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First off I'm female..I know that I definataly get confused when I have to guess if someone's a boy or a girl so I'll just go ahead and say it. I'm 15. I'm from somewhere between China..and America..the long way round..ha, ha I'm not telling! I have quite a weird mind so a lot of my stuff will be rated M...just a warning.

My Favorite TV shows:

Teen Titans
South Park
Fairly Odd Parents
Scooby-Doo (come on. Who DOESN'T like that pooch and mystery inc.?)
Danny Phantom
The Mentalist
The Ghost Whisperer

My Favorite Movies:

Harry Potter
Jurassic Park (I prefer the movie to the book; the book gives too many details and the plot goes way too slow for my tastes)
St. Trinians
Trouble In Tokyo
Van Helsing
Eragon (again prefer movie to book)

My Favorite Books:

Harry Potter
The New Teen Titans Comic Books
Sabriel (a.k.a The Old Kindom series)
The Ragwitch
Shades Children
A Place Called Here
Michael Macintyre: Life and laughing
A Series of Unfortunate events
Narnia Chronicles

And They are to name but a few..I know random mix of stuff or what. I will most likely be writing Teen Titans and probably have a few crossovers of them with The Old Kingdom series, Kick-Ass and Harry Potter..and maybe Scooby..I'm not sure yet. I also will probably have a few of my own characters on there when I find something that'll fit for them.

I'm very, very bad at spelling and grammar so keep that in mind whislt reading my fics. I have one up at the moment called 'What the Hell!?!?' I know the name sucks but i couldn't think of anything else...and when I did it was like, mega cheesy...anyways it's up so you take a peek. I am currently working on chapter 3 and will keep getting those all-important sugar-highs needed to write it...haha, just kidding...mostly..
Flame all you want, I have a fire extinguisher.

So time for the all important pairings situation. For Teen Titans I suport:

BB/Rae: I'm a total believer of opposites attract. Plus I think their chemistry is very interesting; seriously it's like, major old married couple and opposites attract syndrome! They kinda just snap in place and it's kinda cute the way they interact..if somewhat painfull for them (Raven normally emotionally, Beastboy normally phisically). They have that cute little love/hate relationship with eachother (on and off couple constantly in the comics)...What more prove do y'all need!

Star/Robin: HELLOOO!! They kissed in the movie, they almost get married in the comics for god sake! Anyone who thinks they don't belong together obviously don't have eyes! DUH!!

Jinx/KF: Again, DUH!! Need I say more?..I think not. Y'all probably do...but I don't care.

Cy/Bee: These two are so bloody competetive! That's what makes this couple the butt of many of my little jokes in my upcoming stories!

Jericho/Kole: AWWWW! They're sooo cute together. Nuff said.

Hot Spot/Argent: Why you ask?..the answer to that question can be found in two words: Why NOT?

Now the whole Rob/Rae thing I find kinda weird. Yes they're similar..that's why it won't work. Sorry to burst ya bubble but it would be to weird. They got more of a..bro/sis relationship..imagine dating YOUR brother/sister..EXACTLY!

Cy/Rae again total bro/sis thing...again let the image of YOU dating YOUR brother/sister...*shiver*

Slade/Rae? Come on there are so many things wrong with that! 1. He's like 40 and she's like 16..eww! 2. Granted I can imagine Slade taking a sexual interest in...well..pretty much anyone..but y'all really think she'd return the sentiment!?!? Y'all are SICK!!

Also what is up with these slashes...EWW!! I think that's toatally effed up in the head, even though I have a pretty sick and demented mind myself!!

Harry Potter:

Harry/Ginny: Another duh couple.

Hermionie/Ron: ahh, the 'Old married couple and opposites attract syndrome' striks again!!

I'll tell ya what..I'll be nice, I'm from England. Anyways when I think of more stuff to put on the profile thingy I will...you know..put it on the profile thingy...anyways..Peace, Love and Rock'n'Roll Dudes!!

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