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Author has written 22 stories for Naruto, Infinite Undiscovery, Soul Calibur, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XV, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, and RWBY.

-currently: slowly dying from the ideas in my head

(The picture i have up my sister drew, its a pic of mah OC From the Naruto stories I wrote! : D)

I wouldn't do this if I didn't love you: Working on. chapter i'm working on is a complete mind fuck!

Popularitys faults: Final year:I've decided to merg this with the prequel so look for it!

FateXIII (Eh...After the announcment of 13-2 kinda ruined my story but i'll just consider it 13-3 LOL but i'm going to start working on it again by tomorrow Edit: Reworking some of the chapters in this so if i take it down for a day don't get worried)

Shattered hearts (Done)

On a Side note I wrote a kh/ff7 crossover And eh I don't know IF i'll post it, since well i'm not as far as I want to be with it but I may or may not up to the public if they wish to read my horrible writings.

THe SC story i'm going to finish today ( I hope) I got at least one more yura in me besides the main one i got which isn't a one shot and i'm thinking of some other things besides that (hopefully...I won't go insane and forget most of them.)

Materia of light key of darkness: Working on the chapter AS I TYPE THIS, Because I lost EVERYTHING on my computer...Don't worry I won't start over!

Radiant High: (Already on the site just haven't posted) A high school fic with an all Final fantasy cast (With the exception of Sora) Paring debate, I got three choices for Sora Yuffie, Rikku, and Garnet you choose

Summery: Cloud was out going had great parents and had a girl he was falling for but he was afraid to tell her, one week before school starts up again His cousin comes back into town his quiet anti-social younger cousin will Cloud be able to deal with his crush acting like his cousins mother as well as her friend trying to woo his cousin AND deal with the boys abusive father?


The distance: Parings Naruto/Hinata

Summery: Naruto Sasuke and Sakura were close friends when Sasuke and Sakura move away Naruto is to fend for himself, but when Sasuke gives him a call giving him a number that used to be Sakura's he calls without hesitation only to find out the person he called wasn't who he was expecting not to mention the person lived thousands of miles away, but with such a sweet and carring voice...who would care about the distance?

Love triangles fine so long as the main paring will stay dominant I pretty much gave the first chapter to you just up to you to get it going afterwards. Side parings...whaterver you wish so long as NaruHina is the main focus.

Favorite parings:

NaruHina: No shit, their adorable and well just work it just makes so much sense since they...well i don't want to rant so i'll leave it at that

Ichihime: I like it don't care if you rikua fans don't its a contrast to Naruhina i'd call you all hypocrties for liking naruhina and liking ichirukia seeing as rukia is a lot like Sakura...but hey i'm not going to judge at least Rikua didn't leave at any given point on a bad note - oh wait she did

Yura: I like this paring the most of kingdom hearts, why? Because i actually played the games and well they just fit, their personalities don't clash they get along and you can see, feel the bond between them like when Sora came back after a year and she completely forgot him...but somewhere she knew that she knew him i guess, kinda like...the mind forgets but the body never will kinda thing?

CloudTifa: As to why I like this paring it is extremely obvious he liked her, he didn't show off he was timid towards her I mean in the game you have an option to tell someone that she's your girlfriend i mean if that isn't a sign don't know what is.

VaanTerra: Would've said Cloud and Terra...but I mean its cute in an innocent way, screw the onion knight he annoyed me more than lymile from star ocean four

Parings that piss me off!

First off, not to be a bigot but gay parings, I don't mind them, but when the flood the hell out of the stories and thats all you can find when you actually want to read something other than BL it...gets frustrating

SquallYuffie/Sorakairi: The first one is like...Vincent and Yuffie doesn't work at all, just because they don't talk there is like no challange for her because they ignore her, at least with Sora she'd have someone willing to do things with her instead of her pleading for an hour/ As for the other...They clash Sora is outgoing Kairi...just seems too much like the lady in waiting, even when she came to try and find Sora she failed at that worst part of it is she remembers Riku and not Sora, at least Yuffie didn't mind if some random guy acts all firendly with her she was blunt and honest, Kairi...just well tried and failed in my eyes.

Ichirukia: Its just like Narusaku in my eyes...and I HATE narusaku

NaruSaku/SasuHina:...*pops fingers* This is going to be if it isn't close to a rant...anyways. First off how, or even why would Sakura go for Naruto when the both of them have a mutual promise to bring back Saskue, not to mention he in a sense moved on from her and did drastically in the newst episode (I was so happy to see her expression priceless) She's toying with his emotions to get him to forget a promise so she can kill a doucher...and in the process steal his evil juice to make Uchiha babies as well as forget completely that she even said she loved Naruto, She knows what he's been through yet pulls a stunt like that, thats even more heart breaking than the two of them getting married and she ditches him for Iruka (Sudders) I believe even if Sakura confessed first, Hinata would still have a better chance, she may not have been close to him as much as she liked...but she knew him inside and out and still wanted to be with him no matter the fualts no matter the insecurites plus when you think about it if Naruto had twins whichever one had Sakura's presonallity would end up killing the other one or cause perminent brain damage.

Onto Sasuhina...Ok first off I can understand how this parring came about but the simple things that don't add up to me, One...They never talked Hinata never found him attractive even if she spent time with him and got to know him, she would probably never accept him for his attitude towards his friends nor his ego Second Naruto would never dump her thats obvious he wants lobe he doesn't just want it then he's done with it, I understand why, I just don't get why the reasons behind the paring are the outcome of Narusaku or better yet are displayed from the actions of Naruto as if Hinata was innocent and portaying Naruto as the bad guy when he's the main character in the damn series...I'll always hate the paring, just doesn't work the personalities clash, if Sasuke was OOC and if Hinata never met Naruto then yeah I could see it work...otherwise it should've been burned months ago by whoever thought it would work.

Cloudaerith:...Crisis core its Zack and Aerith not Cloud and Aerith. Bish

AquaVen:...Really? I mean...c'mon in the japanese version of the game at a certian point when he gets ticket to...disneyland I think it was he says "I'm supposed to take my parents" Its somewhat close to that when he gives the tickets to Terra and Aqua...he's like...the youngest one of the group and he sure as shit doesn't know about love yet becuase he sure doesn't show interest in her like Terra may as well have, kinda why I don't see Sora and Kairi working...They show that they care but...just nothing that makes me believe it, that and the paring I mainly saw was Riku and Kairi anyway the only thing that caught my eye that led me to liking Yura was the last scene at hallow bastion, so sue square for their damn love trianlges.

Note: I HATE Writers block, i've been trying to update but...just haven't ideas i have...then they die instantly which is the wrost part about it if anything all stories i have posted and ones i don't will be updated by the end of the week. Reviews help me get out of it : D


hobbies: bass guitar/playing in my band

Contact info: msn i play quiet a few online games although not with the same name soo, yeah if your looking to talk to me pm me or add me on msn and when you do make sure you ether put my pen name in the message box so i know who it is or atleast tell me ahead of time your going to add

Update: I actually got skype the name thingy is just my pen name all lower case add me if you choose...or feel free to creep on me i don't care lmao and my birthday...SUCKED.

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Dissolving light with Darkness reviews
After the events of DDD. Sora was still being hunted by Xehanort and sent on mission by Yensid to clear out and protect one of the final worlds he discovered. Just so happens that when Sora loses his way, new friends will give him a reason to believe in the light again.
Crossover - Kingdom Hearts & RWBY - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 35,832 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 7/19 - Published: 6/21
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Feeling forms of guilt from his parents accident, Sora tries to link clues together as to who put them in this situation. No matter what he has to do to get them. (More light hearted than you'd think and rated M for lemon related content in the future)
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Iris and Noctis fic - No tag for her so - :/ He was always oblivious and she was always wanting more. "Did you ever wonder what it'd be like -" She looked over at him his eyes were trained on the fire but even that as enough to know she was treading on thin ice "What it would be like if you were allowed to choose who you wanted to be with if this treaty didn't exist?"
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Ruby never knew of anything outside of Grimm; when Heartless arise and Shadow walkers begin taking over her teams enemies they'll have to rely on the keyblades chosen - Sora and his friend Tidus in order to make it through the wake of darkness and hopefully manage to save the two from the darkness within them and after them. Possible SxR and PxJ
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AU: Sora, wasn't smart, wasn't very popular, but when two girls enter his life, everything changes. As an untold past - and the truth behind a new enemy as well as old are brought into light as Sora finally understands the harbringer of chaos. Continued in Connect. Adventure/Angst/Action/Tragedy/Romance
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A random occurrence a glitch sent them to this world; a fight between Sora's group and Kirito's group
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Reincarnation; Sora's new lease on life caused many things one being his unwanted attraction for his new charge and yet she's the only one to dispel it. Being an Aeon isn't all sugars and rainbows. T for now rating will probably change
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Stone walls, Sora always hated them, he could never climb them no matter how much he tried and always fell and got hurt, his relationship with Yuna was just like that, he'd only get so far before he fell on his ass and shattered his heart. TidusxYuna YunaxSora. Drabbles
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AU: Gathering summons never should be seen as an enjoyable, until she saw what would be giving her these special gifts, they couldn't touch, separated by a thin glass but it was more than enough for her to continue to hope and believe. My first Yuna X Sora fic
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Sora's life wasn't what he wanted it to be, abused and alone; Cloud's life was on the surface perfect yet longing of his childhood caused him to hide behind protecting his cousin but the fact that their related may just save them from who they are CxT Sx?
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I wouldn't do this if I didn't love you reviews
Semi-Sequel to WAFADV: Even in this situation I can't help but keep her close to me knowing at any moment they may decide to kil her and remove the kyubi from me...but I can't help but notice in this situation how beautiful she looks...
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