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Author has written 9 stories for Resident Evil, X-Men, and Supernatural.

Various stuff...

Real Name: Karl "Karly"Engracia

Age: 20!

Course: AB - Philippine Studies, Major in Mass Media

Occupation: Student, used to model when I was bored

Favorite Website (s):, (check it out, now!),

Favorite Movie (s): Battle Royale, Love Actually, The Others, Batman Begins, Dawn of the Dead Remake, Moulin Rouge, The Descent

Favorite TV Show (s): WWE Raw, CSI: NY, Buffy, Angel, Supernatural (Rocks!), Prison Break

Favorite Superhero (s): The Batman, Jamie Madrox

Favorite Superheroine: Emma Frost

Favorite Supervillain (s): The Joker, Magneto, Chris Claremont

Favorite Game (s): Resident Evil (all of them, minus the FPSes), Silent Hill, Wild ARMS 1

Favorite Writer (s): Joss Whedon, Brian Bendis, Grant Morrisson, Garth Ennis, Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Brian Vaughan, Warren Ellis, Allen Heinberg

FavoriteActor (s): Cogie Domingo, Anthony Hopkins, The Rock, Jensen Ackles, Jake Cuenca

Favorite Actress (es): Naomi Watts, Rachel McAdams, Scarlet Johansson Nicole Kidman, Elisha Cuthbert, Anne Curtis

Favorite Food: Sisig, Sushi, Isaw

Favorite Drink: Dalandan Juice

FavoriteBand (s): Pay the Girl, Bamboo, Stone Free, Dishwalla, July for Kings, Alter Bridge, Six Cycle Mind, Sponge Cola

Favorite Color: GREEN (Animo!)

Favorite Quote: "You reap what you sow when you eat?"

Favorite Comic (s): Astonishing X-Men, The Punisher MAX, Batte Royale, Infinity Gauntlet, Arkham Asylum, Runaways, Young Avengers

Favorite Novel (s): Les Miserables, The Screwtape letters

Favorite Frustration: I want to be taller.

Personal crap I'm sure no one would read: I've usually been asked, where it is I draw my inspiration to write. I've been described as twisted and dark, sick even, but in all honesty, I'm far from it. When I write, I imagine life without what I am blessed to have. I imagine how hard it could be not to be loved by my family, or not to be supported by my friends, and then everything else flows easily. When the characters I create lose themselves in tragedy, I get to rekindle my appreciation for everything God ever gave me. Sappy much? Yeah, I know.

For what I do when I don't write? Which is like more than 80 percentof the time? I hang with my friends, go malling, spend money like there isn't an economic crisis, flirt, or work out. I rarely study, even though my majors are totally kicking my ass right now. Thank God for open note exams and seatmates willing to hand their notebooks over:) Big on the thanks for them.


Resident Evil:

Thieves of Dawn: My firststory ever written, and it shows. Whenever I need to remind myself of exactly how bad I was, I need to look no further. The whole frat thingwas inspired bysome real life events, soputting itdown on paper wasn't the hardest thing ever. God knows that this is as far as mainstream as writing goes.

Rivers in Galilee:Described byan acclaimedwriter,who Ihighly respect, as a tragedy of Shakespearean (screw the spelling)proportions, this is a story revolvingon the effects of society's dictates on a person, and how it could turn life upside-down in an instant. Living in a very, very Catholic country, writing about homosexualitywas almost like writing about freedom, and granted it may nothave a good ending, Icould nothave beenhappier with the way itturned out.

Remember Heaven:I was never a fan of the Leon/Claire pairing. (Hate mail?) Imean, theyhave a bond, sure, but they didn't even talk to each other for more than half the time and when they did, it was about saving Sherry. Of course there are a lot of talented writers out there who couldweave an utterly believable tale of how they came to be after the incident, I'd still never buy that they fell in love during the whole Raccoon ordeal itself. (Besides, there was that whole thing with Leon falling for Ada...) Anyway, this isn't a savage thank you to the pairing, but rather, an exercise in circumstance. What would happen to hollywood's sweethearts whenthe third wheel is actually a person who you wouldgenuinely feel for? I made a conscious decision to make Rachel as nice and loving as possible, and that made the twist at the end all the more powerful( at least IMO:)

The Valentine Legacy: The name Heart was inspired by a former crush of mine, Heart Evangelista, a local actress. Once again, I find my self in the need to break up a perfectly happy couple. (Yes, honestly, I've never been good with relationships in real life) I didn't want to make Heart some disaffected kid, but one that definitely had glaring flaws,yet at her very core, someone who the reader could hopefully have symphathized with. And unlike the Burton family in Rivers in Galilee, I wanted to make Jill and Chris stay as loving a couple as they (possibly) always were.Anyway,I didn't want the end toonerun-of-the-mill TV drama, so I decided to go for a rather sudden...end. It madeeverything, at least for me, seem more realistic.

The Rose and the Estuary: What is therose? And what is the estuary? It'sa metaphor for the female genitalia and the uterus. For allmy stories, this one truly deserves the M rating. It's violent, sexy, and prettysick. I wasinspired to write this after hearing about a Japanese movie, backwhencinema was black and white,about the problems of a certain couple. I could have easily made a straightforward story, but I decided to try something new, and mess up the wholechronology. of course, it's stillrougher than sand paper around the edges,but I still think the fight scene rocks.

Astonishing X-Men:

Black: I'm staying with continuity, so it's going to be tough. Anyway, I'm having tons of fun writing this, even though making sure that what the characters say is something that they'd actually say (get the drift?). Anyway, this one's about in and out, and what it really means to be a hero. The title has significance, but it'll be all the way in the last chapter.This is pretty much classic but new) X-Men. there's a threat, they stop it. No big revelation. no changing the world. Just adventure.

The Soul's End: This should be interesting...just realized that it sounds alot like the title of Claremont's (cough get with the times old man cough) "Grey's End" story arc. Now I want to retype it, but I'm too damn lazy.

Eternal: The fallout from Soul's End! Coming Soon!

Okay, that's it. If you've made it this far, then I congratulate you. And thanks for the time.

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