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Wow, there’s an awful lot of space here lol, I wish I were more interesting. Anyway, Hello. My pen name is Joanne Swift. I’m an aspiring writer, as if you couldn't figure that out. I currently have about a dozen ideas for books and it seems like I come up with a new one all the time. I only just began writing a short while ago and considering I’m 39 now, to only just now start writing probably seems odd but really I think it’s been a long time in coming. [Update: I'm actually 42 now, it's been a while since I wrote this.] I always had stories in my head, ideas I’ve wanted to see in print. How it began though is kinda funny. Someone I didn’t like dared me to write a short story. So I sat down, and within a couple of hours I was finished. I had never done ANYTHING like that before. Ever! I'm not one of these that just always knew their talent or what they wanted to do or be. But now I do, and it's amazing. I guess better late than never.

Another reason to be proud is that I did manage to finish it and that in itself is a triumph for me. You see, I’m awesome at starting things, suck at finishing them (typical Gemini) so I’m eager to see if I can continue this trend. Wish me luck !!!

I am a divorced mother of 3, I have an extraordinarily supportive fiancé and I’m full blood Choctaw, AND I'm a Gemini like I said, so you can expect some random, but hopefully interesting things from me. Music affects me very deeply, the lyrics especially so it's only natural that I include some in my stories. Hopefully, I won't get sued.


UPDATE 11/01/10*

I did it! I'm so proud of myself. Chapter 13 is out and about. Reviews are coming in and so far it's looking pretty encouraging. If the end seems cryptic I apologize. But just to clear some things up, there's no "new" news about Jacob, he's still leaving town as planned, Bella's only just now become aware of it. But enough about her, the next chapter will be about Jake leaving and all it entails. Bella and Jacob have already had their emotional goodbye, but there will be another emotional goodbye from an unlikely source that will hopefully be rewarding. I'm going to give this person the ending and direction they were so horribly denied in BD. You won't want to miss it!!!

UPDATE 11/12/10 This is in regards to a trend I’m seeing in some of the reviews I’ve gotten for Waning Moon. No one’s in trouble lol, I just wanted to point out some things I thought were noteworthy.

Waning Moon’s readers, in general shows a plethora of emotions regarding Bella’s choices in S.M.’s books and what they’d like for her now. I always felt Bella was 2-dimensional in Twilight. I didn’t mind that for the first book because that’s the way most teenagers are, they’re all about their guy, all about what’s important to them because the world revolves around them, right?

The second book was the same but again Bella was in mourning and while I felt for her situation, this was also where the real Bella begins to emerge for me. She didn’t have a personality before; with Edward eclipsing her she didn’t have to have one. But with Edward’s absense and Jacob’s easygoing nature and close friendship, New Moon made me care about Bella in a way I couldn't previously. Her personality shone through, with Jacob's help, of course.

And while Eclipse is my favorite book of the series, I wind up being frustrated at Bella again because, like before when she’s next to Edward she disappears and from there on the entire story is about saving her and who’s going to save her more, and whoever’s touching her last wins, etc. So in the end Bella makes a decision but she reverted back to her 2-dimensional decision-making self. She de-evolved as a character and a person and it was hard to care what happened to her after that. In the end it was like she had a personality disorder or something, something I find truly ironic as she barely even has one. “I read, cook and worship Edward - therefore I am.” Okay.

Someone PM’d me the question that some of you probably wonder about too. “What’s the deal with Bella, why save her when she treats ppl like crap?” I know in the books Bella never spoke up for herself, except when she was with Jacob, she was never worried about hurting his feelings. So why care about her right? Well, one reason I do care is because Bella is like so many people I knew from school. But unlike Bella, these people outgrew all that. We all did. I think Bella would too if she’d been given the time to do that. Think dog years: Each year for teens is like 7 years’ worth of maturity. In a year, even just a year, a teenager gains so much insight. I certainly wasn’t the same person at 19 vs. 16.

Jacob was right, Edward’s a drug. As long as she has him she doesn’t have to develop or mature, her maturity level is exactly the same as it was when they first met, he stunted her. Maybe this is some people’s idea of romantic, but it ain’t mine.

Another question someone PM’d me was “when this story ends-- will it actually end or will it continue on with sequels, etc?”. I can honestly say that when I finish Waning Moon this will be it. I’ll hopefully have all the details and loose ends all wrapped up nice and neat. I won’t write anymore stories or sequels I don’t think.

If I write about B & J again it may be more one-shots. Will probably never write an Edward story. Has anyone noticed that I never write from his perspective? It’s cause I just can’t get into his head, I can’t write from his POV for some reason I don’t know why. Not yet anyway ;)

So there we are, I think that was everyone's questions.

FYI, I also have no problem answering PM’s so don’t feel shy or feel like you’re intruding. I get tons more of them than actual reviews. It seems most people are shy to put something up for all the world to see and I’ve gotten some truly fabulous PM’s. If you’ve sent me one and I haven’t messaged back please message me again. Fanfiction(dot)net is really buggy and not very user friendly and believe it or not I may not have gotten it or I wasn’t able to send you a reply for the same reason. Check your fanfiction(dot)net mail though, just in case.

Also of importance, I want to say that I truly appreciate your comments. Some of them are so astoundingly generous it brought tears to my eyes, for real.

Just to show off a few excerpts:

*I always wondered how to make Bella see reason...and still stay in character.? Or not ! You did it while allowing a little character growth. I have a pet peeve about people saying a storyline change is outof character? I mean come on, these are teenagers.

* What a great story! I just found it and I am so glad I did. How did I miss finding it before this? Well at least I found it now and I am enjoying it! I really like the story plotline and your wriitng is excellent. This is very creative and imaginative! You have done a great job with this story!

* It took me a while to figure out how to get to this spot. I'm new to Fan Fiction. I was persistent in navigating the site because I had to tell you how much I am enjoying "Waning Moon" and this chapter in particular. You are an excellent writer! I could see Bella and Jacob dancing in my mind as clear as day, and when they got teary eyed, I did, too.

* I thnk the scene with Jacob and Bella at Sam and Emily's wedding was so good, I was literally in tears!

* Omygod, you just got me crying. I always felt bad for Jake, and Breaking Dawn made me wanna throw up. Can't wait to read the next chapter!

* JACOB! :'( So want to give him a big hug now!

* I was absolutely disgusted with Breaking Dawn. So much so, that I searched the Internet for alternate versions. I came across yours and read everything you have so far, and I'm in love! Your story is so much more real and envelopes the reader in true human feelings. I am so excited to read more.*

What’s not to love about that? ! ? These are just a few, there are more and I appreciate every single one! I could go on, but you all get the point. Ah hell I’m tearing up right now ;( *sniff*

Also, as a little side note, I just recently got ensnared by a story myself. Once I started it I just couldn’t stop. Check it out, it’s completely awesome! You’ve probably read it and if not you should, it’s called "Breathe Again" and I can’t wait for the update.

So that’s all for now. I’ll update again sooner rather than later. Happy reading and be sure to review!


*UPDATE* 12/16/2010 Well you’ve all been incredibly patient with me and I really appreciate it. I was in such a hurry to get the chapter out I forgot to mention a few tidbits I had intended to put in my author’s notes that I feel are at least somewhat worth mentioning. In chap. 15, if it feels like I’m being a little extra mean to Bella, it’s because I am lol. I’m sorry but the girl needs to suffer a little, she just does. In all four original books Bella agonizes yes, but she usually made her own suffering. They kept telling her “don’t worry, don’t worry” but she fretted herself to death. They kept trying to keep her out of harm’s way and she kept running full speed towards it. The only times I ever really felt for Bella was when Edward left her and when she leaves Jake at the end of Eclipse, her pain felt real to me there. It was important to do this to Bella in chap. 15 because she needed to see for herself the consequences of the life she's chosen, all the consequences. Life will somehow go on even without her interference. How else will she learn? It takes something jarring to make most teenagers realize the world doesn’t revolve around them.

For anyone curious enough to know where I got my idea for the earrings mentioned, I just did a google search one day for some jewelry and that’s how I found it. I looked just now and it looks like they didn't renew their website URL so I can't show you a picture. You'll just have to trust me, they were beautiful. I thought they looked cool anyway.

Also, as always music influences me deeply. The song I was listening to, which in effect inspired my last few chapters was “Never Say Never” by The Fray. I always think of this song when I think of Bella and Jacob and vice versa. It's what plays in my head when I envision Jacob looking around the airport for his Bella :(

So on a lighter note, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year!!!

*UPDATE* 02/03/2011 Hi guys! The only update worth noting so far is that I’ve edited my other story Driftwood Blue around, to make for a better read. For those who’ve favorited it the changes shouldn’t affect your feelings about it, in fact it may possibly make them stronger, for those who have yet to read it or didn’t like it much the first time you read it please give it a chance and read it again. I ran it by the lovely viewers at Jacob Black N Pack’s website and they all went crazy for it! Gallons and gallons of tears! Which is good, in case you were wondering. I love the new edited version, it’s I think the best version yet of this story. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, so much so I doubt I’ll ever change it again. It’s not for everyone though, so if you don’t like it I’ll understand. But just to show how much I love my readers, if you’re nice to me and ask me ever so sweetly I’ll even change it up and post an alternate ending at the bottom of the story just for you. All you have to do is ask. : D It’s not ready yet but maybe by the time you ask it will be. I’m currently snowed in at the moment so I got no where to go and nothing to do except write. So, wish me luck. I hope you’re staying warm and safe wherever you are. Thanks for your patience!

*UPDATE* 05/19/2011 Hi all! I’ve been getting reviews and messages and what-not about when I’m going to update again and all I can really say to that is “SOOOON". I don’t know when exactly because I’ve got a chapter completed (and a little extra something-something as well) but I’m currently waiting on an acquaintance of mine who is helping me with my story, on the research side of things that is. He’s doing it out of the kindness of his heart and never asks for anything in return so I totally do not want to pressure him. I’ve been working on chap. 20 as well so hopefully once he’s finished with what he’s doing I’ll have the next chapter ready for him to look at. I totally have not given up on my story and I really hope you haven’t either. You’re all aces!!!

*UPDATE* 10/29/2011 Hi all! I guess you might be wondering why I haven’t updated my story, Waning Moon, in a while. I guess I’ve just lost some enthusiasm for it. It’s a temporary thing, really. I will most definitely finish it, I swear. I’m just gearing up for the conclusion is all. I’ve spent about two years working on this story (I had worked on it quite a few months before I first posted, so it was 2009 when I started it. My life has gone through quite a few transformations since then. Jobs have come and gone, my boyfriend is now my fiance of 10 years, we moved from a teeny tiny place out in the sticks and into the big city (well big for this area), my teenage children have grown up considerably with one married and the 20-year-old is driving us insane - the youngest is just your typical 14-year-old boy who still insists girls are gross - God Bless him - and we’re all still trying to get by. Waning Moon has been the most awesome escape and learning experience for me, but as the first half of my story has been a bear to write, the second half just may do me in lol. It’s going to be monstrous, no pun intended. I kinda feel the way Bella did when she was about to jump from the cliff in New Moon. There was doubt, apprehension, nervousness, excitement and a feeling of resolution - like no matter what happens from here it was meant to be and you won’t know if or how it ends until you just do it. Also of note, I’ve written a Halloween story just for the holiday, called, “Urban Legends.” It’s my first attempt at writing a story with a lot of suspense and it was a great exercise. I hope you like it and if you do, please tell me so. I love feedback! If it’s good I may post it here ;) I also wrote a one-shot for a challenge at JBNP which doesn't exist anymore for whatever reason, but whatever. I’m actually in love with this story, but I'm not exactly impartial lol. It’s called, “Family Tree” and I think it’s rather keen :D

Well that’s all for now. I’ve also been in the process of cleaning up all my previous chapters of Waning Moon on top of everything else. It really needed some extra loving, so it’s been getting some. I really appreciate all the beautiful reviews, all the author and story favoriting and story adds I’ve gotten over the years. It’s so much more than I ever could have imagined. *sniff sniff* [wipes away a tear]. You’re all so amazing! Keep a lookout for the next few chapters of Waning Moon. — All my loves and hugs JS

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