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Urdnot Wrex: This is the great turian General? How did your people ever defeat us?
General Septimus
: I may be drunk, krogan, but you're ugly. And in the morning I'll be sober.

Commander Shepard: Anoleis is paying you to shake this place down. That makes you a criminal. I can kill criminals.
ERCS Guard
: You're bluffing.
Urdnot Wrex: You're right. They're actually going to let me eat you.

When was the last time you ever saw a krogan scientist? You ask a krogan if he'd rather research a cure for the genophage or fight for credits, and he'll choose fighting, every time. Its just who we are, Shepard. I can't change that. No one can.

It's so easy to see the galaxy in black and white. But grey? I don't know what to do with grey.

Call me Jimmy - or some variant thereof. The most important thing you need to know about me is I love war. I really want to be in the Armed Forces on the frontline - even if my mum thinks I don't have what it takes. Everything about my life seems to revolve around war. If you can't accept that... Go away :). I keeeed, I keeeed. But still, that's something any o' you guys need to accept if you're gonna read my stuff, especially any SI I may or may not post in the future. That over, let's get onto the rest of this thang!

I used to be RAINBOW26V. Just letting you guys know.

I want to be a Krogan or a Turian - probably more a Krogan. They're insane!

Anyone like L.A. Noire? Did you read Phelps' Wiki page? Jeez, some peeps got too much time on their hands, they go into seriously deep detail!

I write Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect - although you didn't need to travel all of this way down the page to tell that because it tells you at the top haha. I have diverse music taste, some of it might pop up in my stories but it depends, however I'm not writing it out here because I already did it before and it took up a LOT of space. I play a lot of video games like Dead Space, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, Guitar Hero etc. I have a lot of favourite films too like The Town - I'm also in love with Jeremy Renner at the minute - and 28 Days/Weeks Later, Dead Space: Downfall, How To Train Your Dragon, Ironclad, Hancock, Inglorious Basterds, Battle: Los Angeles etc. I write a lot of crap a lot of the time, I draw a lot of crap a lot of the time. I spend the majority of my life on my Xbox or watching films. I may have to steal Inglorious from my dad again - I don't have my own copy :( - because I have a Fassbender thing at the moment. Fassbender playing an English guy, dressed as a Kraut... dream come true. Although... Stiglitz is a WIN too, haha.

I'm at college in the UK studying English Language, History and Media at A2 because I dumped off my Psychology from last year 'cus it was dull, boring and difficult - A2 is my second year out of 2, by the way. At the minute everything's looking pretty peachy, although my writing might be slow because my mum's cracking the whip on my studying at the moment.

MY WREX PICTURES HAVE GONE! I am not happy... at all... not one bit...

If I think of anything else I'll put it here in time.

I'll see you guys soon in my stories.

Important Notes!!
A'right! Hi guys. This is just a quick status update on chapter 11 of Kids From Yesterday. It has 2000 words already so it should be out by Sunday. Which is nice. I have a couple of new One Shots up; there's a preview for a story that's going to run parallel to Kids From Yesterday called Tuchanka, about a girl who gets sucked into the Mass Effect universe and ends up on Tuchanka; Civilised Society, whichc is a slash between Lipton and Speirs of Band of Brothers; and Tag Along whichc is pretty much a PreSlash fic about Snafu and Sledgehamma from The Pacific. So that's the updates, oh and my batteries in my Xbox controller keep running out and it's suitably annoying.

06/12/2011 Hi... Right, Kids From Yesterday chapter 10 was just posted yesterday and I just want to say thanks to everyone who stayed with me this long :), normally I don't have the motivation to finish or continue a story but hopefully this one's going to be different, so far it has been so it's a good start. I just wanted to let you guys know that if you have anything you really want to see then message me and I'll build it in and give you a mention in the AN of the chapter I put it in. In other news; Modern Warfare 3 was extremely disappointing, AC Revalations was way too short, and I got a bulletproof Motorola. So everything's peachy. See you next chapter if anyone actually bothers to read this :).

01/10/2011 Okay, I got the date wrong on the last three. It was supposed to be 19/09/2011. In other news, I got antoerh chapter of Kids From Yesterday out after a very long wait so I'm happy today. I will be concluding Eden Prime next chapter and having some fun with crew interactions! Everybody loves crew interactions, haha. So, yeah. That's pretty much it, I'll update later. Bye.

Three updates in one day! What the crap! Okay, so I'm doing a story about Roy Earle from L.A. Noire - hence my earlier comment in my profile about reading Cole Phelps' Wiki. I hate the fact that I keep deviating from my main 'thingummyjig' but I felt like the idea needed to be developed. It's going to be about an imaginary sister that Cole has, who's come over from staying in England. It'll be previewed some time this month. Salaters!

I just remembered, I'm also going to be writing an introduction to a story I intend to post after Kids From Yesterday, about a girl who ends up on Tuchanka. It will be far-fetched and will not necessarily follow all of the facts so if you don't like that kind of thing don't read it. It'll be up some time this month but you'll have to wait until Kids From Yesterday is either finished or at least getting there before you get the rest. Tatty-Bye.

Okay, I'm still alive. Sorry for the recent lapse in updates and profile stuff, I was ill for a few days. Kids From Yesterday; Chapter 6 is in the works, it will be the second part to the Eden Prime mission - which will most likely span three chapters - and should be up by the end of this week but don't count me on it. I'm just starting a playthrough of Fable 2 again because I'm bored of Fable 3 and I'm going to be going through Metro 2033 for the first time alongside that so there'll probably be a Metro One-Shot up at some point soon. In other news, college is picking up and I have Media coursework to do so I might not be updating regularly like I always promise. Thanks to anyone reading this and I'll be back some time soon :).

A'right! So, I've got a One-Shot in the works for Makarov. I know it's deviating from the 'Only Mass Effect until it's done' but I had the idea so I did the idea. I'm also continuing the Assassin's Creed story I have up but it's going to take a little bit of time because of the Mass Effect thing. I'm thinking on doing a Band of Brothers One-Shot when I get a bit further into Kids From Yesterday and let the idea ferment for a bit so it actually takes shape. Anyway, I think that's about it. Bye.

Okay, I have to let you know about my newest story. Kids From Yesterday features several cameo's - I guess you could say I stole their characters for a bit - so Ian belongs to iNf3ctioNZ... why is your name so hard to type? And the mercenary group Dead Echo and all parties involved belongs to Thunderfury12124. Other than that, it's being updated now. Like right now. And I will eventually continue my Assassin's Creed story.

08/09/2011 Magyk, Physik will be NOT continuing when I'm finished with The Truth Trilogy. Sorry guys, I'm out. My reserves of imagination have been depleted and I dont do well with commitment so you're outta luck. Love you all.

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