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Hey Everyone,

My fan fiction history

I discovered Fan-Fiction for the first time during a time where i was super obsessed with chuck. It was kinda scary. I pretty much looked at every piece of writing (or The summaries at least) on chuck available. In addition, i began and still am writing my first fan fiction, Chuck vs Orion's Belt. Overtime, I gave other fan fictions a chance and I discovered that l liked other fan fictions as well(such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Kingdom Hearts, Lord of the Rings, and Inheritance Cycle). However, many of these other fan fictions seem to have an impossible amount of pieces to read through. Therefore, i have hardly read anything in any of the other types of fan fiction, Chuck being the exception. In fact, excluding chuck, 90% of the fan fiction i have read has been a crossover.

I like the following type of Chuck stories the best

AU Stories

Stories that present Chuck as being a genius or having great spy skills

Stories that Present a situation where Chuck has to step up or defend himself

Stories that deal with mainly charah


if you know any good Chuck stories please IM the name, particularly if it fits under one of my favorite kinds.

I am reading Crossovers right now. I would like to find Harry/Star Wars (Where star wars Characters enter the magical world), Harry/Kingdom hearts (I like Sora being the main character the best), or Inheritance Cycle/Kingdom hearts (again Sora being the main character). Is there any stories where Gandalf or Yoda enter the magical world of Harry potter.

About Me

Im a nerd

I love food (good thing my doctor wants me to gain weight! Although i think he would prefer muscle)

I love reading


Playing video games

Watching movies

Playing around with electronics and computers

Favorite Books

Lord of the rings/Hobbit/other works by Tolkien

Harry Potter

Tom Clancy Books

Inheritance Cycle


Favorite Movies

Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter

Star Wars

Pretty much anything Disney

Batman: Begins and the Dark Knight

Iron Man


Indiana Jones


SO many other movies to count

Favorite Games

Mass Effect

Half Life


Ratchet and Clank

Kingdom hearts




Super Smash Brothers

Lego StarWars/IndianaJones/HarryPotter

Jedi Knight

Call of Duty

Spyro (Original the best)

Crash the Bandicoot (Only the originals although i have a soft spot for Crash of the Titans)

Favorite Shows


The Clone Wars

Batman The Animated Series

Justice League


Kim Possible

Phineas and Ferb



I would like to say I am hard at work on Chuck vs Orion’s Belt, that you will receive multiple long chapters. Unfortunately this would be a lie. I have been pretty lazy. I haven’t even started writing the next chapter. I am tempted to let someone else adopt the fic. Nevertheless, I will try to finish the fic it just might be awhile.

I haven’t read any chuck fics in awhile. I have started reading Harry Potter fics. Harry potter has become my new favorite kind of fanfcition. I also read a few fics in X-men and Star wars.

Harry Potter Fics I love


Time travel to Tom Riddle's time, Hogwarts Founders, During the First War, while Harry’s Parents are in school (probably my least favorite unless harry changes somthing)

Redo Fics

Traveling to different dimensions

Powerful/super harry

Harry Meets and falls in love with the Girl Who Lived

No one knows Harry is the boy who lived due to Twin Brother, Disguise or Neville

Harry goes to a dimension where he is not the boy who lived

Harry being forced to survive like in After the Second Rise

Harry going to Azkaban

Good or Evil/Manipulative Dumbledore

Evil but I prefer good Snape

Harry meets a well written OC like in blood of the phoenix

Crossovers especially because of dimensional travel or harry getting a new start

Relationships I really like




Harry/girl who lived

Harry/good Bellatrix due to time/dimensional travel

Harry/Rowena Ravenclaw


I like Harrry/Hermione if it is well written but at times it can be the weakest relationship.

Relationships I really Hate


Harry/Cho Chang

Ginny/Draco. I can live with it if it’s not highlighted. Its weird I don’t mind who harry falls in love with but I don’t like Ginny with anyone but harry

Crossovers I enjoy

Harry Potter/Star Wars

Harry Potter/X men

Harry Potter/Inheritance Cycle or Eragon

Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings

Harry/Twilight (I have never read twilight and i make fun it but for some odd reason i like the crossovers)



Harry/Anything DC or Marvel(I know Smallville is dc and X-men is marvel)

Harry/Kingdom Hearts

Harry/Pirates of the Caribbean (Although i have yet to find a really good fic)

I like crossovers even more if harry hooks up with someone from the other world

I like


Harry/Kitty Pryde



Harry/Aayla Secura

There are others

What I will read but sometimes despise

In some fics dark magic is described as well dark but not evil. I think this is stupid. If it is not evil it is not dark. The whole point of light and dark magic is to classify good and evil magic. I don’t mind if harry finds a spell considered dark and discovers it is not evil. However, the spell shouldn’t remain under the classification of dark. Instead it should be made light or nothing. I also hate it when people say grey harry. So make most magic have no loyalty or reclassify some dark spells but don’t have harry perform spells sand say they are dark magic and not evil. I will read your fic and enjoy it but it will annoy me to no end.

Dumbledore bashing. Dumbledore is one of my favorite characters. Surprisingly I like stories that feature evil or manipulative Dumbledore. However, I hate pointless Dumbledore bashing. If you have an evil or manipulative Dumbledore that is well written I will enjoy it but if your Dumbledore is simply you trying to make fun of the character I will get somewhat annoyed. A lot of good fics bash Dumbledore so it is something I am willing to read. People hate Dumbledore because he is human and not the super hero half the magical world believes him to be. Contrary to popular belief Dumbledore is not perfect and is not all powerful or all knowing. For example, Dumbledore was unaware of James, Sirius, Remus and Peter becoming animagus. People expect Dumbledore to be perfect therefore when he does not meet their expectations they turn against him. Many who hate Dumbldore and for that matter Ron do not hate Snape and Draco, two characters who were far worse to Harry. However, people expect worst from Draco and Snape so when they make mistakes it not as a big deal. Dumbledore is manipulative and makes mistakes but he addmitted it himself and asked harry for forgiveness. Its not him asking for forgiveness that makes it better although it a good start its Dumbeldore's actions afterword. After book 5 Dumbledore stars including harry. Dumbledore knew he was power hungry and that is why he never became minister of magic. If Dumbeldore was truely an evil manipulative power hungry scoundrel he would have accepted. Dumbeldore did not want harry to be a weapon. If Dumbledore had, Harry would have been trained. One could argue that Dumbledore wanted Harry to die for the greater good. However, if this was the case why wait? There were many times when Harry faced Voldermort willingly. Even if the conditions weren't right for the horcrux to be destroyed or Dumbledore felt it better for Harry to die after all of the horcruxs were destroyed how does one explain why Dumbeldrore was so happy at hearing Voldermort had used Harry's blood. In addition, harry chose to die, Dumbledore did not force him. I don't think Dumbledore is perfect and Dumbledore can be manipulative but I also think he was a good character that truly cared

Here is a list of reasons that I feel why people hate dumbledore

harry being left on the porch. Harry was fine under the blood wards and the charms I am sure Dumbledore placed on him. Not to mention Mrs.Figg. The Dursely would have refused if Harry hadn't been thrust upon them.

Harry being left with the Dusleys. There was not where else for harry to go. If Harry had gone anywhere else he would have been found and murdered. Voldermort proved Hogwarts was indeed penetrable. It wasn't until the 6th year that Dumbledore had perfected the protection excluding a full assault or the vanishing cabinet. Harry was never physically abused. The blood wards would never have allowed it. Being ridiculed from birth is probably better than being tortured or murdered. I don't think Dumbledore knew how cruel the Dursleys would be to Harry.

Some have speculated that the philosophers stone was really a test. I don't think so. The traps would have stopped the average death eater. There could have been more wards but you forget that Voldermort entered first. Even if Dumbledore suspected Voldermort had removed the wards he couldn't act without alerting Voldermort. Hogwarts is somewhat of a protection in it self. Only by means of stealth could you enter hogwarts. Placing the stone in a random classroom was probably safer than most places. Dumbledore knew that if Voldermort truly wanted the stone nothing would stop him. The traps were to keep the average wizard and student out or delay with them long enough for Dumbledore to come. The mirror was the true defense. Not to mention fluffy, the chess board, and Snape's potions weren't exactly easy for most wizards. Harry, Hermione, and even Ron are not your average wizards/Witch. Voldermort is almost just as smart and possibly more powerful than Dumbledore. Dumbledore had no way of knowing Voldermort planned on stealing the stone that exact night.

Chamber of Secrets. Dumbledore is not all knowing. Dumbledore did not yet know of horcruxs. Dumbledore was gone by the time Ginny was taken.

Dumbledore wanted harry to have a normal Childhood and did not want him walking in his footsteps this why Dumbledore did not tell harry about the prophecy or the possibility of having to die. Dumbledore himself said it was a mistake not to tell of the prophecy. In addition, harry needed to learn not to let his life be dictated by prophecies. I don't know if I would tell a child at eleven that they might have to die in order to stop Voldermort.

Dumbldore had either no knowledge or power to stop Barty or Umbridge. Hogwarts is not above the ministry.

Dumbledore planned his death but did not know the exact moment. Dumbledore died before he could tell harry everything.

Other characters are just as flawed as Dumbledore. However, Dumbledore realizes his flaws and works on them. Dumbeldore apologized to harry.

Weasley bashing. Again something I willing to live with but it can get annoying. Ron is not a bad character. In goblet of fire he was going through puberty and in Hallows he was under horcrux influence, most of the time Ron is very loyal. It is weird that a lot of people like Draco who was far worst to Harry but hate ron, a friend who has stuck with harry to the very end. I don’t understand why people hate Ginny. The magical world was raised to adore Harry so if your going to hate her for crushing on harry at 10 years old you should probably hate every 10 year old pureblood in Brittan. Ginny was no the only or worst adorer of Harry Potter. In fact she only crushed on Harry in Chamber of Secrets. After that she was trying to get over what she considered a stupid crush but couldn’t because she had discovered what a great guy harry really was. How many ten year olds have had stupid crushes on celebrities? I don’t know why anyone would hate the twins. There awesome enough said. There really is no reason to hate Charlie or Bill. Arthur was a great and funny character, one of my favorites. I really don’t know how anyone could hate him. Molly although difficult to deal with at times is truly a loving mother who would kill to protect her cubs.

If you have read all of this i am really really impressed because i wouldn't .

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