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(My deviantART, for fics not posted here and even some visual goodness!)

Haha, I have a better way of explaining what I'm all about now, through the use of... THIS! And so I begin...

How about a brief introduction of yourself? Uhh. They call me The Titanium Bovine. I write things. I uh... I'm not really a people-person. As I'm sure you can tell from this, like, Nathan Explosion-esque writing I'm doing here. My actual writing is way better though, I promise. I.. don't know what else to say. I’m a singer/songwriter/guitarist in a band? Jeg snakker norsk? I like cats? I dunno... DON'T DO HEROIN.

Fabulous! And what got you into fanfiction in the first place? I dunno, I guess just the satisfaction of being able to imagine something, then write it down and making it tangible. I've always enjoyed writing (I was writer of the year at my school in kindergarten! Pffft...) so it's a good outlet I guess.

I see, so what kind of fanfiction do you like to write? Hurt/Comfort/Romance.
There's just something about someone being completely broken and in tears and their lover coming along and cheering them up. I'm a whiz at making people cry, so either bring your own tissues or you can use mine (my tissue box is green with flying-V guitars on it!).

Do you tend to write the same characters/pairings? Or are you a fandom whore? Uhh, I guess I usually write the same pairings. Mostly it's either Pickles/Toki or Snakes N' Barrels-era Tony/Pickles. Honestly, I enjoy the first pairing more, but I like writing the second more. 'Cause of the whole 1980's aspect of that's when it happens. I fuckin' love the 80's. That and all the drug abuse and such, it just makes for a very fun time. I write the two couples quite differently though, and it's obvious. When I write Tony/Pickles, I write under the personal impression of Pickles being in love with Tony, but Tony really only being in it for the physical part, especially once he starts using heroin. One-sided, if you will. Those fics are usually aggressive, frantic, and sudden in nature. On the other hand, when I write Pickles/Toki, it's very two-sided, with them both being rather infatuated with eachother. Toki's past is fun to play with in those fics, and I've honestly used parts of my own past and scenarios I've had with my own Pickles as inspiration for those fics. They tend to be slower and smoother in nature. In either case, they’re usually one of two extremes: extremely depressing or extremely hilarious.

What is your most popular fanfic, and why do you think people like it? ...I'm not sure. Let me go check... HOLY CRAP. Ahaha...
On deviantART, Save A Drum, Bang A Drummer. It was my first Pickles/Toki, and in my personal little Pickles/Toki timeline describes their first time having sex together; they were quite drunk, so I’d imagine it’s the smut part of that one, hah. A not-so-close second is Where Do We Go Now (Sweet Child O' Mine)?, which is one of my rather adorable tales, and I know for a fact people like adorable.

On FanFiction, Breaking the Rule, with, Sweet Child O' Mine, a close second (which includes the aforementioned Where Do We Go Now? and a prologue entitled She's Got A Smile That It Seems To Me, and is about a girl I made up in Pickles' past named Maxxine). Breaking The Rule I imagine is well-liked because, since I use only two lines of dialogue at the very beginning, the rest is just pure, passionate emotion. And for some reason, almost all the paragraphs either start with the word “and” or “because”, so maybe that has some sort of effect... I already went over Sweet Child O' Mine, so... heheh.

(And, yes, the whole Sweet Child O' Mine thing obviously plays off the fact Snakes N' Barrels equals Guns N' Roses.)

Forget other people, what is the fanfic you’ve written that you’re most proud of? Uhh... hmm... Probably a tie between Hard To Hole A Candle (In The Cold November Rain), Where Do We Go Now (Sweet Child O' Mine)?, and Don't Cry No More. Are all these hotlinks to things right below annoying you yet? I promise I'll stop.

And yes, the titles to 2/3 of those are lines from Guns N' Roses songs. And the third is a line from a Kansas song. Can you tell I live in the past?

(I probably would've stuck Breaking the Rule in there, but you said "Forget the people" and the biggest reason I'm really proud of that one is 'cause my English teacher ADORED it, pfffff.)

Do you find writing easy? Hard? What are the most difficult aspects of writing you struggle with? Depending on my mood, writing can be extremely easy or extremely hard. In Hard To Hold A Candle, I wrote out all the dialogue first, no narration, and that was actually easier than the normal way of writing, and it made the dialogue seem very real, I've been told. Usually I have trouble writing dialogue and actions together, but when I write the dialogue first and wrap the actions around it, it becomes way easier, and I shall remember that.

Write a few sentences of your favourite pairing or character.
Pickles sat on the couch in the main entertainment room, Toki laying across his lap. He had a bottle of whiskey in one hand, and a shot glass in the other. "You awake still?" he asked quietly, and Toki smiled a little and nodded.

"Ja, I'ms awakes," the Norwegian answered, opening his eyes.

"Ya want anot'er?" Pickle asked, holding the whiskey in front of Toki.

"Ja, sure," Toki replied.

"Well ya gatta sit ep ferst, ya goof," Pickles said. Toki sat up and turned himself so he was sitting on his own legs facing Pickles on the couch, and Pickles poured a shot of the whiskey and handed it to Toki, who knocked it back quickly. Pickles watched, analyzing Toki's face and expressions to make sure he didn't get him TOO drunk. He couldn't help but smirk at the intoxicated Toki – Eyes half-lidded, cheeks flushed with blood, his hair slightly messy from having been laying on the couch. "C'm'ere," he said quietly, motioning for Toki to come closer. Perhaps he could get him laying under him on the couch if he was lucky. Toki smiled a little at Pickles and moved so he was straddling the drummer.

Pickles chuckled and wrapped his free hand around the back of Toki's neck, pulling him into an alcohol-flavoured, slightly sloppy kiss. Toki dropped the empty shot glass on the couch and moved both hands to Pickles' neck, gently tracing the older man's jawline with his thumbs. He moaned quietly as he felt Pickles' tongue press between his lips and dance over his own. He tilted his head slightly to deepen the kiss. Pickles set the half-empty whiskey bottle on the endtable beside them, then trailed his now-free hand down Toki's side. He felt Toki shiver a little as his hand went under the younger man's shirt, his fingers sliding lightly over bare skin.

"Ugh, guys," Nathan's low voice floated from the doorway. Startled, Toki quickly pulled away, though not before accidentally biting Pickles' tongue.

"Feck, ow," Pickles hissed, touching his fingers lightly to his tongue to see if he was bleeding. He wasn't.

"Sorry, Pickle," Toki said quietly, his eyes big and puppy-like in apology.

"You deserved it," Nathan said in a very strict tone, crossing his arms over his broad chest. "You know the rule about being gay in the living room."

"Yeah, yeah," Pickles said, rolling his eyes, " 'Don't be'."

"That's right," Nathan said with a nod. "Take it to your, uh, room or something. You said it yourself that this is the room everyone shares. We don’t need any of your, uh, by-products where we all sit."

"Fine, we wills," Toki said, a sly smirk spreading across his face. He stood up and pulled Pickles up along with. Upon realizing just how drunk they were, they wound up leaning on eachother in an attempt to not fall down as they staggered past Nathan through the door. Toki made a point to stick his tongue out at the vocalist, earning a roll of the eyes from Nathan and a quiet snikker from Pickles.

Nathan glanced around to make sure no one else was coming through once the two drunken idiots had left before continuing on his way to his actual destination: Charles Ofdensen's office. He made a point to grab the whiskey bottle Pickles had forgotten as he passed; Sloppy Charles was always more likely to put out.

(...That was totally "a few sentences". And you technically got two pairings for the price of one! Yay!)

Are there any fanfiction trends/clichès you can’t stand or are just sick of? Uhh... I dunno. I guess pairing two characters who canonically hate eachother’s guts. -Coughcoughhackcoughskwistokcoughchokehackcough- Sorry. I've got a summer cold. And pairing OC's with canon characters

Are you guilty of any of the fanfiction trends/clichès you now hate? Or any other ones? FUCKING BOTH OF THEM I HATE MYSELF RRRRR. I used to write Sasori/Deidara (from Naruto... ew) way way way back in the day (which was a Wednesday, by the way) and they canonically hate eachother, at least to a degree. At least I don't do that anymore... I recently wrote (as mentioned before, that She's Got A Smile That It Seems To Me prologue thing) a fic that involves an OC... but to be fair, I made her up specifically to use her for that one thing then kill her off before the end, so that Pickles had someone to write all those love songs about. (You know, all the ones that were actually written by the glorious Axl Rose but, since Snakes N' Barrels is the Guns N' Roses of the Metalocalypse universe, it would come into play that, in said universe, Pickles wrote them... yeah. I forgot to mention I have the worst logic in the entire world. Spock would be forever disappointed in me.)

What was the first fandom you wrote for? Do you still like/participate in it? Uhh I'm not sure... I started writing stuff for uhh... well, the first things I wrote were either World of Warcraft stories or GoRiLLaZ fics... I kind of have a thing for fantasy worlds and bands that are represented by cartoon characters I guess. (Actually when I'm not writing fanfictions I'm working on a story completely of my own fantasy world, so...)

Name your OTPs or most frequently written pairings/characters and explain what it is about them you love to write.

-Pickles/Toki: Well, on their own they're my two favourite Metlocalypse characters, so it's only natural I shove them together. Uhh, that is a natural reaction, right? They also seem like the most... caring, I guess? of the band... Or, well, Toki needs to be cared for, and Pickles just seems like the person able to give him that care. They're also both hopelessly alcoholic, so that's fun.

-Nathan/Charles: Idon'tevenknow

-Tony/Pickles: The complete and total past-tense of it all. The fact they were probably tripping balls at all times. Being able to write, “He grabbed Pickles by his long, red mane,” instead of, “...his long, red dreds”. The fact if I want to write about them doing a concert, I can be lazy as hell and just describe a Guns N' Roses concert (and yes, I’ve done this before). Two words: Top Hat. (Side thought, does this mean I also endorse Slash/Axl Rose? That’s... worrisome.)

What would you call your writing style? I would call him Fred, and he would be my friend.
But, no, seriously, uhh... long-winded. I use a lot of euphemisms and fancy words and try to describe a lot of little things. In that Save A Drum, Bang A Drummer fic I mentioned earlier, there's a part near the end where, after Toki had woken up and freaked out about having slept with Pickles, he ends up in the kitchen with Skwisgaar. Skwisgaar notices a red hair (from Pickles' goatee) tangled in Toki's Fu Manchu, and that's how Skwisgaar figures out Pickles and Toki are 'together', before even Pickles himself does (having been black-out drunk when the relations had occurred). I also tend to make a point of Toki's calloused fingers, teehee. I dunno, I just really enjoy detail.

I mentioned in the last answer that I once was very lazy and used part of an actual Guns N' Roses concert in a Snakes N' Barrels fic, and the entire first paragraph is me describing the last song of the concert (Paradise City, if you were curious... you weren’t). It was about 3 pages long. Unfourtunately, I lost it recently when my computer died a very brutal death. I sent it to one other person, and her computer suffered the same death but even more brutal. So that is, quite sadly, all gone. I may re-write it someday soon.

Do you read other people’s fanfics? If so, what do you find yourself reading most? Of course I do! I tend to read Toki/Pickles fics, Nathan/Charles fics, or fics with the entirety of Dethklok doing what they do best: be idiots. If I didn’t have such an irrational fear of favouriting other peoples’ work (I honestly have NO idea why I’m afraid to...) I’d have quite the little collection of favourite stories and authors. I shall overcome this phobia soon, I swear it...

Name one thing you’d LOVE to write, but have been too afraid or shy to do. Nathan/Charles. I'm just not very good at writing them yet. Like, writing Toki comes naturally to me, being rather Toki-like myself. When I write Pickles, I just imagine how my own Pickle would act in the situation. And, honestly, since Tony doesn't exactly have a cannon personality, but knowing that he's rather Italian, I just use my big brother's personality (he's very Italian) and I think it works out rather well. Once I get a better hang of writing both Nathan and Charles, you can expect more things involving them from me.

Do you have trouble taking criticism? Or worse yet, do you have the dreaded bloated ego? No, I am the EXACT opposite. I fucking love criticism. I love being criticized more than Nathan Explosion loves being motivated. I implore you, if you read any of my writing or look at any of my drawings, leave me a critical comment. It's the only way I can get better. (Actually, if you do check out my dA, hold off on commenting on my drawings for now. I haven’t uploaded anything since, like, March or something, having lost my tablet to my Pickle and not having access to a scanner, and I’ve gotten waywayway better.)

When you write, is there anything that helps? Music? Quiet room? Not really. I mean, a lot of the time (as is obvious from their titles and contents) my fics are inspired by songs... especially Guns N' Roses songs... but if I come up with an idea without the aid of outside inspiration, I can write it down anywhere, anytime. Oddly enough, though, I find that when I'm rushed I end up writing less but better. One of the fics I'm most proud of (I got an amazing review from my English teacher, including the sentence, "I have never been so moved by a story, and especially one that's only five pages long."(actually, it's only two pages when typed!)), the Breaking the Rule one, was done in, literally, maybe an hour, scribbled in a notebook at the end of a school day.

What inspires you? Guns N' Roses (and not just in my fanfics. In my original stories, too. Also this one song I wrote. Uhm... yeah, I’ve pretty much been obsessed with them since I was like 3...).
Actually, hold on, their cover of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door just come on my radio, which seems... oddly deliberate... (...I'm under the impression I'm being constantly watched by the government...)

...[Five minutes later] Other bands and songs, too. Oh yeah, and experiences from my own life. The fact that pretty much the only differences between Toki and I are our eye colour, age, and place of birth (and yes, that includes the possession of a brown stuffed bear named Deddy, and I had mine for years before Metalocalypse started airing...) make it especially easy to write scenarios for him. For example, my fic Don’t Cry No More was brought on when I kept having the very dream Toki has about my own father (though, I’m sad to say, my Pickle’s reaction was far from Pickles’ reaction in the fic...), and I was listening to my radio one day thinking about it when Kansas’ Carry On, Wayward Son came on. I got mad, punched my radio, then cried a little, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. Then I wrote most of it. Then it came on again and I cried a little more. I’m kind of ashamed of that one, although that second mini-breakdown was what had me toss in the part about Pickles comforting Toki (because it was like 3am and I didn’t have anyone to comfort me... typed comfort is still comfort though, right?).


Lastly, how would you sum up your fanfiction experience and yourself as a writer? My experience has been rather amazing so far. It's a great outlet for myself and my past experiences, not to mention... current experiences. It's made me a pretty decent writer, I think. I don't really know what else to say. Uhh, so instead I shall leave you with this picture of some adorable foxes.

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