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Hmm. What to say here? I consider myself a polymath, I suppose, with a few little rough spots. Well for one I never properly learned the written English language. I love to write but I wouldn't really call myself a 'Writer' in the traditional sense, I never got the proper schooling/classes and what have you to learn what everyone should know. I'm still fuzzy on pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and such; I was frankly too busy learning to cope with so called "mental disabilities. "

There is a lot of my work that deals with original characters, mainly because the original casts have to interact with SOMEONE, but also because there are some directions and elements I want to explore and find no one suited in the original cast to adequately go on the journey. But the focus will always be on the central characters of the story. However I do worry a lot about and try to avoid the Mary Sue phenomenon (unless it's funny), but honestly every character I create has at least some part of me in them, especially if they are created from scratch. I make it my top priority to remain true to the spirits of other people's characters, doing them honor, not abusing them nor using them simply for a story element.

I love to read and enjoy fantasy more than anything; I love happy endings. I also do my research and try to make my fanfiction stories as real and believable as possible, with slight exaggerations and amazing impossible things thrown in of course, it IS fantasy after all. Above all; I write what I dream. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but I try to tell the story... I ask you to take my hand, trust and come with me, it will be a great journey! and, I just want all of you out there to know I'm thinking about you, every word I write. I appreciate my audience, even if it isn't very vocal, you are friends to me I should think~ coming along on these little adventures and enjoying them even as I do. So Thank you. YOU are what inspires me to keep going here.

Aug 25 2011: Yes the train has come to the station. You thought the ride was exciting at first, the twists and turns, even the tunnels of darkness inevitably in your path had a certain charm to them- but like all rides, giving the length of time, you knew and came to prepare for the end. As your conductor, I would like to apologize for my reluctance, I had a lot of fun taking you on this journey, even if I have seen the sights many times before. And I am sorry I let my selfishness affected my work, the truth is I didn't want it to end- as evident by the extension of the tale into nearly two novels in their own right. This makes three fanfiction novels I have written for Pandora alone. One as a prequel slash filler of the original journey, and the next two a completely new adventure. I would have liked to remained light hearted and silly through all of it... but that late train keeps a moving, and though I am at the controls, I did not lay the tracks. I too am glad it's over though, in a way, it gave me a chance to reach out and connect with the audience for direct feedback that would honestly affect the story and helped me realize that despite a fan driven economy (if I were to ever publish original works) the outcome of my works should be my own and remain unaffected by fan opinion. In other words, do what I do and hope for the best. Now for some behind the scenes stuff!

Pandoramonium began as a way for me to write silly little one shots about the world of Avatard without committing to a full length novel as all my fanfictions seems to creep toward.) I had intended to let myself write when ever I wanted without the pressure of producing for an audience on the edge of their seats. Hence why I included, day one, the line "updates sporadically". No pressure on me what so ever. But. That changed. I wrote a few silly pieces, "Hang of it" and "pull the other one" were just tiny moments of things I found funny, and then a story expanded around them. These were received well, and then I switched to a collection of cool moments that really explored a tribe of Na'vi that could be just as brutal as Pandora itself. Na'vi of the mountains. This feather arch, so called because every chapter title had feather in it ('of a feather' to 'called it macaroni' -stuck a feather in his cap-) Just became about the Nekxtskxe. However, as you can see from the reviews, that became the more popular of the archs. A attempt at returning to the silly light hearted (much adue about nothing -in na'vi- and 'what pandora needs now' -is love, sweet love-) was received very poorly. Perhaps because I used an actual song as the basis for the song yawne and Peyral made for each other, but it was my favorite love song at the time. (still is.) And since one of the characters is NAMED love (yawne) I figured I should do a love piece.

The next fifty billion chapters however soon returned to the Nextskxe, and after trying to avoid the inevitable stepping on Avatar 2's toes, i jumped head first into making a sequel stand alone for the whole shebang. Totally non cannon, but after all of it, you can still figure that the movie will not actually tread on *my* work. You won't see yawne nor peyral because they are off with the Nekxtskxe, the RDA can return because it was the Old Order my story contended with- organized crime- not the RDA part 2. Looking back, I can see the whole wind down seems a bit flat. The story had such potential for other things, with the idea of the space mafia and all- and I would have gone in that direction if not for the previous interacting arch of 'the resistance guy who just wanted to help out but didn't quite seem to be able to because of ineptitude'. Yes, it is true, the Paul in the story was based off my ORIGINAL idea to -wish full fulfillment- 'go to pandora'. In MY story, I went to pandora in a homemade pod and was discovered by the Na'vi. Using my trusty survival guide and common sense I would bumble about pandora -as a human- for a grand adventure. You can see now how far the story had deviated from that. It became far less about me and far more about a plot device, or should I say, dooms day device? A character who -despite having my name and scraggly facial hair appearance- tried to do the right thing with the circumstances he was given and just seemed to get the short end of the stick CONSTANTLY. Even to the point of being a kind of punching bag for the rest of the cast. Parts of him needed to be relateable to Jake, Neytiri, AND Yawne, as well as normal humans in an incredible situation. This then however, would flip flop in a complete power switch as a device to not only hit home the main theme of unity between peoples, but how, if misused that power can come to destroy both.

Jumped ahead a bit, yes, the main theme of this story is unity. Between pandora and earth. Loosely approached in the nature of the 'avatar' itself which is a combination of human and na'vi DNA but can only be accessed for short periods until Jake -who is at first seen as a cripple for being completely human- is rewarded for giving himself over to the unity theme by earning his avatar body. In stark contrast to Yawne who 'lost' himself in the Pandora side of the coin until after regaining his humanity he too was made stronger in unity. The THIRD story deals with the PERFECT unity of earth and pandora, in the form of the evolved human form to fit Pandora completely being misused and misunderstood by ALL characters, and thus, in the neglect of this perfect unity and it's abuse- it becomes the largest threat. At first the greatest boon (as Paul tries to help, and it is only through most of his help the story actually gets by although I made sure to keep those parts unheralded to hand wave any mary sue attempts) his abilities neglected by the Pandora faction and abused by the Earth factions becomes the ultimate destructor of both. This is also mirrored by the change in the characters themselves, questioning themselves, as with Yawne's character arch from loveable good guy to leader of an entire people- and Jake's human ugliness thrown back in his face, to remind him of where he came from. As well as Neytiri's pride, and Peyral's unsung constant support. However, once Yawne and Neytiri admits each can't handle what they thought they could alone- Jake realizes there is still something good in humanity to hold onto in himself (compassion) and Peyral is finally given the spot light she deserves, Eywa comes to their aid. Yet she doesn't do so by controlling all the animals, no, my awesome idea is that Pandora itself -like a body fighting a virus- strikes P'all down. A true storm, the awesome wrath of nature. Just as epic.

Now, looking back, I wonder if I got across everything I had really intended. By the length of my behind the scenes you can probably tell I am uncertain about it all carrying across. And if you are also uncertain about my happy ending in the epilogue... yes, it does scream for a continuation. But all stories do. Because they ALL continue. However, what end we get is the end we know of for a certain part. No one knows the full life story of any character, ever. We only get small fractions of their life tale and how it interconnects with others. Therefore, in the tale of P'all and J'nn whose tales begun years before, we get to see something new, how their tales begin again. We are allowed to know they BOTH got a second chance. I wonder what they will do with their second lives? Do you think they'll ever find each other? These are the questions I wanted to leave you with. And through your own conclusions, as well as knowing how I tell a tale, you can probably guess that in my universe of Pandora- there is a preeeeettty good chance they will. Just don't expect me to write it any time soon, heh heh. Yes. I think I am done with Pandora fanfiction for now. Perhaps when the sequel comes out, I may have more to say. But for now, the story is told. I spent two whole books destroying and returning the status quo for Avatar 2. You probably won't see P'all nor Jen in the film, nor Yawne or Peyral. But I hope you will come back to their stories here, and enjoy walking their paths again. And I hope you, like me, are rooting for the two star crossed lovers. but I think it's a good chance they'll have a happy end. Oh. and by the way, if you didn't catch it- yes. many of the chapters after 14 are song titles. If you are interested, google the chapter title and give the song a listen too and you'll get a hint of my inspiration for writing each one. I can even write which version I listened too if it's truly desired. As for regrets? Well... I never did get to make that "I see you." "Peek-a-boo, I see you!" Na'vi joke... Oh Yawne, u so crazy.

-Paul Midnight

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