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I don't know about this. But hey! I'm just started in this fanfiction stuff. I've been reading a lot of stories from this site. Anyway I'm very silly and weird. But if you actually got to know me you would recognize this gal' as Loyal and generous. I would lend someone 100 dollars and not really mind if they don't give it back the next day. I'm a sucker if you ask me. I'll do mostly anything people tell me (if it's bad I just won't.) Anyway, If you would tell me to get you something you had forgotten somewhere. I'd get it. Just because I'm a sympathetic teenager. :C

Believe me, you do not wanna mess with my annoyed side. I get angered too easily if in a bad mood. If I'm in a good mood, do not try to ruin my day. Or seriously I will fuck your day up. :3

I love to DRAW. I'm a Legend of Zelda fan too! Mario, Kingdom Hearts, GOLDEN SUN! My top favorite... x3

I know, I talk a lot. But when you meet me in real life, I am very shy. But once I get to know you I get used to you. Yes. I'm shy. Not my fault. Some people are scary. Not a very chatty person, but, I do have talks here and there when with my friends. Especially my best bud Aguiny! ^3^

I love animals. They are like my entire life. Most of it... ; But anyway, I love every single animal out there. Actually, I don't like bugs... 0_0 They're scary. I love ladybugs though! They look so happy and chipper! I love light! It's awesome. My friend likes darkness. Figures... I'm also a childish person. I still like to hug or say hello to my plush-iez. I know. I have mental issues. At least I have brains right? Sheesh! There is nothing wrong with me being different. That's just me being unique from other people. If being different means having problems than I'd be damned. You could call me anything you like, but calling me stupid I won't accept. Nuh uh! Not in my household! I'll kick your butt-oxes! Nah, just kidding, but seriously don't. I don't like hurting people, but if tempted I will. :3

Favorite Pairings from these games:

Golden Sun : Mia x Isaac, Sheba x Ivan. Lawl, these are the only cute ones until Golden Sun DS is available to play and I find a new pairing to write about.

Kingdom Hearts: Roxas x Namine, Sora x Kairi

Phoenix Wright: Miles x Franziska, Apollo x Vera, Diego x Mia and... Trucy x Machi (awwww!)

I'm working on some stories, so just wait until then. My stories in progress are. They will be movies one day. Just you wait!

-Descendants of the Indian wolf tribe: Native American Wolves (Progress)

-Indian future: The Forgetting Revival (Progress)

-Race Dragons (Progress)

-The Sister Born Under Highspurs Moon (Progress)

-Major League Dolphins (Progress)

~~~ Rindiny ;D


If you believe that Naruto and Hinata are the greatest pairing, copy and paste this into your profile and add your name to the list: SilentSinger948, Leaf Ranger, Aaa222xx, 'Angelito soldado', Rose Tiger, Rindiny.

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