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Hello lovely readers and writers alike, how are you?

Please call me Monty.

I love to read fiction and fan-fiction of others (although due to time constraints and a busy life, I can never get around to reading much...okay, I'm also partially lazy). I love to write my own as well which I try to make as original as possible, even if it's within an established fandom and canon universe for a fan-fiction. I want to provide value to my readers as you are kind enough to provide me with your time and attention (and hopefully a review *wink wink nudge nudge hint hint*).

YouTube URL:

I also have a fictionpress profile to which the URL is:

Also, just as an addition of sorts to the profile here. I just want to say to my readers that you will rarely see me releasing stories frequently. That's because I want to take my time and treat my stories right instead of rushing them and releasing them. I know everyone values their time, so I would rather try to give the best product possible for my readers that can help fill up their free time without any regrets of wasting that time. Therefore my way of working is, I write the story first, edit it and then release it once it has been completed. If I do get critique, I implement it onto my future works.

Exceptions do apply to the above paragraph. Namely in stories I have had no in-depth planning done for and am writing it on the spot. Those I will release as I finish a chapter because I find that perhaps getting feedback for them is better as I write them. Plus, a lack of planning can leave those types of stories and me stumbling about, and reviews that encourage or also respectfully critique can help be a positive push!

I hope you enjoy my work!

- Monty

For my "Red vs Blue" fan-fictions:

I give it the subtitle of "Season " ( being the season number). This is NOT meant to represent that it is an adaption of the official seasons, or that is predicting what will happen in the official canon. These are stories of my own making. My stories start from the end point of the official season 13. I titled mine the way they are at the time because I was and still am dissatisfied with the way the official story is going. More or less, dissatisfied at the inability of the writers to now tell a good story in the RvB universe at RT. Although the official season 14 had some interesting ones.

I have found that fanfics can act as a good alternate or substitute for people who feel the same. Hence, I continue to write these in the hopes of providing good value for the time and readership you give me (applicable to any of my stories). Plus, at the time, I didn't find it appropriate to call a mini-stories season an actual season 14, it felt more like a side addition to the franchise. Just another reason of why I title my stories the way I do :).


* ALL STORIES ON HOLD FOR NOW * Currently focusing on fiction stories

UPDATES section:

- Stories in the planning phase:

- Stories in the writing phase:

- Stories in the editing phase:

- Stories currently being posted:

-- Red vs Blue Season 20

Note: I don't write fanfiction that often now really aside from when I've an idea I really want to pursue in an established universe. I like to work on my fictional stories more. I've attached the URL up above for my fiction press profile.

Does Monty Give Reviews Back?

I'm quickly going to list my thoughts on the review for review deal. I don't necessarily have anything against it, I don't tend to really get to it as soon as I get a review from someone (I'm lazy like that). However that doesn't mean that I won't review one of your stories in return, I'll get to it...eventually lol. And what I review back is basically dependent on how well constructed the reviews left on my stories are. So if it's something like "This is great, you should continue" or "This sucks!" then explain why you said that. That's the whole point of the review so the author can see any hints of improvements on their story. Basically, you leave a good review, and I pay you back with a good one myself (and believe me, when I get reviewing, I really get reviewing as I tend to leave quite long reviews with in-depth analysis). I know it's hard to get reviews on this site, so let's help one another out eh? :)

DISCLAIMER: My reviews may tend to be extremely critical and sometimes sound harsh due to my blunt nature, but that's because I want to see you IMPROVE. If you're the sensitive type then I highly advise against requesting a review from me. Also keep in mind, I only review stories that interest me.

Well, happy reading!

- Monty

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With Tucker gone and the Blood Gulch crew left to take action on their new mission, they all ponder the new threat that is to come. In the far off reaches of space however, the threat is brewing stronger by the second. What will become of Locus and Tucker in a constant struggle of ideologies? - Not an adaption of the official season. Rated M for mature language and content. -
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The Chorus fight is finally over, but at a huge cost. Now the Blood Gulch crew must finally return home, but can they ever find a way to move on from the losses they incurred? Maybe they won't have much of a choice in the matter as a new threat looms over the horizon. - Not an adaption of the official season, more details inside. Rated M for language -
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Set after the war with the ELS alien life forms. After peace is achieve, the world no longer needs Celestial Being, but the group still sticks together for events like Christmas. However one pink haired girl misses a dearly missed Krugis boy. *This is the Christmas fanfic I promised before, so here it is, please read and enjoy*
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