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Author has written 8 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Avengers.

About Me:

- 32 years old. Earned my B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies K-8 so I can teach in elementary school. One day I'd like it to be an art class I teach.

- I'm on My Tumblr, where you can ask me stuff about...well, whatever you want. You're not just limited to asking how the writing is going.

- I'm on AO3 under the same penname. Updates there tend to be delayed, but each story that is currently in progress here will be there too.

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As I haven't updated any of my stories for the better part of a year, I really should explain. With my last update, I was finishing up term. What I wasn't counting on was the arrangements for student teaching to eat up my time, coupled with packing for a move I had expected to happen during the summer. By August I was meeting with my host teacher for the first time and joining professional development meetings before the start of the school year. From the end of August to the middle of November I was completing student teaching (and loved every minute of it!). In October, right in the middle of my student teaching, I had to move. From November to December I was completing (in desperate vain) my edTPA submission; possibly one of the worst things I have ever done for school, and NC won't require the scores as mandatory until 2019, so this was just to graduate. Then holidays happened and January brought snow and my last requirement to graduate. In February, I got my scores from Pearson (I passed), and was able to apply for graduation. In March I got my diploma (I cried), and have been doing commissions to put back money. Right now I'm studying for my Foundations of Reading test that's scheduled for the beginning of May.

Originally, I had wanted to write a lot out and have it ready to upload through the fall, but I wasn't fit to write. I did have the next chapter of Call Me Again begun, but I've since scrapped it three times because I haven't been satisfied. I don't want to upload it if I'm not satisfied with it, and I don't want to abandon it either. I still intend on writing the stories in the poll, but I can't say for certain when that'll be.

I've also deleted a number of stories. I don't think anyone reads them and I can't see any reason for them to be listed if I'll never complete them.

x o x o x o x

Currently Writing:

Call Me Again (Lord of the Rings/Rise of the Guardians):

Chances are if you're here, you've read this story or its original "Call Me Maybe", as these two seem to be the most popular according to the story alert notifications I've gotten. This is a rework of "Call Me Maybe" in that it's how that story should have been written. If you like long-fics with slow-building relationships, this is one to consider. Contains the following: Original characters, a blend of book-movie canon in an alternate universe, dumb decisions, roadtrips, immature humor, and the occasional crossover with the Guardians of Childhood.

Lead Me Home (Lord of the Rings):

This is an AU fic set in the modern world, building on the assumption that after the elves left middle-earth, time changed itself to resemble something similar to the world we know. The characters from "Call Me Again" are featured in this story, down to several OCs making appearances with varied roles. Pairings remain the same, so if you've read "Call Me Again", you already know who's with who. This story contains material for mature readers, so if you have squicks with foul language, sex, or disturbing descriptions of injuries, this probably isn't for you.

x o x o x o x

Upcoming Stories:

Chaotic Paradise (Lord of the Rings):

The sequel to "Call Me Again". If you read the epilogue to the original, "Call Me Maybe", then you should have a general idea of what to expect.

Bound to Happen (Lord of the Rings):

Companion story to "Call Me Again". This follows a certain point in the parent story, but the sole focus is on Fiona from that point to the end of the story. It isn't a retelling; merely following her path and the events that unfold around her life.

Seasoned Warrior (Lord of the Rings):

Companion story to "Call Me Again". Diverts some from the parent story as it follows Glorfindel's remaining time in middle-earth. Features characters and references from the parent story, of course, so some knowledge of the main story is reccommended.

Time Lapse (Lord of the Rings/The Santa Clause/Rise of the Guardians):

Companion story to "Call Me Again". People have wondered if the Bernard in "Call Me Again" is the grouchy head elf from The Santa Clause. This is true, but his past of how he became entangled with the elves of middle-earth and the Guardians of Childhood has only been eluded to. Until now. This story is not an overly happy one

Some Fantastic (Rise of the Guardians):

"There is no way that you are an elf. Not after what I've seen at North's." A companion piece to Call Me Again. A 51 fic. Five times Ithilwen happened upon an Immortal, and the one time an Immortal sought her out.

x o x o x o x

Completed Works:

Call Me Maybe (Lord of the Rings/Rise of the Guardians): "I do not cheat at Monopoly," the elf cut in. "That doesn't matter! I don't know how it happens; I can be way ahead, and then you miraculously roll the right number! Then three or four rounds later I end up broker than dirt." The intent is for this to be a light-hearted story - no evil rings or end-of-the-world plots here. Will not be listed as a strict crossover, but cameos will be featured every so often. Completed the draft in Nanowrimo 2012. Finished, but not "finished". See Call Me Again for details.

We Were Angels (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Depp!Wonka, but could also be read as Wilder!Wonka if you ignore the time difference. The title is pulled from the lyrics to a Dragon Ball Z closing theme, "We Were Angels" - Youtube Link The song isn't imperative to the story, but could probably be swapped out with another if the reader felt compelled to. It's more or less one of those songs you hear that brings back memories, and in this nameless character's story it's the childhood friendship she had with the little boy who grew up to become a famous candymaker who she figured had all but forgotten about her.

Friend Request (Harry Potter/The Avengers [MCU]): Celeste looked around to see some rather annoyed faces that belonged to her teammates. "I take it that the reason for this meeting is because of Loki' hobby?" A oneshot from the in-progress fic Some Assembly Required. Nothing potentially spoiling, but the conversation may be confusing to some. To clarify, Celeste is an OC that will appear in Some Assembly Required; Loki has a (glorious) purpose for being there; and this will be a tiny fraction of humor in what could be a darker story. If I ever continue with the idea of Some Assembly Required, it will not fall in line with the current MCU timeline.

o x o x o x

Shelved Stories/Indefinite Hiatus:

Handbook for the Recently Deceased (Dragon Ball Z):

"Congratulations or Condolences on obtaining a place in the afterlife! Keep the handbook with you at all times. We're told it reads like stereo instructions but we're sure a fresh soul like yourself can figure it out." This is just badly written all the way around. It's likely to be deleted, and odds of rewriting it are highly unlikely.

Operation: Tease! (Dragon Ball Z):

This is just a sampling of scenes that would follow events in "Handbook for the Recently Deceased". Like it's predecessor, I'm likely to delete this as well. There just isn't anything in it for me to try and save these fics.

Pages of a Memory (Harry Potter):

Another shelved story that will probably be deleted. The intentions were good, but as time has passed I have no desire to keep pecking away at this story.

Some Assembly Required (Harry Potter/Avengers [MCU] Crossover):

“The abridged version is that everyone I’m in contact with thinks that I’m on their side, when I’m really screwing them over." Follows the lives of a small handful of characters whose worlds collide when a threat gone unnoticed puts all sides in jeopardy. I had originally planned for this to be a longer story, but looking back on the drafts, it began to resemble other ideas I've been working on too frequently. So the plan is to scrap my original idea and rework this story into smaller ficlets like "Friend Request". It will be a series under the name instead of one long story. I don't know if it will be uploaded here, but its collection on AO3 has already been started so they can be read in order.

If Walls CouldTalk (Lord of the Rings/Rise of the Guardians):

This is a companion piece to "Call Me Again", with additional pieces and prompts that didn't fit in the storyline. It is currently shelved until I finish the parent story.

Universal Disclaimer for my stories:

Odds are I forget to toss the disclaimer in a chapter. Happen to you? It happens to me. As this is fanfiction, I don't own the rights to any characters mentioned that are part of a series. I do claim ownership to the stories, any original characters, and whatever else that isn't copyrighted. If you're unsure about something, just ask me and I'll clarify if I own it or not.

So with all of that said, I'd like to thank you for coming by my profile. If you read any of my stories, I'd love to know what you think! I may be doing this just for fun, but if I'm mucking things up tell me! XD Just do it nicely, cause I won't appreciate flames.

A note on book covers: Some of my book covers were created by dressup games found at Doll Divine. Credit for the design of the dolls themselves belongs to their owners. I only claim ownership of what I've created with the dolls and the hours spent playing around on that website. :)

Brigid the Fae

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Call Me Again reviews
Soul mates, magic, and inquisitively-manipulative family members. What sounds like a romantic comedy cannot truly begin until a ring is destroyed, but whoever said the former would be easy? Join Ithilwen in an extended look at her journey from misplaced to middle-earth and beyond.
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The promises of serenity are like legends to those who hear the call of the sea. For most, it is true. For a small number, any peace was lost with one of their own. Is it too much to ask for to bring them back?
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They say that soul mates have a connection. It can spread as wide as countries, but what if it reached other realms? From meeting in dreams to meeting in person and beyond, two elves learn much about each other and themselves. NOW COMPLETE
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In a big house, there are many rooms to explore. There are also many stories to be told, especially from the people packed inside. A collection of extra scenes from 'Call Me Maybe' that wouldn't fit or were trimmed for length.
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Is it a set of drabbles, or is it a look into a future fic? A bit of both, actually. Drama, jealousy, witchcraft, OCs, and the under appreciated purple deity is just a glimpse. Throw in some from the movies and you can bet the timeline went out the window
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,272 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 2 - Published: 5/21/2010 - East Kai - Complete