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Age: 18

Gender: Male

Name: Brian

About me: Oh gawd I'm 18 now. Now I have to deal with crap like voting, and taxes, and actually reading the terms and conditions now. I liked it better when all I had to do was sign whatever my parents gave to me to sign. Now I'll have to practice speed-signing forms and documents. I miss the old days when life wasn't so complicated. D:

EDIT: 10/29/11 And up until now, I still haven't played it. And that's not even the worst part. It came out when I was comatose in the hospital, so I wasn't even able to fully appreciate the release of it. x(

EDIT: 12/25/11 Got it! Pokemon White version and Unova region, here I come!

Opinions on various shippings:

*To be honest, I don't really care anymore. Probably because I haven't been reading much fanfiction lately. Go figure. Anyways, these are the opinions I had up until the year 2010. Except for the yaoi shippings. I still stand on those. Ugh.

PearlShipping (AshxDawn) - My most favorite couple. They're meant to be together. Plus, Dawn is the best looking of the girls that Ash's traveled with. And anyone who gives the "Ash is wayy older than Dawn and belongs to Misty" argument should know that Ash was revealed to be (still?)ten at the beginning of Best Wishes, which, for anyone who doesn't know, is the title of the new chapter of the anime.

OldRivalShipping (GreenxBlue/GaryxLeaf) - They do look good together...

SpecialShipping (RedxYellow) - This is practically canon; well, one-sided at the very least. Although Red has shown some interest in the manga…

FranticShipping (RubyxSapphire) - Okay, this is canon. 'Nuff said.

MangaQuest/QuestShipping (GoldxCrystal/JimmyxMarina) - The latter is pretty much canon, while the former is more subtle.

SoulSilverShipping (SilverxLyra/Kotone) - Aw, we can't let Silver be the only one without a girl, can we? Besides, Lyra's happy-go-lucky persona is perfectly compatible with Silver.

HoennShipping [GameVerse] (BrendanxMay) - There's totally not enough of this in the games.

AlexandrianShipping (VolknerxJasmine) - I rather like this pairing.

ContestShipping (MayxDrew) - Meh. I go with the flow on this one.

IkariShipping (DawnxPaul) - Paul.. is a douche. He don't deserve her.

AgainstShipping (PaulxZoey) - Alright, so I said he's a douche. But everyone deserves some love, so he gets her.

PokeShipping (AshxMisty) - Oh come on, this was literally so ten years ago. It might have been canon then, but definitely not now.

Palletshipping (AshxGary) - *Shudder* What the hell, you sickos.

Comashipping (AshxPaul) - WTF?? Excuse me while I go throw up last night's dinner.

NegaiShipping (AshxIris) - I don't know enough about Iris to actually have an opinion on it. x/

Yellow was the best out of the Kanto games. I've heard a lot of praise for the Johto games, but I've never played the originals, so I'll write a journal entry for each time I play HeartGold. As for the Sinnoh games, I have yet to play them, so I don't know any of the stuff that happens in Sinnoh. I hope I will someday though. Anyways, I will update about my progress in HeartGold here, on each day that I play. Just a small note, though: This decision was made a little while after I started HeartGold.

Update 11/4/10 - Just beat Chuck and Jasmine in HeartGold today, one after another. Chuck took forever to beat/train for. I had to evolve my Flaaffy in order to beat him; likewise with Quilava and Jasmine. Red Gyarados was caught without damage, with a Dusk Ball, on the second try. Saved inside Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town.

Update 11/5/10 - Defeated all Rockets in Mahogany Town; tried to defeat Lance's Dragonite before defeating Ariana's last pokemon (Murkrow). Defeated by Dragonite before Typhlosion can attack. Defeated Pryce, got badge, flew to Goldenrod, got uniform, tried to leave and show off uniform to non-Rockets. Mission Failed. Game saved outside Radio Tower.

Update 11/6/10 - Entered Radio Tower with uniform on; was stripped by rival; strangely disappointed by stripping scene (I'm a guy), courtesy of several fanfics. Completely disbanded Rockets at Radio Tower. First time meeting Entei on way to Blackthorn; is currently training Gyarados to become master of ice to defeat Blackthorn Gym. Saved on 3F of Radio Tower.

Update 11/8/10 (Really 11/7/10) - Left Radio Tower and went to Name Rater to change a couple names (Ampharos>Ampere, Gyarados>Crimson, Typhlosion>Bakphoon), then left for Blackthorn. Trained Gyarados a bit, got bored of training, went to beat gym. Sent to Dragon's Den afterwards; beat all trainers inside, got badge. Attempted to go to Elite Four, was sent to Prof. Elm instead. Prevented by Lyra from leaving for Indigo Plateau, sent to Ecruteak instead. Got to top of Bell Tower, now debating whether or not to use Master Ball. Saved in front of Ho-Oh. May put playing HeartGold on hiatus for a while now.

Update 11/9/10 - Decided to use Master Ball after all (Ho-oh was being stupid and wouldn't let me catch it). Flew to Azalea Town afterwards, gave Kurt Apricorns; he said he'd handle my balls until I come back next time. xD Finally got to go west of New Bark Town; defeated all trainers between Route 26 and 29; went through Victory Road, defeated Rival. Saved at the extravagant Indigo Plateau. Will put off fighting E4 until a Saturday.

Update 11/20/10 - Defeated Elite Four*! Lance was being difficult; took several retries to finally beat him, depended heavily on criticals. Went to Pokéathlon Dome and bought a Shiny Stone, used it on Togetic. Went to Goldenrod to change (former Togetic, now Togekiss)'s name to "Killer", but decided that was pushing it a little. Togekiss now named Rex. Also, arrival in Kanto! *All Pokemon still under lvl 50.

Update 11/21/10 - Got Magnet Train up and working! Had fun riding back and forth between Kanto and Johto. Spent the rest of the time exploring Kanto and avoiding trainers, occasionally reminiscing Red/Blue/Yellow and FireRed/LeafGreen.

Update 11/23/10 - Migrated Pokemon from Emerald and Ruby, most notably Ralts, Feebas, Snorunt. Trained a bit to challenge Kanto Gyms; beat underlings of Sabrina, Surge, Misty, Erika. Evolved Ralts into Kirlia while at Gym. Began training in Ruins of Alph for EVs.

Update 11/24/10 - Evolved Kirlia into Gardevoir after using up PP in Alph; beat Misty and Erika, explored Kanto a bit more.

Update 11/25/10 - Defeated Fuchsia Gym; was confused at all clones of Janine. Trained along Cycling Road; wondered about how to remove Snorlax.

Update 11/26/10 - Trained on Routes between Fuchsia and Lavender, defeated all trainers there. Met Suicune once more. Defeated Sabrina and Lt. Surge, Google search'd Snorlax dilemma; used Pokeflute, caught Snorlax. Best Pokemon now all over Lv. 50, am ready to face Pewter Gym. Explored Pewter, Viridian, and Pallet. Admired Snorlax (nicknamed "Big")'s stats, decided to improve stats a bit with Juice. Left Battle Dome area to go to Goldenrod to pick up Snorunt egg. Saved in Goldenrod Radio Tower 2F.

Notice: This will not be updated as frequently as when I was playing HeartGold. There may or may not be gaps in between each update.

EDIT: Update 10/29/11- Have not played DS nor GBA since December 2010. I don't even know where they are now.
Below are my records for Black and White.

EDIT: Update 12/25/11 - I haven't played HeartGold in so long. I've been playing White version ever since I got it for Christmas.

Update 12/27/11 - Today I actually start playing it. Actually, I started playing it since I got it, but I didn't know you had to press the X button to open the menu to save the game. I was wondering why pressing Start doesn't open the menu until my finger slipped and pressed the X button on accident. I actually started over like 8 times before realizing that. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH. >:(
I chose Snivy, by the way.

Update 5/19/12 - Defeated Team Plasma in Pinwheel Forest. Reached Skyarrow Bridge afterwards. Stunned by graphics.

Update 5/22/12 - Castelia City's pretty awesome, with the circular-ness and all. It's mesmerizing. Oh, and I beat the Castelia Gym and the Team Plasma Hideout. Off to the Desert Resort!

Update 6/1/12 - Got out of the Desert Route and arrived in Striaton City and rode the Ferris wheel with N. GameFreak really made the Generation V cutscenes like movie scenes. Sweeeeet.

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