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Names Harry

A.K.A Haz, Hals, Hals Mals, Hazz Hardy, Hazza Wazza, Lighting, and my personal favourite 'H'



Twlight i like and Teen Wolf,


Im a brother,son,mate and a father( LOL Not really just joking) Fell for it didnt ya? lool xD


1. Anna

2. Klaus

3. Damon

4. Stefan

5. Rebekah

6. Elijah

7. Jeremy

I am self published writer.. i write my own stories and publish them.. My new story called 'The Third Salvatore' will be published soon.. :)


Peace out :) :P


Here is the Power Rangers Ninja Force Info..

Power Rangers:

Ninja Force Preview


Hey everyone, recently I've been watching new episodes of Super Samurai, and after thinking about the show I've decided to create my new series, with all new monsters and zords and allies and new Power Rangers.



Tommy: Red Ranger

Weapon: Red Ninja Sword

Zord: Red Dragon

Tommy is a hardworking, passionate, funny, motivated guy, with a desire to always win whatever the challenge is, Leader of the group.

Special Power:

Super Speed

Ryan: Blue Ranger

Weapon: Blue Ninja Staff

Zord: Blue Ape

Ryan is the technical wizard of the group, smart as a button, always helpful, master at computer games.

Special Power:


Kashmir: Black Ranger

Weapon: Black Ninja Axe

Zord: Black Rhino

Kashmir is the sports guy of the gang, big Manchester United fan, big cricket fan, loves to bet and always is hardworking and has a good heart.

Special Power:

Diamond Skin

Shannon: Yellow Ranger

Weapon: Yellow Ninja Bow

Zord: Yellow Tiger

Shannon is the baby of the group, soft as a teddy bear, hard as an ox when she wants to be.

Special Power:

Primal Scream

Roanna: Pink Ranger

Weapon: Pink Ninja Blades

Zord: Pink Eagle

Roanna is the mother of the group, always caring for the other rangers, strong, hardworking, and determined to win at any cost.

Special Power:

Clone Power


Master Kanzola: The Dark Lord of the night world, used to be the most respected ninja over the last 20 years, but defeated in battle by his brother Ravio on the cliffs of the night world.

Tavocs: Master Kanzola's personal foot soldiers, black and red, with spikes on their shoulders, they may seem harmless but they are trained at the highest ninja level.

Zenola: Master Kanzola's wife, Ravio's sister in law, skilled in fighting, armed with her two golden blades that pop through her knuckles like wolverine, highly dangerous.

General Faro: Leader of the Elite General's, Master Kanzola's personal bodyguards, has a major feud with the red ranger, armed with his two dangerous weapons, black and gold body with shoulder pad spikes and gold chest plate.


Red Dragon

Blue Ape

Black Rhino

Yellow Tiger

Pink Eagle


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Pink Lines by TheCuteVamp reviews
When a condom breaks,Anna and Jeremy have to deal with the aftermath,which involes dealing with the pink lines. S/B,D/E,T/C,and J/A. Don't own TVD.*BETAED BY Ria-Dancer-Girl*Part One of The Twins Saga.
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Alt scences for Jeremy in 2.05
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