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Why do I write Power Rangers fancition? I don't know. I just happened to hit on some good ideas and ran with them. Tell me it's not real fiction, it's a waste of time, it's a rip-off--yeah, yeah. C'mon, live a little. Anything you can't do without making a profit isn't all that fun.

Anyhow, this is a little vanity page to explain a little bit about what makes my fics tick. Only relevant literary information is posted.


Rangers: KIMBERLY, Billy, Jason, Tommy, Katherine, Justin, Delphine, Tideus, Cestro, Corcus, Aurico, Ashley, Andros, Zhane, Karone. Why do I like Kimberly so much? Because, you see, Kimberly, in my opinion, has the most story potential--she developed more than any other character on the show except perhaps Tommy and is definitely the Ranger who will lead the most "hip" civilian life in terms of travel, performance arts accomplishments, et c. (Katherine will do well but a professional ballet career doesn't quite have the pizzazz of an Olympic medal.) Also, her family is more fleshed-out than the others' are, giving her a more solid context with which to move around in the civilian world and juxtapose it with her Ranger vocation. As for Justin, I really feel the potential for the psychological angst of a child Ranger was squandered on the show.

I really like Rocky, Trini and Zack (as well as Zordon and Alpha) but have never tried to use them beyond supporting characters. The rest are just props as far as I'm concerned... not really interested in what makes them tick (except maybe Tanya, mildly). That's just the way it is. Needless to say, I am a MMPR Fascist. I quit watching the show many years ago.

Villains: Rita, Zedd, Master Vile, Divatox, Astronema and all their minions... heck, I can even deal with the Machine Empire, but something about their being machines makes their personalities far less interesting to explore.

Civilians: Kimberly's parents and brother, as well as her Florida boyfriend. In my stories, I name them and fleshed them out. How? Read the stories and find out! I like Bulk and Skull but usually only use them as supporting characters. However, I can see myself trying something with Kelly (Kimberly's cousin), Angela, Curtis or Ritchie. I really think the Rangers need to get out more and meet other people.

Original Characters: I invent them as I need them, but I strongly believe--and this is really important--that, in a sci-fi or fantasy fic, you must NEVER make your original character ANYTHING but a civilian human being.

Pairings: Tommy/Kimberly, Tommy/Katherine, Jason/Kimberly (pre-Tommy; the idea that Jason might be Kimberly's "other guy" after Tommy is just dreadful in my opinion), Florida boyfriend/Kimberly, Andros/Ashley, Zhane/Karone. Also, Zedd/Rita and [secret]/Divatox. Not too big on pairings for pairings' sake; I just write what seems natural. Aesthetically I am of the opinion that there was greater dramatic and romantic intensity in Tommy/Kimberly than in Tommy/Katherine. I used to be adamant about Tommy/Kimberly but as I got older I came to feel that post-letter that's not necessarily the most natural arrangement. Kimberly goes fine with her Florida boyfriend and Tommy's not so bad with Katherine as I once thought.


People who have helped mould me or whose work has given me ideas for or consoled me as I finish my fanfiction. Traces of these influences can be found throughout.

Character and Philosophy: Mom and Dad, my grandparents, my godmother and her husband, my many friends and their families, St. Joan of Arc, Aurelius Augustinus, Monica Augustinus, Alphonse de Bourbon, Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort, Mgr Marcel Lefebvre, Louis IX of France, Louis XVI of France, Charles Maurras, Joseph de Maistre, Louis-Joseph de Montcalm, Sr Silvia Tarafa

Literature, Theater and Cinema: Jacques Bainville, Georges Bernanos, Robert Bresson, Christian Carion, Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola, Pierre Corneille, Christopher Dawson, John Ford, Maureen O'Hara, Sidney Lumet, Al Pacino, Jean Racine, Jean Raspail, Eric Rohmer, Martin Scorsese, William Shakespeare, John Wayne, Ian Fleming

Music: Tomaso Albinoni, Celtic Bridge/Adrian Peever, Jean-Jacques Beauvarlet Charpentier, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, César Franck, Gaelic Storm, Gregory the Great, Kila, Méluz, José Mauricio Nuñes Garcia, Johann Pachelbel, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Cipriano di Rore, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Tri Yann


The line between good and evil: The line between good and evil exists within every heart. Thus Power Rangers can serve evil, even when not controlled by a spell, through their own conscious weakness. And even the villians are capable of displaying, however perversely, the virtues--love and loyalty--that are prerequisites for any social order, even one which serves an evil end.

Sin and redemption: Nevertheless, as a force for good, the Power Rangers do not properly serve their end unless their story reminds us that good, in the end, will triumph over evil--not in every heart, but overall. Even so, sin has its temporal consequences and punishments must sometimes be metted out.

The passage of time and change: No one can be a Power Ranger forever, and when the Power is out, the Ranger finds he no longer holds the Earth in his hands and that our tiny world, perhaps just one among many, the world he fought to protect, has so much to offer him in gratitude. It is left to each individual former Power Ranger to accept the wonderful new adventure of adult life.

The excitement and dangers of self-discovery: Not all adventures and experiences are good, and you can't always believe in the ideas or the people you want to believe in. There is a higher purpose to everything, and if you lose sight of it you risk exposing yourself to grave dangers to both body and soul.

The longing to put down roots: Everyone has a place in this world, and everyone longs to find it. But are you willing to do and to sacrifice what it takes to find--and, perhaps more ominously, to accept when you do find: the place that belongs to you, the place to which you belong?

The ecstasy of family and friends and the agony of losing them: Few people truly belong in isolation. For most of us, our place is with family and friends. If we accept our rightful places among them, what happens to them will affect us--and vice-versa. And if you lose the person with whom you had a rightful place in the world, you lose that place, as well.

The preeminence of grand tradition: As we discover the world, we must never forget the words of wisdom of those who have trod there before us. Be on guard: for new paths may not be forged exactly the same way as the old ones were, and even forged paths may have changed. But never forget who you are or where you came from.

Roman Catholicism: I believe that Kimberly and her brother were baptized Catholic but that their parents did not practice consistently. I suspect the same might be true of Billy, but it's highly debatable. Of the other Rangers from MMPR through PRiS, I believe that Rocky, Carlos and Ashley were raised and likely remain devout Catholics. Adam is probably unbaptized and raised by a Korean non-religious father and a non-practicing Catholic mother. Perhaps a bit too conveniently, this puts the proportion of baptized Catholics among the human Rangers at about 28%, with about 60% of the Catholics practicing, almost perfectly reflective of the situation in the United States overall in the 1990s.

In my Power Rangers Universe, the impacts of the Second Vatican Council and the liturgical reforms of Paul VI are not depicted: the Mass is always said in Latin, the priests always wear cassocks and the sisters always wear habits. This reflects my own education in the Tridentine Rite and placates my personal distaste for excessive rhetoric about the social or political struggles within Catholicism: I prefer to focus on moral and theological questions in a familiar ambiance.

(What about other religions? The Campbells are probably Protestants but I'm not too sure they practice that often. I also imagine Tanya and her family are either Methodist or high-Church Baptist, that Tommy was raised Methodist, that Katherine and her family are Broad Church Anglicans and that Trini was raised by a Protestant father and a Buddhist mother. Jason strikes me as coming from a Greek or Serbian Orthodox background, though perhaps not attending Liturgy every Sunday... his last name would have been altered at Ellis Island. I honestly have no idea what to make of the others' affiliations. By and large [for the Earthlings, that is] I would say some sorts of Christian, though with varying levels of observance.)


Angel Grove and its environs: What can I say? This is the epicenter. This is where it all began.

South Florida: I lived there four and a half years at a most crucial point in my life, from ages 18 to 23. So crucial was it that I call myself a Floridian. I imagine Kimberly's angst at starting a completely different life away from her friends and with grandparents the closest guides must have been quite similar to my own.

New York: The state in which I started my young life. Even now it just feels "right" to me. Even the homier trappings of New York City reminds me of my childhood Upstate.

Ireland: Bold and brilliant, tenacious and rich. Why shouldn't I be proud of my Claddagh ring? Why shouldn't the Rangers have an adventure here?

France (and Continental Europe more generally): My present home. My childhood dream and adventure fantasy. My family patrimony. Everything I could want seems to be right here.


If you're looking for any of my fanfiction from Power Rangers, they no longer exist.

Well, that's why we have data recovery, isn't it? Seriously, Mac OS X rocks.

Deleting the fics wholesale was a huge mistake. December 2008 was the month I moved to France for the second time, and this time for good. I completely ruptured with my previous life in many ways that month. The result was not quite what I had hoped.

I did indeed need to sort through my fanfiction and get rid of the ones that no longer reflected who I was or what I wanted to propagate, but to delete all of it wholesale? I had written some really satisfying stuff, if I may say so, and there was no reason for me not to finish the series I had been working on.

Life changes and one must move on, but one should not pretend that the past did not happen, nor deny its good points. I have done that for far too long. I am still trying to come to terms with some things and accept them in this new life. But how can one build a life from nothing, without even cashing out the good parts of what has passed?

Sometimes I'm up late at night, I can't read any more deep books and I don't know what movie I could watch, so why deny myself a harmless cultural pleasure? I like writing Power Rangers fanfiction. I write a sort that is radically different from what I wrote when I started in 2002, but I am very proud of my evolution as a writer in both style and content. The content of my earlier stories I do not particularly like--and I do not like the person I was in 2002 and the way those stories remind me of him--and will not re-post them. Many things changed starting in 2004, and the three fics that I wrote from 2004 to 2008 will be posted, the one that was incomplete will be finished, and the two others--in the same series--have two sequels in the works.


Thanks for stopping by.

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