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So, what can I say about myself?? I'm 22 years old and I'm currently studying to be a fashion designer, I love all forms of art.

It was actually thanks to school that I came across Rurouni Kenshin; you see, I had a fashion history class and my final project was making a kimono and researching about Japan's history and fashion. So, while doing the research, I came across the story of the bakumatsu and I thought it was so interesting and then I came across Rurouni Kenshin and I thought it was just amazing! so, here I am, writing my first fanfiction ever! Making the kimono was also amazing! It took a lot of work during the whole semester but I got the highest grade in my class for my final project!

sports: definitely tennis, I played for about 8 years but then I had to quit because of school and there was a lot of pressure in tournaments and I decided I loved fashion more than I loved tennis, so I quit.

hobbies: I have lots of hobbies, my biggest one is my career so I guess thats a good thing since I love fashion. I also love going out clubbing with my friends and dancing, i love reading...

Favorite designer: Definitely Karl Lagerfeld and Carolina Herrera, they are just amazing... also Valentino!

Favorite color: PINK! although deep purple looks really good on me...

Favorite disney princess: Belle

Favorite female celebrity: Angelina Jolie (totally adore her) and Victoria Beckham (my all-time role model, I actually have her book, it's amazing!)

Favorite male celebrity: I'm completely in love with Zac Efron, he's just so perfect! I also love Ben Barnes (the cute guy who played Dorian Grey) he's absolutely gorgeous, AND with a british accent! what more can you ask?

favorite book: Pride and Prejudice

favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightley)

Music: I love Lady Gaga and dancing to Katy Perry and I also totally LOVE the jonas brothers!

Series: you may kill me but I love Hannah Montana and Sonny with a chance from disney channel, I'm also a complete drama addict and I love gossip girl, grey's anatomy and desperate housewives. But of course, my all time favorite show is definitely Project Runway (don't you think Heidi Klum is like, PERFECT?)

Favorite Drink: margaritas!!!

Describing me: I'm not tall, but I look like I'm tall because I have a very unhealthy addiction to high heels; my skin is really white pale and I've just resigned myself that I will never be able to get a tan, it's completely impossible for me, I just get red all over and I hate fake tans, so, I shall never be able to have a beautiful skin tone like Jessica Alba's; I've got long, black, wavy black hair past wy waist (my pride); I also have light-brown honey tone eyes, my friends make fun of me cause my eyes are really expressive.

So I guess that's all about me or at least the things that come to mind! XoXo

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