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hi hi im kuromi-chan!!!

i love to write and listen to music! XD

i love tobi and hidan but i love more just cant name them all rght now

tobi:kuromi-chan is my best friend im a good boy and shes a good girl...sometimes...

i love tobi because hes freakin halaruious

hidan:kuromi-chans seexxxxxxyyyyyyyyy

uh hidans hidan and hes sexxyyy too

hidan:why spank you very much I MEAN THANK YOU VERY MUCH

tobi:hidan going coo-coo

hidan:shut up you fukin a$$ whole

oh hidan any way i love katekyo hitman reborn, eyeshield 21, soul eater, code geuss {i dont know how to spell} naruto, bleach,one piece and more i just forgot them all. ANYWAY my cuzin has an account on this i thank her very much for making me this accuont THANK YOU KARI-CHANN she likes sasori and deidara which are awsome too besides hidan and tobi. Um and i like three days grace WELL everything kari-chan likes. SOOO YEA

tobi:in her naruto fanfics i will do the disclaimer

hidan:no one cares


HIDAN BE NICE *hugs tobi*

tobi:YAY and in her other fanfics either me or hidan or a person from that anime will do the disclaimer

hidan:by the way kuromi-chan doesnt own anything naruto or me or tobi

i wish *evil grin* but i cant sadly but i will make sories THANK YOU AGAIN KARI-CHAN your the best cuzin thats an adult EVER




hidan:i like kuromi-chan

kari-chan dont care hidan because she has sasori and deidara so anyay i keep being interupted i lov lots of the music kari-chan likes im going to include blessthefall since the sooooo awsome and kerli since shes awsome tooo. Well once i got that stupid microsoft word i will begin writing those things everyone calls stories and ANOTHER SPEACIAL THANKS TOO KARI-CHAN I LOOOVVVVEEE YOUUU CUUUZZZIIINNNNN well thats all for now peopleeeeee


favorite quotes {no im trying not to copy off you kari-chan}

life cant be lived without stories or pens or paper -me bored

you are stupid you know that -destiny

fuk u- kenny from south park

tobi a good boy -tobi

no one thing to have faith in is money not no stupid jashin -kakuzu

now come with me renji we have work to do -byakuya in bleach


yushhhh- my cousin arianna

nani un? -both deidara and kari-chan

USUI!!!!!!!! -misaki in maid sama

my gosh justin get the fuk out my face before i get justin beiber too rape u -my character i made named kenny

i cant get girls- a character i made named alias

my gosh im not a frreaking vampire!!!! Im not edward cullen for freaking sakes!!!!- nyght a character i made

spencer:hap me kenny:help you??? spencer:hap me -my characters i made this is when spencer got kicked in his are by his girlfriend

thats it i got nothing well byebye my people oh and


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