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Hello Double F! This is Klaiborne Solairte coming to you live from…..where ever I am writing this. A lot of you know me as Richter Solairte, well as of today, I am changing my name. Why? Because I want to! Also, because well, I would like an author name that wasn’t the same as one of my main characters. Just business, nothing personal…..well I guess it would be personal. Lol. I Love this site and all the stories that are here.

Now all of you know me as Richter Solairte, however I decided to change my name. Why? It’s a secret which I will keep on the DL for now. Anywho. On my profile learn about facts about the story, the Cramoisi vampires and others.

Know your author.

First things first, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Author Name: Klaiborne Renzo Henry

Age: old as dirt

Gender: Male

Race: African American

Favorite Games: Sonic the hedgehog, mario series, Star fox series, tales of series, pokemon series, Kingdom Hearts series, Assassin's creed series, Star Ocean series, Ratchet and Clank series anything nintendo, Square Enix, or SEGA

Favorite anime series: Naruto, Bleach, Karin, Rosario Vampire, Soul eater, Negima, Pokemon, anything supernatural

favorite sonic couples: Sonamy shadrouge Silvaze tailsmo knuxjulie

couples I'm OK with Taliream creamcharmy Shadmaria

couples I'm OK with but don't really like that much Shadamy Sonaze knuxrouge

couples i LOATHE (Hate) entirely: Yaoi and Yuri. No offense to anyone homo or Bi.


I don’t really have websites…at least not yet, however I do have some cool places you could go and check out.


Yes! It’s here! A Radiant Darkness forum! Here is an RP style forum where you can have an OC of yours join in the festivities and have fun fighting for a side, cramoisi or Dusk raider or whichever you want! Please feel free to step on by. Anyone can join!

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Those can also find out about some interesting facts about the story as well. Here you can read so much on the story and how it works!

Deviant Art:

Also if you wish to check out my character designs, please step on by my Deviant art page, where I store all my characters and how they look like. I have an updated version of my DA page for those who have seen it before. I wanted to start fresh. So here you go!

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Website: http://klaibornesolairte.deviantart.com/ if you want to see my chars.

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Also here’s my skype name;


((((((Stories and Story Status Stage)))))

Stories that are Done….ore are they?

Radiant Darkness I Violet night version: Crimson Claw Awakened: My very first Story. In this story, Sonic and his friends are taking it easy after dealing with many of Eggman’s evil plots. So many of then slowly discover that some may have feelings for each other. Sadly things haven’t been going well. Meanwhile Eggman has been secretly looking for a weapon known as the fangs of dark radiance, and somehow unleashes an ancient vampire queen. I just recently updated the first book of Radiant Darkness. New, clean and improved with some added features. Including the new Off panel sides sorties featuring my fan char: Richter the Echidna.

Radiant Darkness II Orange Dawn version the Garnet guard an adaption. Six months after the RD I story. Richter the echidna goes on an adventure with his crew the dusk raiders. He seeks to put a large halt on one of the largest threat to the world; the Grand Mafia A.K.A the Criminal underground. He also runs into a the Cramoisi, but will they see him as a evil soul or help him with his quest?

Stories I am working on:

Radiant Darkness II: Blue Dusk version: the Azure Knight: Sequel to the Radiant Darkness Saga. this one is about Sonic facing the trials as Cramoisi knight. He and Amy try to find the heart of the Cramoisi. Will they find it in time before he and his friends become evil? Well, read and find out.

Side note on RD II: There may be some differences between the story. Why because that’s just how mysterious I am! HA HA HA! No….honestly it’s to make both stories less boring, but not to worry my friends! The differences are only small, nothing major; just a few parts, some dialogue, and fighting scenes.

Crimson at Dusk:

A story way different from Radiant Darkness. It takes place in a world torn by a war between Machines and Rogues. A lone Cramoisi named Amelia Rose has just entered into a whole new world where she meets a young boy named Sonic. Sonic has been having dreams about the same girl who looks just like Amy. And to make things even stranger it turns out this same girl is now attending the same school he is! How will all this turn out?

Radiant Darkness Blue Dusk : Ethnic connections . the continuation of Radiant Darkness II. The Cobalt Shroud is slowly getting stronger, old enemies are returning, mysterious elves called centurions are appearing, strange visions are popping in Sonic’s head, and to top it all off, a rogue Cramoisi is revolting against Darcy. What is in store for our heroes?

Future stories;

PLEASE NOTE: these are not confirmed titles or summaries! Just ideas

Radiant Darkness III Golden Diurnal: The third book to the Radiant Darkness series. A new tribe has awakened from the depths of radiant Darkness and is causing trouble for Sonic and his friends. If that wasn’t the worst of it, a new evil rises, an ancient evil that’s older than Darcy even. What can be in store for Sonic and Amy as they take on this new threat

Dissidia Sonic the hedgehog (working title): Based on the video game, only it involves Sonic and some of my OC’s A story were heroes and villains battle for their beliefs.

Next Gen: Sonic the hedgehog: DON”T WORRY! It’s not the game Sonic next Gen. Just a little something I want to work on that involves Sonic saving his friends from an opposing threat that could destroy or drastically change the world.

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My Closest Friends on Fan Fiction! The order doesn't really matter. There my closest friends and There AWESOME! If you DARE make fun of them their stories or their OC"S I will drive garlic up your nose until you cry a river spatter your head in sauce AND have you thrown to the hounds! Ok I'm kidding!

These are a few of my closest friends on Fan Fiction. Some of them even allowed me to used there OC's So i you have free time come check out there profile there REALLY COOL!

Fan Fiction Friends

Purple Feline: This Girl was one of my first friends on FF She's super nice and her Shadrouge stories are truly Awesome! Her fan char is Fear the Hedgehog.

ChelseaTheBlondieA young author with awesome talent! She’s great to talk to and really nice. A hard core sonic fan too! Her stories are so funny and entertaining! If you haven’t read her stories then you need too!

Mechaelite: This bro, he's like one another one of my best buds His knowledge on Sonic is almost as good as mine! and he and I have the same taste as well when it comes to stories! His Chars Chon and Fleed are in Crimson at Dusk

kagomehater4everthis girl is a genius in making her story My soul’s oath. It’s filled with romance, supernatural and drama, with a hint of humor. Partake an her feast of stories that will blow your mind.

SomepersonoutthereAnother creative mind in writing Sonic fan fiction. Her stories are incredible! I always wait for her to update but you can’t rush art. Her sotries like Doomsday device, Kids of the future are super good! And will have you asking who, what, when, why, how, and goldfish, yes I said goldfish which in that last term does not describe her sorties at all. The goldfish part I mean lol

Friends from Fan Fiction forums

Casino Nights This dude is awesome! Also one of my mediators on my forum, so show him some respect! Also be sure to check out his stories

Princess of the Sneaks Sweet girl She’s super nice and funny. She also has some pretty cool characters.

Scourge's number one stalker. as sweet as Richter’s candy stash. This girl is a huge fan of Sonic as you can tell, and she’s an awesome Rpest. You will also find her character Starlight in Radiant Darkness II Ethnic Connections.

Chihuahua Heaven This girl is so funny and nice. Her characters are pretty cool! Be sure to check out her stories. She also has the tendency to change her name, so if this isn’t her name now, forgive me.

Friends from both contacts and Fan Fiction

Infinity Anime chick: She..She..i can even put it in words of what a great friend she is! I always have a thrill talking to her! She's very nice and kind too. And her stories can really open up your imagination. Her OC's are Jazz Zoomer, Denim, the hedgehogs

Macabre KaiserHe’s like a long lost bro! When it comes to ideas and designs for weapons come to this guy. He’s absolutely brilliant! Don’t believe me? Well he has a live stream where he does his work! Check it out! His story Detour will leave you begging for more. Lol You will also find his fan chars Nero and Kaiser. The two chars are like two sides of a coin! And Alexander is a real card! You’ll get a laugh!

56th Reg. Sergeant Epps Hande If you want even more Sonic storyness come to this guy, He will give you what you want! Great dude! He also has this large forum on this very site that you must, must, must check out if you’re a big sonic fan. It’s a RP forum, and set up to where you can discuss about any Genre. Stop by there if you are a major RPest! Also be sure to check out his character Levinski on his story and guest staring in mine!

Zach of death I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too sure about this guy when I first met him, but after getting to know him, he’s a pretty cool guy! One way to describe is mind; creative. His chars Vocrusa and Mary, as well as most of his chars are psychopaths. But that’s what makes his stories fun and flavorful to read. Stop by if graphic stories are your thing

Avalon the Assassin: Now i got to say it She's just AWESOME! She's super Nice and writes some of the best SonAmy Stories on this site. But i warn you She will have you begging for more! Also if you need someone to talk to She's your girl!

8IGHT this girl is like a sister to me…and she keeps changing her name… She’s very nice and sweet awesome to talk to! She has a creative mind too and a HUGE fan of Kingdom hearts, and Sonic.

Iris The BunnyNice Nice Nice! Another One of my closest friends! She is quite encouraging too like Jazz and Jesse! Her stories are quite good reads too so be sure to stop by them! Her OC's Iris and Damien are in my stories as well.

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Funny thing about Reviews;

Reviews are for the readers (that’s you) to tell the author (that’s me) how they like or dislike the STORY, not how you (the readers) like or dislike VAMPIRES, but I guess some people (and I say this for not just fan fiction, but other books and stories) like to read one or two chapters and judge a story before they get the full grasp of it, which is either mean or downright stupid. That’s what summaries are for people. So save yourself the embarrassment because neither I nor does anyone else wants to hear how much you may hate vampires. So hit the back key on your browser, if you’re new to this story and hate vampires right now.

And to those who support my story (reviewers or not) I really, really appreciate it! Thank you. You guys rock! And people who don’t like the story or don’t like vampires, I totally respect that, but don’t take it out on the people who do like them. (Author or reader)

The only copy and paste it.

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Thanks to Macabre Kaiser for this wonderful, truthful fact

Not a fan!:

Lets make something clear people; Just because I like vampires and write vampire fan fictions DOES NOT MEAN I LIKE TWILIGHT! I didn't even know about it when i was inspired by vampires, so if you think I like twilight let me tell you, I do not. I think twilight is It Ok but i'm NOT I repeat, NOT a twilight fan! They didn't invent vampires ok?

((((Character stage)))))

  1. I. Character Classification; Cramoisi
  2. A. Cramoisi Description

A Cramoisi Vampire is a vampire of the crimson claw. The word Cramoisi comes from the French language which means “Crimson” “Rose” or “Scarlet. The Crimson Claw is the clan of vampires that have existed for thousands of years. Others call them Demons, bloodsuckers, Dark dwellers, etc. The Crimson Claw, or Cramoisi, are also known for having a ruby violet gaze that is supposed to shine in the darkness, hence the name Radiant Darkness:, or Shining Darkness.

Mobian Cramoisi have longer fur that can be either paler or darker. They also have longer hair, sharp fingernails and toenails, and of course fangs. Thing about the fangs is that they stick out of the mouth.

Human Cramoisi are pretty much the same, only replace fur with skin and they have pointy ears.

Both Cramoisi (human or mobian) always have glowing eyes. They color of their eyes depends on what kind of Cramoisi they are. We’ll get back to that in a minute. Also Cramoisi have bat-like wings. The color varies on the color of their hair or their eyes. Each Cramoisi also has a unique wing design, which depends on their persona. Another thing about their wings is that they can conceal them, buy turning them into a small cape that goes down from their shoulders to their torso.

Each Cramoisi, has a face that can look somewhat intimidating, due to them being undead. In fact looking at them in face can make a guy scared out of his mind. It is because of this, Cramoisi wear capes that cover their face. They also have a device that can change their appearance to them have the same look before they became a Cramoisi.

One more fact, because of their extended fangs, they speak in their normal voice with a very microscopic lisp.

  1. Cramoisi Venom and its effects

Like many if not all venoms, Cramoisi’s venom is deadly. Their poison is purple and glows. When it enters the blood stream it goes straight for the heart, and the victim doesn’t have much time to live. The more poison injected in your system, the faster you turn.

There is a plus side however. Though the poison kills the body, it also preserves it. It is the only way for the undead powers to work. When the poison enters the body (ingested or injected) the venom starts to work. The poison can also work on the dead, however only if the person has been dead for no longer than a week before it starts to rot, after that the poison will have no effect.

Cramoisi do not turn into bats, however they do have somewhat of a bat like nature. Here are the following symptoms of a Cramoisi transformation.

  1. Unconsciousness: One the poison reaches the heart, you automatically blackout.
  2. Skeletal Change: After you lose consciousness, your skeletal system takes a drastic change which will result in severe pain, even if you are backed out. Because of the skeletal change, both finger and toenails extend.
  3. Sprouting Wings: The wings spawn in your body, as the skeleton changes. Once the wings get big enough and rip out from the back, which makes this the most painful part of the transformation process.
  4. Fangs and poison: And let’s not forget the pearly white fangs. The skeletal change also includes the teeth. Once the fangs form, so do the sacks of poison. However, the poison sacks take longer to develop, even after the transformation is complete, because of this newborns have the poison dripping from the top of their mouths until the poison sacks form. So avoid lip contact at all cost….unless you plan on becoming a Cramoisi.
  1. Skin Change: Many deadly poisons have effects on the skin. The Cramoisi venom is no different. As it courses through it can either make the skin darker or paler.
  2. And Finally… Once the body his done, you breathe your last breath, and all the wounds you got during the change will heal. After a few moments you wake up. And open your eyes that would now be glowing. The color depends on what type of Cramoisi you are.

Congrats! You are now a Cramoisi

  1. Strengths and Weakness

Here is a list of basic Cramoisi abilities..

  1. 1. Strengths
    1. Enhanced strength speed, endurance, and resistanceWhen Cramoisi transform their entire skeletal system changes. Because of this, their limbs grow slightly longer, as well as their body. Their limbs become more flexible, and willing to withstand heavy impacts. Because their bodies are dead, the Cramoisi’s body has almost no limits to how much it can withstand. Which means running real fast, jumping high, and falling down off high places is no problem for them. However, Cramoisi can still get hurt, depending on how heavy the impact is, such as a gunshot a slash with a powerful sword, or a crushing from a hammer or ax.
    2. Heighten senses. No undead creature would be complete without, stronger scenes. When you become a Cramoisi, your vision, hearing, feeling and smell, are much stronger.
    3. Blood SenseCramoisi have a special vision that allows them to see the blood stream of either a fellow Cramoisi, or their next meal. Each mortal has a different color depending on their personality. Blue, red, gray and black, with blue being the purest and black being the worst. Blood sense can also allow the Cramoisi to see one of their own. Purple would be a normal Cramoisi, and orange and cyan would be a Crepuscule.
    4. Deadly Poison. Cramoisi Vampires have deadly poison that transfers from the small sacks in their mouths to their fangs. The venom is deadly and has no cure.
    5. Shadow Hammerspace/Shadow Pockets.You heard of Hammerspace. Well Shadow Hammerspace is very similar, only it works very similar to magic. A Cramoisi can use this to conjure up a new set of clothes just by thinking about it. They also use it to make cloaks that are resistant to the sun. They can either pull the new clothes from a dark cloud, or put their hands over their fore head and think of the new clothes, and change instantly. It can be a handy trick if they need to change into something nice.
      WARNING: Does not work with Wedding Gowns or Tuxedos.
    6. Portal making. Portal making works in a similar way as Shadow Hammerspace. Cramoisi can make portals to travel short distances. Others can walk through the portal, but only up to 10 people.
    7. Glamor. A common vampire power. Cramoisi can make people do what they want just by looking into their eyes. This a handy trick they use to suck the blood of their victims. When a person is hypnotized by a Cramoisi, they will address them as either brother or sister, depending on the gender of the Cramoisi. That person is completely at the Cramoisi’s will until the Cramoisi puts them to sleep.
    8. Fighting style: Cramoisi have a unique fighting style known as Combattre de Chiroptera (Translation: fight of the winged hand). This style has been handed down from Cramoisi to Cramoisi. It is a special feeling within them that depends on instinct, smarts, and feeling the Cramoisi manifest. When a Cramoisi fights, it’s almost as if they are flying on the ground. They move around their opponents, calculating their moves and strikes by running straight at them as if they were about to go for the neck. The way they move their arms and hands look as if they had actual bat wings instead of arms. When I close range they would swing their claws as if they were ripping off flesh.
    9. 2. Weaknesses

Out of all the things in the world, there are only two things that weaken Cramoisi…

  1. a. Sunlight. Every vampire’s nightmare (except the vampires from Twilight. Reminder: not a big fan at all). if a Cramoisi were to stand in the sunlight, it would feel as if they were standing in front a giant blow dryer set on full blast. If they stay too long they would burn up into a pile of dust. The hoods that they make from Shadow Hammerspace can protect them from sunlight. The downside is that it makes them sweat a lot which is not pleasing to the Cramoisi or the people around them. However, on cloudy or rainy days, they can walk without the hood.
  2. b. Nth (in-th) metal: This is a rare mineral that is a combination of several other minerals melted down. Because of it strange magnetic energy, this stone also has a strong effect against gravity attacks. It is also the Cramoisi’s Kryptonite. Meaning that just being near it weakens them. It lowers their enhanced abilities, and causes them to drop, which in turn makes them almost completely vulnerable.
  3. Heart Classification and Blood affinity

Cramoisi have their own way of classifying hearts….

The Cramoisi believe in an unseen phenomenon known as the Radiant Dark manifest. The manifest determines what is in store for the person the Cramoisi sees. It tells if they are a sleeping Cramoisi waiting to be awakened or the Cramoisi’s meal.

  1. 1. Possible Cramoisi Heart Classifications

First, I will explain the kinds of hearts of people that are capable of becoming a Cramoisi

  1. a. Love seeking. Yes, it sounds corny, but there are Cramoisi vampires who pick mortals to be with forever. But the victim must be willing to accept the love of the Cramoisi and love them back.
  2. b. Forlorn. Cramoisi feel for those neglected by the world. So those who are alone in the world, the Cramoisi will be willing to accept them into their family. However the person must want to join, and be a heart that the manifest accepts.
  3. c. Nobile. Cramoisi will accept anyone, who has no evil intentions, has a hunger for justice, and someone who doesn’t mind to be eternal for the rest of their lives, and is willing to find a lover to be with for eternity.

As explained on the top, Cramoisi can see the kind of blood that runs through everyone using blood sense. It identifies the type of blood using color.

  1. 2. Blood classifications.
    1. Blue is the purest which is the blood of babies and young children.
    2. Red is the blood of older teens and adults. It changes color due to all the sins they have done over the years.
    3. Gray is a heart that bathes in the sins of those who desires make them a little more evil than normal.
    4. Black, being the darkest of all, is a heart just waiting to be sucked dry by a Cramoisi. Nuff said. Gray or black hearts they will drain them dry, there is a very slim chance that they will survive.
    5. 3. Cramoisi Blood Classifications
      1. Purple. A normal Cramoisi. However, King Zerach is the only Cramoisi whose blood is pure white.
      2. Orange and Blue. Crepuscule Cramoisi.
      3. Yellow. Juanir Cramoisi. (coming soon)

More classifications coming soon

  1. 4. Blood Affinity

Cramoisi would first lure the non-black heart into a corner with their glamor charm, and suck a portion of their blood. When finished they make them fall asleep, and forget everything. The best thing is they don’t die from anima either. This brings us to our next definition known as Blood affinity. Though Cramoisi do not kill everyone they bite, they still only suck on a certain victim that satisfies their blood affinity. A blood affinity is a way to determine the kind of nature Cramoisi like to drink from, a sinful nature that is. Mainly it can be sinful things such as lying, steeling, or gluttony. Sometimes it can be personal issues leading to a type of sin such as pride, stress, anger and hate. In other words, a Cramoisi looking through a well-populated area, is like picking your favorite ice cream.

There are also colors that determine different kinds of Cramoisi.

NOTE: how fast you transform varies on how much venom is injected into your system. The more that is injected the faster you transform.

  1. Cramoisi Character Reference.
    1. 1. The Fangs of Dark Raidance

The fangs of dark radiance are the King and Queen of the Crimson Claw, or in this case Darcy and Zerach are the current Fangs of Dark Radiance. Both of them of capable of doing various things. Out of all the Cramoisi the king and Queen or the white fang and black fang are considered the strongest of all the Cramoisi.

And here are the king and queen right now.

Zerach the Shrew
Zerach: May you be bathed in the purifying light!

Full name Zerach Eclairer de cobalt
Classification: Radiant Darkness: Resurrected King of the Cramoisi, White fang of the fangs of dark radiance Crimson at Dusk: Principal of Station square high school. Gender: Male. Family: Klaus (brother) Darcy: (wife). Age. 3000 (looks 34). Race: Armored Shrew, white-winged Cramoisi. Appearance: gold fur with messy anime hair white and gold wings on his back. Wears: white boots, white gloves, white cape and a white vest with shirt and white pants. Personality: very happy at times, but is serious when it comes to family, someone to look up to. Likes and strengths: Music, Darcy, reading, Klaus (despite of the situation at hand) the small light that is in everyone. Dislikes and Weaknesses: Nith metal, fighting with Klaus. Element: Light, Lighting, Earth, Steel, Water, wind. Light is five star, rest is four star. Weapon: Sword from the heavens. Fighting Style: Art of Bleu, Combattre de Chiroptera.

Darcy the vampire bat
Darcy: I will drown all evil in sorrow and despair
Full name: Darcy Sombor de Cramoisi
Classification: Radiant Darkness: Resurrected Queen of the Cramoisi ,Black fang of the fangs of dark radiance CD Queen of the Twilight realm caring mother to orphan Cramoisi
Gender: Female
Family: Zerach (husband)
Age: 3000 (looks 32)
Race: Vampire bat,
Appearance: violet fur long raven black hair black and red wings
Wears: A Dress that is aged and ripped up all the way to her thighs, a black and red Cape when she goes out, barefoot.
Personality: Motherly to anyone, curious, determine, does not hesitate to protecting her family or friends
Likes and strengths Black blood, dark places, her family, Sonic and his friends, Zerach, ice cream (thanks to Richter)
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Klaus, remembering her past, Nth metal, sunlight
Element: Darkness, Ice, Gravity, fire, sound, Plant All Four star Darkness is five star
Weapon: Sword straight from the dark abyss
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera

Super Forms
White Darcy:
In this form, Darcy’s hair and fur becomes all white as snow, her eyes turn blood red. She is much more feral in this form and will strike anyone who threatens her. This form is practically unstable and unpredictable. She can change into this form by absorbing all the negative energy around her along with the chaos emeralds.

  1. 2. Cramoisi Children

What would a vampire kingdom be without followers?

Here are the Fan Character Cramoisi Children

  1. a. Main Cramoisi

Rocky Road the Rabbit
Rocky: Are you smart enough to take me on?

Classification: Radiant Darkness: A little boy who fell in love with Cream and became a Cramoisi after saving her life Crimson at Dusk: one of the students in SS high school in 9th grade (skipped three years)
Gender: Male
Family: Richter; ( like a brother)
Age: 11
Race: Lopped-eared rabbit, Cramoisi (Radiant Darkness: only)
Appearance: light-dark brown fur, with darker brown fur around his eyes. Messy hair and hazel eyes.
Wears: an orange vest ,white short pants, brown shoes, and a small pair of reading glasses
Personality: Very polite, a bit shy, likes books
Likes and strengths Books, reading his knowledge, Knowledge of chao
Dislikes and Weaknesses: being weak in the upper body, low self-esteem
Elements: Earth Rank C
Weapons: None yet known
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera

Lila the hedgehog
Lila: I won’t let you have your way with me!
Full name: Radiant Darkness: Lila ?????(Last or real name yet to be known)
CD Lila Rustetti de Cramoisi
Classification: Radiant Darkness: a lonely homeless girl found by Richter Crimson at Dusk: oldest Cramoisi in the house in station square.
Gender: Female
Family: None known yet
Age; Radiant Darkness: 20 CD 341 (still young)
Race: Hedgehog, Violette Cramoisi
Appearance: brown hedgehog with brown eyes and long hair.
Wears: (at first) Tattered white shirt and green pants with no shoes. (Now) A brown sweater and black pants and white shoes. (As Cramoisi) a black shirt with gray pants and a red skirt.
Personality: Radiant Darkness: Very shy and timid especially around men (except Richter) loves to eat and cook (but mostly eat, surprisingly skinny)
Crimson at Dusk: very strong but body gets weak and frail easily also loves to eat (especially blood)
Likes and strengths Food, eating, making cakes, Richter’s presence, everyone giving her confidence
Dislikes and Weaknesses; Men (except Richter) being alone, lack of confidence.
Elements: None
Weapons: Frying pans
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
Abilities: can cook very well

Saphron Amber Kintobor
Saphron: Time to Vine!

Classification: Radiant Darkness: A lonely girl who sonic saved from being molested and later becomes a Cramoisi
Crimson at Dusk: one of the orphan Cramoisi who lives in the mansion in station square.
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Race: Caucasian (1/6 Scottish), Violette Cramoisi
Appearance: white skin long red hair and blue eyes slim figure.
Wears: Normally wears a blue shirt with black pants.
Personality: Normally a happy carefree girl and always a family person and always happy but all changed when her mother left her. But after she became a Cramoisi she became her old self again.
Family: None yet mentioned.
Likes and strengths Dancing, Music Some boy bands many girlish things
Dislikes and Weaknesses; fighting bugs getting dirty
Elements: Plant Rank C
Weapons: a long stick that can lash out three vines and can use them as whips
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
Abilities: Telepath

Jayden Beryl Callahan
Jayden: I’ll rattle your head!

Classification:Radiant Darkness: A young boy you lost his parents to a member of the shroud and is now fighting with Sonic and the others as a Cramoisi
Crimson at Dusk: A smart young boy who is training to be an earth master
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: Caucasian and African-American (1/2 English) , Violette Cramoisi
Personality: A little gloomy sometimes and a bit of a cry baby, but has a soft heart and very caring
Appearance: brown skin and brownish black hair, brown eyes and a scar across his face, basic figure
Wears: (Radiant Darkness:) a green shirt blue pants and black shoes and small glasses
(CD) has the glasses wears a brown shirt with metal straps around his shoulders wrist and elbows and red pants and black shoes.
Family: Ronald Callahan (father deceased in Radiant Darkness:) Josephine Callahan (Mother deceased in Radiant Darkness:) Gerr (Cousin) Lori (Second cousin)
Likes and strengths Video Games, reading books, super heroes, Anime, Saphron, anything nerdy
Dislikes and Weaknesses: the Cobalt shroud (Keon Mainly for killing his parents) losing at Video games.
Elements: Earth Rank C
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
Weapons: Ax
Abilities: really good at video games

Tawny Aven Ericson
Tawny: Shock in awe!

Classification: Radiant Darkness: A rich girl who ran away from home and became a Cramoisi after almost dying
Crimson at Dusk: one of the Orphan Cramoisi living in the mansion in station square
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian 1/4 Scandinavian, Violette Cramoisi
Personality: aggressive, a hot head, but can be real girly girl when no one notices.
Appearance; pasty white skin blonde short hair with hazel eyes and freckles slim figure slightly bulky
Wears: a purple tank top and black pants with white tennis shoes
Likes and strengths Music, violence, fighting Boy Bands (Secretly) My little Pony (Also secretly)
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Stalkers, gay people and Lesbians. Richter, People who show her up.
Family: None mentioned yet
Elements: Lightning Rank C
Weapons: Gauntlets that contain sharp claws
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera, Judo
Abilities: has sharper senses of smell

Ezekiel (Zeke ) Olive Martian;
Zeke: I despise fighting

Classification: Radiant Darkness: a boy who was saved by the Cramoisi, and turned into one after being killed by the Marcoat Geliu
Crimson at Dusk: A young boy learning under Sonic to master wind
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: Caucasian (1/2 English), Violette Cramoisi (Radiant Darkness: Only)
Appearance: white skin with green hair, tall muscular figure
Wears; a green sweater and brown pants.
Personality: Very polite and calm, hates violence a real goodie-goodie
Family: Ty (foster brother)
Likes and strengths Tawny, video games, cooking, flowering, gardening, fancy shampoo and colognes
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Fighting
Element: wind Rank C
Weapons: A Sword given to him by Chrome
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera , taekwondo
Abilities : none
Other talents: Has knowledge on some criminal lords.

  1. B. Rouge Cramoisi in the Radiant Dark Saga

The Wicked Bister: Soricoh (Sori) the hedgehog
Sori: Face your destiny!
Classification: A mysterious Cramoisi hedgehog who showed up who is leader of the Rouge Cramoisi. She doesn’t follow Darcy’s orders and Despises Richter for some unknown reason.
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Family: Richi (Proclaimed Son) Cexila (Proclaimed Daughter)
Race: Hedgehog, Crepuscule Cramoisi
Appearance: black-brown fur, dark tan muzzle, with orange eyes, Slim figure slightly bulky
Wears: a black long sleeve shirt and a red leather skirt that wrapped from her chest to her waist. She was also wearing a sash around her waist. Her accessories were a pair of silver earrings and a necklace with black stones, and fingerless gloves.
Personally: Can be cold and heartless. She however does show consideration for her fellow rogue Cramoisi.
Elements: Darkness, Earth both three star
Weapons: A hammer that’s the same as Richter’s only it’s name is Blackgranitarior.
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
Abilities: Very cunning and deceitful, can shade one’s vision with illusion.

The Elegant Flavescent: Moshiho (Moshi) the hedgehog
Moshi: Beauty is everything
Classification: A Mysterious Cramoisi hedgehog who showed up. She is the second in command of the rouge Cramoisi.
Not Mentioned
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Family: None known yet
Race: Hedgehog, Crepuscule Cramoisi
Appearance: bright yellow fur and dark yellow hair, with a light tan muzzle, slim figure
Wears: wearing a green striped tank top with green short pants. She also has on a pair of boots and fingerless gloves as well. Her gold hair was tied in a ponytail with a blue band.
Personality: A real diva, claiming to be the charm of the rogues.
Elements: Gravity and Light Gravity Rank A Light rank B
Weapons: Katana
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
Abilities: Very cunning and deceitful as Soricoh. Can also manipulate space.

The Rough Umber: Lexkila the Wolverine
Lexi: I will tear you apart!
Classification: A wolverine Cramoisi who is the muscle of the rogue Cramoisi
Age: ???
Family None known. Is known to have a lost husband though
Race: Wolverine, Crepuscle Cramoisi
Appearance: Dark tan fur, shoulder-long messy hair. The fur on her forearms and ankles was very bushy.
Wears: a brown sleeveless shirt with a claw mark on it, a pair of jeans that were ripped at the bottom, and sneakers with her feet popping out at the toes.
Personality: Acts like l wild animal, and will rip her enemies to shreds, but still has a soft side.
Elements: None Known yet
Weapons: Her very large claws
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
Abilities; None known yet

The vigorous Flame; Richi

Richi: Feel the burn!
Classification Radiant Darkness: A human Rogue Cramoisi who fights for pleasure.
Age: 15
Family: Sorioch (Proclaimed Mother) Cexilia (Sister)
Race: Human (Country origin unknown) dark skin, Crepuscle Cramoisi
Appearance: light dark skin orange hair and glowing garnet eyes muscular figure
Wears: an orange shirt and a red vest, black shorts, and sandals.
Personally: Wild child, likes fight and show off.
Elements: Fire Rank B
Weapons: Large Buster sword
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
Abilities; More enhanced strength

The scarlet arachnid: Cexila (Ce-sil-e-a)
Cexila: My visions are ever wrong
Classification: A human Rogue Cramoisi who doesn’t do much fighting and likes to draw.
Age 15
Family: Soricoh (Proclaimed Mother) Richi (Brother)
Race: Human (Country origin unknown) dark skin, Crepuscle Cramoisi
Appearance: She has long orange hair and had dark skin garnet eyes. Slim figure
Wears: has on a red shirt and green shorts and no shoes. Her accessories were an earring with pearls on her right ear and a piece of her hair braided on the right side with pink and blue beads.
Personally: Quiet and a little shy, likes to draw to explain to people, but does talk from time to time.
Elements: None known
Weapons: Sketchpad (If that counts)
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
Abilities: Can sometimes see into the future, can create a invisible web from her hands using the tread from her sketchpad, can also copy the abilities of her enemies.

The Mercurial Magnolia: Neleah
Neleah: I will make it quick and painless
Classification: A Rouge Cramoisi with metal legs and fights with, Richi’s girlfriend
Age: 14
Family: None known Richi (Lover)
Race: Human (Country origin unknown) pale white, Crepuscle Cramoisi
Appearance: Has pale skin ad silver-white hair with blue eyes, 6 feet tall slim-bulky figure.
Wears: purple shirt with blue short jeans. Unlike most Cramoisi, she has no wings.
Personality: Sweet and kind, perhaps the sweetest among the rouge cramoisi
Elements: Steel Rank C
Weapons: her steel legs
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
Abilities: none known yet.

  1. Character Classification: Dusk Raiders
  2. A. History of the Dusk raiders

The Dusk Raiders are pirates that have been around for more than four thousand years. It all started with an echidna name Solairte, who gathered powerful warriors and elemental users to be a part of his crew. As the years went by the Solairte’s descendants continued the legacy of pirates, making crews of their own and fulfilling the job as criminals.

It is said that the dusk raider’s job is to protect the world from Jema. However, because of different events, involving poverty and slavery, the dusk raiders had a slight change of venue. Since the story of jema became hidden from the eyes of normal people, this became a doable goal for them. Many were impressed by the Dusk Raider’s motives, so impressed that others wished to join them in their goals. However, the others who joined wished to run their crime activities their way. Within time the massive branch of criminal leaders of the Dusk raiders began to break apart into separate crime organizations. In turn, the dusk raiders became a much smaller group of pirates, and them along with the other branches of criminals became the crime organization began to grow into what is known as the Grand Mafia. (we will get back to that soon)

And now the dusk raiders serve as a smaller unit, but still fulfill the goals as protectors of the jema, and people who do not have the strength to protect themselves. You may think of them as anti-heroes who steal from the rich and give to the misfortunate.

  1. 1. Sun and moon.

One unique thing about the dusk raiders is that there are two captains, of two different groups; Orange sun and Blue moon. Both groups were the same, but did different jobs. The Orange Dawn Pirates work as thieves and rob from other criminals and very rich people. Blue moon are the ones who handle the business side of the job. Of course they can bust skulls if needed.

It is the job of both sides to help those who are defenses against other criminals and those who want to bring down others.

Mark of the pirate


Dusk raiders have tattoos of the team they are on. They’re not tattoo’s per-say, they are remnants of the chaos energy that flows through the Solairte brothers. Along with the mark of either a Sun or the Moon, the dusk raiders also have small triangle on the right or left side of your cheek. For Blue moon Dusk raiders, the moon is on their right arm and the triangle mark is on the left side of their face and a small arch above their eye, vice versa for Orange sun dusk raiders.

  1. 2. Oath

Like the Crimson Claw, the Dusk Raiders also live by an oath. There is an oath for both Blue moon and Orange sun Dusk Raiders.

Orange Sun: When the night ends the moon gives out one last look before fading in the sky, as the sun rises its face shines a bright orange in the hour of dawn.

Blue Moon: In the hour of dusk the sun gives out one last orange shine before disappearing in the horizon, when the sun is gone the moon shall look down giving it’s blue glow.

Both at the end: From Dusk to dawn, from Dawn to dusk. Dusk Raiders Unite!

  1. B. Terra Sunset and Dusk Raider Bunkers.

As said before, the dusk raiders used to be a big organization that had secret bases everywhere. Those bases still exist today. Hidden bunkers and bases are property of the Dusk Raiders. There are some bunkers that only the Solairte Family knows of.

  1. 1. Terra Sunset

Years ago Richter stole one of the Dr. Eggman’s and made it his own. With the help of Alice and Malcom, they slowly made it into what is now known as the ship the Terra Sunset.

Classification: Radiant Darkness:. A massive Air ship that is the Dusk Raider’s main stronghold

Size and weight: 4 Kilometers long 300 meters wide and 2000 feet tall
Weight: 840,000 tons.
Top Speed: 2000 mph; Ultrasonic speed 3000 mph
Appearance; Similar to the Egg Carrier from both Sonic Adventure and Sonic next gen. Only with a two more wings on the sides, top and bottom. It has a crimson and orange finish. The outside is mainly solid fire and bullet resistant alloy, and a several wooden outside deck.
Weapon Systems: When in the heat of battle, the Terra Sunset transforms into a battleship. The wings spread out, the ship’s back lowers down, and the ship gets straighter to make the ship more nimble and aerodynamic for combat. The weapons on the ship are several battle turrets and lasers handed by combat droids developed by Alice. The ship also has a massive cannon in the front that shoots out a massive laser that can blow a hole through anything, but the cost of energy is crazy.
Defense System: For quick get aways, the Terra Sunset has a built in particle shield that can shield from any if not all weaponry.
Ultra-drive: The Ultra-drive system is like Hyper-drive only a much slower and meant only for quick getaways. When in ultra-drive it can reach speeds up to 3000 mph. A speed that is just right to make a fast. Richter tends to use this feature for fun. Much to everyone else’s dismay.
Number of Decks:

  1. 2. Decks

Here are all the Decks on the Terra Sunset. There are fourteen Decks:

Deck 0 The engine/ Water supply/ Energy storage system

Deck 1 Alice's Lab

Deck 2 Sickbay /Prison

Deck 3-4 Activity and recreational Labyrinth

Decks 5-7 Ship mate quarters

Deck 8 Library/ learning and research center.

Deck 9 cafeteria/ lounge area/ indoor swimming pool

Deck 10 the sky deck

Deck 11 and 12 The bridge and captain's room.

Deck 14 Richter's inner sanctum

NOTE:I am well aware of me skipping Deck 13. That’s because there is no deck with the number 13.

  1. C. The Dusk Raider Pirates

Richter the Echidna
Full name (First name??) Rizen Richter SolairteXXXX (40th)
Richter: You’re going down….six feet under

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Orange sun Captain of the dusk raiders Exen of earth
Crimson at Dusk: Captain of the Orange sun dusk raiders of 2nd division
Gender: Male
Family: Rizen (father) Luna (mother) Chrome (twin brother) Alice (foster daughter) Renton (cousin)
Age: 22
Race: Echidna Crepuscule Cramoisi (In Cramoisi form)
Appearance: A orange fur with longer hair than Knuckles and with bangs with garnet eyes, dark tan muzzle slightly muscular figure
Wears: a purple vest and tan shorts, black shoes and a glowing necklace with multiple stones that glow orange. White gloves with fingers and a large metal brace on his right arm.
Personality: whimsical Often curious, says things at the wrong time, very caring and generous , LOVES sweets
Element: Earth, fire (occasionally) Forth star in earth Rank B in fire
Weapon: Graniterior Sacred Jema of Earth; One Large Megaton Hammer. Smaller Hammers, fist
Fighting Style: 2 different elemental forms 4 different other styles
Other talents: one with the earth, can feel whatever is around him by feeling the vibrations Also very good at math believe it or not
Likes and strengths Candy, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cakes, Pies, Math, Geology, Lila, Anime, Video Games, Chao, Messing with people
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Water, Frogs (Child hood trauma), being told what to do, artificial foods, killing, getting eaten

Richter’s Four Forms
Exrrtich the Empty: Richter has on black and has yellow eyes with white pupils. A cold hearted Assassin who has no care or emotion for those he brings down.
Blood Richter: Richter was infected with Darcy’s Blood Shadow, and now he can use a blood Shadow of his own that destroys anything in its path that tries to hurt him
Richter (Cramoisi): Acts much more serious than in his mortal Form. In his Cramoisi form, he wears an black unzipped vest with black pants and has black bangs with long orange hair. His jema of choice can change into four forms; One double sided sword, two large hammers, one large assault gun, and two separate gunblades
Rubbing Richter: Richter’s superform. When Richter has enough power (From Chaos Emeralds or Sweets) he turns into his super form. In his super form his fur turns green, and his hair spikes up a bit.

Chrome the Echidna
Chrome: Relax, it’s only the cold.

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Blue moon captain of the dusk raiders Exen of Gravity
Crimson at Dusk: Captain of the blue moon dusk raiders of 2nd division
Gender: Male
Family: Rizen (father) Luna (mother) Richter (brother) Alice (foster Niece)
Age: 22
Race: Echidna, Crepuscule Cramoisi (in Cramoisi form)
Appearance: light tan white fur with short bangs and teal eyes thin figure
Wears: white unzipped coat and white pants and cape that he wears on his waist, and black shoes
Personality: calm cool, focused unlike his brother, has a bit of a short temper likes to drink wine and other alcoholic drinks (but not an alcoholic)
Element: Gravity and Ice Gravity four star and Ice three star
Weapon: Katanna (sword)
other talents: Ectokinesis his body can disappear and phase through objects
Likes and strengths Chess, Reading and literature, Katanas (Japanese swords) wine and other alcoholic drinks.
Dislikes and Weaknesses: his Allergies, injustice, Richter (Sometimes) Nth Metal (Cramoisi or Not)

Chrome’s Forms

White Shadow: Where he wears a red hood and hunts down rogue criminals
Drunken Chrome: Chrome’s most embarrassing form yet, he is completely delirious and unpredictable, but secretly can unleash his most powerful attacks.
Chrome (Cramoisi) In this Cramoisi form he acts more laid back and happy go lucky. He wears a red un buckled coat and black shirt with tan pants. He also wears a red scarf, because he has no wings. His weapon as a large buster sword that can change into either a scythe or two separate katanas.
Frozen Chrome: Chrome Super From. When Chrome has enough power he turns into his super from. In this from his body is completely made or Ice, and will freeze anything to the touch. He can still move though

Mercury (Merc) the Hedgehog
Mercury: Ready to be welled?

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Blue moon dusk raider and third in command
Crimson at Dusk: Lieutenant for the 2nd division Blue moon dusk raiders
Gender: Female
Family: Silver: (younger brother) Zenith (older brother)
Age: 19
Race: Hedgehog
Appearance; tan muzzle Amber fur with waist-long hair and yellow eyes
Wears: an gray shirt and pants, black shoes similar to silver's and a has the same gloves as him only they have an amber ring instead of a blue
Personality: A real Tomboy and gets shy showing off her famine side (especially around Chrome) very reliable
Element: Gravity Rank A
Abilities: uses gravity to her advantage
Likes and strengths Twilight Saga (don’t judge her) weight lifting, flying, Chrome.
Dislikes and Weaknesses: being called shorty by her brother. Showing her feminine side.

Zenith the hedgehog
Zenith: Aw yeah! Summon the Lightning!

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Blue moon dusk raider Forth in command , elite agent
CD Sergeant of the 2nd division blue moon dusk raiders
Gender: Male
Family: Silver (younger brother) Mercury: (Younger sister)
Age: 25
Race: hedgehog
Appearance: tan muzzle Yellow fur with purple streaks like shadows but his hair looks more like silvers with messy bangs, purple eyes slim figure
Wears: a purple and gray scarf Black and Yellow shoes tan pants
Personality: Easy going, picks on those younger than him, lady’s man, full of himself
Element: Lighting, three star
Abilities: can turn his body into a living lightning bolt, and can travel though anything that runs on electricity
Likes and strengths Ladies, looking at magazines, his guitar, pulling pranks
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Kids (sometimes) hiding his dark secret.

Blade the Wolverine
Blade: pay mind to me, I don’t like making a mess

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Blue moon dusk raider Handy man/merchant/Treasurer for the dusk raiders
Crimson at Dusk: second division blue moon dusk raider
Gender: Male
Family: Kallie (wife) Chop (younger brother) Slice (older sister )
Race Wolverine
Appearance: think of a big brown bulkier Knuckles with ears like Sonic’s with big fury arms, thick fur, he has two claws on this hands, and has two big fangs coming out of his mouth
Wears: a red scarf and gray pants and black shoes.)
Personality: Optimistic big and strong but can be a real gentleman most of the time hates violence but will get his hands dirty if needed
Element: Steel and Earth Steel Rank D
Abilities: two sharp blades can pop out of his large fist and his arms can stretch up to three feet to attack his enemies.
Likes and strengths knitting (he’s really good) Smoking special plants
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Places he can’t smoke

Rin-Rin the Snow Wolf
Rin-Rin: You can’t hide from me!

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Orange sun dusk raider, archer
Crimson at Dusk: Orange sun dusk raider for 2nd division, archer
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Wolf
Appearance: White fur, long hair and cobalt eyes, slim figure
Wears: blue Eskimo Jacket (wears a blue shirt when she is not fighting) and white pants and brown boots and gloves.
Family: Husky: (father) Lin-Lin: (Mother) jin-jin: (Older brother) ven-ven (older sister)
Personality: uplifting and cheery dopey and easy to forget, but surprisingly very bright
Element: Light and ice Both Rank B
Abilities: can make a bow and arrow from light
Other talents: Can speak 4 different languages including her own.
Likes and strengths Meat (all kinds) dancing. Onyx
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Forgetting, getting ticks and bugs in her fur

Onyx the fox
Onyx: no use hiding from death

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Blue moon dusk raider, assassin
Crimson at Dusk: Blue moon dusk raider for 2nd division, assassin
Gender: Male
Age 16
family: Unknown
Race: Fox
Appearance: Dark gray fur with crimson eyes and messy hair
Wears: a black shirt and black pants with two brown gauntlets to conceal his weapons has a cape and Belt on his waist. Black gloves and black shoes.
Personality: calm and not very talkative, but can goof off from time to time
Element: Darkness Rank B
Weapons: Two daggers hidden under his gauntlets that he can take out and use, can change them into a spear, grappling hook, and sword.
Abilities: Is a high ranking assassin and has excellent fighting skills,
Other Talents: A good detective
Likes and strengths Knives, swords. (all kinds of weapons) horror novels, Rin-Rin
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Killing , having to kill,

Scarlet the Bat
Go on, Entertain me.

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Orange sun dusk raider, Undercover agent
Crimson at Dusk: Not mentioned yet
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: Fruit bat
Appearance: indigo fur with long pink hair and purple eyes
Wears:a white shirt with Blue skirt and red shoes and wears a necklace with an hourglass on it.
Personality: Sweet and caring and doesn’t like fighting, but is able to get the job done.
Family: Unknown
Element: Sound Rank B
Weapons: small chrome Pistol
Abilities: Has inside info on the Grand Mafia
Likes and strengths Fruit, Dwayne
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Men who try to woo her.

Jem the hedgehog and Nai the hedgehog
Jem: Blow you up!
Nai: Mow you down!

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Jem: Orange sun dusk raider, marksman. Nai Orange sun dusk raider, powerhouse
Crimson at Dusk: same as Radiant Darkness: for second division
Genders; Jem; Female Nai: Male
Age: both 13
Race: Robotoized Hedgehogs
Jem's appearance, is a pink hedgehog with spiky pink hair and spiky hot pink bangs and pink eyes She has a robotic arm with a small metal plate on her head her back is also metal.
Jem’s wears: has on a black and blue vest like shirt, gray pants black shoes.
Nai's appearance a Green hedgehog with spiky messy hair and bangs with green eyes.
Nai’s Wears: orange vest and black pants. He has two metal arms and legs
Personality: Jem: Sweet and acts like a princess at time waiting for her “prince” to come and express his love for her, and loves being a pirate and planting and flowers
Nai: Full of himself always wants to see what he’s made off, and likes to show off
Family: Unknown, but parents are known to be alive
Element: Steel (Robians) both rank N/A
Weapons: Nai: hands and arms can expand and turn into any destructive weapon made of energy
Jem: shoots with two pistols
Jem’s Likes and strengths Boys, music, romance novels, vampires
Jem’s Dislikes and Weaknesses: her body (Sometimes) being called a freak
Nai’s Likes and strengths Video games, pulling pranks, smashing stuff Marine the Racoon
Nai’s Dislikes and Weaknesses: being called weak, having to be told what to do. Mushy lovey doevy stuff

Malcolm (EC 003 Xcinos) ( Roboticized clone of Sonic the hedgehog)
Malcolm: Don’t compare yourself to me!
Classification: Radiant Darkness: Blue moon dusk raider, robian specialist and repair man
Crimson at Dusk: Blue moon dusk raider of 2nd division.
Gender: male
Age: mentally and physically 21 but body was made 8 years ago
Race: Robotozied hedgehog
Appearance looks like sonic but is a lighter blue (Dark Baby blue) has a metallic, waist, arms. and legs one half of his head is metallic his right eye is like metal sonic only it's blue not red. He also has bangs growing out of his forehead .
Wears: Blue pants and red shoes
Personality: A lot like Sonic, only more focused
Family: None.
Element: Steel (Robian) Rank N/A
Weapons: Arms can turn into 5 different kinds of guns and a light saber-like sword
Other talents: can hack into a Roboticized victims, breaking them free from Eggman (or Eggman nega’s) control.
Likes and strengths Running racing, freedom,
Dislikes and Weaknesses: People mistaking him for Sonic.

Dwayne the Vampire/werehog
Dwayne: I’ll tear you apart!

Classification: Radiant Darkness:; Former member of the gold hoarder gang, old friend of Richter and Chrome, blood thirsty fighter
Crimson at Dusk: Captain of the 3rd division dusk raiders
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Physically a hedgehog, turns into Werehog at will, Unknown if he’s a Cramoisi or not.
Family unknown
Appearance: a black hedgehog with ruffled fur
Wears: a green hoodie and gray pants.
Personality: bad temper Not very talkative, grouchy at times, but still cares for those close to him.
Element: Darkness and Lighting three star in darkness two star with lightning
Weapons: His claws and a dark purple Jema that can turn into a gun.
Abilities: the same as a werehog and Cramoisi, however facts about him being one are still unknown.
Likes and strengths: Drinking blood, Scarlet
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Being called weak, people who betray him. Claw Ransha

Ryan the Lion
Ryan: Burn in the holy flames

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Lone criminal who was once a part of Richter’s old crew. Dragon master from Jagged Valley Zone.
CD Captain of the third division blue moon dusk raiders
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Family: Unknown
Appearance: A red lion with red spiky hair and red eyes. He also has a scar on his mouth
Wears: a black coat and blue pants and a bandanna over his mouth
Personally: Calm relaxed, can get tense whenever he needs to fight
Element: Fire, three star
Weapons: Two swords
Abilities: He can make the fire that he makes looking like Dragons. He can ever summon dragons, but it takes a lot out of him.
Likes and strengths Rice, noodles, hot buns, training to perfect his skills
Dislikes and weaknesses: Dishonor.

Zyzan the Seederan
Zyzan: (Yawn) If I have to…
Other names: Olive Zizania
Classification: Radiant Darkness: A mysterious Seedran who came from a plant on board the Terra Sunset
Crimson at Dusk: Cosmo’s older brother (Presumed Dead)
Gender: Male
Age: appears 18
Race: Seederan
Appearance: dark olive skin long green hair, and bangs that cover the eyes, two large seed looking horns on his head, tall, slightly stout figure
Wears: white blazer and black long pants.
Personality: Lazy, a bit of a couch potato, but shows deep love for his sister, and can be caring with needed to be, somewhat of a hippy
Family: Cosmo (Little sister)
Likes and strengths: Eating, growing his own plants, Cosmo (brother love), Jem, other plants, plant-like environments
Dislikes and Weaknesses; pollution, people who disrespect plants, fire
Elements: Plant
Weapons: If using plants counts
Fighting Style: Basic
Abilities: Can eat plants and produce seeds for that plant or vegetable and make them grow faster.

Tyler (Ty) Williams
Ty: I’ll freeze you in cold steel!

Classification: Radiant Darkness: A boy saved by the Cramoisi, and turned into a robian by Alice after being killed by Wreak von DonZor
Crimson at Dusk: Sergeant for the 8th division Orange sun dusk raiders
Gender: male
Age: 14
Race: Caucasian, Robian
Personality: Very rude and obnoxious doesn’t know when to shut up, but not a bad person
Appearance: A cybernetic Caucasian with red hair and blue eyes muscular figure. Also has on armor on his body, chest and arms with a metallic tail
Wears: Has on a red shirt with blue pants and vest and white shoes.
family: Zeke (foster brother)
Element: Ice and Steel (human robian) Ice rank C Steel N/A
Weapons: Axes on his forearms
Likes and strengths Video games, big weapons, beating things up, Alice
Dislikes and Weaknesses: A lot of things

Alice Agan Kindobor

Alice: Let’s play!

Classification: Radiant Darkness: and Crimson at Dusk: Physician/ Extreme gear, weapon/ gadget expert, for dusk raiders
Gender: Female
Age: (normal form) 13 (Silver Demon) 18
Race: Caucasian, Robian
Appearance: A cybernetic Caucasian with purple hair. Her left arm and torso are solid chrome steel, and she has a tail made from the same alloy.
Wears: She wears sky blue shirt and plum pants and no shoes and furry bracelets on her wrist ankles and neck
Personality: sweet, loveable, childish , Smartest person on the ship
Mental issues, speaks in the third person when she addresses herself, insane when she’s working or has been done wrong to, sometimes treats everyone like the ship is her dollhouse.
Family: Richter (foster father) Chrome (Foster uncle) Benedict: (twin brother, only one left in her birth family)
Element: Steel Rank C
Weapons; swords (CD Only) Shape shifter
Other hobbies; Makes dolls of everyone she sees often
Likes and strengths Dolls, hugs, Richter, Ty, Fish (Yellow tail mainly)
Dislikes and Weaknesses: demons, people who hurt her family

Alice’s Forms:

Sliver Demon: When Alice Transforms, she grows the body of a 18 year old. Her body is almost as similar to that of a Cramoisi, without wings. This form is much more beastly, than that of her child form. Alice acts more mature and focused, and speaks normal only when in this form. She can also turn her limbs into anything that represents a certain kind of animal. Example: Crab’s claw, Mantis’ sickle, scorpion tail.

Black snake Umbra: Alice’s shadow self. Her hair is black and has yellow eyes. This form of Alice is her most sinister side. A side that represents the possibility if she were evil. She uses her shape shifting powers to turn her lower body into that of a menacing looking predator. (I.e. Snake, Spider)

Lori Blake Callahan

Lori: Not going to let up!

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Mysterious assassin who tried to kill Chrome, but now is a part of the dusk raiders
Crimson at Dusk: Not yet mentioned
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Race: Human, Caucasian and African American (mixed)
Appearance; A dark-skin teen with black hair and black eyes who
Wears: a black shirt with a white long sleeve hoodie. Red pants and black shoes.
Personality: Can be coldblooded, but is a sweet girl under all that sass who loves to make food.
Family: Criminal lord Dannith (uncle *deceased*) Ronald Calihain (uncle *Deceased in Radiant Darkness*) Josephine Calihain (Aunt *Deceased in Radiant Darkness*) Jayden (cousin)
Element: Gravity Rank C
Weapons: One hidden blade and a sword.
Likes and strengths: Fighting, swords, video games
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Chrome (previously) Other Criminals

Tobias (Toby) Kun Kente’ (Ken-tay)

Toby: Let the hunt begin!

Classification: Radiant Darkness: A lone warrior who lives in a tree, and is now training under Scarlet
Crimson at Dusk: Not yet mentioned
Gender: male
Age: 14
Appearance; A dark skin young man, black hair and brown eyes.
Wears: An orange vest green sash and red pants with a blue bead necklace.
Personality: Often curious about the new world around him. Kind hearted person who has a big connection to nature, doesn’t turn a blind eye to those who are in danger.
Family: None yet known
Element: Sound Rank C
Weapons: A long spear made of jema and stones that hover around him that can be used as sound amplifiers.
Abilities: His voice can calm even the wildest of beast, can understand animals (mainly flickies and birds)
Likes and strengths: Animals hunting fighting
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Poachers, people who hurt animals

III Character Classification: Antagonist groups

  1. A. Colbalt Shroud
    1. 1. History of the council of Blue

Long ago, There was a group of fallen kingdoms that united together to form a group that would protect the world from the very same evil that destroyed their kingdoms. The color blue was the same color of the fallen nation, the blue robes represent the image of the fighters who will shroud the evil away from innocent lives, and protect the less fortunate. This Vigilante group would gather and meet with others to support them in any of the upcoming battles ahead. But as the years went on by, their ideals started to shift to a point to where if they were to keep the world at peace, they would control it themselves. These people are experts at merging companies and rival groups together and make them work for them. They started by slowly turning people over to their cause, making them believe in their gods, and learn their customs. They would do anything to get people to believe by any means necessary, even do so much as to level a city. The Cramoisi didn’t see any good in this, so they broke their ties with them and fought against them. Now the shroud wants to rid the world of the Cramoisi from their earth. But other than peace, what is the Shroud’s true ambition?

  1. 2. Description

No matter what rank you are, or what kind of robe you wear, Each shroud member wears a mage-like cloak that covers their whole body leaving the legs exposed. All are equipped with a copy of the shroud’s religious belief written in a book and a chunk of nth metal.
a. Biology: Believe it of not, Shroud members are more than just guys in blue bath robes. When a person accepts the transfiguration of a blue agent, their entire body goes through changes. The Skeletal structure becomes more jointed and flexible, meaning they can squeeze through tight places, and can be very evasive. Not only that, but their body strength is enhanced as well as their speed and accuracy. Their bodies can also withstand heavy impacts, almost as heavy as the Cramoisi. Their instinct and senses become stronger as well similar to that of a Cramoisi. They can hear, smell and see much further than, mortals can.
To sum things up, Shroud members are almost the polar opposite to the Cramoisi, question is how did they get this power, and what is it’s source?

3. Ranks
The shrouds ranks very on the color of their robes
a. Agents: foot soldiers for the council

Blue and Black Basic blue agent: Blue agents mainly carry one or two double edge swords or kattana.
Blue and moldy green Scout: mainly carry either one sword or pistol
Blue and red Marksmen; they carry either a sniper or some form of fire arm
Blue and brown heavies: They carry heavy weapons such as bazookas, hammers, ax etc.
Blue and dark Cyan Commanders: One who plans the tactics and strategies for the lower ranks.

b. Clerks and Priest: supporters for the shroud

White and blue Saints: these agents don’t fight, but they heal and protect their fellow fighters
White blue and silver Priest; also not armed. They spread the “good” word of the shroud and their goals
White and dark blue nuns; Female priest who also heal and treat the misfortunate

c. Navi Marcoats: Generals for the troops
Blue, black and sliver Basic Marcoat: One who controls a chapter of troops. They can control up to 200 troops if necessary.
Blue, red and gold Elite Marcoat: one who controls the larger groups of other Marcoats and agents.
White blue and baby blue Sante’ Marcoat: Marcoats who don’t fight, but are the ones who protect vast fractions of the armies

d. Leading Marcoats: The ones who control the major fighting groups. The order will go by rank
Prandor (Pr-and_Dor) one of Klaus’ right handed men, he is the strategist and negotiator for the shroud and one of the highest ranking Marcoats.
Keon (Key-on) The leading command General for the shroud. Orders the smaller marcoats to do their work

e. Elemental Marcoats: twelve of the most powerful Marcoats
Pyraz(Pi-raz) ; Marcoat of fire a man with a red and blue robe and carries two swords

Termonos(Ter-mon-os) :Marcoat of Earth a lisping coyote with a brown and blue robe. carries a large tomahawk

Geliu(Guh-el-e-oo) :Marcoat of Ice a blue shrew with the power of ice and can change his body into large deity called Golocese (Go-lock-keys)

Lymrana (Lim-ran-a): Marcoat of Water. A pruple,black and blue frog with a wild temper and will attack anyone relentlessly. Can summon a large purple turtle with spikes on its shell.

Derco: (der-ee-co)Marcoat of gravity A mauve shrew who is loyal to his master

(More Marcoats coming soon)

  1. 3. Master Cobalt

Master Cobalt is the leader of the entire shroud. The Cobalt family has been running the shroud since its founding. The Cobalt’s are a family of shrews and each is trained since birth to become the master of two blades. He alone runs the entire shroud and will lead it to its great triumph, or so they say. The cobalt Master can turn anyone into a believer of the Shroud’s order.

Here is the current Master Cobalt.

Klaus the Shrew:
Full Name: Klaus Subrrosi De Cobalt
Classification: Radiant Darkness: Leader of the Cobalt Shroud, who wants nothing more than the fall of the Cramoisi.
Crimson at Dusk: The superintendent of the school district of Station Square
Gender: Male
Age: Looks 34
Race Shrew
Appearance: Albino fur with deep blue eyes
Wears: Black pants with a black cape, with the Cobalt Shroud insignia on it.
Personality; very grumpy and has a short temper, hates the Cramoisi, full of himself.
Family: Zerach (brother) Darcy (Sister-in-law)
Likes and Strengths: Show tunes, opera, violence, sparing, teaching, the cobalt shrouds beleifs his brother (despite of him being a Cramoisi)
Weaknesses and Dislikes: The Cramoisi, Criminals, Darcy
Elements; Steel, Darkness, fire, and gravity. All three star
Weapons: two nith metal katanas
Abilities: Not fully known.

B Grand Mafia A.K.A The Criminal Underground

  1. 1. History

As mentioned before, the Grand mafia was once just a larger portion of the Dusk Raiders. But there were others who did not believe in the ways the Solairte’s were running the criminal world As a result the criminal world went into its own war. However, after years of conflict, many of the singular criminal synticites united together forming a large criminal organization known as the Grand Mafia, where criminals would benefit amongst each other. They would be feared by many, but loved by others. Many from the mafia only do what they do for either the sake of others, or themselves, but anyone who stepped out of line, would be dealt with personally.

  1. 2. Criminal Divisions and Criminal lords

The grand mafia is divided in several groups. To join the group, one would have to look for them in one of the hidden meeting areas. At first they would start as a regular foot soldier. Each crime unit can have 10-500 people. When it comes to sergeants or commanders, the ranks all depend on how the Criminal lord sets it. Speaking of Criminal lords, for each continent there could be up to 200 criminal lords. And each Criminal lord has a rank.

Each Criminal lord has three or more parts to his name. The first part is some form of discomfort or disease. It also tell how menacing that Criminal lord is. The second part describes there rank. The rank has a name only familiar to the Criminal lords and the imperial lord. The third part is there normal name or a name they are addressed as. There are some lords who chose to name themselves. Richter and Chrome chose to be named after their elements.

Von/Don (Basic): These Criminal lords are basic. They can have up to 100 people at their command. They can have one or two cities under siege, or at least somewhat under their control. Anyone would see them doing basic crimes. (I.e. burglaries, murders, raping, destruction)

Known Von:

Havoc Von Grapple: Classification: Von Criminal lord of the capital City Spagonia
Gender: male
Age: 39
Race: Brown Bear
Appearance brown fur and black eyes, large muscular figure
Personality: Greedy, powerful, serious individual.
Wears: Gold Spartain armor with one large gold claw on his left arm.
Likes: Gold, money, fighting, Roman History, honey
Dislikes: people getting away, traitors
Elements: none

Weapons: his massive gauntlet
Demise: Grapple fell to Richter and Chrome when they took him on in his own headquarters

Wreak Von DonZor: Classification: Representative from the Eggman Empire
Other names: The Head Hunter
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Race Caucasian, Robian
Appearance: Muscular Caucasian with a black eye and blue eye, black and white Mohawk
Wears: White T-shirt and black pants, has robotic parts exposed.
Likes: Hunting, Killing, turning Mobian plets into wears.
Dislikes; Richter, Alice anyone in his way.
Elements: Steel Rank N/A
Weapons: A large arsenal of guns and small blades
Demise: DonZor lost is life when fighting against Alice, using her move, witches Iron madden

Gin (Commander): This is a higher rank. A Commander Criminal lord, can control up to five other Von/Don’s and can issue out conflict if needed.

Vior (Business men/executive): Many Criminal lords who belong in the business fraction of the Mafia. You’d be amazed at how many criminal business men are out there crushing other small companies and congregate other businesses into their chain.

Known Vior

Plague Vior Giessian: Classification: The ultimate Drug Dealer in the Grand Mafia.
Gender: Male
Race: Boar
Appearance: Green skin with black eyes that have yellow Sclera, very, very bloated figure.
Wears: Black vest blue jeans, always traveling in a large hovering dome, always has on a breathing mask
Personality: greedy, loves money and drugs
Likes and Strengths: Drugs (What he breathes and his life source) money
Dislikes and Weaknesses: Fresh air, peace
Elements: Poison one star
Weapons: His Stench.
Demise: Geissan met his doom when confronting with Shadow the hedgehog

Xolon (General): Here we have a bigger rank that can control up to ten gins in one whole unit. With this criminal lord rank, one can wage war against anyone, even fellow criminal lords.

Known Xolon

Wreak Xolon Zigfreed: Classification:Scientist for the Eggman Empire
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Race: Caucasian, Robian
Appearance: Caucasian, bald with hazel eyes
Personality: Focused on his work, cold and hard, obsessed with power
Elements: Steel Rank N/A
Likes: Rizen (Previously) Power,
Dislikes: Alice and her family Benedict, the solairtes
Weapons: two large Ax Blades
Demise: After being beaten by both Richter and Chrome, Zigfreed was surprisingly killed by Benedict when he transformed into a massive fire bird.

Wreak Xolon Gronmin: Classification; Master General for the Eggman Empire
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Race: Caucasian, Robian
Appearance: yellow eyes, tinning top and white hair.
Wears: White uniform and gray pants, wears a white mask to breathe, due to having damaged lungs and mouth
Personality: Cunning, savage, organized
Weapons; Beam swords
Elements: Steel two star

(Elite): Third to the most powerful people in the Mafia: Exen Criminal lords don’t really command armies of criminals. They are more like the black ops of the Grand Mafia. In one army there can be twenty von’s, ten Gin’s, two Xolons, and one exen. There are twelve Exen’s in the entire Mafia. And each Exen know. Here are a list of the Exen:

Bind Exen Jaygar: Classification: Exen of Light
Full Name: Reginald Jayar Newton III
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Race: Bobcat
Appearance: brown fur with black eyes, Muscular figure.
Wears: a black and white jacket, with red pants, and black cowboy hat.
Personality: Easy going, can be focused, Sarcastic, tough teacher
Elements: Light, four star
Weapons: Sliver reaper, with double barrel pistol.

Venom Exen Chiller (NOTE: This Character belongs to Infinity Anime Chick) : Classification: Exen of Plant
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: Hedgehog
Appearance: Green fur with blue eyes
Personality: Cold black hearted, loves his job
Elements: Plant, four star
Weapons: Jeenveggentrior, Sacred Jema of Plant, Ax and Sword

Singe Exen Claw : Classification: Exen of Fire
Full Name: Claw Ransha
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Race: Tiger
Appearance: Red fur spikey hair red eyes with scar on his face
Wears: red coat with black shirt and gray pants black boots
Personality: Cunning, strong, but devious and tricky
Elements: Fire, four star
Weapons: Scolignuior Sacred Jema of Fire: Claymore

Drown Exen Zerplien; Radiant Darkness: Exen of Water
Full Name: Lymphi Zerplien
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Chameleon
Appearance: Green skin with long bangs that cover his face. Green eyes slim figure
Wears: Green coats and green pants
Personality: Devious, tricky, an opportunist, sly, sneaky
Elements: Water, four star
Weapons: Raaquaior Sacred Jema of Water: Tridents

Deafened Exen Clangen Etelrea : Classification: Exen of Sound
Full Name: Clangen Etelrea
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Race: Howler Monkey
Appearance: brown fur with brown eyes
Wears: Brown coat, black pants, and brown shoes.
Personality: Happy-go-lucky, wild, care free, likes parties
Elements: Sound, four star
Weapons: Two large symbols

Trembemlent (tremor) Exen Richter Solairte
: Classification: Exen of Earth
(Rest of description in Dusk Raiders)

Macabre Exen Nero Price : (Nero belongs to Macabre Kaiser) Classification: Exen of Steel
(Rest of description in other characters)

Penetrating Exen Chrome Solairte : Classification: Exen of Gravity
(Rest of decryption in Dusk raiders)

Rubble Exen Tono Gihagi: Classification: Exen of Lighting
Full Name: Tono Gihagji
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Race: Panther
Appearance: Black fur and green eyes
Wears: no shirt, tan pants and brown boots.
Personality: Focused and straightforward, humble
Elements: Lighting, four star
Weapons: Bo staff that can generate electricity

Raid Exen Renton: Classification: Exen of Wind
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Echinda
Appearance: Black fur with green eyes and spiky hair
Wears: Black coat with black pants and boots to match
Personality: Cocky, cold, harsh, tough
Elements: Wind, four star
Weapons: Vaporveneor Sacred Jema of Wind: can split into ten different blades.

Embargo Exen Algidius: Classification: Exen of Ice
Full Name: Algidius Velkerion
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Jackal
Appearance: whitish-blue fur with cobalt eyes and blue bangs
Wears: white coat and blue pants and blue shoes
Personality: cold, loves perfection, fussy, creul as his element
Elements: Ice, four star
Weapons: Rimglaceior Sacred Jema of Ice: A Long sharp javelin

Dread Exen Baynair: Classification: Exen of Darkness
Gender: Male
Age: 64
Race: Vulture
Appearance: grayish black feathers black eyes with yellow sclera, large talons
Wears: A purple cloak, with a black shirt and white pants under,
Personality: Can act cold and harsh, but will like people with a good voice, good businessman
Elements: Darkness, four star
Weapons: Bleakumbranior Sacred Jema of Darkness: large scythe

Trenzil (Master): the highest rank as Criminal lord. Very few people can be Trenzil. It is said that only five star elemental masters can become Trenzil. There are only five Trenzil who run the Grand mafia.

  1. 3. The Imperil Criminal Lord
    This position is the highest of high in the Grand Mafia, he who is the imperil criminal lord controls everything. The Five Trenzil act as advisors and guides in the criminal world. It is the imperil lord’s job to issue out commands to smaller criminal organizations.

Current Leader

Igilos Dante’ Lust’efer: Classification: the imperial leader of the Grand Mafia
Real Name: Soligl Dante’Daybon Lust’efer
Gender: Looks Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown looks almost like a hedgehog lizard hybrid
Appearance: silver fur and scales spiky hair black lizard eyes with red sclera long tail.
Personally: Generally optimistic and friendly, but mostly a ploy to cover his true psychotic and sadistic nature.
Likes: Blood, Misery, pain suffering, looking at mortals fight each other.
Dislikes: Everything opposite to what he likes
Elements: None yet known, but can generate orange electricity
Weapons; hand to hand, two jema that turn into ax swords
Abilities: can make you live your sins and pain in one sitting. Manipulative. Can regenerate his body, even if near death.

C. Vessels and Demons:
a. Vessels
They get their name from what they really are; empty. Vessels are creatures that come from the evil deeds done by mankind. They work similar to how plants work. When a demon lord plants a black seed in the ground, it starts to germinate. It then receives it’s nutrients from the negativity and evil deeds of mankind. The more evil and negative emotions around the stronger the plant grows. When it reaches its peak, it starts to sprout vessels. Vessels are very strong against sinful men, and can only be taken down by very few people. When a mortal submits to the power of a vessel, the vessel takes over the body and uses it for its own evil purposes. The more sinful the man, the more stronger they are. They also represent the evil that the Cramoisi takes down, as well as other evil doers.

i. Description; The most common Vessels have black-purplish human-like bodies with long claws and toes and tentacle like hair, with red eyes in the shape of a “V” When they appear, they are crouched down and crawl over to their victims like a desperate and thirsty man wondering in the desert. Their roar is menacing and horrific that can give anyone nightmares

ii. Ranks:
Each vessel has a rank
D; Lowest of the low. D Ranks are mindless and feral and will strike anyone around them.
C: C rank are stronger than D rank. Their brains can have more than ten functions.
B: B Rank Vessels can almost think for themselves and can command the younger ranks.
A: A Ranks can almost count as one being, they can think for themselves and issue attacks using smaller ranks.
S: S ranks are the highest of the high. S Ranks can control legions of vessels and share the same caliber that is similar to that of an Exen Criminal Lord.

  1. Demon Race: Succubi and Incubi:
    You know the demon that comes into the dreams of mortals, sucking their life force, right? Well these Succubus and Incubus have big connections to many Criminal lords thanks to Dante’. These people do not care for the wellbeing of anyone or anything, as long as they make people suffer. They also work as business secretaries and executives in the Mafia. What better business men than a demon?

i. Known Demons
Here is a List of Known Demons in the Stories:

Mora: Classification: Secretary to the imperal Criminal lord
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Race: Ferret Succubus
Appearance: Indigo fur with pink eyes, short hair, regular demon features (tail, claws and horns), slim, busty feature
Wears: a woman’s business suit, normally, In battle she wears a black tank top and short black skirt.
Personally: Cold, seductive, Sadistic, can be evil
Elements; Darkness and Ice One star
Weapons: Claws.
Likes: bad Men, Klaus, sex talking about sex
Dislikes; good men, Richter

Connie: Classification: Secretary to Criminal Lords in the Exen Division:
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Race: Possum Succubus
Appearance: Blue fur with blue eyes, long hair
Wears: A woman’s business suit, normally. In battle a red tank top and short black skirt slim figure
Personality: Cold, Seductive, Sadistic, can be a bad
Elements: Darkness and Lightning one star
Weapons: Claws
Likes: good boys, Richter man slaves sex
Dislikes; not getting her way Lila

Eva: Classification Secretary to the Criminal lords in the Von Division
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Race: Mink Succubus
Appearance: Pink fur with pink soulless looking eyes with black irises, long hair and bang Demon Features (tail Claws and horns) Slim busty figure
Wears: Normally a blue business suit. In battle has on a hot pink tank top and black skirt.
Personality: A tad soft, seductive, a tad psychotic, shy, naughty, can be harsh
Elements: Darkness and Fire one star
Weapons: Scythe
Likes: Drinking, Sex her body

IV: Recruiting and Supporting Characters

Recruiting Characters
Here we have characters that are not mine, but they were characters who other authors wanted to be in the characters, and I was so kind enough to put them in. If you wish to look at their actual descrption, go to the profiles of their creators. You can find their links at the start of the Profile. To those who asked or let me use their characters, thanks so much for wanting to be a part of this character gathering. Now here they are:

Fear the hedgehog (IMPORTANT: This character Belongs to Purple Feline) Classification: Radiant Darkness: Reborn Sibling to the Ultimate life form
Crimson at Dusk: One of the Orphan Cramoisi living in Station Square
Gender: Male
Age: appears 18
Race: Hedgehog
Appearance: A black hedgehog with red highlights and red eyes
Wears: a white tank top with long white pants
Personality: A lot like Shadow’s only less grumpy, shows a little care
Family: Shadow (older brother) Scorch (Younger brother) Maria (sister to her)
Likes and strengths: N/A
Dislikes and Weaknesses; non yet known
Elements: Darkness One Star
Weapons: Her own body

Burn the Hedgehog(IMPORTANT: This character belongs to Awesome Gamer)
Classification:A Mysterious hedgehog who lived In Station Square
Age: Appears 18
Race: Hedgehog
Appearance: Red fur with black flame looking stripes.
Wears: red and orange shoes.
Personality: Similar to Sonic’s only not as cocky, can be a real hot head.
Likes: Freedom
Dislikes: Horror, Vocrusa
Elements: Fire and Darkness Rank B
Weapons: N/A

The Following Characters belong to Infinity Anime Chick

Jazz the hedgehog:
Classification: Newest member of the orange sun dusk raiders, field agent
Gender: Female
Age: 15
family: Denim (Sister)
Race: Hedgehog
Appearance: a lavender fur, long hair and rosy eyes slim figure
Wears: a purple shirt with a blue vest and blue jeans and a green stone on her head
Personally: free spirited Eger and willing to follow anyone who is worthy into battle,
Likes and Strengths: Reading, Books, Romance stories, cute things, all vegetation, singing, the dusk raiders
Dislikes and weaknesses: Chiller, fire (burning her plants)
Element: Plant and fire, both rank B
Weapons: Sword made of leaves and vines
Fighting Style: Expert: hand-to-hand Combat
Other talents: can create her own but very small eco system and make plants grow anywhere.

Denim the hedgehog:
Classdication: Mysterious hedgehog who works for the ARL (Aritc research lab)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Family: Jazz (Sister)
Race: hedgehog
Appearance: White fur and blue eyes, slim figure
Wears: a blue shirt and blue jeans, ear rings.
Personality: Almost none, she is obedient
Elements: Poison Rank B
Weapons: N/A
Fighting Style: Expert hand-to-hand combat

Zoomer the hedgehog: Classification: Radiant Darkness: A Cramoisi who was jumped
Crimson at Dusk: One of the Orphan Cramoisi living in station square
Gender: Male
Race: Hedgehog
Appearance: Black fur with green eyes
Wears: black jacket and crystal necklace
Personality: free spirited and outgoing
Family: Unknown
Likes and strengths: Music and eating
Dislikes and Weaknesses; Nth Metal
Elements: Water Rank B
Weapons: None yet
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera

The following characters belong to Iris the Bunny

Iris the bunny; Classification: Radiant Darkness: One of the adopted Cramoisi after being killed by a criminal lord
Crimson at Dusk: One of the orphan in Station Square
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Lop-eared Bunny
Appearance: Black and white fur
Wears: Red and blue tank top and blue pants
Personality: very clever, but has a smart mouth, but still looks after everyone
Family: none known
Likes and strengths: Books
Dislikes and Weaknesses; Idiots, people who think they are smarter than her
Elements: Gravity Rank B
Weapons: Knife
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
Abilities: A few Psychic abilities, she can see the future, telekinesis, and can fly with her ears like Cream

Damien (Blue) the rabbit Classification: Radiant Darkness: A Cramoisi who was once killed by a Criminal lord
Crimson at Dusk: Orange Sun Captan of the 4th Division
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Lop-eared Bunny
Appearance: White fur
Wears: a blue coat and blue jeans
Personality: cunning and reliable, funny at times
Family: None
Likes and strengths: N/A
Dislikes and Weaknesses; Nth Metal
Elements: Light
Weapons: Charraims (rings with Blades)
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera
The following Characters belong to Macabre Kaiser

Nero and Kaiser
Real name: Damien Price

Classification: Radiant Darkness: Exen of Steel
Crimson at Dusk: Captains for Both Orange Sun and Blue moon in the 8th division
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 22
Race: Arctic Wolf
Appearance: When one: silver fur with red eyes, one eye has a black sclera. Nero’s eyes are normal while Kaiser’s has black sclera
Wears: Nero: Black trench coat and black pants, long silver hair. Kaiser: White trench coat and white pants short hair.
Personality: Nero: Hardly shows any emotion, but can laugh or cry, cunning, smart, and strategic, especially in battle. Kaiser: Just like Nero, but more whimsical and spirited shows much more emotion.
Family: Alexander (older brother)
Likes and strengths: Fish (Sushi), making weapons
Dislikes and Weaknesses; Lightning (Fatal) People with low self-esteem people calling him fluffy
Elements: Steel Four star
Weapons: Multiple blades and swords.
Fighting Style: Nero fights with blades while Kaiser fights hand to hand
Abilities: Hemomancer; Can control blood with his mind and create weapons from his blood

Alexander the Wolf
Classification: Radiant Darkness: Ex-GUN Scientist
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race: Arctic wolf
Appearance: Silver wolf with blue eyes with one of the eyes having black Sclera
Wears: hooded leather jacket
Personality: sense of humor, can be kindhearted, Likes things done right
Family: Nero (Younger brother)
Likes and strengths: honorable fight
Dislikes and Weaknesses; His brother getting hurt, being attacked by cheap shots, betrayal, being proved wrong
Elements: N/A
Weapons: Telekinesis
Fighting Style: If using your mind counts.

The following Characters belong to Zach of Death

Vocrusa the Wolf
Vocrusa: This will be most enjoyable
Other names: The Destroyer
Classification: Radiant Darkness: Deadly mercenary, chosen to be the guardian of balance
Crimson at Dusk: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Silver wolf, guardian of balance
Appearance: A Silvery white wolf with two completely jet black eyes (Sclera irises pupals), long flowing white hair, tall, muscular figure, tends to give a sharp tooth grin
Wears: black jacket with a Kelvar vest under, black cargo pants, black spiked(on knuckles) fingerless gloves and black Spetsnaz combat boots
Personality: Cold cruel, Polite yet extremely passive aggressive, views others below him only considers you equal if you prove yourself
Family: None
Likes and strengths: Weapons Vehicles (mostly his RV) messing with foes, torture, food, orphans, not easily fazed by anything
Dislikes and Weaknesses; people who get in his way, stealth alcohol, forced to dispose of bodies, children (Excluiding orphans) working with others
Elements: None
Weapons: Various Fire arms and explosives concealed in his jacket including two machetes in sheaths, and booths with knives in the toes. His own teeth claws and fangs
Fighting Style: Expert marshal artist
Abilities: explosives expert, marksmen, and torture specialist

Mary O’ Connor
Mary: I want your blood!

Other names: Bloody Mary
Classification: Radiant Darkness: A psychotic criminal once locked away and now free.
Crimson at Dusk: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Siberian husky
Appearance: albino fur, with long hair to match, red eyes that shine menacingly, claws painted by the blood of her foes, busty with a slim figure.
Wears: a tight red top with matching red pants and wears brown hiking boots
Personality: Care-free, intelligent, sadist , violent supportive whimsical,
Family: None
Likes and strengths: Vocrusa, sharp objects, causingpain, killing things, her body, blood
Dislikes and Weaknesses; people who try to or hurt Vocrusa, bright lights the color green
Elements: Darkness Rank D
Weapons: Long butcher knife, surgical scalpels, bladed brass knuckles, few fire arms her teeth and claws
Fighting Style: basic hand to hand
Abilities: artistic talent, good with a knife, three years medical school.

The Following Characters Belong to ASL

Suni the Hedgehog: Classification: Radiant Darkness: A bounty hunter who is traveling with the dusk raiders.
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Hedgehog
Appearance: Yellow fur with long hair and blue eyes
Wears: Blue tank top White pants
Personality: Real sweet heart, but isn’t afraid to tan anyone’s hide, especaly when she knows it’s wrong
Likes and strengths: Adorable things
Dislikes and Weaknesses;
Elements: Light Rank B
Weapons: Reaper
Fighting Style: Expert hand-to-hand

Alex the Hedgehog: Classification: Radiant Darkness: A Cramoisi who trains Under Zerach and Darcy
Gender: Male
Race: hedgehog, Viollete Cramoisi
Appearance: Black fur with green eyes
Wears: white coat and blue shirt and black cargo pants
Personality: a good hearted young man who doesn’t back down from a fight
Likes and strengths: Training
Dislikes and Weaknesses; N/A
Elements: Darkness and Light Both rank B
Weapons: two buster swords,
Fighting Style: Combattre de Chiroptera

  1. Supporting Characters
    1. 1. Cramoisi Vampires

Troy Martinez (18): Brave and powerful Latino, Ladiesman

RD: Cramoisi training under Zerach with the wind element

Meliko Suiren (16): Cheery and encouraging Asian

RD: Cramoisi training under Zerach with water

Ester “Est” Chionson (19): Tomboyish singer

RD: Cramoisi Training under Darcy with sound

Gerrheart “Gerr” Velvicktor (20): One eyed man of a few words

RD: training under Zerach with earth

  1. 2. Dusk raiders

Rizen Richter Solairte XXXIX (46) : Free sprited father grand master powerful earth and steel and lover of wine

RD: Original leader of the grand Mafia (Deceased)

CD Captain of the 1st division Orange Sun. Father to Richter and Chrome. Foster Grandfather to Alice

Luna Bethany Luniar (40) : Caring and over protective mother and powerful swordswoman ,grand master, idol for all female dusk raiders

RD Former Exen of gravity (Deceased)

CD Captain of the 1st division Blue moon Mother to Richter and Chrome Foster grandmother to Alice

Chon the Echidna (23) (IMPORTANT This character belongs to mechaelite) : Carefree, but overprotective to his brother Fleed

CD: Captain of the 4th division Blue moon


RTC: third cousin to Richter and Chrome

Fleed the echidna (18) (IMPORTANT This character belongs to mechaelite): Optimistic pacifist, but fights when needed

CD: Liutenant to 4th division blue moon

Jaygar the Bobcat (49): Grand master and old friend to Rizen

RD: Exen of Light Richter and Chome’s mentor
CD Captain of the 5th division Orange sun

Tono the Panther (38): Grand master and old friend to Rizen.

RD: Exen of Lighting, Zenith’s old teacher
CD: Captain of the 5th Division Blue moon

Kamol the gorilla (48): Grand master, very powerful man, and chief to his own people.

RD: Former Exen of Sound
CD: Captain of 6th division orange sun

Stella the Cheetah (24) : cunning and focused young lady

RD: Old friend of Richter and Chrome and a Ginn criminal lord
CD: Captain of 6th division Blue moon

Kuai the Panda (29): Large powerhouse panda bear

RD: Second in command in Jaygar’s crew
CD: Lieutenant for 3rd Division blue moon.

Dennis the Husky (19):Cunning and excellent gunslinger

RD: Brought back Cramoisi
CD: Liutnant for 3rd division Orange sun

Wheeler the hedgehog (15) : Rookie fighter who often gets in trouble with his enemies .

RD: Fighter in Jagar’s crew
CD: Lieutenant in 6th division blue moon

Naomi the Koala (14): A rookie fighter who is training to be an earth master

RD: Figher in Jaygar’s crew
CD: Lieutenant in 6th division Orange sun

Lenny(15) :A black fighter battling for freedom

CD: Lieutenant in 8th division blue moon

Lindsey(14) : Black medic for the dusk raiders

RD: Medical human robian studding in Megalo station
CD: Medical human robian for the dusk raiders.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

So in Love by pokeplayer984 reviews
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Radiant Darkness Blue Dusk: Ethnic Connections reviews
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 56,864 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 2/17 - Published: 5/22/2013 - Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Rouge
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 20 - Words: 268,699 - Reviews: 55 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 11/3/2013 - Published: 9/3/2011 - Sonic, Amy
Crimson at Dusk:The Guardians of The Cramoisi reviews
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 8 - Words: 81,065 - Reviews: 41 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 11/3/2013 - Published: 8/31/2010 - Sonic, Amy
Radiant Darkness Orange Dawn: The Garnet Guard reviews
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 19 - Words: 289,245 - Reviews: 115 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 5/24/2013 - Published: 8/4/2010 - Sonic - Complete
Radiant Darkness Violet Night: Crimson Claw Awakened reviews
Radiant Darkness I Rise of the Crimson Claw: Sonic and his friends are having some trouble with their love life. But what happens when a vampire comes and offers her help? Will there Life's problems be solved or will she leave them in the dark? My first fan fic new and improved! Raided T for, blood and violence,suggestive themes and mild language. SONAMY SHADROUGE SILVAZE TAILSMO
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 17 - Words: 101,980 - Reviews: 113 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 8/5/2011 - Published: 6/26/2010 - Sonic, Amy - Complete