokage no inheritance, no money, nothing. Sasuke is angry because his clan was killed. By that logic Naruto should be upset for the same reason if not more so because his clan was killed because everyone was scared or ruled by greed. But he doesn't find out until much later so it has little effect on him.

    At the start of the series Sasuke had speed and could react quicker Naruto was slow but he could make up the speed difference by creating thirty or more shadow clones.

    Naruto couldn't keep up Sasuke without The Fox This has been stated time and time again. But, how he didn't know it was there for a long time. He didn't use the fox until the middle of their first fight He never really used the Fox until he was practically dead or angry other than that it was all him. No one taught him how to use the Bijuu so how if someone who is not taught could they rely on it is simple they are unable to.

    What Naruto does is stupid well what Sasuke does is equally as simple and stupid. In the way they approach matters .

    The events that occurred in the series have almost nothing to do with Naruto. Danzo, Hanzō,Madara/tobi , The Sannin and Elders are responsible for the Akatsuki. Sarutobi is reasonable for his own death for not killing Orochimaru when he had the chance. Minato slaughtered half a country without a second thought. The destruction of Uzi no Kuni, Madara's fight with Hashirama This set the current events in motion and has nothing to do with Naruto himself. Unless he is directly involved he had no effect on anything. His parents deaths were a by product of The fox being scared and ripped from it's host and a leader idea of balance no more no less. Even if altered those events would eventually produce results with only a marginal change. Konohagakure creating all it's own worst enemies that about sums it up.

    Legendary sennin and it's a title not a rank just like ANBU which is still a Jounin no mater how it's dissected.

    They only got that title because they lost the battle but fought long enough to live that's not anythig to brag about. Only because Hanzō didn't feel like killing them.


    The beginning of three stories will be posted notes will be the first chapter only after that just the story. No other languages will be used. One story will be focused on at a time. None of the stories will be 'dark' but that's subjective term as it is.

    There will will little to to no interaction with bijuu as they do almost nothing anyway.

    There will be a phrase or paragraph or reference that loosely ties one story to another. Kurama and Naruto will only speak once or twice if at all. Kurama will never kick Naruto out of his own mind. There’s an intriguing notion one might say that Naruto's mind is his own after all. Romantic paring. Naruto may or may not end up with more then one person or no one at all. This will be used in an attempt to show him how relationships work in general and romantically. If he ends up with more then one so be it. If not then the person he with is it. Summons will not be in any story companions yes but no summons. Stories operate the same as challenges. All challenges are one way trips or crossovers storylines best be blended into each other some how. Dimensional shifts used sparingly. No conversations with his bijuu. If bijuu are to be referred to as demons they will only be second tier A to mid tier S class.

    As to the not speaking to the bijuu it gets bothersome to read things like this more then two hundred thousand times. When they rarely if ever speak.

    "You have no clue do you? Here's a hint... I am the Lord of the Bijuu, both the protector and the scourge of man, the source of your power."

    "This can't be real..."

    "I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, mortal. And here, all alone in the deepest reaches of your insignificant soul, you... are... mine."

    Focal points that will be addressed is Naruto's psychology giving him something akin to when he fights and refocus his hyperactivity when he's not. Style and Power. Most of them will push him away from being a ninja depending on the environment that is set up, There will be points that will give something of what the next set of stories are about Fox controlled Naruto will not be done. Updates will come within one to three months of the current chapter. At absolute most 6 months for new chapters. Original characters in stories will be used as nothing but a McGuffin


    Clarke's three laws

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke formulated three adages that are known as Clarke's three laws, of which the third law is the best known and most widely cited:

    1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
    2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
    3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    The Bijuu before they were split were nothing but a giant mass of raw power before they were split they didn't have a separate forms until given them by the sage. Classifying them as 'demons' is a loose definition as to what they are.

    Chakra, Spiritual Energy sometimes refers to as Aura or Mana and Physical Energy or ki and a third but separate element Natural energy then Tailed Beast Chakra or Yōki. But Tailed Beast Chakra if they are not being considered actual demons. Magic as defined by most series as one or a combination of spiritual/natural energy. Ki or Chi has it's basis in all aspects of the body the primary one in physical Chakra as defined by Naruto has elements and sub elements and Dark which draws on surrounding negativity. But if Chakra is 'blocked' magic should and would not be able to be used because if physical aspect of Chakra is interrupted so so to is the Spiritual so magic could not me used unless strictly based on natural energy. Which calls on everything. The separation of the Tailed Beasts were the experment of a zelot monk.

    Where chakra because of the incorporation of spirit energy offers more precision it's a trade for power, Precision makes little difference if you face someone with overwhelming power the balance of precision versus power becomes negligible

    Kaijū and Bijuu have some paralells



    If the impact of the Uzumaki is taken out that leaves a big gap in what a story must explain now that the actual reason for attack was given it can be changed however the holes that the changes leave must be filled with something believable. If Naruto was to be made the first container for the fox there would be no reason that had a strong possibility for his mother to die without a very weak reason behind it. What would also have to be explained is sealing methods and why each village was able to keep their bijuu for 100 years each village having a bijuu attack would be to random after they were given out. Most of the core story can be left out and rearranged but this is left out more because “it doesn’t make any sense” or it's preferred that Naruto doesn't have a back-story.

    On to thing that get old and cliches most if not all hero's are born in this way look at DC or Marvel for example, Then there's complete accidents. Until, recently almost every time. Naruto 'used' Kurama's power it was forced through his system until they could work together. Yet again proving he didn't want it from the start.

    Disney Family: and Ero-fairytail.

    Warner Bros: Pre- teen to 16 edgy humor.

    Marvel- comics mutants through just being born different or nuclear energy of a different flavor for different powers.

    Dc comics- anthropomorphize a myth figure, aliens or beyond normal aptitude at a single skill. Sometimes two or three skills. This could fit some people in Marvel's catalog too.

    Moses Aliens: Goku, Optimums Prime,Lion-O last Superman. There are many more though.

    Monomyth The Seven Basic Plots Sounds Just Like Are all songs related?

    The thought of Naruto's precious people didn't come to mind until he met Haku He would have been driven to prove him self and that he did exist He said himself he basically could have disappeared and it wouldn't have mattered. On the same token Why does Sakura or Hinata have to be his catalyst for any thing Sakura hates him out right for years. Until she realized that he's actually worth something. He didn't even recognize Hinata until she was in cardiac arrest on the exam floor. That is not love it builds but not like any of that. Add to that she knows nothing of value about him. If she's nothing without him she won't get far with him.

    The characters in the series are A type personalities that are clearly heterosexual. Just some are more interested then others couples when done in this way are just done for sex few and far between have a plot that is coherent. In that same line of thought is gendershifting. Just because a gender is changed does not mean the core persona changes aggression might be more females are more likely to initialize domestic violence the male counterpart but a female Sasuke or Naruto would still hate each other. Even the one would still be blinded slightly. If authors persist and on making Naruto female another name then Naruko or any other name with an N would be better.

    Incest, weather how close they were genetically has a plausibility of playing a role in every clan of note otherwise the genetic variant would be further apart. If that is brought to it's full extent Hinata wouldn't be allowed to be with him in any way shape or from regardless of her feelings. Harems given where a story is written with this outcome and it's not just about sex it's fine. If that's not the desired result a scenario should be constructed where it's not likely baring the writers own moral values away from the storytelling execution . If it's not wanted don't let it be a possibility.

    Japanese law states that first cousins can marry upon further research children between family members of any relation have no more likely hood of any problems unless that is a recessive trait with in the familial genome is a defective gene likely to occur. The properties of a child of relate family members is that of a premature infant insect is illegal the reason set forth is that it's a cultural taboo. An offspring of say second,third and forth cousin can reenforce genetics But then you have to in to account the law of genetic phase or Polymorphism.

    In a situations where Monogamy is the norm. Polygamy would seem out of place. Monogamy is only a norm after generations and several cultural influences. The human psyche for both genders has a natural ability to hold an intimate relationship with up to four people successfully. Given said individuals personalities are strong enough to handle the situation as is.

    Lastly Bashing and reviews if that is done it should at least make sense. The opposite of that is to make a 'good' character look not as positive. And make a 'bad' character not as bad but in doing so there is the risk of pushing the audience away. Reviews aren’t going to mean anything if the don't say any thing that hasn't been accounted for or one word so asking for them is like fishing.

    Pointing out characters flaws is not bashing however it's using one flaw and over extending it is them is. Sakura hits Naruto for the sake comedy it's not funny after awhile it starts to look abusive no matter the context. Naruto & Sasuke have a parasitic relationship with all their female counter parts. If Naruto hit Sakura for any thing it would be considered abuse and not be right. Sakura does it as a show of female empowerment.

    Black Zetsu is part of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki,Madara Uchiha.ate part of Hashirama's flesh to awaken the Rinnegan, White Zetsus were locked in the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path.. They were previous victims.

    Not everything anyone says is false based on an emotional reaction.

    Examples Fallacy Fallacy

    Easy explanation The Fallacy Fallacy

    Naruto's favorite phrase is "a large serving of miso ramen with roasted pork fillet"

    How to make miso paste

    Exposition from Castersmith Mechanic:

    To read these stories it must be understood that tailed beast will be reduced to a non factor from beginning in nearly every story that is to read this is what comes with these stories. This must be fully comprehended before the reader continues as this is it will not appear in any other written story but it had to go somewhere, 'precious people' will never be used in any of these stories authors seem to cling to that no matter what type of story they may write. It will more than likely be a drive for personal self improvement not all will be ninja related. They still make him want to be fire shadow no matter if he's been manipulated or not. The word Kami will not be used in any way.

    So, yes, ああ、神様 (aa, kami sama) is literally "oh god", but a Japanese person would probably only use it when they actually were trying to invoke a deity and not out of mere surprise.

    Sakura-Hinata-Naruto will never be shoehorned within one another's lives because they are not in a relationship. This means neither Sakura nor Hinata will have a sibling or the likes of a codependent relationship of any type in any story.

    The dark or inverse self may be referenced but never implemented in a single publication.

    If tailed beast inaction is wanted there are two hundred thousand literally stories that make containers almost completely rely on tailed beast or have the tailed beast pull strings like marionettes after this or capture them study them as to make a facsimile of their abilities or a global nuclear weapon. Then to power an illusion to get one girl back from the dead Bijuu controlled containers become remedial. If it's done it's just a disembodied voice in the containers head it's pathetically and disgustingly done. If this is what a reader searched the story for leave now. Otherwise it's a waste of time. It's annoying to read it's even more annoying to write.

    Tailed beast speaks to its container about the weather, candy, fried chicken and then them it to philosophers the likes of Socrates other than that it's usually roar tailed beasts are superior to all they crush everything; takes away from the containers' intrapersonal skills.

    Dattebayo and Believe It meant literally nothing. As with Inner Sakura's Shānnarō Hell yeah!", "Hell no, Cha or "Damn it as well as Sasuke's 'hn' end up to mean nothing just a useless tag. or Bee's raps yet every author keeps Dattebayo and calls Naruto stupid every five seconds something he knows what is mans and doesn't react well to it. A tailed beast controlled container story will never be done because then all containers are puppets

    No One Thousand Years of Death that leads very close to sexual assault do not ask it will not happen, it's not funny and adds no relevance to a thing. Unless there's a story where Naruto sues for indecent assault and molestation against Kakashi Naruto only uses it because of Kakashi and the fact that he thought it to be funny, Instead of a Ninja he's a lawyer in 'My cousin Naruto attorney for the Akatsuki'. What started it all you ask an improperly preformed proctology exam. In these stories Naruto will never view tailed beasts as gifts. There is no mask here he just doesn't tell anyone more then he wants so he doesn't die it's never anything that vital.

    Whom ever start the mask thing it's just very odd at Shadow level and 32 people still write him as 12.

    Especially someone who has virtually no identity other than their name oh of curse it does wonders for an individual's personality to be called stupid by everyone then not turn around and not have a desire to blow things up. "How do I put this…" the man trailed off, looking up towards the ceiling, "I really… dislike you guys." they all hear this from Kakashi it doesn't really help with any issues they may have at best it increases apprehension unless a personality is shaped to Naruto or Sasuke's cannon personalities to put up with that. To that of, Naruto had a tailed beast that always made empty threats to escape so...The very term 'temporary banishment' is contradictory to itself because banishment means the exiled can under no circumstances return on the condition of return permanent imprisonment or death. This is what makes that ridicules would any other container get banished for the use of Bijuu, no.

    If anyone recalls Iruka questioned his whether or not he should be an instructor because of Naruto until the scroll incident they barely had a relationship until Hiruzen stepped in they had no connection. So if that didn't happen Iruka would still think the boy to be a pest and a nascence they never had an immediate bond everyone seems to think. This is written when Iruka was ordered to watch Naruto. But he never became receptive to the instructor at all.

    Naruto didn't actually like Jiraiya when they first met. It was mostly after the man showed him the scroll with his father's name that he didn't know, that he even cared. Jiraiya shoved him off the cliff so he would draw on Tailed beast charka may not have been meant to kill him but it would have if he'd got to the bottom. Tsunade and Orochimaru all but killed him when they first met.

    It's made very clear at the beginning of the story that Sakura, Tsunade, Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Iruka do not like Naruto so where everyone seems to get they cater to him which they really haven't is only what they see even if it seems that they did it happened over a long period of time. Even then both Sakura and Tsunade are remarkably aggressive. Iruka is still hesitant and reluctant regardless of how supportive he may seem. Where everyone gets he had support there's so much proof of the opposite it's humorous.

    Naruto mirrors Orochimaru more than Sasuke he may have Jiraiya's personality quarks they may be similar in character but not upon closer examination, Sasuke and Naruto is mirrored by Hashirama- Madara but Sasuke and Naruto grew up in completely different conditions yes Hashirama - Madara help with the village founding and all but that does not explain the relationship of Naruto to Sasuke other then they, been they really are far from.

    Naruto never really cared for bust size otherwise he would have shown no interest in Sakura in the first place. So, no drools, blushes, nosebleeds or titanic amazons' busts Authors make the 'death god' into a fast talker the likes of John Moschitta or make it like Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. Mizuki acted like a sweet and caring man that's how Naruto was convinced to steal the scroll in the first place he just took advantage of the moment of he does not care for anything or anyone to get the scroll he did kill his teammate to get Orochimaru's attention, Greatly ambitious and dishonorable.

    There is no kill switch or subjection seals that are just there because there given a name without explanation and say this and that blocks charka other then seals that already do those which in reality are not that many and have flaws. No one actually initially liked Naruto so this idea that people kiss up to him is actually quite funny. Sakura openly shared her extreme dislike for Naruto. The extreme dislike of Naruto by all of the characters is what most authors do fail to actually see. Naruto was never really the direct catalyst for change characters made the change because they wanted an answer Naruto was the pea to counter balance the scale not many displayed remorse. There no real value to sorry if the results of a set of actions produced a result negative or positive.

    Team Hiruzen was trained when he was Fire shadow so the preferential treatment argument falls just the other side of short add to that they were involved in a single war not all three when Itachi asked Hiruzen to protect his brother that could be seen as preferential treatment no matter the purpose behind it. It may not have been but it could have been interpreted that way.

    Naruto reaction to Hiruzen proves they had a close relationship it leaves no proof to how much they actually interacted. With other people in his life he wouldn't interact with the previously mentioned people this includes the Ramen Ichiraku proprietors. Naruto doesn't even like to rely on tailed beast yet every author almost forces him to if more explanation is need read the profile before the eyes leave this paragraph. Because, the explanations should be clear after this.

    Try to avoid slapstick based humor. Make an effort to not use flashbacks in any story. There will be no 'under the influence of tailed beast' in a single story put to page do not ask. Tailed beasts will be referred to as Energy Monsters, Bijuu, and Charka Monsters or by their revealed name. But, unless they are turned into actual demons in some way not ever will they be referred to as such. That has never shown once with the ability to speak yet every author and their dog gives it the ability to speak it's an avatar. Not once shown with the ability to speak. Its fiction yes but the spectral form has no voice. Again adds the awe factor but damages relationships.

    A side from shadow clones, Taijutsu, Body Replacement Technique and Transformation Technique were among his better skills it just didn't look refined because he only had Traditional Shinobi Sparring form at first.

    Via his conversation with Son Goku he stated he could have disappeared an no one would have cared so he's not as oblivious as everyone wants to make him be he knows no one cares or more accurately cared he's known that for a long time. Yet every author insists on the driven point that he doesn't realize that when he really does understand this. So authors don't have to reemphasis something he already knows.

    Dead Demon Consuming Seal Shinigami "death god" hovers behind the user and wraps its left arm with prayer beads, uttering some unintelligible chanting, and after some time a cursed seal appears on its arm. The soul of the summoned is then partially separated from the body and restrained by the Shinigami's hair as it thrusts its arm into the user's chest to grab the soul of its target a seal of the Uzumaki clan. Adds to fantasy but takes away from a character's relationship skills.

    Characters Cannot return home once they leave.


    A Possible Crack In The Wall Of The Temple Of Relativity

    "Stefan Marinov is a remarkable iconoclast who is convinced that Einstein's special theory of relativity is mistaken."

    Marinov apparently has been expelled from Russia because of his scientific and political opinions. So infuriated is he by the reluctance of mainstream scientific journals, such as Nature, to print his anti-relativity papers that he has threatened to immolate himself outside the British embassy in Vienna. Happily, he didn't strike the match, because it may be that he has something.

    Marinov claims that he has demonstrated experimentally that the velocity of light is not the same in all directions in all reference frames, as Einstein insisted. He says he can even detect the motion of the earth through absolute space and time, contrary to most Michelson-Morley-type experiments. Based upon some recent theoretical analysis, the journal Nature has bent a bit and now calls for repetitions of Marinov's experiments.

    (Maddox, John; "Stefan Marinov Wins Some Friends," Nature, 316:209, 1985.)

    In the theory of relativity, time dilation is a difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each other or differently situated from a gravitational mass or masses.

    The Expanding Space time

    If there is no absolute scale of things we might ask why the scale is what it is, thereby implicitly assuming that the scale of material objects always has and always will remain the same. However, we now know that the universe appears to expand, which makes it natural to consider the possibility that the cosmological expansion might be and expansion of the scale of everything. If both space and time were to expand simultaneously everything would expand in proportion. Locally such an expansion would be very difficult to detect. However, light reaching us from very distant sources would be affected by the cosmological scale expansion during the time for the light to reach us. It is easy to show that this light would become redshifted. In checking other observed features of the universe we find that it agrees with the Expanding Spacetime (EST), i.e. the EST universe looks and behaves exactly like our universe.

    We can use Einstein's relativity theory to predict how the EST universe would appear to an inhabitant. By comparing these predictions with astronomical observations we can test the proposition that the scale of the universe actually is expanding. We find that the EST better agrees with observations than the Big Bang theory. Not only does it provide superior agreement with astronomical observations, but the EST theory also resolves several cosmological puzzles in a very natural way. It provides answers to a number of unresolved enigmas the most significant being the nature of the progression of time and the mystery oaf cosmological inertial reference frame. We know that time goes by but up till now there has been no physical explanation for the progression of time. We also know that an inertial reference frame must exist because of an inertial force resisting acceleration. However what creates this cosmological reference frame has been a mystery.

    Space time Equivalence

    The scale-expanding universe is “space time equivalent”, by which we mean that all locations in space and time are physically equivalent. This type of equivalence is also known as “conformal” invariance, which means “same shape” invariance. The universe looks and behaves the same on a large scale regardless of location in space or time. The EST universe does not age; it always remains the same. It is eternal. At first you might object to this seemingly strange proposition and argue that the cosmos sooner or later has to run out of energy. This would certainly be true in an expanding universe with a constant progression of time. But in the EST universe time is slowing down and this has the effect of restoring the energy lost by the spatial expansion. Spacetime equivalence is stronger than “The Perfect Cosmological Principle” since the universe is not sustained by spatial expansion and creation of new matter like in Steady State theories. Spacetime equivalence means that all epochs are physically and geometrically the same; the line element of General Relativity always remains the same. Time progresses without changing the universe at large. How this is possible will be explained below.

    Cosmic Drag

    In assessing any new theory like the EST the main practical questions should be:

    1. Does the new theory provide better agreement with observations?

    2. Are there any new predictions that might confirm it?

    For the EST theory the answer to both these questions is “yes”. The EST theory's agreement with observations is superior to that of the Big Bang theory and its predictions may be tested directly by observing the motions of stars in a galaxy, the planets in the solar system and signals from space probes.

    The EST theory may be “falsified”, i.e. it can be proven wrong, since it predicts a completely new effect - cosmic velocity drag. This is an observable effect. If we cannot confirm it, the theory must be wrong.

    According to the EST theory the relative velocities or rotations of all freely moving objects and systems will diminish with a time, decreasing with a time constant equal to the “Hubble time”- the age of the Big Bang universe. Thus the EST theory predicts that the relative velocity between two freely moving objects will decrease by fifty percent in approximately eight billion years.

    In addition, objects orbiting a central mass accumulation, for example the planets orbiting the Sun, will move in shallow spiral trajectories rather than in circles or ellipses. These spiral trajectories also explain the shape of spiral galaxies. Stars in the galaxy are freely falling toward the galaxy center following spiral paths. The shape of spiral galaxies is very easy to understand in the EST theory but is a mystery in standard physics that cannot be explained. Simulations based on standard physics show that spiral arms will not form and that the galaxy disc is much thicker than what we observe. On the other hand, according to the EST theory the stars are freely falling toward the center of the galaxy and gravitation pulls them together into arms with narrow cross sections.

    According to the EST theory the Earth approaches the Sun by about twenty-five meters per year. Cosmic drag also causes the Earth to accelerate in its orbit by about three arc-seconds of a degree (3/3600 of degree) per century squared. This very tiny angular acceleration has been detected but has in the past been attributed to a slowing rotation of the Earth rather than an accelerating motion of the Earth around the Sun.

    If cosmic drag can be verified by observations it will implicitly confirm the EST theory. Using modern technology it is fairly easy to design tests that either will refute or confirm the theory. But since the effect is so small and since people have not been looking for it in the past, cosmic drag has until now gone undetected or not been recognized for what it is. Although discrepancies due to cosmic drag has been noticed, they usually are attributed to a number other possible causes. However, now when we know what to look for we can design tests that will confirm cosmic drag by direct observation. The only thing needed is the will to implement these tests.

    Dr. Yuri Kolesnik at the Russian Academy of Sciences has recently collected observations of the inner planets taken during the last 250 years. He has analyzed these observations in relation to the modern extragalactic reference frame and applied modern correction factors. His results suggest planetary acceleration as predicted by the EST theory with excellent agreement with the theory if the Hubble time is about fourteen billion years. These results were presented at the year 2000 International Astronomical Union's meeting.

    You'd have to suspend time dilation forget Cosmic Drag While you attempt to nullify Many-worlds interpretation while you close the Causal loop. There's Spacetime Equivalence but then Marinov's crack that 'the velocity of light is not the same in all directions in all'. Evem if there is a Floating timeline as in most comics. Characters would have to ajust to were they are.

    Junior Jedi Oath

    "I promise to uphold the Jedi Code. I promise to respect all life and to help those weaker than myself, to use the Force only for good, never to draw my lightsaber in anger, only to defend those who cannot defend themselves, to find new ways to improve myself so that I may be an example to others, and to defend the Galactic Republic.

    The Padawan's Jedi Oath

    I promise to uphold the Jedi Code.
    I promise to respect all life and to help those weaker than myself.
    I promise to use the Force only for good; never in anger; only to defend those who cannot defend themselves; to find new ways to improve myself so that I may be an example to others.
    I promise to give guidance to those that seek it; while not seeking to lead or rule them.
    As a Jedi I must always oppose those who revel in evil and seek power for the sake of power.
    They are the plague on society that the Jedi seek to cure.
    In the absence of the Jedi, evil will thrive.
    In the presence of just one Jedi, evil will evaporate.
    No gain comes without a price. You will forever carry the distinguishment of your teacher's presence, as well as the taint, the traits of his own masters as well.

    Never forget your training as an apprentice, even though the end nears with each passing day. You must remain dedicated to the Jedi way no matter the cost.

    Think of peace and honor, and act upon only that.

    The Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and negotiation, seeking the most peaceful solutions to every problem.

    As Force-users trained in the Jedi tradition, some students concentrate more on diplomacy, scholarly pursuits, and the spiritual side of the Force than on more physical activities. Healers and researchers seek to better understand the nature of the Force and their connection to it. Mentors and teachers hope to instruct others and pass on what they have learned. Negotiators and mediators are skilled at bargaining and striking compromises. Counselors train themselves to be versatile, able to handle many situations without reaching for a weapon.

    Other students concentrate more on combining physical training with mastery of the Force. They concentrate on battle prowess, defense, and physical training. They take their undertakings seriously, considering even mundane missions to be personal tests. Most of these follow the Light Side, but some become Dark Siders and use the Force for evil or selfish intent. Those imbued with the Light Side refrain from using the Force for every task, preferring to find other solutions and save the Force for when it is truly needed. Those who succumb to the Dark Side use every advantage, wielding the Force to solve even the smallest problem, as a soldier would use a gun to destroy a fly.

    Though one chapter of your training may draw to a close, you must never cease your practice. It will merely take on a different form, but still it continues.

    Mastering the ways of the Light Side of the Force requires tenacity, serenity, concentration, and a willingness to remain open to possibilities that seem implausible. Most Jedi Apprentices encounter difficulties with at least one of these areas, and therefore rely on an instructor, usually a Master, to help them recognize and overcome whatever obstacles stand in their path.

    Those interested in learning of the Force and the techniques that manipulate it should locate a teacher willing to impart such knowledge to them.

    The Force, like electricity or the wind, exists and can be felt, even though it has no color, no smell, and no shape. The effects of electricity or the wind or the Force can sometimes be seen, but the Force itself cannot. One can see a tree being blown over by the wind, but one cannot see the wind itself.

    Explained very simply, the Force flows through out every person's body along certain pathways. In some ways, the Force and these pathways are like electricity and circuits. When electrical circuits are clear and electricity flows easily, an electrical system will work well. If a short circuit occurs, or wires become disconnected or broken, then the electrical system will fail. In a similar way if the flow of the Force along the pathways in the body is interrupted or in some disorder, illness or disease will result.

    Along with the instructor, a student of the Force also has duties. Typically, a Jedi Apprentice spends the majority of his time attending lectures, receiving one-on-one tutelage, practicing Jedi skills and techniques, and reviewing what he has already learned. On rare occasions, he may find an uncluttered moment to enjoy a favorite pastime or just a short respite from his daily work, but usually he remains focused on his efforts day and night.

    In addition to Force-related study, an apprentice must also perform routine chores required by his life, such as going to work or school. For an apprentice, however, these tasks serve a more important purpose then mere upkeep; they teach a student humility and wisdom as well as simplicity, three traits every Jedi must possess to shield him from the Dark Side in all of its shadowy guises.

    Learning to use and manipulate the Force occupies less then half of an apprentice's time. Rather, most teachers concentrate on teaching the responsibilities of possessing such power and the role of a Jedi in the universe.

    Grasping the basics of any skill requires time and great expenditure of effort on the part of the student and also the teacher, in some cases. Practice of the technique itself accounts for only a portion of this time, since the teacher tempers progress with caution, ensuring that the would-be Jedi does not succumb to the lure of quick power. Those apprentices who ignore this aspect of acquiring skills often balance on a fine line between light and dark.

    Your training will be a landscape of self-discovery. Learn new things and share what you have learned with others.

    Hagoromo exemplified his teachings by distributing chakra meant to "connect" people's spiritual energies with one another. It would allow people to understand each other without communication and would allow them pray for each other's safety. However people didn't use the chakra to connect with others, but to instead connect their inner spiritual and physical energies together. They kneaded their inner chakra to amplify it and transform it into modern-day ninjutsu. In the end, they ended up using their chakra in battle, just as Hagoromo's mother Kaguya did.

    The Living Force allows Jedi to connect with the plants and animals that inhabit the world around them."

    A Jedi adherent of the Living Force

    The Living Force was a view on the Force, accepted by the majority of Jedi throughout ages. The Living Force was thought to be present in most living beings, surrounding and penetrating them, thus making all living things connected by it. The Jedi believed the Living Force relied on their instincts and were attuned to other living beings around them. They were mindful of the future and the possible consequences of their actions, but remained focused on the present.[1] The Living Force was viewed as having both the light and the dark side. The Jedi always had to be mindful of their actions to avoid the temptations of the dark side. Through following the Living Force, several Jedi were able to retain their identities after their physical death, becoming one with the Force and able to manifest themselves as Force ghosts. Proponents of the Living Force view, such as Qui-Gon Jinn, espoused a philosophy of "living in the moment," relied heavily on their instincts and concentrated more on sensitivity to living things, rather than fulfilling destiny, which was one of the main tenets of the Unifying Force philosophy

    By Hagoromo's defenition chakra is an actual visual representation of the Living Force and Unifying Force theories.

    Ents are an old race that appeared in Middle-earth when the Elves did. They were apparently created by Eru Ilúvatar at the behest of Yavanna: when she learned of Aulë's children, the Dwarves, she foresaw that they would fell trees, and desired creatures to serve as Shepherds of the Trees to protect the forests from Dwarves and other perils. Although the Ents were sentient beings from the time of their awakening, they did not know how to speak until the Elves taught them. Treebeard said that the Elves "cured us of dumbness", that it was a great gift that could not be forgotten. ("They always wished to talk to everything, the old Elves did.")[5] In the Third Age of Middle-earth, the forest of Fangorn was the only place known still to be inhabited by Ents, although the Ent-like Huorns may have survived elsewhere, as in the Old Forest.

    Ents exhibit wide variation in personal traits (height, heft, colouring, even the number of digits), as they came to resemble somewhat the specific types of trees that they shepherded. Quickbeam, for example, guarded Rowan trees and bore some resemblance to rowans: tall and slender, smooth-skinned, with ruddy lips and grey-green hair. Ents share some of the strengths and weaknesses of trees as well. Their skin is extraordinarily tough, and very much like wood; they can erode stone extremely rapidly, in the manner of tree roots - but they are vulnerable to fire and chopping blows from axes. Ents are also an extremely patient and cautious race, with a sense of time more suited to trees than short-lived mortals. For example, in the Entmoot regarding the attack on Isengard, their three-day deliberation was considered by some to be "hasty".

    Ents are tall and very strong, capable of tearing apart rock and stone (though they only use their full strength when they are "roused"). Tolkien describes them as tossing great slabs of stone about, and ripping down the walls of Isengard "like bread-crust".[6] Treebeard boasted of their strength to Merry and Pippin; he said that Ents were much more powerful than Trolls, which Morgoth made in the First Age in mockery of Ents.

    The book further lays out the power of Ents; their bark-like skin and flesh make them difficult to harm even with axes, and a single punch from an Ent can kill; although they do hurl stones they otherwise do not use weapons.

    The Sindarin word for Ent is Onod (plural Enyd). Sindarin Onodrim refers to the Ents as a race.[7]

    Internal history[edit]


    The cosmological, central tree Yggdrasil is depicted in "The Ash Yggdrasil" by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine (1886)

    Sól, the Sun, and Máni, the Moon, are chased by the wolves Sköll and Háti in "The Wolves Pursuing Sol and Mani" by J. C. Dollman (1909)

    The cosmology of the worlds in which all beings inhabit—nine in total—centers around a cosmological tree, Yggdrasil. The gods inhabit the heavenly realm of Asgard whereas humanity inhabits Midgard, a region in the center of the cosmos. Outside of the gods, humanity, and the jötnar, these Nine Worlds are inhabited by beings, such as elves and dwarfs. Travel between the worlds is frequently recounted in the myths, where the gods and other beings may interact directly with humanity. Numerous creatures live on Yggdrasil, such as the insulting messenger squirrel Ratatoskr and the perching hawk Veðrfölnir. The tree itself has three major roots, and at the base of one of these roots live a trio of norns.[21] Elements of the cosmos are personified, such as the Sun (Sól, a goddess), the Moon (Máni, a god), and Earth (Jörð, a goddess), as well as units of time, such as day (Dagr, a god) and night (Nótt, a jötunn).[22]

    The afterlife is a complex matter in Norse mythology. The dead may go to the murky realm of Hel—a realm ruled over by a female being of the same name, may be ferried away by valkyries to Odin's martial hall Valhalla, or may be chosen by the goddess Freyja to dwell in her field Fólkvangr.[23] The goddess Rán may claim those that die at sea, and the goddess Gefjon is said to be attended by virgins upon their death.[24] References to reincarnation are also made.[25] Time itself is presented between cyclic and linear, and some scholars have argued that cyclic time was the original format for the mythology.[26] Various forms of a cosmological creation story are provided in Icelandic sources, and references to a future destruction and rebirth of the world—Ragnarok—are frequently mentioned in some texts.[27]


    A God Tree (神樹, Shinju, English TV: Divine Tree) is a gigantic tree that grows in earth that has been soaked in the blood of countless battles. Due to its massive size and the conditions under which it is grown, the God Tree is revered by some cultures; humans used to worship the God Tree of Earth as a sacred pillar that extended into the heavens.[1]

    A chakra fruit.

    Every thousand years, God Trees produce a "chakra fruit" (チャクラの実, Chakura no Mi), which human legend holds are never to be touched.[1] Members of the Ōtsutsuki clan travel through the dimensions in search of God Trees so that they can consume the trees' fruit and gain its powerful chakra for themselves.[2] Some Ōtsutsuki, such as Momoshiki and Kinshiki, harvest the God Tree's fruit until it and its respective planet die, at which point they go looking for a new one.[3] Kaguya, after consuming the fruit of Earth's God Tree, chose to settle on the planet and use the power she gained in order to single-handedly bring peace to the human populations.[1]

    The God Tree of another planet.

    As a measure to keep the peace, Kaguya enslaved part of the human population with Infinite Tsukuyomi and bound those affected to the God Tree, allowing it to feed off of them. If it were allowed to draw enough power from its victims, the God Tree would be able to produce a new chakra fruit.[4] When Kaguya's sons, Hagoromo and Hamura, were born with chakra of their own, she merged with the Earth's God Tree in order to take the chakra back,

    The power to use the abilities of an Asura. Variation of Demonic Physiology and Hindu Deity Physiology. Not to be confused with Asura Form.

    ser with this ability either is or can transform into an Asura, a member of a group of power-seeking deities from Hindu/Buddhist Mythology, who were sometimes considered sinful and materialistic, but most often considered to have become addicted to passions, especially wrath, pride, boasting, and bellicosity. Asura are obsessed with force and violence, always looking for an excuse to get into a fight, angry with everyone and unable to maintain calm or solve problems peacefully.

    In terms of power, Asuras rank equal to the other deities, and some have levels of power that rival even the most powerful. Some individuals have forced all Hindu-deities to retreat and were defeated only by exploiting their own weaknesses, main one being pride.


    Animal Imitation

    Appendage Generation

    Multiple Arms

    Multiple Heads

    Multiple Eyes

    360-Degree Vision

    Anger Empowerment

    Berserker Physiology

    Feral Mind

    Combat Manipulation

    Combat Empowerment

    Combat Specialist

    Weapon Proficiency

    Elemental Manipulation

    Elemental Mimicry

    Enhanced Condition or Supernatural Condition

    Enhanced/Supernatural Combat

    Supernaturally Dense Tissue/Invulnerability

    Enhanced/Supernatural Strength

    Hatred Empowerment

    Malleable Anatomy


    Daitya Physiology

    Giant Physiology

    Supernatural Condition

    Danavas Physiology

    Enhanced Archery (even among Asura standards)

    Weather Manipulation

    Notable AsurasEdit

    Out of the many powerful Asuras that existed in Hindu Myth, there were a few cases that demonstrated abilities and power that made them leaders among the other Asuras. Some include:

    Mahishasura - Prince of the Asura who was granted invincibility by Brahma himself and became powerful enough to drive all the gods (devas) out of Heaven and defeat their king, Lord Indra, single-handedly. His special powers were:

    Absolute Strength

    Army Manipulation

    Buffalo Physiology

    Ultimate Invincibility (in battle)

    Universal Lordship

    Rahu (complete state) - an asura whose body was divided into two parts upon being beheaded by Vishnu

    Rahu (identity of his head) - the segment that is destined to swallow the sun or the moon causing eclipses, Often depicted in art as a serpents head. Its special powers include:

    Anatomical Liberation

    Cosmic Hunger

    Snake Physiology

    Ketu (identity of the body of Rahu) - the segment that causes material loss in order to force a more spiritual outlook in the person. Its special powers include:

    Belief Inducement

    Luck Bestowal

    Shukra - preceptor of the Daityas, and the Guru of the Asuras, identified with the planet Venus, one of the Navagrahas (Cosmic Influencer). His special powers include:


    Higher Consciousness

    Temporal Cognition

    Virochana - King of the Asura who traveled with Indra, the King of the Devas, on a quest to achieve enlightenment. His special powers include:

    Cosmic Awareness




    Garuda Physiology

    Hindu Deity Physiology

    Naga Physiology

    Rakshasa Physiology

    Hakaishin Physiology


    Addicted to passions, especially wrath, pride, boasting, and bellicosity.

    The Asuras' hotblooded and passion-driven nature tended to cloud their judgment and leaves them vulnerable to damage.

    Known UsersEdit

    Asura (Hindu Mythology)

    Asuras (DC Comics)

    Asura (Asura's Wrath)

    Precious Lara Quigaman as Shen Li Liang (Kung Fu Kids)

    Asura (Shin Megami Tensei)

    Ashura (Skyblazer)

    Asura (Final Fantasy)


    PDVD 007

    Shen Li Liang (Right) being Resurrected and given life by the villains of Kung Fu Kids TV Series

    Asura FFIV DS Art

    Asura (Final Fantasy IV)

    Asura MT

    Asura (Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey) a recurring demon in the series.

    Asura (Dc comics)

    The Asuras (DC Comics) are deities that were cast aside by the other gods and are forever enraged


    Asura (Asura's Wrath)

    Person or issue

    Issue or description

    Itachi U

    Is a threshold guardian from a writing stance he was labeled a genius. In the plot he'd show up for exposition reasons. The genius flag was so encyclopedia like knowledge made some sense. He is a borderline sociopath that creates a borderline psychopath in Sasuke Uchiha he somehow always knows what to say which is unnatural. Fan fiction is worse with this because he pops up where he needs to stop whoever may be after him.

    Something that if it happen in any other series would be called out. But it's not because He's cool.

    War veterans don't get a pass to be unruly. Because of service. A decent person as a reasonable has reasonable personality makes an effort to reshape their approach.

    When Itachi's illness form the over use of his eyes should have put him in a coma or killed him by the end of part one. Sasuke would have never got to kill him.

    Orochimaru,Obito ,Nagato ,Madara Uchiha,Kaguya .

    All have various degrees of narcissism and megalomania.

    Naruto ,Kakashi, Guy ,Lee.

    While flaws are there they have balanced personality.

    A common fiction thread Women kidnapped for breeding.

    At the surface this makes sense Here's why it doesn't.

    Kidnapping percentage wise is more common with teens.


    Ten months during pregnancy and 18 months before the next child is the rest period. Kidnapping males for breeding makes more sense.

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    In the space of a month and a half lost four harddrives 3 of which were four years old in general it takes three months to write new chapters. lost research and notes. The chapters must be reworked.

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    Naruto as a baby is sent away from Planet Vegeta the day before its destruction by his loving parents in hopes that he could live and grow up before eventually landing in the city of Smallville. After growing up around them and being the apprentice of Superman Naruto decides to make a name for himself ending up as a member of the Teen Titans. Naruto x Harem. M-Rated
    Crossover - Naruto & Teen Titans - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 38,929 - Reviews: 245 - Favs: 877 - Follows: 961 - Updated: 9/18 - Published: 6/8 - [Naruto U., Raven, Blackfire, Kitten]
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    While those Half-Bloods are fighting in their silly little war for honor and glory; there are thing waiting and watching for their chance to strike. Waiting for the perfect chance to strike since the darkness is growing stronger. But there is a hunter that is willing to sink into the darkness and hunt them inside the very darkness they call home.
    Crossover - Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8,508 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 81 - Follows: 131 - Updated: 9/18 - Published: 8/28
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    When the Particle Accelerator exploded, a rift was opened and a person was shot out it. This person begins showing the same symptoms Barry exhibited when he first awakened, who is this person and why does Dr. Wells seem apprehensive around them?
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    Crossover - Naruto & Young Justice - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 65 - Words: 675,570 - Reviews: 1974 - Favs: 1,930 - Follows: 1,943 - Updated: 8/28 - Published: 5/8/2014 - Naruto U., Megan M./Miss Martian
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    Naruto was taken away from his comrades and is imprisoned in Vorkuta. Where he will learn about his heritage. Will he use his powers for good or bad? Revolutionary Naruto. crossovers from COD and Assassin's Creed. Naruto large Harem. will contain politics and NaruHina. Lemon starts at chapter 22.
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    Complete Rewrite of the original Force Unleashed! Unable to draw out the Kyuubi's chakra in time as he plummeted to his death, a supposed fatalistic end awaited Uzumaki Naruto. Instead he found something amazing within his end, he found an ancient power that lay dormant for centuries. Through this power he is given new purpose, he will show the world the Force Unleashed!
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    Crossover - Naruto & Justice League - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Tragedy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 15,563 - Reviews: 39 - Favs: 226 - Follows: 254 - Updated: 8/19 - Published: 10/13/2016 - [Naruto U., Harleen Q./Harley]
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    Crossover - Naruto & Young Justice - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 17,983 - Reviews: 67 - Favs: 323 - Follows: 352 - Updated: 8/9 - Published: 7/10 - [Naruto U., Megan M./Miss Martian] Wally W./Kid Flash, Jade N./Cheshire
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    Before the destruction of Planet Vegeta by Frieza, Minato and Kushina use the last space pod to send their son far away from the planet and towards Earth where his cousin Kakarot was heading, but things didn't go as planned as the aftershock of Planet Vegeta knocks Naruto's ship off course and sends him crashing on Beerus's Planet. Full summary inside.
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    Naruto's transported to the DC Universe, while adjusting to this unfamiliar world. He fights alongside earth's greatest heroes and becomes the youngest member of the Justice League."
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    See inside for summary.
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    The Speed Force a flowing dimension connecting to other dimensions while at the same moment, altering a persons notion of time. Barry wished he knew that before deciding to brush aside everything that happened during the week he vanished as a strange dream. Now the Fastest Man Alive is going to have to move over because a new speedsters in Central and he's looking for answers.
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    A fateful meeting, arranged by the Force. One meeting was all it took to push Naruto onto his new path that would show him a brand new bigger world that he had no idea existed. The serentiy of the Jedi and temptations of the Sith face him on his new adventure. Which path will he take? Will he bask in the Light or wallow in the Dark? Strong/Smart Naruto, pairings undecided.
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    Naruto's Mother is alive and is a Greek goddess and after his fight with Sasuke at the end she returns and brings him to her world how with both the Olympus and Earth deal with the Maelstrom that is Naruto Uzumaki. May be bumped up to M later
    Crossover - Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,084 - Reviews: 60 - Favs: 112 - Follows: 136 - Published: 4/4
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    He vanished from his world, became a Jedi, Fell in love, Died in Battle and is now offered a chance to Return to his home world to save it from a coming darkness...how can he refuse when its his very nature to help people. Now with his troopers following behind him, his love at his side and some tech he is ready to save his home world...The Maelstrom has Returned.
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    1 day on planet Vegeta, four Sayans are born. these saiyans will surpass legends and break prophecies of their race. Naruto x fem Saiyan. ssj Naruto. ssjgssj Naruto.
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    Naruto should have watched his step when he woke up from Orochimaru's attack in the forest of death... to bad he didn't... or is it too good he didn't? Warning: Slightly Older Canon Characters (Title changed from A Tail of Gods and Monsters!)
    Naruto - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 5 - Words: 27,838 - Reviews: 290 - Favs: 1,023 - Follows: 1,212 - Updated: 3/23 - Published: 7/19/2015 - [Naruto U., Karin U.] - Complete
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    Naruto soon after the Kyuubi attack is taken in by Tsunade his godmother and raised by her with one condition When he is of age to graduate from the academy she must bring him back to be a ninja. During a shopping trip Naruto stumbles upon an old man who offered him a heart shaped fruit, not knowing the abilities he would gain by eating it. Ope Ope no Mi & Haki Naruto x 3 TBA girls
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    After the 4th Shinobi War, things have returned to peace. However, Naruto's dream to become Hokage was shattered when Konoha elected Sasuke to be the Rokudaime Hokage. However, when Sasuke goes to take Karin as his 'rightful' bride-to-be, a new revelation is sprung upon him. It would seem Naruto will have the last laugh after all. Naru x Harem
    Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 35,949 - Reviews: 131 - Favs: 761 - Follows: 878 - Updated: 3/21 - Published: 8/5/2014 - [Karin U., Naruto U., Karui, Sakura H.]
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    It's the Chunin Exams in the Hidden Leaf Village and Naruto Uzumaki and his team are ready to take it, but what he doesn't know it that someone is on his way to his home village. Someone who was kept a secret from him for all his life, someone who won't rest until he has him back in his life. His name is Namikaze Garfield, and he will not rest until our hero is safe and happy.
    Crossover - Naruto & Teen Titans - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 34,059 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 72 - Follows: 80 - Updated: 3/20 - Published: 8/30/2016 - Naruto U., Hinata H., Beast Boy, Raven
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    My name is Naru-To son of Mina-To, and Kushi Uzuma-Ki, I am one of the last Kryptonian's in the universe. And this is my story. Naruto x Kara. Cover Image not mine
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    After the 4th Shinobi War, Naruto leaves as he has no real reason to stay due to certain issues that have arisen. He finds himself in the PJO universe where, unknown to him, one of his parents is alive, but not in any way that he is truly expecting. OP Naruto, Sage Naruto, NarutoX?
    Crossover - Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 2 - Words: 16,844 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 512 - Follows: 611 - Updated: 2/27 - Published: 1/3/2016
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    I don't know what to put for the Summary. Naruto x Percy Jackson; Son of Artemis, Good Kurama, Alive Minato, Konoha bashing. Naruto x Zoe x Phoebe.
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    Like its title, it's an unexpected marriage between Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hanabi. For this event alone, everything is going to change. And because of this, Naruto will never be the same. Starts before the Chuunin Exams. Rated M for the future, because, well, it's an arranged marriage between Naruto and Hanabi. What do you expect? NarutoxHanabi. AU.
    Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,373 - Reviews: 52 - Favs: 224 - Follows: 355 - Updated: 2/22 - Published: 2/19 - [Naruto U., Hanabi H.]
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    Naruto is in a new world and has been living on the streets for the whole time. Trying to be a hero he gains the attention of the Justice League and finds more than just a place to fit in but he finds family for the first time. See how this hero's journey unfolds and how his 'family' comes to be.
    Crossover - Naruto & Young Justice - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,594 - Reviews: 85 - Favs: 159 - Follows: 206 - Updated: 2/16 - Published: 2/13 - Naruto U.
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    Basically Naruto is an Elite Saiyan who is the godson of Whis, and Beerus, cousin to Vegeta and Son Goku Naruto's goal is to be able to fight on even footing with Beerus, and hopefully grow even stronger.
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    During his training trip, Naruto starts to feel a connection to a power unknown to his world; the Force. It is the Force that guides him to a figure who was thought to have been lost amongst the stars, and she has decided to take him as her Padawan! Now, what will become of Naruto with both Ninja and Jedi training under his belt? Naru/Revan/Kaguya/FemKyuubi
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    While on the mission to find her father, Sarada gets separated from Naruto and is attacked by Shin. A mess-up in his space-time ninjutsu sends her hurtling back in time to before Naruto was Hokage. Uchiha Sarada, meet Uzumaki Naruto, genin of team 7! Spoilers for those who haven't read past chapter 700. Pairing is Sarada x Naruto. Will be epic in length. Chapter 5 posted!
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    Crossover - Final Fantasy VII & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 47,716 - Reviews: 147 - Favs: 423 - Follows: 514 - Updated: 11/28/2016 - Published: 8/29/2016 - Naruto U.
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    Born the older brother to the container of the most powerful Tailed Beast, he sold his soul to protect her. Stolen away from his world and taken to the world filled with monsters, heroes and Gods by his father to help will the coming storm. How will the Olympians and their kin deal with the son of Apollo?
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    Crossover - Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,203 - Reviews: 139 - Favs: 1,110 - Follows: 1,261 - Published: 11/3/2016 - Naruto U., Athena, Artemis, Zoë N.
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    Naruto couldn't tell whether or not he was even a decent person. Sure he'd never known his parents and he'd gotten into business of killing when he was young, but this didn't mean that he was a messed up person. Now his parents and their friends at ISIS? Well lets just say that being stuck with them was making him rethink his career. (Major AU)
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    Public Security Section 9. A famous special operations group known for not only fielding elite operators and specialists, but known for tackling things related to cyber crimes and cyber terrorism. They are a cut above the rest and modeled after Germany's elite GSG-9 unit with having trained with the British SAS. This is the story of one of their members. DISCONTINUED
    Crossover - Ghost in the Shell & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 23,384 - Reviews: 50 - Favs: 221 - Follows: 216 - Updated: 10/30/2016 - Published: 7/30/2016 - Batou, M. Kusanagi, Tachikoma, Naruto U. - Complete
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    After the war in the Elemental Nations, Death, a member of the Endless, finds Naruto and brings his soul to where he is needed once again. A place where Naruto can find happiness and finally achieve his dream of having a family. However, he has to start over with a clean slate, but that does not mean he will be helpless. Follow as Naruto Uzumaki makes a name for himself as a hero.
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    When both of their demigod body's are sacrificed to seal a giant rampaging beast inside of their children. Both where lead to believe they died during the sealing process. Now father has find out the truth after many years what will happen. How will the fates for both worlds change. How will this affect Olympia's and more importantly how will the mother react.
    Crossover - Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 6,166 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 71 - Follows: 99 - Updated: 9/29/2016 - Published: 5/7/2016 - Naruto U., OC, Silena B.
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    Selina prided herself on being unpredictable, it seemed she passed that trait down to her son.
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    Demonic chakra can sometimes have some unpredictable side effects on Jutsu. So, when Naruto used it to summon a Toad, he got something else instead. To be specific, a seemingly infinitely long sea monster that thinks Toads are useless and that Jiraiya is a child molester. Bijuu, Summons, make way for a real monster! Pairing Undecided.
    Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 14,547 - Reviews: 190 - Favs: 1,129 - Follows: 1,259 - Updated: 9/23/2016 - Published: 6/11/2015 - Naruto U.
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    The children of Athena are expected to fear spiders and obtain knowledge of buildings, but Naruto breaks this mold and shows the world what weaving can really do.
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    This is the beginning of my meta-human!Naruto and Flarrow cross over series. This one has Naruto getting the powers of Superman X! NaruxYandere!Brie Larvan. The next one will be a Spider-man meta!Naruto.
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    Reborn in the Dragonball Universe Naruto is raised and trained by the Supreme Kai. Born to the Greatest Warrior race Naruto cements his name in the Universe itself as he trains to become the Strongest fighter in the universe. The only thing standing in his way are evil tyrants, artificial warriors, and even more Saiyans training to be the strongest.
    Crossover - Dragon Ball Z & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 3 - Words: 11,173 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 118 - Follows: 147 - Updated: 9/15/2016 - Published: 9/12/2016
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    You'd think that living in a world full of sorcerers, stupidly powerful aliens, and colorfully dressed psychotics who routinely terrorize cities would leave people jaded to surprise. But three teenage ninjas with absurd haircuts from another world that can walk on water, disguise themselves as other people, and blow stuff up without a care in the world? Huh, that's original.
    Crossover - Naruto & Young Justice - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 10,285 - Reviews: 41 - Favs: 207 - Follows: 276 - Updated: 9/11/2016 - Published: 8/27/2016 - Naruto U., Madame Xanadu
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    I'm not that good at summaries, but I'll give it a shot. Naruto passed his genin exams, but what if Mizuki offered him something more than just being a genin? How bad could this go for the naive Naruto? Find out here. God that was atrocious. Just read the story and let me know what you think. Thanks. -Being Rewritten- -Discontinued-
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    Naruto, the son of Pan and was experimented by Danzo and Orochimaru and is very talented in music and he is godlike and OP. This is a Konoha Bashing fic except a few and this a naruto and three women pairing. Naruto x Artemis X Hera X Hestia
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    Nobody wanted him. No one loved him. They all hated him. And he still didn't know why. But one day, the one that caused all this pain, the one that all feared, he promised to lift the pain. He could give him the love he needed, he could send him somewhere where people wouldn't hate him. All he had to do was set him free, and all the pain would go away.
    Crossover - Naruto & Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま! - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 13,996 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 51 - Follows: 65 - Updated: 9/1/2016 - Published: 8/29/2016
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    Most would say that the Uzumaki were blessed with good fortune and good luck. For Uzumaki Naruto that couldn't have been further from the truth as one night sends his curiosity spiraling down a path that he would like to not go down, but he will and whether he likes it or not, he will become a Master. Mistake or not.
    Naruto - Rated: M - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 49,240 - Reviews: 226 - Favs: 765 - Follows: 927 - Updated: 8/23/2016 - Published: 4/6/2016 - Naruto U., Fū, Suzumebachi K.
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    When Naruto and Sasuke sealed Kaguya, however, Naruto passed away by sacrificed his life in order to save his best friend, Sasuke for life. After his death, he was transported to another dimension called Sengoku period, Feudal Era of Japan. (This is my rewritten story. I might delete my old one.)
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    Crushed by the slaughter of her clan, Kushina takes a different path. Instead of marrying the Yondaime and dying in the Kyuubi attack, Kushina runs off to fulfill her own ambitions with the aid of her fellow Uzumaki. An Uzumaki-centric story. Will contain Uzumakicest. Huge departure from canon.
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    Konoha was never his home. It was full of hate that was continuously pointed at him. But this new place. This new world was full of darkness. Gotham might be able to be saved. It just needs someone to save it. He has the training. He just needs to become something more. A symbol that shine's through the darkness that is Gotham.
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    Crossover - Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 10,932 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 308 - Follows: 400 - Updated: 6/16/2016 - Published: 3/12/2016 - [Naruto U., Hinata H., Thalia G.] Artemis
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    See inside for summary.
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    This is the DC version of my Marvel Story. Banish from his homeland, our young blond heads out beyond the elemental nations to find a place call home, years later his past has caught up with him so what does he do? get into his suit and kick some ass. Will have crossover with series like gundam or any that has robot's in it.
    Crossover - DC Superheroes & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 10,848 - Reviews: 46 - Favs: 303 - Follows: 295 - Updated: 11/15/2015 - Published: 11/1/2015
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    Crossover - Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 140,941 - Reviews: 294 - Favs: 1,176 - Follows: 1,138 - Updated: 11/12/2015 - Published: 7/21/2012 - Naruto U., Kyuubi/Kurama, Thalia G.
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    As Naruto lay dying, pity was taken, and the shinobi was given new life somewhere far from the world he knew. Now he faces new dangers as he grows not into a shinobi, but into a Saiyan. Rated M for violence, language, and later Mature Romance. Poll Added. Both One-shots out! Pole Now Closed.
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    Ages ago, Shao Khan had one child with Sindel before her first death, but assumed the child died soon after birth. But he did not die. He was taken by Raiden to Earthrealm to become the Sage of Six Paths. His legacy Uzumaki Naruto is found by Shao Khan.
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    Goku finally defeats Lord Bills and becomes a god in his own right and decides to find someone to pass his legacy onto and finds it in the container of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, what will Konoha do with a cold, merciless jinchuuriki who is willing to pay them back for his treatment.
    Crossover - Dragon Ball Z & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 7 - Words: 45,843 - Reviews: 349 - Favs: 1,134 - Follows: 1,052 - Updated: 10/15/2015 - Published: 10/6/2013 - Naruto U., Kushina U.
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    summery in story
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    While meditiating Luke Skywalker gets visited by the spirits of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and his Father, they tell him there is a threat to the entire galaxy looming and that the force has chosen its next Chosen One who will be the one to lead the galaxy's forces to combat the threat enter Naruto Uzumaki, will contain Blood, Violence, Language, Lemons Gore, NarutoxAnkoXHintaxAayla Secura
    Crossover - Star Wars & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Romance - Chapters: 13 - Words: 54,101 - Reviews: 126 - Favs: 473 - Follows: 472 - Updated: 9/14/2015 - Published: 3/24/2015 - Aayla S., Naruto U., Anko M., Hinata H.
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    Summary: Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze is the new boy in Ouran Academy who is from the Elemental Continents who used to be a loudmouthed, knuckleheaded boy, but is now a quiet, non-sociable boy ever since the death of his parents, Minato and Kushina Namikaze. Will the Host Club be able to soften him up and turn him back into his old self again?
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    Having been caught up in the spell meant to seal Bai Tza away forever, Jade finds herself lost in the Demon Netherworld. As she's makes her way toward Shendu's portal and freedom, she just so happens to come across one who has been there since long before the Demon Sorcerers were sealed; a now-jaded soul that may yet receive compensation for the hellish life he'd lead before.
    Crossover - Jackie Chan Adventures & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 6 - Words: 35,347 - Reviews: 209 - Favs: 704 - Follows: 706 - Updated: 8/12/2015 - Published: 2/16/2012 - [Jade C., Naruto U.]
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    This story is being rewritten and will be reposted, while you wait go check out my other story A Hero: Agent Colorado. Also check out my profile for information about what's going on. I would also like to thank my loyal followers for sticking by me through trouble times.
    Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 3 - Words: 10,390 - Reviews: 56 - Favs: 249 - Follows: 259 - Updated: 7/22/2015 - Published: 9/12/2011 - [Naruto U., Mikoto U., Fū]
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    Summary inside
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    Naruto a being of a Mazoku, Kishin, Fire Demon, Ice Demon, Yoko, and the two most dangerous S-class demons that rival Raizen and is now a Spirit Detective for a Billion Years has fled to the human world after mastering his respective powers and learning from many spirit and martial artist master's and now lives the life of his teenage body as Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Urameshi.
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    Surviving by the skin of their teeth, the Z Warriors just barely make it out of Cell's self-destruction. But their freedom is short-lived, as they end up landing on Kurama's back as he is being sealed. Through the seal, they watch as Naruto's life unfolds, and during the mission to Wave, they decide to step in.
    Crossover - Dragon Ball Z & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 8,711 - Reviews: 76 - Favs: 297 - Follows: 360 - Updated: 12/6/2013 - Published: 2/3/2013 - [Naruto U., Fū] Goku
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    Naruto wakes from a dream. This dream showed his his potential death at the hand of Sasuke at the VotE! He discovers this ability to see into time! Here he can change the future whether he means to or not. His presence with his foreknowledge is all the catalyst needed. He is attacked in his home at 5, and his ability saves his life as he runs into Tenten where her father saves him!
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    Crossover - Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 5 - Words: 27,609 - Reviews: 77 - Favs: 380 - Follows: 440 - Updated: 9/19/2013 - Published: 4/27/2013 - Naruto U.
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    Taken from Konoha, Naruto is part of Xavier's second class of X-men. Follow Naruto and the second class as they find their way in a world filled with danger.
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    No-Life-King by jCOOLn reviews
    Naruto appears on the grounds of the Hellsing organization with a hole in his chest. To save his life, and to appease Alucards curiosity, Seras turns naruto into a vampire. Now the world will have to watch out for a vampire who has lost his memories and has decided to model himself after the only other male vampire he knows, Alucard. Super strong Naruto/Harem/black magic Naruto.
    Crossover - Hellsing & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 19,745 - Reviews: 152 - Favs: 821 - Follows: 800 - Updated: 9/5/2013 - Published: 8/30/2013 - [Naruto U., Seras, Rip Van Winkle] Alucard
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    Upon near death Naruto waken in the realm of the dead, soon Naruto find the power of the lord of the dead himself Death. With his new power Naruto shall rise to a new power over life and death he shall become Death Emperor. Naruto X Mito X Tsunade-Possible Harem- "All who lived know my name, all who oppose me shall know Death!"
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    The mission to rescue Asuna went wrong, everyone is either turned to stone or on the verge of death. Nodoka and Yue are desperate for a way to make this stop. However, the Shinigami gives them a chance. Making a friend? Sure, easy enough. Being turned into 6 year olds? Not ideal, but okay. Being thrown into a bath with a 6 year old Naruto? Okay... maybe that was going a bit far.
    Crossover - Naruto & Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま! - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,127 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 77 - Follows: 86 - Published: 8/17/2013 - Naruto U., Nodoka M., Yue A.
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    Expeiment will continue based on your reaction to it Review
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    This is a challenge I accepted from SHONENJUMP GUY. Details are inside. Enjoy!
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    Crossover - Naruto & Soul Eater - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,271 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 44 - Published: 3/25/2013 - Tsubaki N., Naruto U.
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    Crossover - Hellsing & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,211 - Reviews: 44 - Favs: 168 - Follows: 176 - Updated: 2/16/2013 - Published: 2/12/2013 - Naruto U.
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    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    Castersmith Mechanic reviews
    He was apathetic to being a ninja Wanting the stars and freedom is all he asked for. When he looked at the stars he got lost in them. Until he met Hot Ice Hilda then he'd question everything. Three years before meeting Gene and Jim. Tailed beasts will not speak in most of the stories written by Hierkina
    Crossover - Outlaw Star & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 4 - Words: 26,697 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 27 - Updated: 1/29 - Published: 7/25/2012 - Melfina, Naruto U.
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    Obito's plans are gone because lost memories Naruto said himself he basically could have disappeared and it wouldn't have mattered. three years before Yusuke's first case.
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    FullSayjin Handsome Monkey King:Naruto the wildman reviews
    A group of saiyan pirates integrate themselves into the Uzumaki clan during the clan wars era. thry are on an unknown planet They destroy part of the Uchiha and Senju that's what caused the split. Kurama not wanting to be sealed again calls all bijuu to form the Yonbi no Juubi SaruSatori Ozaru Ten tailed monkey beast consciousness yōkai Great Monkey.
    Crossover - Naruto & Dragon Ball GT - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,541 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 33 - Updated: 7/30/2012 - Published: 7/21/2012 - Naruto U., Pan S.
    Return of the heir reviews
    His mom was a chocolatier His dad a confectioner What did that mean for him
    Crossover - Naruto & Ouran High School Host Club - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,281 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 41 - Updated: 7/23/2012 - Published: 7/17/2012 - Naruto U., Haruhi F.
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    Asshole - Dennis Leary Cover
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