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Author has written 10 stories for Fragile Dreams, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and D.Gray-Man.

What to write in a profile…well the best way would be, to start with something about yourself. But that would be pretty ordinary. A much better way to learn something about a person is to get an insight into the mindscape of said person.

So, I will tell you something about my inner world.

Why did I decide to write?

Did you know that people, who sing, draw, write or whatever talent they’ve got, see the world differently? These people are able to understand in depth or more in an abstract way than the rest. Dreams aren’t really dreams anymore that you would sometimes have to assimilate the happenings of the day with. No, people with talents are dreamers. They live in a world of stars and sunlight, of rain and sweet scents.

For a painter, colours aren’t just simple colours anymore; they turn into means to convey loved feelings. They turn pictures into living things.

For a singer, sounds become their lives and they incorporate the harmonies inside every living heart.

And then…there are the writers, expressing their deepest emotions with just a single word. They don’t need to speak; they are gifting words with meanings.

Beautiful are all of these talents, but I…I chose to become a writer.

I want to create new worlds and universes, give life to new beings, shape them and form them, become their creator. I want to reach out to people, to be remembered, to change destinies.

My hand is moving over the page, filling it with words, black on white.

But what do they tell you about? What is the meaning my hand is trying to convey to you, to them?

Maybe…these words are nonsense, useless syllables and letters in ink.

But isn’t every word, every single one a message of my consciousness, for you to hold dear?

To read again, later, to remember that single thought?

Maybe through putting it in black and white my mind will get wings to fly…

And it will finally be free of all worldly chains; free to soar through time, for centuries and eternity?

Maybe…you only wanted to be remembered, so your hand started to turn your mind into black and white…

(Simple letters on a page.)

My first attempts on writing started out as poetry. I found it easier to express words in a confusing, veiling way that anyone could interpret in their own way.

I wrote about angels, ambitions, dreams and hope…about love and comfort as well as hurt and pain, of losing and falling. Eventually those small creations hadn't been enough for me…and I wanted to wrap my mind around a whole concept.

The easiest way had been to write fanfiction. Everyone is able to read my stories, guide me, encourage me as well as criticize me. The start is easier, because you start out a story that is already set. Your characters and the world are already given, but you move them. You can work out the plot and make it your own in some way.

Writing has become an outlet for my mind.

So, now my question: why are you writing?

When there is nothing there, no good or evil intent;

Not a single tear is shed or a word of comfort is uttered…

In this world, there can’t be light nor darkness;

Neither love nor hate is felt.

Here, right here beside me, there is the place you seek;

A place where dreams live and turn that unavoidable reality into a pleasant memory.

Right beside me, you can built up your own world, turn your own believes.

Now, come on…

And let us fall asleep.

I feel like I am the smallest thing on earth: short legs, short arms…there is nothing special about little, tiny me.

I’m looked down upon, overlooked, never noticed. Even my voice is…quiet, never heard. Will I be left behind, just because I can’t hold my head up high? I’m so powerless, so disappointed in you for always reminding me of my insecurity and flaws. You don’t think about how I feel, what I feel, how it is to never catch up to you. It’s not my fault for being born like this!

But sometimes…I feel like it might have been. You have made me like this.

I always dream about tasting your air up there, to be able to look people in the eyes, to be on the same level as you.

I can’t do that though…so how about lifting me up on your shoulders, so that I am going to be even taller than you! Help me reach that dream, encourage me and then I can become tall, even when I am down here again.

If you're still reading my profile than I guess that you're going to be interested in my stories or me. So scroll down when you want the boring profile:

Age: Does it really matter?!

Gender: A proud female!!!

Hobbies: Singing, writing, drawing...everthing creative I guess...

About me? : I have a weird sense of humour ;)

I like to cuddle with my stuff-sheep

I am very emotional when on period-.-

I love to smile aaa~ll day

I'm a little naive :3

My friends call me C-U-T-E .

When I am old, I want to change the world xD (or maybe not)

Favourite Anime (currently) : Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru

Favourite Manga (currently): Charming Junkie

Favourite books (currently): Twilight, Mortal Instruments, Hunger Games...

Favourite game (currently): Fragile Dreams, Tales of Symphonia, Kingdom Hearts, Persona...

Favourite TV-Show(currently): Supernatural, Fringe, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, The Big Bang Theorie...

Favourite song (currently): Sad song-Christine Perri

Favourites all the time: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Twilight, Vampire diaries, Fruits basket, 07-Ghost, Katekyo Hitman Reborn,

Naruto, Fairy Tail, Earl and the Fairy, Ouran High School Hostclub, Vampire kisses, Grey's anatomy, Shadow Hearts,

etc...too many to actually list all of them...

Wanting to be

and becoming...

is the gap too far,

or not at all?

I remeber back, way back,

when you told me you had a dream.

I admired your earnest to hold on to your believes.

And I wanted you so bad to succeed!

But in the end...

the faith left your heart ...

and you began to waver...

you fell...


and stayed unfullfilled.

So when you are interested to know more about me or just get to know me, feel free to send me a message. I'm pretty open and I'll definitly write you back.

Until then...


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