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it's Joshua being an ass, as usual :I


Name: Kipper Snack
I still maintain that, if you were to ever look upon my true name, a headless and morbidly obese man with mouths in his palms would appear behind you and make you do the hokey pokey.

Age: Tiny babby
that means fourteen dumpass

Sex: because is a SITE FOR CYBER

Location: Right here.

Personality: It's so magnetic, I can't carry credit cards.

Hair: Has its own SSN, address, and zip code.

Appearance: Beautiful beautiful beautiful


I like TWEWY and PW:AA and ME:AA and GT and PL and BG2 and HS and YN and .F and 2KKI and series that have easily abbreviated names, apparently

i do not like yaoi or things like that, like, you know, mainstream things

pffft, gay people, so mainstream

yeah I don't copy and paste shit either, so

GOODNESS GRACIOUS how am I ever going to define myself at this rate!!

I also like weird stuff like: sentient plants, eldritch abominations and the zoologically dubious, eyes where they shouldn't be, eyes in general, drawing Joshua with a busted up face, cuddle puddles, bromance, incredibly manly characters, girly boy characters, girls that are feminine and still incredible hardasses (like they aren't even trying or anything) and um, uh, crossdressing

yeah that is stuff I like, it is pretty weird huh

i probably dislike things you like so whatever



I really like Yume Nikki and its fangames. "Hey Kipper! Quit being all vague! What's Yume Nikki?" It's basically a cute-styled exploration game about creepy-ass dreams. It's popular enough to have spawned a bunch of fangames, some of which are definitely worth a try - arguably, superior to the original in certain areas. For example, .flow is a lot heavier on the "silent hill" aspect, and Yume 2kki is more of a lighthearted, silly game with an absolutely mind-bogglingly-huge world to explore and tons of things to do. However, none of the fangames have the same atmosphere of Yume Nikki, but even so they're definitely worth a shot.

If you'd like to try them, I have compiled a list of links. If you'd rather come back to this some time in the future, please copy and paste this into a text document and save it to your hard drive for safekeeping. That should be obvious, but hey man, just in case.

Most of the following are intended for a windows system, unless otherwise stated. Yume 2kki is only available in Japanese at this time, sorry. (Ironically, it's also the one with the most talking...)

Yume Nikki


(Bloatless [no RTP; basically, a smaller file]):

(Kipper's version):


(v. 0.10, full english translation):

Yume 2kki

Installation guide/important links:

You will probably need 7-zip for most, if not all, of these files since they are packed into .rar archives

And here's where you get 7-Zip:

Once you have installed 2kki any fangame henceforth should be a piece of cake.

~Kipper Snack


Happy 11/11/11!

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