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Author has written 2 stories for La Corda D'Oro, and Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人.

So now, I'm reading naruto ff like crazy. There's lots of good ones that I don't wanna forget.

For me, the good ff have great characterization, lovable development and not mary sue (euuhh hate this). If it's romance, it MUST be developed realistically. I also love politics really much. Writing skill also plays a good role in my eyes, but if the story is very good, it's something I can compensate.

So yeah, only a little out of 400k naruto ff, I will list them here randomly:

The Golden Standard

1. The Spring of the Plague [COMPLETE]

This is recommended when I was reading Not Sick. Holy shit it's just so interesting how the whole premise is being driven. The pace was good, really had you wondering what's the end. I can't stop reading it. It's well written and the scene of Sasuke collecting bits (no spoiler) was really touching my heart. (10/10)

2. Broken Bonds [COMPLETE]

I found this accidentally. This was written in the premise of alive Yondaime and non Massacre (which is my favorite utopia, sadly didn't happen). And this was soooooo good. The pace was a bit slow but you get how Sasuke really thinks, his suffering and all. All their characters are on point. Although there are some grammatical error (mostly misspelling) but it's negligible due to how well the story unfolds. It's got a sequel : Broken Bonds Sequel story(10/10)

3. Nightmare in Red [COMPLETE]

The summary sucks guys but the story beyond is wow.

Okay, I also found this accidentally. I usually never went to Ita/Saku at all and shy away from romance. The universe is nonMass. But this...is...very good!! Sakura and Itachi's character development was so realistic and natural. She's not the typical crazy fangirl like in the anime or the hot-headed girl who didn't listen to Naruto but bash him every time, so it's ooc but in a better-than-anime way. At the end, there's some action as well and it was so perfect until the end. I personally think this is the best Sakura personality ever depicted in the whole ff. Sakura isn't perfect here but works really hard, put aside her grief even when some close people died. She just broke down at the end. Sakura started off as being afraid of Itachi but continued to hide her fear and still treated him like any other patient. She never blamed him even if he was (unintentionally) at fault here. If I were Itachi, and I'm not asexual, I will fall in love with this Sakura. Truly a masterpiece.

This is the best ItaSaku fic so far for me. I enjoy everything about it, so (10/10)

4. The Girl From Whirlpool

This is everyone's favorite!!!! It's a truly famous story in Naruto fandom, a must read about Minato and Kushina's development. The good thing about it is, it doesnt have laser focus on our two main characters but it focuses on everyone. It's not finished though, sadly. Many people reviewed already, it even have tvtrope page so I don't need to talk long about it. (10/10)

5. Daybreak[COMPLETE]

This is an amazing fic!!! I did read the prequel : One Small Kindness a few years back and never know there's a sequel. OSK was a bit...mary sue. I skipped a lot when I read it and didn't really enjoy it due to that fact. But it's still good in a way. However, the Daybreak sequel has entirely different quality. It's so good, no more mary sue and I like how team 7 was very solid. The only thing I don't like is how at the end, some people, not realistically joined akatsuki. It's (9/10) for me

6. Cabbage Patch

This baby is sooo cute! Sadly not continued :(. Again it's ItaSaku but it's developing starting from when they are small. And even if it's a kid story, there's political intrigue behind it. It's easily (10/10)

7. Uneasy Lies the Head[COMPLETE]

This is very good!!! It's got political intrigue quite deep until I sometimes have to rethink before I continue reading. Definitely can't understand if I am sleepy and reading it. I like how Team 7 are so protective of their sensei. Their bonding moments was so...uh...heartwarming BUT NOT OOC!!!I feel like the author is AMAZING. It's got sequel : Fool's Gold. Very nice, very well written, still continuing, but it hasn't captured by heart as hard as its predecessor. (10/10) for me

8. Glass Trinity

This fic is so underrated due to it's main characters : Hashirama, Madara, Mito. I mean, who would look for them at the filter?? I find this story by accident as well. But this fic's quality is so great. It's politically heavy. I like how the three characters can work together. It felt like The Girl from Whirlpool a lot. Sadly not finished but it's almost done in my opinion. It's (10/10) for me

9. Ichchha Muerte[COMPLETE]

I read this years ago. It's AMAZING. Can't stop reading it. It's about Sasuke being sent to the past on his 7 year-old body and tried to grasp the massacre. I normally had enough with time-travel fics but I really like how every characters are being portrayed on point and how Itachi really loves Sasuke even after he did something horrible to him. Final verdict : (9/10)

10. Will of Foxfire [COMPLETE]

Another epic story about Naruto and family. It's definitely AU with kitsune, werewolf in ninja world. I like how the political intrigue was really apparent, the power hungry factions and underhanded tricks. There's also discrimination theme there. It's got lots of different POV and nicely being tied together at the end in a very smooth process. Very well written. It's a long fic but it all paid in the end. It's (9/10) for me.

11. Blind Stars of Fortune [EPILOGUE MISSING]

It's about Kakashi being sent back into his 20 year old time. Normally, I don't like time travel fics because people can get really annoying telling past people their future. But in this fic, Kakashi never mentioned he was from the future. So he devised clever strategy to prevent many many things. Little Sasuke and Naruto is really adorable and you get lots of Itachi moments here. Really nice, every chapter is enjoyable and amusing. I really like this fic. Don't let the abandoned status get you, actually it is a finished story and only missing one closing epilogue and for some reason, the author just does not post it after years. Final verdict (10/10)

12. Sacrifices For Peace [COMPLETE]

I'm slightly confused as this starts off as an adventure, then slowly progressed into romance. It is following an AU where Itachi stays in the village but Sasuke defected. It one of the rare ItaSaku time travelling I find really well-written, involving sweet interaction, nicely-paced romance. I enjoy the interaction between the founders as well. HOWEVER, there are two endings with one as an alternate. I acknowledge the alternate one as the true ending. The main ending which I don't even read, then branches off to another sequel. Verdict (9/10) as there is so little ita-sasu interaction

13. The Hardest Part [COMPLETE]

I don't normally like time travel fic, only few of them. But this one is just downright amazing. It's mostly about Naruto timetravelling to the day 3 weeks before he was born. He met Kushina and Minato and lives with them. What I like about it is the banter between couple, their interaction, and there are many many amusing things inside of this. In the whole fic, there is one big looming question whether things would be the same again, or not. This fic incorporates the essence of changing future that most authors don't bother to think of. When I recommended this in reddit, one user flamed me. I guess I couldn't please everyone, but I truly enjoy this (9/10)

14. Chiaroscuro [ONGOING]

Granted, it is everyone's favorite. It's rational fic and it developed every characters. Despite the political intrigue, I like how the team is so solid, everyone is affectionate. They shuffled the Konoha 9 but somehow it worked better than the canon. OH!! AND I LOVE HINATA HERE TOO!! (9/10)

15. Legend of God's Eyes

Red Eyed Monster, Traitor and the Nine Tails[drive]

16. The Tale of the White Fang[ONGOING]

A prequel from Sakumo's perspective. Realistic, gritty. It showed the cliche harsh shinobi world. Sakumo is a kind hearted person in the wrong era, wrong time. The interpretation is kinda similar to Itachi's situation in Canon. I always like fics that could easily be extension of canon.

17. Catch Your Breath [ONGOING]

An SI/OC in Minato's team in place of Rin. fixit type of fic, amazing writing as well.

18. House of Crows [ONGOING]

A KakaSaku story. I don't normally like this pairing, but here, you get to feel they really deserve one another. The plot twist and intrigue in this fic is amazing. The emotional engagement is also amazing with bits of humor in the right place. Definitely a must read, you'll like this pairing, at least in this story.

Highly Recommended

1. The Older and Younger [COMPLETE]

Comes from a premise how Uchiha Mass differs from a single doubt. I feel Itachi here was a bit OOC cause he's asking so much from the Hokage to take responsibility while in anime, he's really compliant. But it's a nice story though. (7/10)

2. Vespertine [COMPLETE]

This is really good! The plot makes sense even though in the beginning, the deal was not and should be the other way around. I skipped all the lemons and the romance pacing is not rushed at all. Despite ItaSaku, it still gives Itachi a good reconciliation scene with Sasuke (though not so long). There's even a bit political scene here and there and doesn't really have zero focus on the main pairing (8/10).

3. A Deal for Peace[COMPLETE]

Another ItaSaku. This fic is amazing. I mean, it started off as self sacrifice from both of them for their clans and ended up beautifully. I like how their romance develop so smoothly, so naturally. I like how sakura respects itachi and not getting OOC at all. It's pretty short, laser focus on the couple instead of the whole universe, so (8/10)

4. Ascendant[COMPLETE]

Amazing Itachi-centric stories (again, can't stop reading Itachi). Read this years ago. The plot was too slow but instead, you get the deep characterisation. The author writes a lot of good fics. (8/10) for slow plot development

5. The Lost Namikaze

It's where Naruto was found by Itachi. I like how Minato truly cares for Itachi (awww there's not much fics like this) even though he just got his own son back. Ow I don't wanna spoiler, so just read it!!Sadly never updated since 2017. Hopefully the author doesn't neglect this please!!!(8/10)

6. Dance of the Dog God[Ongoing]

This fic is for you if you like functional Team 7 who's really close and support each other. The teacher is Obito instead of Kakashi though. I specially like the Sakura here. She's not the non thinking useless fangirl but a smart girl(she's actually smart in canon, just don't use her brain) and she got into fight with Sasuke a lot because, well, you know how self centered Sasuke can be. The three members like to have a sleepover together at Obito's. Really cute. Since the beginning, the story already hints political powerplay, lookin underneath the underneath, and members of team 7 had to work together to untangle everything.

7. Branches [Ongoing]

This one is actually similar to Blind Stars of Fortune. However, it's more in the light hearted tone.

8. Yet Mad I am Not[COMPLETE]

I remember the feels when I read it. It's quite popular too as an itachi-centric story.


1. The Centerpiece [COMPLETE]

It's an old story though, bringing a premise how Sakura and Itachi faking a relationship. NonMass. It's nice, the Sakura isn't ooc, Itachi too isn't ooc. The author is really good at pacing but the plot itself...is really generic. I don't get the same thrill when I read NiR. (7/10)

2. Aftermath

The fic is heavily with political intrigue. I'm glad it's taking off a premise how Sasuke could be forgiven by Konoha, which Kishi never really explain. However, it seemed like Sasuke was so weak here, which shouldn't be the case because he's...sasuke...And how Sasuke could fall for Sakura (Me too wondering). It's pretty good and still continuing. Can't really give score cuz it's not yet done

3. The Hazards of Amity

This was suggested by someone else. I read it cuz there's a lot of Sasuke-Itachi brotherly moments. Sadly not continued (8/10)

4. Contagious [COMPLETE]

I really like how ItaSaku romance progression here is so natural and logical although how sakura could run away from Konoha is a bit too sudden.I like how Sakura gets to bond with akatsuki members and it's really funny and entertaining. However, I was waiting for the reconciliation between brothers...but...it just didn't happen (oops spoiler). This is one of the few mass fic that I think I enjoy (8/10).

6. The Harsh Truth[COMPLETE]

Idk if I should recommend this, many people hated it but I find myself enjoying the first two arcs before Naruto's ascendancy to Hokage. It's an epic long fic where Naruto was born five years prior and a good friend of Itachi. Both boys were striving together overcoming political twists, lies, deception and their teacher's defection. However, the author bashed Minato and Kushina character and at the end it gets pretty stupid, I can't stand it, and I decided to drop it (despite already spending a week reading 80% of the story). But the first two arcs are really good, so yeah, here ya go.

7. Underneath It All [COMPLETE]

A light, NejiTen falling in love fic during mission. There's sweet moments here and there. Since there's so little of them, this one is considered nice

Short Stories (Under 30K):

1. Radiant Nights

The summary isn't relevant. Even the character filter is not. It's basically Minato being a badass and solved things The Third can't. If only it is not abandoned, it will be at the Golden Standard section :( (10/10)

2.Syncope [COMPLETE]

It's a gem. It's about Sasuke-Sakura-Sarada family where Sakura had to face a chronical illness. I like how the small family tried to cope with it. It really shows the parental love, the caring friends etc. Easily (10/10)

3. Freedom in the Eyes of Another [COMPLETE]

It's about sakura doing desperate measures. Really dark, gore. Read it at your own risk

4. All Shapes and Sizes [COMPLETE]

It's a simple fic about Karin and Sakura's friendship, trying to explain how Karin helped Sakura gave birth and why the umbilical cord is left with Karin. It's quite different from what I usually read but I really like the interaction between two women, nothing ooc. Overall, it's refreshing change of ff theme.

5. Blind They Die

In AO3. About Itachi doing other things to prevent the massacre. It worked but it now put him as a traitor of his clan. It's actually a rewritten part of the The Traitor and The Nine Tails

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