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Hey, I got a live journal. Cool.

Yes, people, the musical is finished- I will no longer have to say after school listening to people sing 'Oklahoma' songs for five hours! (fact: the beginning of number 5 on the Michelle Branch CD, 'Something to Sleep To' is a part from 'Out of My Dreams' in Oklahoma! I just noticed that. Funny, heh?)

Anyways, no more every-day after school activites means more updates, which means happy readers! Chappy 3 of the Aragorn Files is started and hopefully will be up and finished ASAP. However, so far it is about 300 words long and I am not happy with those 300 words, so it may be awhile. Keep your eyes peeled, though.

My current Lord of the Rings obsession is ELROND. That's right, Elrond. He's just so cool! I am working on three stories right now that have to do with Elrond: 'Conversations in Rivendell', which will probably be about 5-7 chapters long, which involves Elrond talking to various people in Rivendell before and after the Fellowships departs. (I'm thinking Gandalf, Bilbo, Elladan, Elrohir, Arwen, maybe Glorfindel.)The second Elrond story is a vignette where he is talking to Galadriel set in movie-verse. The third is a story about Elrond on the ship to the Blessed Realm, thinking about the fate of his daughter.

My previous Lord of the Rings obessions was FRODO AND SAM FRIENDSHIP. Okay, so I am still obsessed with those stories. But I have lost all inspiration for writing them.

My future Lord of the Rings obsession will probably be OLORIN. I caved. Shut up.

What I am Currently Working On

The Aragorn Files: Mystery in Lothlorien- Currently 2/?

Conversations in Rivendell- This one is going to be tough. I just love the title though. Have to write the story for the title.

In Dreams- (working title) Elrond and Celebrian adjust to Arwen's descision to live a mortal life. May do Arwen's POV too. Not sure yet.

'Goodnight, My Father; Goodnight, My Son' is a series of four different vignettes about two rather unappreciated characters: Theoden and his son, Theodred. Currently 1/4 done, Chapter 2 is done but is being beta-read, and Chapters 3 and 4 are still in my head.

Other Random Stories Without Titles:
First meeting/final parting of Faramir & Gandalf
Elrond and Galadriel decide to send Elves to Helm's Deep (movie-verse)
Samwise talks to the Gaffer
A girl of Bree hears talk of her Father of the mysterious Mr. Underhill
Rosie Cotton dies with Sam at her bedside (major fluff warning- definately angst!)

That's all for now, folks, nothing more to see here...


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