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Hmm. What to say here? I consider myself an artist, I suppose, with a few little rough spots. Well, for one, I never properly learned writing. I love to write but I wouldn't really call myself a 'Writer' in the traditional sense, I never got the proper schooling/classes and what have you to learn what everyone should know. I'm still fuzzy on pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and such; I was frankly too busy learning to cope with so called "mental disabilities. " Therefore, Fanfiction has often been the platform in which I have experimented and taught myself. As such, there is a lot of my work that deals with original characters, mainly because the original casts have to interact with SOMEONE, but also because there are some directions and elements I want to explore and find no one suited in the original cast to adequately go on the journey. But the focus will always be on the central characters of the story. However I do worry a lot about and try to avoid the Mary Sue phenomenon (unless it's funny), but honestly every character I create has at least some part of me in them, especially if they are created from scratch.

I make it my top priority to remain true to the spirits of other people's characters, doing them honor, not abusing them nor using them simply for a story element. I love to read and enjoy fantasy more than anything; I enjoy happy endings. I also do my research and try to make my fanfiction stories as real and believable as possible, with slight exaggerations and amazing impossible things thrown in of course, it IS fantasy after all. Above all; I write what I dream. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but I try to tell the story... I ask you to take my hand, trust and come with me, it will be a great journey! and, I just want all of you out there to know I'm thinking about you, every word I write. I appreciate my audience~ coming along on these little adventures and enjoying them even as I do. So Thank you. YOU are what inspires me to keep going here.

January/10/2016 - Thought it was about time to update some stories with all the experience I have self editing my own novels for the last three years. It's certainly been a while since I've paid any service to my fanfiction site, however, I have been lightly working on fanfiction AND still visiting the site for any private messages or Beta Reader requests and so forth. Right now I'm updating Tomb Raider: The Game, it's all been edited through, I'll just be slowly uploading it. No drastic changes, just some polish. Strangely, I never quite realized how poorly formats what I submit. I'm fine missing indentation, but it isn't double spaced, so it looks cluttered to me but what can you do? Well, I hope it's still alright for others. Enjoy!

January/17/2016 - Completed the upload of the polished draft of Tomb Raider: The Game.

January/19/2016 - I actually gave this a once over in 2015, but didn't upload it. I'm half tempted to go through it again because I'm sure there are things I've missed and ways I'd change. But. That would prevent releasing an update to this little story with a little more polish. Certainly I may go over it again one day, but for now I hope you enjoy this slight bit of polish I have applied to a story five years old. I'm still rather fond of this story, a true parody, it's still capable of making me laugh- especially as I often forgotten what I've written, when I do novels, and therefore seems new to me. So thank you dear characters and dear readers, enjoy!

January/28/2016 - Changed the named and updated to all recent episodes, Star Trek: Abyssinian - previously Star Trek: Nine Lives of Captain Mausley. The first fanfiction I ever wrote, at the prompting of a friend. Pretty dang flawed and the atypical 'fanfiction', exactly what one would expect from the fandom that I consider the granddaddy of fanfiction. A daunting fandom to step a toe in, especially as my first. The Zero feedback for it didn't help matters but nor did my uploading it in a small corner of the site category, Star Trek: Other. I was forced to do so however as the story(s) are set in different times and is set/takes from The Original Series, The Animates Series, and The Next Generation. Heavily featuring some of my favorite characters and several new ones. I haven't finished this, but over the years have updated it into something passable for a story, there is an end... just not on paper. It hit the unfortunate snag of not receiving much interest and thus losing mine.

Still, I've kept it in mind and am now using it as a platform to hone of some my other skills- where I feel weak- as a writer. None the less, this is one among many stories I'm juggling at the moment just short of being inspired to finish. It is very near a novel, but again, I'm still waiting on inspiration. My apologies to any readers who've stumbled across it, especially looking for stories where M'Ress is featured prominently, as I have failed to give you a full story. It's, not my specialty, and at the very heart of experiment... but maybe that's not such a bad thing for a series about exploration? I thank you for your patience, and once again, give my most sincere apologies for those many left hanging. But don't worry, I have not abandoned it.

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