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Hello everyone, I am writing this message to offer my services as a sounding board for various ideas and even potentially a secondary Beta for fanfics for authors that don't have somebody more qualified, I'll mention however that my sphere of interests when it comes to Fanfics at this moment reside in Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and to some lesser extent Naruto, I can however deal with fics that are within those settings or Crossovers with those settings, while I am aware that I haven't wrote anything of my own before, due to some personal issues that compel me to not do so, not only for my sake but for that of the would be readers, I am however a Veteran reader that has read over a thousand stories over the years since she joined this site, so while I am not a writer, I do have a massive amount of experience in the whole Fanfiction business, so I am willing to hear any requests from any writers for my support to their creative process or aid in providing some Beta work for anyone, I do hope some writers will take me on this offer, I have offered similar aid in either form to writers before and am eager to do so again.

V- Comment on the Elitist Writers -V

At this point in time, it has come to pass that I decided I need to write something in my profile, and this happens to be a comment to and about many Fanfiction Writers:

Through the years I have be belittled because of my negative reviews, because supposedly unless I either possess a Degree in Literature, wrote a novel, or basically be part of their 'Elite' Club of being somehow recognized as a viable critic because I wrote a story, and while the idea of doing a One-Shot just for the sole purpose of shut them off was very much tempting, I chose to be the better person and keep my stance.

Ultimately I don't want to lower myself to the level of hypocrites, yes hypocrites, its funny how all those writers that complained that I critic their stories feel they have the right to shut me off merely because I am not writing something positive, because you can be sure that anytime they read a positive review, they don't care if its some poorly educated yokel that write the review, so long as its positive they don't care, and they welcome it, anybody can write a positive review for them its no problem. But the problem is when you write a negative review, than you need to be a worthy reviewer or your review is deemed foolish, they need you to be writers before they can accept your reviews.

So at this point I say this, all of you who look down on me and my years of fanfiction reading and the thousands of fanfiction stories I have read, I want all of you to add to your note a warning to all reviewer that no whatsoever review, either positive or negative, should be posted unless the person wrote a story on this site ever. Its very simple, prove you aren't hypocrites and tell everybody which isn't a writer to not review anymore, and not merely the negative reviewers, if you can't do it, than either stop complaining to me I shouldn't be allowed to do negative reviews or quit writing, you obviously lack the proper backbone to be doing this stuff.

If you do that, I will accept that I do not have the right to review your stories and that will be it, but otherwise you don't have the right to tell me I shouldn't do negative reviews. I have probably read more than most people here, I did some Literature classes back in College, I got experience in doing this, yes I am fiery and acerbic, but that is how I am, so live with it.

Also I'll add here my justification for not writing, because I would have loved to be able to write stories, that used to be my dream, but I can't do it, I got ADD, I got a terrible memory and can't keep my attention for long on any stories I tried to write, because through the years I did try to write many stories but I never posted them because they never went anywhere, I am a very harsh self-critic, I don't write because I know I couldn't keep up and I would most likely abandon my stories at one point, I find myself absolutely loathing when writers do so, in particular when the story was especially good, I hate nothing more than reading a story that isn't finished and will never be finished, which is one of the major reasons why I don't write, because the thought of leaving something unfinished is terrible to me. Also I couldn't post anything until I would have finished the entire story and made sure it all made sense, I am somewhat of a perfectionist, I couldn't write a story with a inconsistencies and also I would tend to perpetually rewrite and re-imagine my work, which would be a problem as it would take forever for me to come with a final copy I would be willing to post, but I am never able to come anywhere near that part of the process since I tend to lose interest and move to a new story idea, so I don't write because I don't want to be a bad writer, if you aren't willing to finish all your stories or to rework them to make them as close to perfect as possible than maybe you shouldn't write either.

\/- Comment on the Dying Fanfic Communities -\/

As time goes on I came to a realization, that Fanfiction is dying, in some sense... I don't know why, but I came upon that realization that it seem alot of the Fanfiction settings I was keeping up with seem to be growing less and less active... with the passing of years and has some turned into a decade since the original story were on TV, Novels or Movies. Things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even Harry Potter, sure it still is one of the most... massive fanfiction of all but it seem to be slowing down its growth... authors are dropping out left and right, stopping writing for any number of reasons, many stories abandoned to be never concluded, and when I realized how most of the fanfictions I mostly read are seemingly slowly dying, I felt a enormous amount of nostalgia, sadness, anxiety & fear, about what my future as a reader would come to be... I noted for example that the BTVS stories seem to come either as new or updates only as a trickle, while it has tens of thousands of already existing stories the fact so little new stuff is written is alarming.

So I say this to the writers, please... PLEASE... keep them alive... I want to read more about Buffy, Willow & Xander and the rest of the Scoobies, the same with Harry & Hermione and their friends from HP, if people stop writing about those, than sooner or later their won't be anything else left to read about those settings and they will become merely a memory at the back of our mind and it would be a terrible loss, we need new fresh material.

I also say please, PRETTY PLEASE, keep writing, and finishing your stories, as a addicted reader, all I can say is I need you, we need you to do this for us and yourselves. Because what will be left of our past glorious TV Shows, Novels, Movies, etc when its over except for this, and we need this little to keep existing, it would be too painful for it to just be finally over, if Fanfiction writers don't do this than it will be all over... sure some stuff like BTVS is still alive in some form namely with the comics, but for how long will that even last? Those comics are more of a high end fanfiction story rather than the real deal, and sooner or later Joss Whedon is most likely going to end up those comics too, so we need the BTVS Fanfiction Community to keep going and keep BTVS alive for us, now while I focus on BTVS the same thing can be said with all Fanfiction Communities, keep on going, keep on writing, don't end this, don't abandon us, don't let those original stories fall into the depths of memory, please keep doing this.

That was my... desperate plea, if at least a single writer see this and find it within him/herself to write up one more story because of this, I think it will have been worth it. If anybody that might somehow stumble upon this know any writers, do tell them and encourage them to keep on going and keep all those settings alive in our hearts, because if those settings are allowed to die, a small part of us will die along with them, those of us that invested so much of our lives into them.

\/- Concept Idea for BTVS Reboot -\/

I had a thought sometime ago, how could a remake of BTVS look like. Here is the result of a that line of thinking, first the main charatcers, well one issue really with the Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy was that she looked far too old, look at her even in Season 1 and frankly tell me you can believe she is anywhere under 20 years old, the answer is no way. She looked way too old from Day 1, maybe why people ignored the fact she should have been way too young to be with a bi-centennial old vampire like Angel, because it looked like two adults together rather than a mid-teen and a adult being together. Frankly I think an actress like Hayden Panettiere would have been far better style of actress, one that even in her mid-20s still is capable of looking young, Alyson Hannigan as Willow was also a far more likely 'teen' than her and same for Nicholas Brendon as Xander, both actually could pull the image of being teen, but frankly Sarah Michelle Gellar was always too old looking for the role, even when clothed as a cheerleader she looked like an adult trying, badly, to look like a teen cheerleader, not the real deal.

Now for Willow, frankly the whole Jewish thing was pretty much a non-element of the storyline, and having a red haired, green eyed Jewish girl didn't really seem to be anything special, as if they had tried to create a less common character but failed drastically at doing so. Now for the new 2nd main female of a reboot I'd go with something that is fairly common in the West Coast, an Asian girl, tend to be a bit cliché but you can have her like Willow be early on more of a nerd / tech geek, and then have her try to go more toward her traditional heritage and have her get into the whole mystical stuff, she would be exotic and add some color to the show, rather than the near all typical white cast of the original show, sure some side-characters weren't white, but they usually were merely on the sideline.

For Xander, you could have a brown haired boy to fill in that hole, to keep with the different hair color pattern, somehow possibly that would look similar to the main male lead actor of Legend of the Seeker, Craig Horner, also it feel a bit as if Xander had been purposely turned into a pathetic clown so to make the girls around him would shine, cut that shit out, have him instead be a descent guy, no need to lessen the guy so that the girls appear to be better, have him be a viable member of the group rather than a comic relief, no need for that.

Now for a reboot it would be nice to involve the old main characters back in the show and that could easily be done I believe, you can have Sarah Michelle Gellar be Buffy's mother this time around, Joyce had a fairly common presence until she got killed, maybe this time avoid that, keep her around all the way, I feel killing Joyce was merely a plot device to create drama to just try to make everything appear to be a downward spiral of doom thru the show.

Alyson Hannigan in her case could replace Jennifer Calendar, BUT instead of being a Gypsy Witch, she'd be a Irish Witch, something that she could actually look like considering her hair and eyes colors. It would drop the whole stereotypical 'Nasty Gypsy' cliché that was exploited in the original show to explain that bit of back-story. Instead of being a Computer teacher however this time around she could run a Magic Shop that would exist from Season 1, instead of being made later by the new Giles. Also she wouldn't get killed in season 2 and instead would stick around for a good part if not all of the series, now the Magic Shop could become their HQ by the start of Season 2, stepping away from the school environment that was all too present in the early seasons.

In the case of Nicholas Brendon have him being the new mentor for Buffy, not a stuffy British Librarian, instead a Harry Dresden like figure that is somewhat of a rebel, don't play by the rules of the Council and have a backbone that he use to help and protect his Slayer, unlike Giles too often in the series, because for all the 'father' figure he may have appeared to be for the group, he appeared mostly useless, so yea, change the mentor to something more interesting, give him some fire, not merely a dark side that VERY rarely come out to play.

Now for the Watcher's Council, I feel that thru the ages they must have traveled around, mostly from dominating nation to dominating nation, so they might have started in the Southern Africa with Black African Sorcerers, but they'd have most to Egypt during the era of the Pharaohs, than to Persia during the height of the Persian Empire, than to Greece during the time of Alexander, than to Rome after the Roman Empire took over, than move to France after the Fall of Rome until the Normand Invasion than moved to Britain and stayed in Britain until the Colonial Era, where they decided to move to the New World when the Americans gained independence so they could be closer where the Hellmouth was located, they could be centered in Chicago, just like Dresden, a older looking town and operate from the US in modern times, which would also explain why the new mentor would be an American from the North East of the US.

Also no Angel / Buffy romance, the whole Romeo and Juliette thing was way too annoying in hindsight, plus seriously a mid-teen paired with a bi-centennial Vampire? No, just no. Instead for a sort of inside joke, have him paired with Joyce (the original Buffy), an actual adult, not a teen girl, than you'd have Buffy fussing because her mom is dating a vampire, far more amusing, far less over dramatic bullshit.

Overall this new reboot would call for a cut of the overall drama and perpetual feeling that every steps forwards they made they took two steps back like they seemed to be doing thru out the entire series. Instead have a lighter tone, focus on the action, rather than have a series of bad romantic relationship that most characters go thru and if they weren't bad relationship, they usually ended up loosing their loved ones, which was way bullshit, you can still have romance, but don't waste so much time going cyclically thru the bad relationships of the 3 main characters. Now otherwise much of the original series daily storyline could be kept, while adapting to these new elements. So similar villains and side characters else than the main 3 teen and adult characters. I'd think personally my idea would be awesome and make a great reboot for BTVS, if anybody read this and like my idea you can contact me to talk about it, maybe toss your own two cents in that reboot concept.



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Crossover - Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Young Justice - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 25,881 - Reviews: 51 - Favs: 235 - Follows: 284 - Updated: 7/19 - Published: 9/17/2015 - Xander H.
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