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i'm a teen who loves anime and reading. i also love drawing anime and hope to become an animator, or a writer, or a psychologist. i know long list hehehe.

i love reading fanfics of any type and admire those who can write. when i say any type i mean slash or straight, makes no difference to me as long as the story is good (i like to think i'm open minded, and hate it when others make stupid prejudiced assumptions, because their little minds can't comprehend things beyond the points of their noses)

my fave animes are Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Card Captors, Beyblade, Inu-Yasha, Shaman King, X (love it love it love it!),Rurouni Kenshin, Saiyuki, Gravitation and any other anime i can watch.

my fave anime characters are:

Duo, Heero, Trowa tall, quiet, beautiful eyes, soothing voice, nice...very nice body, and he can kick his enemies ass in so many different way! who can blame me, Zechs true, he seems to have an identity problem, but his voice! and eyes and...damnit he's prettier than his sister with his hair! (Gundam Wing)

Yue (Card Captors)

Bakura (both), Kaiba ahhh Seto...sigh he's so...so...damn! he's got that attitude that makes you want to just...ahem yeah i like him, Magician of Black Chaos, Malik damn hot psychos (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Matt, Tai, Joe he's so adorable...in a geeky dependable way, Izzy awww he's so cute, Ken angsty past, emotional problems, torturous memories and the sweetest smile, need i say more, Davis, Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi I LOVE KOUICHI AND KOUJI! sigh they're both so adorable (Digimon)

Vegeta, Piccolo, Android 17, and the Supreme Kai i know i'm weird but he's just so adorable (Dragon Ball Z)

Kai, Rei, Tala, Ozuma, Zeo, Kane three new addition, love their hair, and they've all got the prettiest eyes (Beyblade)

Sesshoumaru my ABSOLUTE fave ever! it's the voice...and the hair...and the emotionless attitude as he saves a little girl...and...just...HIM, Naraku he isn't a bad guy...just misunderstood! really! plus he's funny, Miroku, Shippo, Kouga, Inu-Yasha, Juuroumaru i know he was a bit of a cannibal, and didn't say anything and had that creepy worm thing with Vegeta's voice living in his tummy...but you have to admit he kicked ass! literally (Inu-Yasha)

Ren my sharky! yes, i refer to the adorable deary as sharky...can you blame me? have you seen his hair? still...he's awesome, Amidamaru, Horo-Horo, Hao, Yoh, Morty as a fellow victim of being vertically challenged i sympathize with Morty and hate it when he's used as an aerial projectile sniffsniff and that one time when yoh told him to get lost...tragic... (Shaman King)

Nataku yes, i know that he's technically an it, but to me he's a he! one of my fave ever characters...i think it's his innocence, Fuuma Monou yes, i know, psycho but he's nice!...before he went psycho, Kakyou Kuzuki the poor guy, bad enough to see the one you love die, but to be in a coma and have nothing but the memories of all he lost sigh tragic, Seishirou Sakurazuka i love his name! plus i think he's hot...i think it's his eyes errr eye. sure he's an assassin, but who isn't now a days? kinda mean how he killed Subaru's twin, after becoming friends with him...but still...he is cool, Yuto Kigai ok, so he's totally into that slut Kanoe but you have to admit he's adorable and charming in his own way, Subaru Sumeragi ok, Subaru...he's cold, angsty, has a tragic past, a vendetta against another guy who was an old friend...WHAT ISN'T THERE TO LIKE! sure he's obsessive and all that but he's cool (X)

Aoshi Shinomori dear god above i love him! he's so...so...i dunno something! it's his eyes...and voice...and conviction to be the best! sigh when i first saw him i was like...whoa! then he got shot...i nearly punched my tv in! and his men all died for him...poor guy...sigh i love him...Misao doesn't deserve him! he's mine! cough yeah, Soujirou Seta ok Soujirou...his past made me cry! the poor angel sniffsniff can you blame the guy for going psycho and killing those mean mean people? in any case...his smile! he looks so innocent and carefree, not to mention he kicked ass! untill Kenshin drove him semi-nuts hehehe, Kenshin Himura he's one of those goofball protect-the-weak good guys that you love to hate. but you CAN'T hate kenshin! i don't think it's possible! he's so...innocent looking then he goes all Battousai on you and it's like...eep! but in a cool way. plus he's so...i dunno goofy in lovable way, Sanosuke Sagara ok...he's funny, that's all you can really say about Sano, Hajime Saitou ok...is his first name Saitou or Hajime? in any case, he's cool. at first i was like...err...wierdo...then he kicked ass and started antagonising everyone- my kind of buddy! (Rurouni Kenshin)

Brad Crawford Oracle...sigh he's one of those hot guys with style. the suit, the attitude, the voice, his eyes and his well...HIM! man o man someone get me a fan! it's getting hot in here! he's got that whole manipulative bastard act going and i just can't resist! he's out for his team's own gain and that's...something, Aya (Ran) Fujimiya he's the token brooding-angst-filled-past-out-for-revenge good guy that no anime would be complete without. he's also gorgeous, cold and you just want to cuddle him...unless he has his katana with him...in that case you stay away from him but be sure to have a binocular for quality Aya watching, Nagi Naoe he's adorable! sure he can crush you with a thought but he's still cool, Schuldich eeee he's soooo...mean, but in a good way. he's manipulative, and can do it with his mind. love his voice too and his hair...he has very pretty hair (Weiss Kruez)

Genjo Sanzo ooo he's funny...and dangerous, specially with that fan of his! i'm surprised that Goku isn't braindead yet, he swings that thing pretty damn hard hehehe also his attitude is just...i love it! and he's got pretty eyes, Cho Hakkai he reminds me of Trowa...i love this guy! honestly he's got the prettiest eyes and he's sarcastic and motherly...i use this term loosely mind you ...and he kicks demon bee-hind! i read something somewhere and i thought it described him well "Hakkai...wouldn't hurt a fly...unless it was a youkai-fly" and hurt that demon fly he would! love him, Kougaiji hot, hot, hot and his fire ball thingies isn't it! i love that guy, he's all 'bad' and honourable at the same time. i mean, he's doing all this for his mother and he's so...i dunno he kinda reminds me of Vegeta, but that may just be me, Sha Gojyo hmmm...he's a slut, but seriously i think his past was so sad, poor kid sniffsniff he was so adorable to. he's got really, really pretty eyes so nice. plus...he saved Hakkai's life..that definitely counts for something (Saiyuki)

Eiri Yuki (Uesugi) Yuki...good heavens that guy's got an attitude like nothing else, he's so mean to Shuichi. then when least expected he'll do something so nice and show his vulnerable side and you just melt, added to that is the fact that he's hot, and writes romance novels...well i have to say Shuichi better watch out, Hiroshi Nakano Hiro's too nice, i mean no one can do what he does for Shuichi without going crazy, that's kid acts like he's on every illegal drug on the planet. still you have to give Hiro points for loyalty, and hotness, definitely hotness, Fujisaki Suguru all i have to say is thank god he doesn't look like Touma, he scares me. Fujisaki's so cute, kinda bitchy though, Sakano does anyone know his first name? does he have one? in anycase, i am very fond of him, he gets hysterical then calm then hysterical again. i think he's adorable, the whole spinning into walls thing is a bit much though..also he seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Touma, who really scares me, K i know K's not his real name...then why does he go by it? is it 'cause he thinks it's cool? well in anycase, i don't think i've ever seen a guy in anime so obsessed with guns and explosives as K, he's so gun happy. but you have to admit he does his job well, and he's hot too hehehe in addition to that...his hair...which i love, should be an anime treasure nods yes definitely, Tatsuha Uesugi hmmm Tatsuha...i have to say that he is one horny 16 year old...it's true, i think he'd attack anything with legs, especially Ryuichi. still his saving grace is his amusement factor and hotness, Ryuichi Sakuma i don't really like Ryuichi in the manga truth be told, he's a psycho, in my opinion anyway, but in the anime he's so cute! "Why won't you play with me anymore?" with the big puppy eyes he's so cute, and i thought he had a nice voice, Shuichi Shindou i was debating adding him 'cause i think he's a dingbat, but he's cute, in a hysterical, cosplaying, bi-polar sort of way (Gravitation)

and lots more _ the list goes on!

i love reading romance novels, horror, fantasy, and anything that can make me laugh.

ok like i said i'm a teen, i'm in high school and am enjoying it...with the exception of chemistry hehehehe i write a lot, and finish few. when i say that i mean it, i have like, 3 notebooks and other pieces of paper with parts and ideas for stories, none are finished! i know i'm lazy but what am i gonna do about it? anyway, i love art! ok that was totally irrelevant but i do, guess it's part of my personality. i also love m 'n m's (the chocolate) i'm like addicted to them (_) a lot of people think i'm strange or evil, i'm neither, well i am wierd but i prefer the term quirky, i'm not evil! when people say i am i'm like "oh are my horns showing again? dang i thought they were well hidden!" also another irrelevent info about me is, a lot of people come up to me and are like, "is that a wig?" and for some strange reason people just start touching my hair for no apparent reason other than to see if it's real. !IT IS REAL! i hate people touching my hair! it makes me feel uncomfortable hehehe my fave subjects are: comm tech (i get to draw and work with cameras and computers) art (obviously) history (it's a hobby) english biology (the only science i'm good at) i hate school...really really hate it...hehehe sorry just rambling mindlessly _

if anyone wants to chat my yahooID is jade_tiger8624 (as a side note this is probably the best way to get a hold of me since i'm online a lot...i check my e-mails but i do love to chat _)

May 23, 2004 Hello! Sorry to say I have no updates, writer's block is still as strong as ever. However I am trying to get my thoughts together on the next chapter of By Shadows and Lights, I have a vague idea of what I want to do for the next chapter but I'm stil smoothing out my thoughts. As a side note my idea keeps on changing with each time I think about it so, that's another factor that's killing me. But I promise that the story is not in any way shape or form abandoned, merely...on the works. Also like I stated before ideas are welcome and please don't hesitate to e-mail me with your ideas and/or thoughts on By Shadows and Lights, or any of my other fics _ Tangled Web...is ummm...doing not so well, I have the whole story outlined, however I seemed to have messed up and didn't follow my outline with my first chapter so I have to compress some things and extend others. That alone added to my writter's block is making this story helluva hard thing to write. I'm not giving up on it, since the GW boys are the only ones I have yet to torture so I will get to it, in due time! Chaos at Work is...blank. I hate to say this but I have no clue whatsoever on what the heck's gonna happen on the next chapter! This is the story where any ideas are absolutely WELCOME! Some people have been wondering about lemons in the future, all I have to say about that is...I've never in my life written a lemon and you all might be disappointed if I tried! hehehe However, if readers really want a lemon just tell me and I'll do my darnest to come up with a semi-acceptable lemon, if not I'll find someone willing to write one for me! On this final note Chaos at Work is...chaos, my mind is blank but as soon as an idea pops up I'll get to work on it! Like stated above ideas are VERY welcome! Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with ideas, complaints about my speed at updating or just to rant about how I suck hehehe I'm good with anything...just please...if you're gonna flame me be gentle! hehehe Thank you all for your kind patience, 'till next time _

September 5, 2004 Hello, I am writting to say that unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control...updates will be...delayed/held off until further notice. The reason for this is because at this time I am without regular access to the internet (this still brings tears to my eyes sniffsniff I want my internet back!). I am sooooo sorry to everyone who has read my fics and are waiting for the next chapters. I'm working dilegently on said chapters and ideas for future stories that I will more than likely post as soon as I possibly can. Again I'm sorry and I hope that I am able to get the next chapters out soon. (I keep my fingers crossed in hope_)

October 20, 2004 Hi to anyone who reads these _(thank you by the way) I am happy to say that I am currently working on the sequal/prequal/side story to Somewhere Out There, it is currently without a title and the song that will accompany it is still undecided. Any suggestions to a song that I can use for this fic is welcome. I won't spoil anything, but I will say that the pairing will either be SetoxYami, SetoxYugi, SetoxYamixYugi, no pairing 'cause it's a suicide fic or a surprise one I am still debating over. Any suggestions would be taken kindly, specially on the pairing hehe (please e-mail me if you do have suggestions) In regards to the other stories I have those are still on hold, and hopefully will be updated soon (I pray to the good Lord above that I will finish them soon) Once again sorry for the long inconvinient wait and I hope to have things out soon. (please pray for me too _)

January 10, 2005 - How the years pass sigh I'm getting old _ As you can all see i'm not dead yet and managed to get a story out. 'A Promise' was never actually planned but it could be called a side story to By Shadows and Lights (which will hopefully be updated soon) Nothing new to say really, other than the updates are still on hold since I barely have time to do much of anything anymore, but I will try very hard to get something out. Sorry for the very long wait and thank you for taking the time to read and wait for my stories _

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