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Author has written 14 stories for Tomb Raider, and Uncharted series.

These two are simply meant to run into each other!!

All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.

T.E. Lawrence, "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom"

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.

Louisa May Alcott

Conceal nothing, and let the fools search forever.


Okay, maybe after a year it's time for me to write a little introduction. As you can see I'm a fan of Tomb Raider and Uncharted, so I only write stories with these two characters. One thing you have to know before starting to read my stories.. I'm a hopeless romantic. I love playing with emotions, bringing couples together, so there is hardly any story of mine where you won't find romance involved. I simply love it!

I only started writing about a year ago.. when I joined Fanfiction. Why I started it? That's a question I love to ask people I meet and know they write too. I think it's an interesting thought and you can get suprising answers. Some call it a destiny, a calling. They put their lives on it, want to reach something with it in the future, they are simply artists. Me.. I'm no artist. I look at writing as some kind of fun where I can use my creativity. It's a hobby for me that I learned to love ever since I wrote down the first words. And to answer the question I asked in the beginning... I write because I want to be the one who decides how the story goes on and what the characters are doing. I've read a lot of fanfictions before and often had the feeling I would have done it differently. When there was no romance involved, I missed it. So why not taking control and do it as I want? :)

So I surprised even myself and started writing with quite an incredible speed, putting together about 500k words all in all in this one year. I also write my own stories, but I love fanfiction. Some people say that's no real writing as you don't create your own characters, but use ones someone else created. That may be right, but I think the big challenge in this is to keep them within their limits. To keep their characteristics and make the reader believe this could really happen to them. I don't know if I manage this, but I'll try my best. I hope you enjoy the stories and always feel free to write me a message with questions, remarks or just simply if you need any help. I'm happy to answer!

The new adventure of Lara Croft
my very first fanfic ever!

Just another Saturday night: just a one-shot I wrote while working on Crossroads. No action in here, I missed the romance while working on the adventure story, so I felt like writing something. Give it a try if you like some heated scenes!

Crossroads - Category changed to CROSSOVER, you can find the story there from now on. A crossover story with Lara Croft and Nathan Drake from Uncharted. The story is now complete, so enjoy and don't forget to review if you like it!

My very first experiment for writing something dark.. And there was silence. Story is complete now. It was all just so new to me, but I enjoyed it a lot :) Let's see if I come back to this genre once again!

When the sky is falling ... the sequel of my first story (The new adventure of Lara Croft), which will have a little bit different approach to our heroes but I hope you give it a try! The story is now complete, but keep reviewing if you like it. As promised, a third installment will come where we'll find out everything about this infamous book. Just takes a little time to write it as I'm working on Crossroads at the moment.

And there was silence: my first attempt to write something dark. Lara wakes up in a desperate place and struggles to remember how she got there. Is there a way out? Is someone playing an evil game with her? After a while things get harsh and she realizes that she is not alone...

Double Blind: My first attempt to write something with Kurtis. It was a very sudden idea, let's see where I will get with it. I hope you enjoy it, it will try to stay on the funny side. The story is now complete, tell me any time what you think of Kaleb and if it's worth to bring him back in another story one day :)

Crossroads:Back again - the sequel to my fanfic with the same title. This time I publish in the Crossover section, so look for it there if you are interested how Lara and Nate search for yet another lost tomb. And as always, you are welcome to leave any reviews, comments, opinions!

Buried deep within. It was all just a very sudden idea I got while discussing with a fellow writer. So we tried where the two of us would get with the same idea. I'm sure both stories will be very different. This will be a short one with shorter chapters, being updated regularly. When I started it I wrote that I had no idea where it will end... it was so true that I changed the concept in the middle and that's why it ended where it ended. I loved it.. I simply loved it! Emotions... God, I love to make the two shiver and long for each other! Reviews are always welcome anytime!

A night to remember. Just a one-shot that came to my mind while talking about something silly with a friend. I got fascinated by the idea of showing Lara's weak point once in a while. If I mixed that up with a little romance with Kurtis, it's the perfect combination :)

Lost in Delusion. A sequel to my first fanfic, making the trilogy complete. Simon appears on Lara's side again for a new adventure. I plan to make this one a bit darker, emotional, but not soft, showing a side of Lara we don't know yet. In the last part (When the sky is falling) they found the golden book, so it's time to see what is hidden in it. Of course they bad guys won't stay far behind. Reviews, comments, PMs are welcome as always!

Under development:

Currently I'm re-writing the very first part of Crossroads as I thought it deserved some polishing. The story won't change, I'm just correcting mistakes, adding a bit here and there, changing weird language. I hope it will sound a lot better afterwards.

Parallel to that I started to work on the third installment of Crossroads as well... First two chapters are ready, so hopefull I can start publishing it soon. Looking forward to the new adventure of Lara and Nate.

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