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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

I honestly don't know what to say at the moment. But for anyone who likes my story so far, I have taken many of my ideas from dozens of different fanfics on this and a few other sites. My personal favorites, I am going back over and adding them to a new community that I formed. Anyone wishing to help me guide that community can feel free to message me, and we will talk about my aims for it. The one's that I have already added are very good stories, and I hope everyone will enjoy them as much as I did. Later*

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Religion: Bible-Believing Christian

Someone once told me that you can never love another until you first learn to love yourself. You can't love yourself without following God's will, even if you don't know that you are. The Lord gave us simple commands. Love each other as we would ourselves, and obey the will of God.

Political Philosophy: Extreme Conservative. Heavy Libertarian/Anarchist views and tendencies. I believe the Government should only pass laws and interfere in the lives of public citizens to protect our moral values and virtues, as well as protecting the safety of our nation. I consider abortion as legalized murder. There is no such thing as 'gay marriage' as it is an abomination, unnatural, and completely contradictory to the very definition of marriage. Based on the Declaration of Independence as well as the U.S. constitution, 'gay marriage' is entirely against American values and our constitution as our nation has considered itself as a Christian country since it's founding. I am entirely the Catholic church's new stance on this subject as it entirely against their own beliefs and faith. Government and religious leaders need a reality check and start supporting what is right instead of what makes people happy. Leaders lead by example, and people often want everything that is the worst for them.

Story Philosophy:

Slash: I refuse to to read or write anything of the sort. Girl/Girl is one thing, but NEVER will I include slash in any of my stories unless it is in a way to bash characters I don't like, and the viewpoints towards such will be as derogatory as possible to hold true to the way it should be.

Lemons: I will write them if relevant. I will most likely go into graphic detail.

Characterization/Fluff: I prefer to build characters over time, as it is more realistic and helps to strengthen not only the plot, but also the bonds between characters. Too much focus on characterization and/or fluff at once or entirely makes the story boring and overly optimistic. Strife and drama are healthy for a story.

Crossovers: Just not the thing for me. I don't enjoy them, but I don't see anything wrong with them. They can be very imaginative and entertaining.

Stories I HATE:

Where Harry is completely and totally Emo. These stories make Harry look pathetically weak and far too sensitive to be realistic in any way. These stories also tend to make the other characters the exact same way. Get realistic people. It's a major flaw in both Naruto and Harry Potter fanfics. The 'power of love' is vastly overplayed in these fics and tend to portray Harry or Naruto as insecure, emotional, and all-around very fluffy characters. Can anyone who has read the fics I am speaking of give honest reasons to why two very different teenage male characters are written this way so often? I know we have a LOT of female authors out there who love the fluff and romance, but be realistic.

My number two pet peeve. SLASH. Turning obviously straight characters gay??? Need I say any more?

Challenge: I don't know if there is anywhere on this site where I can post challenges, but I will be searching.

My 1st Challenge:

Must be Evil! Harry.

Harry must kill Dursley's, including Marge, in a fit of fury before the age of 6.

Harry must be raised by Lucius or Severus, and details of years before Hogwarts given.

Harry must be Voldemort's Apprentice.

Sirius must die by Harry's hand.

Harry must take control of the Wizengamot legally through his Heritage, Right of Conquest, and through ruthless Manipulation. (For example, Houses Potter and Black are a given. Peverell is a given through Heritage. Lestrange through Black or right of conquest. Malfoy through Black or Right of Conquest. Others through manipulation or right of conquest. Its Very easy to create ways to do it legally, but I've never seen a fic do it, other than my plans for my own fic that I am currently writing.)

Must be Harry/Luna/Gabrielle/Astoria. Any other ships are optional. NO SLASH!!!

Must write through all 7 years, preferably without glossing over everything the way many authors do to condense writing.

Please make it realistic, put in drama and problems. I hate when so many authors make everything just seem to fall into place and make everything 'sunshine and daisies' with little to no trouble for Harry throughout. (Fluff writer's this challenge isn't for you unless you have the skill to weave fluff into an actual plot, using it when and is it should.)

Must have Lemon. Lemon may be cut for sites such as Fanfiction.net, but please send me the unaltered version. I will never repost ur story or chapters in any way, but I would wish to have a copy for my personal files and stories that I keep on my external to read offline.

Please post in your summary and at least 1st chapter that it is a response to my challenge to give us both due credit.

Anyone who decides to take my challenge and write out using this plot, please message me beforehand so I know who you are. This is so that I can read each one and because I wish to have a copy of each one for my own personal files.

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Harry Potter and the Heir of Magic reviews
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Harry Potter and the Risen Lord reviews
Harry snaps at an early age and gains the power and knowledge of the temporarily fallen Dark Lord. What will happen? Where will this lead him? Full summary inside. Evil!Harry. Powerful!Harry. This fic is rated M for a very good reason. Full warnings inside. Will be Harry/OC.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,589 - Reviews: 41 - Favs: 118 - Follows: 155 - Published: 7/12/2013 - Harry P.
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