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Hey love my stories, hate them, auction them off as movies, whatever. I write to write and that's all there is to it. So out of business and into fun things...

I am old for my age. I am not under 15 and not over 20. I love music and writing. I am female. I have a twisted head but that's what makes my writing so great. I am somewhat a comic book geek. And to contradict what you were just thinking... NO! I am not a lonely, ugly, nerd who sits in her room writing and looking up comic book stuff all day. I HATE THAT STEREOTYPE WHY CAN'T THE GIRL GEEKS BE PRETTY!? I am actually very pretty(not to sound conceited, not sure if i spelled that right) and I do have friends who are not into comic books and stuff like that. So ;P(teehee)

Sorry about the harshness..moving on...

My favorite comic book heroes









Catwoman (I consider her a hero because she likes to take shiny things!! ITS NOT A CRIME!)

Kid Flash

Wonder Girl






Invisible Woman





Pairings And My Views of Them

Robin/Starfire: I absolutely adore them!!! They're so funny to watch together. I crack up everytime I watch Stranded. And the way they interact in Betrothed was freaking hilarious. "HURRY OR YOU WILL NOT GET ANY!!!" I think I prefer Robin and Starfire over Robin and Raven. I really do. Because She's really good for him. They have this certain understanding(NOT A BOND) that makes them aware of each other. For example... Starfire admires and acknowledges that Robin is a hard worker. And she helps him pull it back when he needs to. And Then Starfire, well, he teaches her and is patient with her lack of Earth knowledge. And I think that's really important.

Beastboy/Raven: It's okay I guess. But I most definitely don't normally ship this pairing because see below.

Beastboy/Terra: They are perfect. She's crazy(I don't mean physcopath crazy), He's funny( when he's not trying). And they go well together. It's so natural( no pun intended) BeastBoy is not shy around her. He tries to bring more out of her during the date and she eventually lets herself have fun and feel guilty about betraying him. So I ship that most of the time.

Terra/Robin: I've heard of this pairing. I don't think that would be Romantically Right. But I do see that Robin cares about her as a member of the team when she first joins. He wanted to see her skills. He was open to working with her even though she was kind of unstable. And when she betrayed the team, he only gave her a chance because Beastboy brought up their similar situtaions.(Being an Apprentice to a MadMan.)

Cyborg/Raven: I see a big brother little sister thing going on here. Because he makes her smile the most in the series. She gives him wisdom he gives her something that only big brothers can in times of need. In a way it reminds me of my relationship with my big bro.

Cyborg/Starfire: I don't see it. It's the same thing with the Big brother little sister thing.

Cyborg/ BumbleBee: I think it's cute. She's always insulting him and he kinda takes it. But she gets sort of angry when he ignores her so I suppose it could flip flop between love and hate but they really do respect each other.

Cyborg/Jinx: I'm not against it but the only basis I see for that would be the dance when he went undercover at the hive.

Jinx/Robin: I have seen no grounds for that relationship. No grounds what so ever. I don't like it.

Robin/Wondergirl: I see them having more of a brother/sister relationship because of whats going on between Bruce and Diana. They tease each other a lot in the comics.

Jinx/Kid Flash: They are perfect! Its really sweet and I can definatly see them growing together!!

Robin/Raven: I don't really ship Rob and Rae but I do ship Nightwing and Rae.(HEAR ME OUT PLZ) I don't think that as he matures Starfire's right for Robin. I think that Raven and her maturity and ability to handle certain situations give her a connection to Robin. I totally support Richard and Rachel. I also support Robin and raven because they have a BOND. Its really great to watch them interact in the series and It shows that after the defeat of Trigon their relationship has evolved. And you know what? I think after Robin hits 17 and a half or closer to 18 the relationship would have blossomed even more. Thats just my view though. (She was considered Robin's second love interest.)

RedX/Raven: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Unless it was Richard Grayson in there. See my point above. But otherwise... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!


RedX/Argent: I don't support it but I definatly would rather have that than the two above.

Aqualad/Raven: Cute enough. I adore them now because I read a couple of fanfics, then i went back and watched Deep Six and actully paid attention this time. So they are kinda cute.

Red Star/Starfire: I see more of a friendship there

Speedy/Raven: I just think he would date her to get into her pants.

Speedy/Starfire: Same thing.But at some point he'll have to settle

Aqualad/BumbleBee: I don't see much interaction in that nor do I see it with her and Speedy.

Favorite TV Shows-

Teen Titans

X-Men Evolution

Avatar:The Last Airbender

Total Drama Island(Not so much the latest season but the original is pretty decent and I hate what happened to court and dunc!!!!!)

Ok so new story coming up asap its a rae/rob story naturally... but it also includes many other couples.Im bringing back Terra and bringing in Donna. It has a Rent theme. soooo love it hate it look foward to it. rip it up and burn it watev. much love

I'm into drawing and sketching and lots of those kinds of things. However that doesn't mean I'm good at it. lol so ill put links of what I want the character's outfits to look like on this page. but for now just use your imaginations... thanx a million.

I'll also be posting links to photos of outfits, the characters in my stories are wearing. Once I find them. lol

&= Friendships

X= Romance



The Proposal- RobXRae- Complete

Bride Wars- Rae & Argent-Writing

Heartbreaker- RobXRae- ReWriting( I lost all my data for this when my laptop was 'fixed' srry)

Moulin Rouge- Not Sure- Mentally writing( Not completely sure. Just watched the trailer. I'm definatley doing it! Thank you TheDreamChaser)


A,Z and All the Letters in Between- RobXRae- In Progress

The Proposal

Rachel's Wedding Dress-

The Neckalace-

Richard's Tux-(but the vest is amtheyst.)

Tara's Dress(The second picture on the page)-http://www.prom-dresses2009.com/tips-on-picking-the-perfect-green-formal-gown/

Toni's Dress-

Karen's Dress-

Kori's Dress-

Shayera's Dress-

Diana's Dress-

Rachel's Hairstyle-

Toni's Hairstlye-

Karen's Hairstyle-

Kori's Hairstyle-

Tara's Hairstyle-

A,Z and All the Letters in Between

Rachel's Dress at the Ball(Chapter 3)-

Rachel's Hairstyle at the Ball(Chapter 3)-

Diana's Dress at the Ball(Chapter 3)-

Diana's Hair at the Ball(Chapter 3)-

Valentine's Day

Bruce's Suit(Worn At All Times)-

Terra (Before IHVDP)-

Conner and Megan-(Before Their Date Fourth Picture Down)-

Edgar and Estelle(Since I didn't really have any older characters to use that made some sort of sense)-

Wally's Suit(Worn At All Times)-

Garfield's Uniform(Worn At All Times w/ blue jeans)-

Guess what!!! I was the first Rob and Rae post for every category in 2011!!!!! YES IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT NEVER GOES AWAY!!!!

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