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Hi all!

My name's Tawny, and I am 25, and my favorite fandom is Ice Age and where my heart and love resides, since this movie was my first online fandom and I will eternally love the characters and the amazing biblical principles/parallels embedded in the Original move. :3

Welcome to my account! I will mainly be hosting Ice Age stories here, although I do branch out to other fandoms - but Ice Age, Rise of the Guardians and HTTYD and the Casson Family Series are my main fandoms (with Ice Age still my main main fandom, but not so much anymore because story quality is falling drastically and I am rebelling against it by not being the fandom as much anymore >>)

Since I remember a few people experiencing a bit of confusion about my gender, let me say right off that I have "Lover" in my penname, and that I am a girl.

I LOVE LOVE the Original Film, more so even than The Meltdown and Dawn of the Dinosaurs. The Original was special, filled to the brim with Christian imagery, delightful characters that drove the tale (come on, admit it. You watched the first Ice Age because you were interested in all the characters, right?), themes of sacrifice, redemption, and acceptance... oh right, and a baby called Roshan, a name that means "Light At Dawn" in Hindu, whose rescue eventually molds the three misfit characters into a family resembling that of a church. :-) It should go without saying that I am a Christian, another one of the reasons I just adore the Original Ice Age, which is still my favorite of favorites, though I do love them all. :) In fact, one of my mottoes for this site, its authors/people, and of course, its stories, is "Person/Author behind story FIRST, story second!" Naturally, I am going to adhere to that motto. Any questions?

I am a very, very avid reader! I read sci/fi and fantasy, historical fiction, history books, dictionaries, encyclopedias ... basically everything! I have books hidden all over my room in little nooks and crannies... I am book-obsessed! :P Hmmm... I guess I should count how many books I actually have in my room... I've been a bookworm since age nine and movie buff of various films since around that same time. :)

And, finally, here's something (I am so so so SORRY it has taken literally forever to finally do this for you all!) for kaktusic, nineteennintytwo, and Trev/aka the lonemongrel, personal thank yous to all of them for so generously befriending me when I was merely an anonymous reviewer! :-)

So, here's a BIG thank you/shout-out to the people who have befriended me as an anonymous reviewer and encouraged me to get an account on here. Drumroll, please!

To kaktusic, author of What's In a Name, Fragments of Sanity, and after flood, marvelous stories that explore the inner workings of the sabers featured in the movies, amazingly written, and you must read them! They will astonish you, make you cogitate over why Soto would allow himself to be driven to madness by grief and rage, thus neglecting his pack, and witness a gorgeous interaction between Diego, that lovable, conflicted tiger, and a crippled female saber stalking the herd. I now order you to go read her stories. and review on them. :) Thank you kaktusic for going out of your way to post a word of gratitude for my reviews on your profile as you had no other way of conveying it to me. When I stumbled across your profile (because you were one of my favorite authors, even as anonymous) I was so touched! Thank you. :) Also, another tangent that falls upon your influence on me while still anonymous was how you lead me to some amazing stories. Ex: debit13's A Missing Saber. I LOVE that story for many reasons, and it was all because of you that I even found it. :-) Your thank-you on your profile was one of the things that spurred my desire all the more in getting a profile on this site. Thank you. :-)

To nineteennintytwo, author of fics such as Ice Age 4: The Age of Man, No Way Out, and the sequel to her first story, Ice Age 5: Continental Drift, her most current story, is based off the leaked news about the plot of the fourth film, and her story looks like it's going to turn out to be AWESOME!!! Go read them! Don't forgot to review, either! :-) One of the reasons her stories are so popular is because they brought Roshan back into relations with the herd, established themselves as stories smacking of Original Flavor :-), and portrayed a feasible plotline so well that many readers followed the first story in excitement. Thank you Nine for how much you appreciated my loooooooooong reviews as an anonymous reviewer (I had always thought that making them too long would get in the author's way, but you always loved them. Thank you.) and your constant, eager queries into whether I had an account or not, and for beginning a series of talks with me right after you'd discovered it was in fact me. Thank you for your interest in me, not only as a kind, unusual anonymous reviewer, but later as an author on the site. :-)

To Trev aka thelonemongrel, author of Lost in Time: Origins, a magnificent epic about a band of time-travelers stranded in the Ice Age who form bonds with the Herd, is an absolutely amazing fic fraught with suspense, peril, ties of loyalty, mystery, and a large, juicy blend of sci-fic :-), is a stupendously awesome fic that has even the distinction of causing a ripple effect within the fandom! There are more sci-fi influenced stories in the fandom because of that one story. *Applause* :-) Thank you Trev for enjoying my long reviews for LiT, querying me about as often as Nine into whether I'd gotten an account on here yet, and for all those good, Walks-enabling conversations we've had since I made my account, and that have never really quite stopped yet... :P Thank you to all three of you for being my friend - in spite of my anonymity at the time. And, as a way to repay your kindnesses to me, I have something to do for you that I hope gets you more readers and reviews for your stories! This is sheer plugging, I know, but go read these stories in spite of it, because these authors who have taken their time out to befriend me despite my anonymous reviewer-ness. :-) And their stories are some of the best-written and well-thought that are within this fandom. So. Go. Read. Them. NOW. And don't forget to review! :-)

Once again, a BIG, MAMMOTH thank you to kaktusic, nineteennintytwo, and last but not least, Trev. :) You all have touched me so much with your kindness! :-)

Some Notes about My Stories (from earliest-to-most recently published):

Peekaboo! an Ice Age fanfic

A missing scene from the Original film, this story has rapidly become my most popular fic on the site in the Ice Age fandom. I don't know why, that story wrote itself with very little help from me... Some background info about the story is this: since I am such a huge Ice Age fan, I often like to just contemplate the events of the film, and I noticed that Diego and Roshan had to have played Peekaboo (or Where's The Baby?) at least one other time than the one shown in the film, and well, I set pen to paper, and the story wrote itself like I mentioned before. It must have been longing very much to get out...

I am so proud! This little story of mine just broke the 1,000 hits record! I am so, so happy! :D

Fandango, an American Girl fanfic

This story was written in response to the fact that Josefina/Patrick gets a lot of discussion on the AG forums, but despite that, it wasn't written. :( I wrote it for three reasons 1) I was bored, causing the story to write itself 2) it was originally for a contest, and 3) though I probably won't ever be credited by anyone on the site for actively working to bring Josefina/Patrick into the public place, I did instigate more people's interest in the pairing - which was my plan from the very beginning. :-)

I have come to the conclusion that Patrick is
sixteen when he meets Josefina in book five, considering that Valerie
Tripp wrote all the Josefina series and the Felicity books, where Ben
is in the age range of sixteen. Thus I've theorized that Patrick is
probably around the same age, as scouts for large caravans and pony
express riders were usually chosen as young as that, or even fifteen.
But that "young" is not really young to us.
To their times, both Ben and Patrick would have been considered men
already. Readers for this fic, keep in mind that Josefina, at
sixteen, is eligible for courting. Taking into account that Patrick is
possibly only a mere six years older than (like Ben for Felicity) he
is twenty-two at the time of the story's setting. It would have been
seen as perfectly acceptable for them to fall in love (except by
tradition-adherent Abulita of Santa Fe) during the late 1830s.

I Need to Know, an Ice Age songfic fanfiction

This was the first story I actually wrote after finding the site. It's set to a ballad from the obscure movie, Barbie as the Island Princess, and the Meltdown had released just the year before in 2006, so when this Barbie movie released, my family checked it out and I immediately fell in love with the song "I Need to Know", since it is just so lyrical, melodious, and fraught with passion and emotion. After cogitating over it for a long while, I discovered that it fit Ellie's experiences with Manny in the sequel perfectly. Often, I would practice singing the ballad, thinking of how well it fit Ellie, which only made me love the song all the more. I also contemplated creating a mv on Youtube to the song for Manny and Ellie. I have thought about it so long that maybe I should just do it eventually...
Well, soon after I discovered this delightful treasure trove of stories, I decided that if I couldn't do a music video on Youtube, I'd write the story out, from Ellie's point of view, as she, like Ro, the girl in the Barbie film, is just as struck, captivated, and excited to learn more of who she truly is - once she meets Manny, who gradually leads her out of her darkness and into the light of who she is. :-)

Lost in Time: Destiny, an Ice Age fanfic

This in-progress story was written for my best friend in the Ice Age fandom, thelonemongrel/Trev for his birthday, and it will show the story of two of his supporting protagonists, the Ensemble Darkhorses Sam Howard and Terry Daniels' progression of their relationship up to and beyond the Troubles described in his great story Ice Age: Lost in Time. It should only be at least five chapters, but LiT is kind of a story that demands a broader scope, but I hope I'll be able to keep it to at least five chapters. And if five chapters won't work, then ten possibly. Or not, considering how the story is chiding me already about its length...

Now, I am a firm Christian, and this story has content featuring language (not particularly strong language, but still language) but it is only there to show 1) that Sam is formerly quite a troubled girl before her conversion to Christianity, and 2) provide a sense of the atmosphere hinted at in Trev's story, as are the depictions of violence, which are mainly implied though. And the mild sensuality comes in because of how men regard spitfire Samantha Howard, and there will be a bit of Female Gaze when Sam's husband Terry first enters the picture. And that's it. I hope I made these reasons clear to everyone.

I will also be compiling a list of music scores to be played along with the story, and links to Youtube so readers can listen to the music as the peruse the Flashbacks sections of the fic. Chapters two and three are now posted.

Beyond the Mysterious Beyond, a Land Before Time fanfic

This story was in 2008/2009 for a creative writing product at my school, and I liked it so much that I kept it back. I wrote it mainly because I just love the ending of the Original Land Before Time, with the light gradually revealing the Valley in all its green, glorious splendor. This is also one of my much much shorter fics (note how long some of my other stories are) and it proves that I can write drabbles focused on one small event.

Keep Telling Yourself That, Darling, an Ice Age fanfic

This story is a birthday fic for my good friend Goddess on a Highway, and since we both challenged each other to write crack pairings for each other, I wrote Sid/Ellie because she requested me to do so - and because I was fated to so from the very moment I brought it up in the forum "Odd Ice Age Pairings" instigated by 0clairebear0 for discussion for exactly what it says on the tin - whilst Goddess is a writing another birthday fic for me, featuring the OT3 of Manny/Diego/Ellie, affectionately known as "Diemanellie" the Portmanteau Couple Name she has created for the pairing. I wrote the pairing Sillie (all credit goes to thelonemongrel/Trev for coming up with the couple name for them) and I astounded at the overwhelming response to this story so far, and, granted, most of the ideas in it aren't even truly mine! Dracori gets the credit for making the Ice Age/PoTC trailer mashup that I became so fond of - and it featured Sid as Captain Jack Sparrow, Buck as Captain Barbossa, Manny as Will Turner, and Ellie as Elizabeth Swann, with a cameo from Soto as Cutler Beckett.

My imagination kind of run away with this story... and due to the overwhelming response to it, I suppose a sequel or continuation chapter isn't too unlikely. But I am busy with some other fanfics (ie see below) right now, so that will have to wait for a while. On the other hand, screw that whole idea of a "sequel or continuation" chapter guys, I now send this message out to everyone who reads this fic: I left it deliberately open-ended for the ending, so if anyone wishes to continue it and complete it, ye are free to do so! :)

In the Snow, a Casson Family Series fanfic

Okay, I admit it. I was daydreaming in church service today, and my thoughts turned to the Casson Family Series, as it is one of my most favorite book series ever and somehow the fifth novel Forever Rose was on my mind and also Rose's Blog at Hilary Mckay's official website, and I just saw some images of startling clarity featuring Rose and Tom sledging together in the snow and them having an almost kiss moment ruined by her brother Indigo and their good friend Sarah. I went home and immediately sat down to write the story. I found, also, much to my dismay about it, the story practically wrote itself. My fanfics have a bad habit of doing that... :S

So, all Casson Family Series fans, enjoy my little oneshot! :) Don't worry, Three O'Clock in the Morning is coming soon, and this story is in fact rather tangential to it - I originally was going to place it in Rose's Part of the Two-Shot, but decided that would be too long so I did it here, instead in this oneshot. Also, CFS fans, don't forgot to check out my forum for the books called First Ever Casson Family Series Forum! Thanks! :D

WrongHeaded, an American Girl fanfic

This fanfic came about one day when I was taking a break from my upcoming mega-chapter story My Two Dads, and it is about two of my favorite characters in the American Girl series, Felicity Merriman and Ben Davidson, complete with loads of original flavour, subtle unresolved sexual tension, and an implied kiss at the end. And for some reason, I once again wrote another "one-shot" that apparently isn't a one-shot somehow, since everyone who has reviewed on the story is demanding more... hmmm... Okay, I might continue this story, AG fans, but not before I set to work on my multi-chap Josefina/Patrick fic called The First Love. Mmmkay?

Cruel Intentions: Lacrimosa, an Ice Age fanfic

This fanfic has a long history to it. It originally was started in 2008, but that was later scrapped after I had been going over the earlier chapters with my best friend Trev/thelonemongrel one day, so I decided to rewrite them some times afterwards, and it is the significantly better rewrites that you see posted here. Also while we were chatting, he revealed to me that my story had an underlying current of historical reference to it which I hadn't noticed at all, such as with character names such as Clovis and Cortez, the fathers of Manfred/Manny and Diego, and Brutus, a character who has less than kind feeling towards his alpha.

This fanfic is a prequel, the opening to a series called Cruel Intentions, and I couldn't have done it without Trev gently removing my hands from my own blind eyes that had been oblivious to my own story, and seeing all the beauty and the majesty and the ... juiciness that was inherent in it. *Winks at Trev* And while I was writing this, I renamed Glacier Pass of the Original Movie to "Brede Pass" (Brede is Scandinavian for "Glacier") and now there is a locale called the Bredelands, which is owned by both myself and Trev. :) This is very unusual, as I can't recall any authors on this site actually sharing something so intensely as we do. :)

Thank you again Trev for all your help and guidance for these stories! I've loved it! Everyone, enjoy the story! :D

Fanart for CI: L

Drawing of Cortez, one of the protagonists, by Elisheva-P.

If I get more fanart for the story, links will be placed here for readers' enjoyment. :) And if they correspond to a chapter or a scene from a chapter, that chapter will be linked along with the fanart description.


(Strikeouts indicate published stories)

Upcoming Stories/Updates:

A Casson Family Fic TwoShot, Three O' Clock in the Morning, Tom/Rose. It is coming soon I swear! Chapter one is almost complete, and chapter two is half-written. Chapter one is now posted.

An Ice Age multi-chapter fic, Cruel Intentions: Lacrimosa, prequel to the below, with an anticipated five ten thirty chapters. Synopsis is currently being penned. Chapters currently posted are chapters from one to twelve, with chapter thirteen - the arc closer - coming along soon. It has recently been edited to fix any minor foibles in the writing.

Up-and-Coming Stories (Or Stories that Will be Written/Posted at a Later Date)

An Ice Age huge multi-chapter fic Cruel Intentions, (highly anticipated and sequel to the above), focused on Manny, Diego and Peaches. Rated T for violence and thematic material. The Synopsis is currently penned and complete, and three and a half chapters are written.

An American Girl multi-chap fic, The First Love, Josefina/Patrick, in the germination stage. (ie I'm still gathering info for it, planning it out etc)

Five Times Manny Hugged Diego and One Time He Didn't, a series of vignette written since my new friend lobo-azul at DA inspired me, and because there is such a dearth of Manny/Diego friendship centred fics in this archive. Will be posted as chapters since the vignettes/ficlets got longer than I expected after Lacrimosa chapter thirteen goes up.

A Promise/Promises, Ice Age missing scene. Manny confronts Diego about the intricacies of the plan in the original movie.

Repentance, Ice Age college AU ficlet, set in the original movie, focussing on the sequence where Diego confesses to the others that he set them up. What will everyone's reactions be? Will they forgive him?

A Connection, Ronin struggles to come with Tara's death while struggling to make sense of MK.

Lots of Jeff/Annie fics are upcoming and going to be uploaded! For instance, fics that I will crosspost from ao3 are: "Where the Night Takes Us" "You Are the Only Place (I Could Ever Be)" "Annie Don't Cry" "My World Is Upside Down (Because of You)" with other fics set post-613 forthcoming in time.


Favorite pairings from various fandoms (in no real order, these are all my favorites and my OTPs {One True Pairings}, anyway, so it works out):

Ice Age: Manny/Ellie (Mellie)*, Manny/Diego friendship/bromance* (BROTP OF BROTPS), Diego/OC (when it's excellent! Ex: kaktusic's What's In a Name and preferably when it's not the trite old Diego/tigress OC), Roshan/OC, Sid/OC.

Community (TV show): Jeff/Annie (OTP OF OTPS)*, Troy/Britta, Jeff/Abed (friendship)

Rise of the Guardians: Jack/Sandy friendship/bromance*, Jack/Tooth.*

How To Train Your Dragon: Hiccup/Toothless friendship/bromance*, Hiccup/Astrid, Stoick/Val*, Ruffnut/Fishlegs.

Blue Sky's Epic: Ronin/Tara*, Ronin/MK, Nod/MK*.

American Girl (books): Josefina/Patrick*, Kit/Will, Felicity/Ben*, Samantha/Eddie {Seddie}

Doctor Who (British TV show): River/11, Rory/Amy

The Amazing Spider-Man: Peter/Gwen.

Anne of Green Gables (books): Anne/Gilbert*

Tangled: Rapunzel/Eugene

Beauty and the Beast: Belle/Adam

Casson Family Series (books): Tom/Rose*, Indigo/Sarah

The Land Before Time: Littlefoot/Cera

The Princess and the Frog: Tiana/Naveen, Ray/Evangeline

ICarly (TV show): Carly/Freddie (Creddie), Sam/Spencer (Spam)

Dresden Files (books): Harry/Murphy (Hari-Kari), Michael/Charity, Thomas/Justine

Artemis Fowl (books): Artemis/Holly

Pairings in italics, with an asterisk * next to them denote pairings written about that you can find or soon will be able to find on my account. I obviously could stand to have more stories about my OTPs posted here in their various archives... maybe some potential oneshots or beginning WIPs once I feel caught up enough on Cruel Intentions: Lacrimosa?


Hobbies: Acting, singing, reading, writing, tvtropes, horseback riding, daydreaming, being secretly obsessed with dragons :P etc...


Don't became a shipper. It will ruin your life. Me, thinking after reading the latest Blog Update from Rose Casson at Hilary McKay's official website. I am an avid Tom/Rose shipper, and she has been teasing that ship relentlessly...

And, I think that's all for right now... besides, congrats to you for making it to the end of my very long profile! :)


God bless! :-)

Soli Deo Gloria!

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FrostFairy drabble, short and sweet. :) Jack Frost and Toothiana are exploring a forest when he does something special for her as Baby Tooth looks on.
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Jack Frost joins the other Guardians at the Tooth Palace at the end of the movie to return the tooth cases bearing the children's memories. Whilst there he comes to terms with his memories of his sister. Toothiana gives him some comfort. Post-movie ending scene. Spoilers sweetie! Also large use of my headcanons for the characters, especially Jack and Jamie. :)
Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,833 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 78 - Follows: 64 - Published: 11/26/2012 - Jack Frost, Tooth
The Lonely God and the King of Shadows reviews
An exploration of the characters of "The Lonely God" what I've begun to call Jack Frost, and the "King of Shadows" Pitch that I decided to do after seeing the movie at midnight for its premiere on my birthday. Very slight spoilers for the movie, but very minor. The title for Jack is inspired by the TV series Doctor Who, where the Doctor is oft called "the Lonely God." Enjoy!
Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,078 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 9 - Published: 11/21/2012 - Jack Frost, Pitch - Complete
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A Casson Family Fic. Pairing: Tom/Rose Part One: Rose's POV Based off of Rose's Blog, Entry 19 December 2010. What I believe Rose and Tom were thinking after their phone conversation. Part I of II, Tom's part coming soon. My apologies that it took me TWO YEARS to write this!
Casson Family Series - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,805 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Published: 9/8/2012 - [Rose/Permanent Rose C., Tom L.] Caddy/Cadmuim C.
Lost in Time: Destiny reviews
A gift-story for Trev/thelonemongrel. He was a brash American marine. She was a young British tomboy with an interest in Tolkien and Christianity. Can anything bring them together? Full summary inside. T for mild sensuality and language, violence.
Ice Age - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 33,048 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 10/16/2011 - Published: 10/28/2010
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Felicity contemplates her awakening sexuality and her feelings for Ben, and how wrong-headed it seems to be. Ben does likewise. One-Shot.
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Small expansion of the Dec. 24th 2009 "Sledging" scene mentioned on Rose's Blog, slightly AUish. Tom/Rose. T just to be safe.
Casson Family Series - Rated: T - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,000 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 4 - Published: 1/16/2011 - [Rose/Permanent Rose C., Tom L.] - Complete
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Birthday One-Shot for Goddess On A Highway. One day, Ellie wakes up to discover she feels differently about Sid… and he feels the same way about her! How will the herd react to their newfound love? Crack! Pairing, Sid/Ellie, & Mellie. More info inside.
Ice Age - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,327 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 2 - Published: 12/18/2010 - [Ellie, Sid] Manny - Complete
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Just a short drabble illustrating the wonder Littlefoot and his friends experienced when they first saw the Great Valley in the Original Film.
Land Before Time - Rated: K - English - Family/Spiritual - Chapters: 1 - Words: 356 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 5 - Published: 11/10/2010 - Littlefoot - Complete
I Need to Know reviews
"Why do my memories start with a storm?" Ellie ponders her feelings about Manny and her past in the sequel. First songfic. Song from the film Barbie: Island Princess. Pairing: Mellie. We really should use that name for them more often...
Ice Age - Rated: K - English - Romance/Spiritual - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,034 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 3 - Published: 9/28/2010 - [Manny, Ellie] - Complete
Fandango reviews
One night, during a lively fandango, Josefina and Patrick confess their love to the world. One-Shot. Includes authentic Spanish dialogue!
American Girl - Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,208 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 1 - Published: 7/28/2010 - Josefina M. - Complete
Peekaboo! reviews
We all know that Diego's playing "Where's the baby?" with Roshan had a profound impact on all of them. But when exactly did the baby pick up Diego's little game himself? A missing scene from the Original Movie. One-Shot
Ice Age - Rated: K - English - Drama/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,010 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 67 - Follows: 6 - Published: 7/23/2010 - [Diego, Roshan, Manny] - Complete
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